Instant win online games and apps | How and where to win real money online instantly with quick and fast payouts

Guide to instant win games and how gamers can instantly win real money prizes playing games online. Explore information on the types of games you can play to win, make, or earn a real cash prize quickly, and discover why knowing the options for getting the fastest payouts is crucial for any player seeking methods of winning fast cash

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Key takeaways

  • There are multiple games you can play for the chance of a fast cash win.
  • Instantly win games include contests or competitions against other players or those you play alone, such as those in a casino.
  • The very fastest wins will come from playing offline in lotteries or scratchcards.
  • You’ll need good luck to get an instant win, but scratchcard games present the best opportunities.
  • Offline, small value prizes get paid immediately. Wins of more significant amounts in any game will entail a wait.
  • If you play online on mobile apps or at gaming sites, you won’t get to earn real cash instantaneously. Wins show quickly but are built up in an online account.
  • How fast you can get paid out online depends on whether you have access to a suitable payout method.
  • The fastest ways of getting a payout are by using e-wallets like Paypal or cryptocurrency transfers. Payment methods like Paypal cash transfers can be ultra-fast but note with some, you may have to pay a small commission. 
  • You can play for instant wins for free in sweepstakes or by using a gaming app on your mobile phone, or you can play gambling games like those in online casinos to win real cash prizes.
  • On mobile game apps, real cash wins are clearly the most desirable, but you can also win or earn cash instantly through gift cards or rewards vouchers with some form of retail value.
  • You don’t always have to play games to win. With some apps, you make money by watching video ads or completing various tasks and surveys. These are good ways to win free stuff and get some extra earnings.
  • The best games to play for instant wins are those which give you the greatest chances of winning.
  • The fastest potential timescale to get a payout online is around two hours, usually if you’re using a Paypal account for deposits and withdrawals.
  • Most wins that can get paid quickly are for relatively low amounts and won’t earn you a fortune. But you could still gain a nice-sized windfall. 
  • Local laws will prevent residents in some countries from playing.
Online games you can play to win real money instantly

What are instant win games?

Instant-win games are games you can play that give you chances to win instant cash prizes and get a fast payout. Many of these games are simple to play, and you can play an instant win game for cash rewards gained quickly over a short period and on multiple devices. You can play for a cash prize in competitions or contests where you compete with other players or alone in single-player games.


Can you win real money online instantly?

Yes, playing online games or betting can lead to instant wins and extra cash.

If you do experience the excitement of any instant win prizes on the internet, you won’t get the cash in a split second, but sometimes there are ways to get the money swiftly via a reasonably fast transfer.

There are several ways to try and win real money instantly. Indeed, most of the online games you can play for real money that we illustrate on RealMoney.games deliver the potential for fast cash wins or some form of windfall, and there are some great examples that we can rate highly in any list of instant win online games.

What types of games can you play online for instant cash wins?

The games you play in real money casinos, like slots where your spins may win progressive jackpots or other casino table games like blackjack and roulette, are good examples of where you’ll get the opportunity to win real money online instantly and withdraw the cash quickly. Video poker is another great example. Even betting on sports events like horse racing can result in an online instant win where the compensation for your winning efforts can be received in a flash.

The odds are against you, but it’s notable that many customers are drawn to instant withdrawal casinos where the payouts are fast, the game variety on the platform is often strong, and there are chances of some high-value earnings by being a grand prize winner.

The reality is that anyone playing casino games at online casino sites will immediately see any winnings in their account balance. From that perspective, they are instant win games, and you do win instantly with any successful bet. But even though you’ve won and have some cash funds, you may not be able actually to withdraw your winnings from a casino site at any great speed. We’ll read more about this difference between winning money instantaneously and finally receiving it as a payout in a few minutes.

Playing on mobile cash apps is another option, and you can win, make, or earn money pretty quickly by focusing your gaming on multiple types of mobile apps that you can often play for free. Indeed, you can sometimes get to play casino games for real money with no deposit necessary, too. And other gambling games like bingo, lotto, and scratchcards have a place on our list as well.

