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Essential guides you’ll need to make the most of any gambling experiences

In any form of gambling there are risks alongside the prospects of winning money, and playing real money games where cash can be won or lost is essentially gambling. Wherever there’s a risk of losing money – or indeed winning it – you’ll want to be as well informed as possible to either lessen the risks or improve winning chances.

That’s what we’ll aim to do here.

This page is a hub page for the collection of guides I’ll be building up here on RealMoney.games. Each will cover some aspect of gambling that will either help avoid losing money or potentially make you money.

Of course each of the different real money gaming opportunities have their own set of guides that can be found on their own dedicated pages. On this page we’ll focus on those top level guides that concentrate more on the subject of gambling itself rather than a specific type of gaming.

There’s plenty to write up, and it’s still early days for RealMoney.games. So please bear with me while this page is populated…and if you need to know anything but can’t find it here, please feel free to contact me, and I’ll get you the info you’re looking for.


Instant Win Guide

There often comes a time when some players need to earn some extra cash quickly. Fortunately, there are some games which offer chances to win money instantly. In this revised article, we look at some of the options in depth including the possibility of getting a fast win by playing online scratchcards.

Bonuses Guide

One of the most written about subjects, bonuses are great for getting extra money – either as a first-time depositor with an operator or as an ‘award’ for your ongoing custom. They come with some drawbacks though, find out what those are and get to understand the different types of bonuses in this article.

Betting Guide

Betting is a term more obviously associated with sports betting, but it really also refers to any type of wagering. You’re making bets in a poker game, for instance. You’re also betting you’ll come out ahead in a visit to an online casino once you’ve played a few hands of blackjack, 3 card poker, or even a round of slots spins. So the term is used widely throughout all forms of gambling, and it deserves its own dedicated page.

In sports betting, in particular, there are a few specific types of betting that we need to focus on. Betting with no risk where you can’t lose, and Asian Handicap betting are two of these subjects.

Mobile Apps

With the increasing use of mobile phones worldwide, websites and apps of all types are transforming so that they’re easier to use on mobile and offer a good experience to visitors. Online real money gaming is no different, and you’ll find many operators offering mobile apps with real money prizes.

Helping Others

We all want to win money with our gaming, but the reality is some of us are in a position to make the attempt and some aren’t. So for the more fortunate among us, there are ways of using gambling to help others who may be struggling.

Big Prize Winners

We know that many forms of gambling involve risks of losing your money. There are chances though of winning, and sometimes winning big prizes. It’s definitely not a reason you should gamble in the first place, but it’s nice to see some of the real winners who have been hitting the headlines.

Bankroll Management

Managing the money you have set aside for gambling or betting is an essential skill. It’ll help you to limit losses as far as possible and make sure you have cash available when an opportunity presents itself. Remember, if you don’t have the money, the only way you’ll win some is through free real money gaming.

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