HQ Trivia Review – Live Quiz Game Show For Real Money Prizes

How and where to use your general knowledge skills to make some extra cash

There are many ways to play games to win real money prizes, but it pays to sit up and take notice when one comes along that’s free and fun to play, can be played pretty much anywhere whether on iPhone, iPad, other tablets or Android smartphones, and offers a test of skill in order to get in the prize money.

That game is HQ Trivia, the latest and greatest of a number of real money trivia games. Arguably this is not just a game – it taps cleverly into some important elements of human nature by fostering collective achievement, our need to be right and not wrong, and the desire to compete.

It’s rapidly become the most well known live cash prize trivia contest, thanks in part to an enticing format, at least one charismatic quiz host in Scott Rogowsky, and some good value jackpot prizes.

Whether you’re in the US, UK, Canada, or Australia, if you haven’t heard of HQ yet you’re either totally not a trivia fan or you will be playing soon.

With significant interest being generated though social networking sites like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter, new records in the numbers of contestants are continuously being set. Christmas Day of 2017 saw a record 730,000 and Sunday 7th Jan attracted the highest ever at 1.2 million, mainly due to additional players after the introduction of the Android HQ Trivia app. Prior to this the app had only been available to Apple/iOS users.

Here we’ll carry out an in depth review what HQ Trivia is all about, including how and where to play, the cash prizes you might be able to win, and a bunch of other info that’ll help you decide if playing the game is likely to line your pockets with some extra $/€/£s. 

What Is HQ Trivia

HQ Trivia is a live Trivia game that you play on your iPhone or Android device. There are two contests held at the same scheduled times daily. You can win real money without having to pay to enter.

Each game is held live, with a host asking the questions. All players see the same  general knowledge questions,  delivered in multiple choice format.

Contestants who fail to answer a question correctly or within the time limit are eliminated, with those who answer correctly progressing to the next question round.

There are 12 questions in all, and all players who make it through to the last question (and get it right) are awarded equal shares of the prize money for that game. There are some limited options for playing with extra lives.


Jan 8th 2017 – Although available to play globally, the HQ questions list has up to now had a US focus. Now there’s a UK version accessed from inside the app which poses questions more suited to a UK audience.

You’ll see questions on UK politics, sport, music, media, and culture. The number of contestants is of course lower than the global game, it’s hosted by Sharon Carpenter rather than Scott Rogowosky, and the cash prize is much lower with the pot for the first game set at $500 or around £370.

This UK version is available to play every Monday and Wednesday at 3pm and 9pm UK time. You’ll need to be over 17.

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