Indeed, scratch cards are probably the games that most people think of first when they’re considering which games might get them some fast cash prizes with a stroke of luck. National Lottery Instant games are worth a look here, and playing them gives a great experience. In some cases, you may even be able to play free scratch cards if the operator offers a no-deposit bonus.

Usually, you’ll have to access these games via websites or apps that tend to focus on one game specifically or maybe a small collection of different types. In the mobile app industry, Publishers Clearing House, or PCH, is a site worth noting that covers multiple gaming options. PCH offers the most comprehensive number of different instant win games that I’ve seen; in particular, you can play PCH scratch-off tickets in an extraordinary number of forms.

Another app with hundreds of games is the GAMEE Prizes: Real Cash Games app. You can play Gamee games on Android phones by downloading it from the Play Store, or iOS users can get it in the Apple App store.

You could even place a bet on betting markets with an online sportsbook where you’ll see the win instantly once your chosen sporting event has finished and if you made the right prediction.

It’ll be clear by now that there are many game options; even a company like PCH or any apps you’ll find in app stores like Google Play can’t cover them all. Other online gambling businesses often offer a limited subset of bet options, too. We’ll explore all these games further and gauge their individual potential for getting some quick cash to anyone who has a burning need and wants instantaneous results.

But first, there are some other key points to understand about positioning yourself effectively for realizing some quick cash wins.


What’s crucial to know before trying to win money instantly?

You’ll need to note two crucial aspects of instant win games and gaming before you start on any attempts.

The most fundamental aspect to understand is that many of these games have an element of luck involved in whether you’ll be successful. That’s true of many online gambling games, of course. So if you want to get your hands on some quick cash funds, you need to accept that it may not always go your way. Hence, if you decide to play any game, ensure you fully understand the gameplay and any stakes necessary before starting.

In addition, because it’s gambling, the usual risks of gambling harm can apply. Read the responsible gambling page to understand these risks.

The other key point to note is there’s a big difference between winning money instantly and getting a completed payout where the cash is now in your bank account or e-wallet.

When you win real cash prizes with bets or wagers on any form of gambling or real money gaming site or app, the winnings are usually seen straight away in your player account balance. So, for anyone intent on winning prize money quickly, you could say that almost any type of real money gaming or betting offers a solution for getting money fast.

But it doesn’t quite work that way. Sure, the money is yours. You won it, and it’s in your account. In many cases, no one can now take that prize money from you.

But what’s essential – especially for someone searching for ways to win cash fast – is how quickly you can get a payout in your hand and use or spend it. You might want to win money now. Right now, even. Rapidly and without any actual delay.

So, the problem we have to solve is not only how to win money quickly and what operators or games pay real cash fast, but how to win it and successfully withdraw it quickly enough to meet your needs.

So, if we want to get to a point where we can have chances of becoming winners and getting extra income from instant cash wins, we need to understand the answers to these critical questions:

  • What games for players can give the potential for quick cash wins?
  • Where can you play instant cash games where the wins get paid out quickly?
  • Which are the fastest ways to get those cash wins paid out?
  • What else is needed to become a winner?

We’ll explore each of these high-level questions throughout this page. And we’ll finish off with a series of other FAQs about instant win gaming at the end. If you need to win money instantly, this analysis should give you a concrete foundation on how and where you can get to play games and be that fast cash winner, which type of instant win game might make you a winner, and how you can win real cash prizes and get the money withdrawn fast enough to meet your needs.

The good news is that it doesn’t matter if you’re in the USA, Canada, the UK, India, or anywhere else in the world. As long as it’s legal and you can legally play, there will be some options that you can use that might get you some quick returns.

Before we start, it’s essential to know that there are very few ways of winning fast cash that are free to play. It’s not impossible to identify free opportunities, and playing games on cash apps for smartphones or other mobile devices is probably the only way to play with no stakes to get your hands on a payout.

We’ll see some of those free cash apps in a minute, but it’s a good idea to get your head around the fact that they’ll rarely give opportunities for a big win. With most other games where you might win a jackpot-sized amount, you’ll often need to make a deposit and risk some of the cash you already have. That’s gambling, and it’s risky.

