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Virtual reality is a technology on the cusp of going mainstream for some time now. As headset quality and the software that makes the different applications work improves, it will become increasingly widely used. There are many other applications of this technology, as seen in the infographic on this page. Still, the one we’re most interested in here is casino games and the growth of virtual reality gaming in the online casino industry.

The term ‘Virtual Reality Casinos‘ is a kind of a misnomer because, of course, all real money online casinos are virtual because they’re simulating ‘real live’ online gambling establishments. They’re virtual because they’re gaming platforms online and on the internet.

But here, we’re talking about the new breed of innovative and interactive VR casinos supplementing traditional casino gaming in the gambling industry due to recent developments in virtual reality games.  With VR gaming gamblers can play games like poker or blackjack or spin the reels on a slot machine using a virtual reality headset with the level of interactivity you’d get as if you were playing live.

Headset developers have worked hard to overcome some of the earlier challenges with the technology. With a compatible headset, you’ll find it much easier and even more life-like to play in a 360 degree VR casino for real money. The gambling games in virtual reality casinos like Slotsmillion will offer the closest real money gaming experiences you can get to the real thing without leaving your home. Even more so than live casino gaming with streamed games from real-life dealers, perhaps, and with approximately the same level of visual quality and atmosphere you’d get from being in the lounge of a casino in a gambling city like Las Vegas.

Slotsmillion VR Casino

Slotsmillion virtual reality casino logo Slotsmillion is currently recognized as the best real money VR casino. You can enter your private casino room and play over 40 of the most popular games. Download the app, signup and log in with your SlotsMillion account, and just put on your VR headset. You’ll be able to play VR casino games on a virtual casino floor in an immersive and entertaining environment in a way never seen before.

It’s not only the playing of casino games that this technology might transform. Other virtual reality gambling games include additional options such as poker, bingo, and others. These alternative games offer some great chances for enhanced gambling, wagering, or betting experiences. Still, traditional VR casino games such as slots, blackjack, and roulette will be the most popular.

On this page, we’ll be looking at current online virtual reality casino operators, reviewing any new VR casinos as they go live, and equally as importantly, any new games that get released by the major software developers.

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