Instant win online games and apps | How and where to win real money online instantly with quick and fast payouts

Guide to instant win games and how gamers can instantly win real money prizes playing games online. Explore information on the types of games you can play to win, make, or earn a real cash prize quickly, and discover why knowing the options for getting the fastest payouts is crucial for any player seeking methods of winning fast cash

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Key takeaways

  • There are multiple games you can play for the chance of a fast cash win.
  • Instant win games include contests or competitions against other players or those you play alone, such as those in a casino.
  • The very fastest wins will come from playing offline in lotteries or scratchcards.
  • You’ll need good luck to get an instant win, but scratchcard games present the best opportunities to get fast prizes.
  • Offline, small value prizes get paid immediately. Wins of more significant amounts in any game will entail a wait.
  • If you play online on mobile apps or at gaming sites, you won’t get to earn real cash instantaneously. Wins show quickly but are built up in an online account.
  • How fast you can get paid out online depends on whether you have access to a suitable payout method.
  • The fastest ways of getting a payout are by using e-wallets like Paypal or cryptocurrency transfers. Payment methods like Paypal cash transfers can be ultra-fast but note with some, you may have to pay a small commission. 
  • You can play for instant wins for free in sweepstakes or by using a gaming app on your mobile phone, or you can play gambling games like those in online casinos to win real cash prizes.
  • On mobile game apps, real cash wins are clearly the most desirable, but you can also win or earn cash instantly through gift cards or rewards vouchers with some form of retail value.
  • You don’t always have to play games to win. With some apps, you make money by watching video ads or completing various tasks and surveys. These are good ways to win free stuff and get some extra earnings.
  • The best games to play for instant wins are those which give you the greatest chances of winning.
  • The fastest potential timescale to get a payout online is around two hours, usually if you’re using a Paypal account for deposits and withdrawals.
  • Most wins that can get paid quickly are for relatively low amounts and won’t earn you a fortune. But you could still gain a nice-sized windfall. 
  • Local laws will prevent residents in some countries from playing.
Online games you can play to win real money instantly

What are instant win games?

Instant-win games are games you can play that give you chances to win instant cash prizes and get a fast payout. Many of these games are simple to play, and you can play an instant win game for cash rewards gained quickly over a short period and on multiple devices. You can play for a cash prize in competitions or contests where you compete with other players or alone in single-player games. 

Can you win real money online instantly?

Yes, playing online games or betting can lead to instant wins and extra cash.

If you do experience the excitement of any instant win prizes on the internet, you won’t get the cash in a split second, but sometimes there are ways to get the money swiftly via a reasonably fast transfer.

There are several ways to try and win real money instantly. Indeed, most of the online games you can play for real money that we illustrate on deliver the potential for fast cash wins or some form of windfall, and there are some great examples that we can rate highly in any list of instant win online games.

What types of games can you play online for instant cash wins?

The games you play in real money casinos, like slots where your spins may win progressive jackpots or other casino table games like blackjack and roulette, are good examples of where you’ll get the opportunity to win real money online instantly and withdraw the cash quickly. Video poker is another great example. Even betting on sports events like horse racing can result in an online instant win where the compensation for your winning efforts can be received in a short space of time.

The odds are against you, but it’s notable that many customers are drawn to instant withdrawal casinos where the payouts are fast, the game variety on the platform is often strong, and there are chances of some high-value earnings by being a grand prize winner.

The reality is that anyone playing casino games at online casino sites will immediately see any winnings in their account balance. From that perspective, they are instant win games, and you are winning instantly with any successful bet. But even though you’ve won and have some cash funds, you may not be able actually to withdraw your winnings from a casino site at any great speed. We’ll read more about this difference between winning money instantaneously and finally receiving it as a payout in a few minutes.

Playing on mobile cash apps is another option, and you can win, make, or earn money pretty quickly by focusing your gaming on multiple types of mobile apps that you can often play for free. Indeed, you can sometimes get to play casino games for real money with no deposit necessary, too. And other gambling games like bingo, lotto, and scratchcards have a place on our list as well.

Indeed, scratch cards are probably the games that most people think of first when they’re considering which games might get them some fast cash prizes with a stroke of luck. National Lottery Instant games are worth a look here, and playing them gives a great experience. In some cases, you may even be able to play free scratch cards if the operator offers a no-deposit bonus.

Usually, you’ll have to access these games via websites or apps that tend to focus on one game specifically or maybe a small collection of different types. In the mobile app industry, Publishers Clearing House, or PCH, is a site worth noting that covers multiple gaming options. PCH offers the most comprehensive number of different instant win games that I’ve seen; in particular, you can play PCH scratch-off tickets in an extraordinary number of forms.

Another app with hundreds of games is the GAMEE Prizes: Real Cash Games app. You can play Gamee games on Android phones by downloading it from the Play Store, or iOS users can get it in the Apple App store.

You could even place a bet on betting markets with an online sportsbook where you’ll see the win instantly once your chosen sporting event has finished and if you made the right prediction.

It’ll be clear by now that there are many game options; even a company like PCH or any apps you’ll find in app stores like Google Play can’t cover them all. Other online gambling businesses often offer a limited subset of bet options, too. We’ll explore all these games further and gauge their individual potential for getting some quick cash to anyone who has a burning need and wants instantaneous results.

But first, there are some other key points to understand about positioning yourself effectively for realizing some quick cash wins.