How to win real money online instantly

Now we know that there’s a significant difference between getting cold, hard cash from a win in your hands and seeing a positive cash balance from your wins in an online gaming account, we can take a look at a sequential series of steps that’ll take you through the process of how to win cash most quickly:

  1. Consider the different aspects of playing online or offline in the real world.
  2. Assuming you decide that online options are best, decide what payment processing options will work best for you, depending on how fast you need the cash.
  3. Understand the game operators that offer different types of instant win games.
  4. Choose a game that will give you a chance for an instant win.
  5. Ensure that you’d be eligible to play your selected game.
  6. Explore the ways to improve your winning chances.
  7. Study the tips for getting a fast payout.
  8. Appreciate the pros, cons, and risks before you play.
  9. Consider any alternatives to gaming for getting cash quickly.

These steps will at least give you a firm foundation on which to go ahead and make your attempts.

Of course, you’ll need to win. That’s not always easy, but there are ways to improve or enhance your prospects of winning at most games. If you want to know more about how to play any specific type of game or its variants, it’s best to check out the full list of real money games for that type.

Offline vs online options

Through the rest of this page, we will focus on the different ways to win fast cash prizes online through gaming or gambling. But it’s worth noting that there are methods of getting some money quickly that could get what you need through real money bets in the real world. It’s hard to compare offline and online options since the best for you personally will depend on many variables, such as the legality of playing online, your skills and interests, and where you find the best opportunities.


Home wagers or bets with friends

A good example might be in having bets with friends. Let’s say you’re watching a football game with some pals. You have some friendly rivalry around who’s going to win, some banter about the teams and their recent performances, and it ends up with each of you placing wagers among yourselves. That’s one way to get a near-instant cash return, and there’s no need to worry about a preferred payment method, either. Cash will do nicely, right?


Play a home poker tournament

Another example may be to set up a home poker game. You’ll need to be good at poker, or at least very lucky, but home poker games can be great fun and highly lucrative if the stakes go high.


Buy scratchcards locally

The last obvious example is one we’ve already mentioned – instant win scratchcards. These scratch-off cards are available in many outlets, from petrol and fuel stations to shops to stores and more. The ironic thing is that you win a significant amount, and you’ll need to follow a claims process before you get the cash. No way’s that going to result in a fast payout. But if you win smaller amounts, they’re typically paid out in cash at the till or terminal. The winnings will be in your hands right away.

I think we’d much rather win a jackpot-sized cash prize than a smaller one, even if it means you don’t get the payout with any speed.

Fastest payout methods | What banking methods give the fastest payouts and quick withdrawals?

There are many different banking methods, and some are much better than others for making fast withdrawals. The speed with which you can get payouts may not be too important for many players, but for anyone who thinks they might want to get their hands on their winnings with some haste, it’s the payout options that need some serious attention.

It’s important to note that while specific methods might usually be timely, you’re still at the mercy of the gaming operators to some extent. If their processes are slow or the operator has payout restrictions, you could still experience delays in seeing the cold hard cash in your wallet.

We’ll see some of the fastest paying operators soon, but let’s look at the payment options that usually work most promptly.

The most popular are Ewallets or web wallets such as PayPal, Neteller, and Skrill – Each offers online transfers from your account, but also you can get debit cards that can be used for payments.  With money in an e-wallet, there are plenty of ways to spend the cash. But note that if you wish to transfer from an ewallet to your bank, that process could take up to three days to complete unless you opt to pay a fee to speed it up.

Paypal and others are fast. Indeed, Paypal money is as good as real cash in your hand. However, for those reasons that might slow them up, using cryptocurrencies is the one proper way of getting the cash you’ve won quickly.

Besides crypto and Paypal, other options like Paysafecard and using a credit card present other solutions that might give a completed transfer of money at enough speed.

Which game operators are recommended for offering the quickest ways to get an instant win paid out online?

It’s pretty easy to identify reputable game operators that cover a range of gaming opportunities. Most operators focus on one type of game, but there are plenty that also provides a range of games. For instance, all-in-one gambling firms like Bet365 might offer casino games, bingo, poker, and even sportsbooks. Some mobile app cash game operators will provide various types of video games, including puzzle games like crosswords and quizzes.

When we look at a list of the best instant win games in a short while, we’ll identify who is the best for each. For now, the following list displays some of the best options on online platforms across a range of games. Each of these will offer at least some potential of getting extra cash fairly rapidly, either by winning or earning it. We’ll start with a trio of all-in-one gambling operators that present opportunities for fast payouts using Paypal and other quick withdrawal methods from online casino games, bingo, poker, and sports betting, alongside various other betting products.


Online gambling operators with fast FIAT currency payout methods 

  • Skyvegas
  • Bet365
  • Betway

Recommended online casinos that allow Cryptocurrency deposits and withdrawals

  • Bitstarz
  • BC.game
  • Fairspin
  • Wolf.bet
  • Stake

Recommended mobile gaming apps for getting cash prizes fast

WealthWords will be a wise choice for any player looking for some quick ways to earn some cash. The WealthWords website carries a page that contains an extensive list of instant win mobile cash apps. There are so many on the list that it’s hard to single any one out in particular. But the range of options is such that any player seeking a good way of obtaining extra cash will find something that works well.

Timescales for the quickest payouts | How fast can I expect to get my winnings paid out?

We’ve already seen that your gameplay winnings are usually shown in your online gaming account balance. So, provided you play your games with an operator that offers suitable deposit and withdrawal options, the fastest you could transfer cash from an online gaming account to anywhere you could spend it would be around ten to twenty minutes.

But there are some important distinctions to make. Those fast times of under 30 minutes will only usually apply to the cash apps where low-value transfers are involved, and only when money transfer services like Paypal are used for the transaction.

Once you enter the world of online gambling to win your money, the processes slow down. Here, the difference between completing withdrawal transactions in cryptocurrencies or traditional FIAT currencies becomes the main centre of attention.


Why do payout timescales vary so much? | What limits the speed of instant online gambling withdrawals?

The key culprit in slowing down the transfer of winnings is the pending time.

Pending time is a step in cashout processes that most licensed trustworthy operators have to enforce. Under licensing laws and KYC stipulations, it’s a necessary step that can add between 24 and 48 hours to any transaction and is where additional verification checks are carried out to ensure that no anti-money laundering rules are being breached.

This means that even if you encounter a casino that presents itself as an instant withdrawal casino or an instant payout casino, you still can’t fully trust it as a way of winning money instantly. The banking options available might allow fast transfers, but these other process steps will often slow down the transfer.


The fastest payment processing option – Bitcoin and other cryptos

Gambling with Bitcoin offers the only authentic way of winning and getting money quickly. Although, of course, this money will be in the form of cryptocurrencies. You can spend Bitcoin and other cryptos, but this depends on whether the person or organisation you’re paying does accept crypto as a payment method. There are some limitations.

Cryptocurrency processing times vary, but some can be completed in ultra-fast timescales. But for crypto gambling, Bitstarz is an excellent example of a casino that does meet the need for an instant win by stating that their withdrawals can be processed in around an hour.

Crypto casinos can transfer winnings so fast due to the core nature of cryptocurrency itself – a decentralized currency that doesn’t follow standard banking rules. They’re an anonymous way to deposit into a gaming account or receive gambling winnings.

Things get complicated when it comes to other casinos that deal in FIAT currencies. Most online casinos, poker rooms, online bingo rooms, and sportsbooks are limited in their money transfer speeds by the processes they need to follow.


Are there any ways of getting instant cash transfers using Fiat currencies?

The true answer here is essentially no. As we saw above, most licensed casinos must follow the pending time process.

But that doesn’t apply to all casinos or other gambling operators. Some hold licences issued in jurisdictions that don’t enforce strict rules. The problem is that playing at these casino sites and other gambling sites is risky. They’ll take your money with no issues, and you’ll instantly see wins from any successful wagers in your account, but when it comes to getting a payout, you may hit unexpected problems and end up not getting your cash.

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