What’s crucial to know before trying to win money instantly?

You’ll need to note two crucial aspects of instant win games and gaming before you start on any attempts.

The most fundamental aspect to understand is that many of these games have an element of luck involved in whether you’ll be successful. That’s true of many online gambling games, of course. So if you want to get your hands on some quick cash funds, you need to accept that it may not always go your way. Hence, if you decide to play any game, ensure you fully understand the gameplay and any stakes necessary before starting.

In addition, because it’s gambling, the usual risks of gambling harm can apply. Read the responsible gambling page to understand these risks.

The other key point to note is there’s a big difference between winning money instantly and getting a completed payout where the cash is now in your bank account or e-wallet.

When you win real cash prizes with bets or wagers on any form of gambling or real money gaming site or app, the winnings are usually seen straight away in your player account balance. So, for anyone intent on winning prize money quickly, you could say that almost any type of real money gaming or betting offers a solution for getting money fast.

But it doesn’t quite work that way. Sure, the money is yours. You won it, and it’s in your account. In many cases, no one can now take that prize money from you.

But what’s essential – especially for someone searching for ways to win cash fast – is how quickly you can get a payout in your hand and use or spend it. You might want to win money now. Right now, even. Rapidly and without any actual delay.

So, the problem we have to solve is not only how to win money quickly and what operators or games pay real cash fast, but how to win it and successfully withdraw it quickly enough to meet your needs.

So, if we want to get to a point where we can have chances of becoming winners and getting extra income from instant cash wins, we need to understand the answers to these critical questions:

  • What games for players can give the potential for quick cash wins?
  • Where can you play instant cash games where the wins get paid out quickly?
  • Which are the fastest ways to get those cash wins paid out?
  • What else is needed to become a winner?

We’ll explore each of these high-level questions throughout this page. And we’ll finish off with a series of other FAQs about instant win gaming at the end. If you need to win money instantly, this analysis should give you a concrete foundation on how and where you can get to play games and be that fast cash winner, which type of instant win game might make you a winner, and how you can win real cash prizes and get the money withdrawn fast enough to meet your needs.

The good news is that it doesn’t matter if you’re in the USA, Canada, the UK, India, or anywhere else in the world. As long as it’s legal and you can legally play, there will be some options that you can use that might get you some quick returns.

Before we start, it’s essential to know that there are very few ways of winning fast cash that are free to play. It’s not impossible to identify free opportunities, and playing games on cash apps for smartphones or other mobile devices is probably the only way to play with no stakes to get your hands on a payout.

We’ll see some of those free cash apps in a minute, but it’s a good idea to get your head around the fact that they’ll rarely give opportunities for a big win. With most other games where you might win a jackpot-sized amount, you’ll often need to make a deposit and risk some of the cash you already have. That’s gambling, and it’s risky.

How do you win real money online instantly?

Now we know that there’s a significant difference between getting cold, hard cash from a win in your hands and seeing a positive cash balance from your wins in an online gaming account, we can take a look at a sequential series of steps that’ll take you through the process of how to win cash most quickly:

  1. Consider the different aspects of playing online or offline in the real world.
  2. Assuming you decide that online options are best, decide what payment processing options will work best for you, depending on how fast you need the cash.
  3. Understand the game operators that offer different types of instant win games.
  4. Choose a game that will give you a chance for an instant win.
  5. Ensure that you’d be eligible to play your selected game.
  6. Explore the ways to improve your winning chances.
  7. Study the tips for getting a fast payout.
  8. Appreciate the pros, cons, and risks before you play.
  9. Consider any alternatives to gaming for getting cash quickly.

These steps will at least give you a firm foundation on which to go ahead and make your attempts.

Of course, you’ll need to win. That’s not always easy, but there are ways to improve or enhance your prospects of winning at most games. If you want to know more about how to play any specific type of game or its variants, it’s best to check out the full list of real money games for that type.

Are there good offline ways to get some fast cash wins? 

Through the rest of this page, we will focus on the different ways to win fast cash prizes online through gaming or gambling. But it’s worth noting that there are methods of getting some money quickly that could get what you need through real money bets in the real world. It’s hard to compare offline and online options since the best for you personally will depend on many variables, such as the legality of playing online, your skills and interests, and where you find the best opportunities. 

Home wagers or bets with friends

A good example might be in having bets with friends. Let’s say you’re watching a football game with some pals. You have some friendly rivalry around who’s going to win, some banter about the teams and their recent performances, and it ends up with each of you placing wagers among yourselves. That’s one way to get a near-instant cash return, and there’s no need to worry about a preferred payment method, either. Cash will do nicely, right? 

Play a home poker tournament

Another example may be to set up a home poker game. You’ll need to be good at poker, or at least very lucky, but home poker games can be great fun and highly lucrative if the stakes go high. 

Buy scratchcards locally

The last obvious example is one we’ve already mentioned – instant win scratchcards. These scratch-off cards are available in many outlets, from petrol and fuel stations to shops to stores and more. The ironic thing is that you win a significant amount, and you’ll need to follow a claims process before you get the cash. No way’s that going to result in a fast payout. But if you win smaller amounts, they’re typically paid out in cash at the till or terminal. The winnings will be in your hands right away.

I think we’d much rather win a jackpot-sized cash prize than a smaller one, even if it means you don’t get the payout with any speed.

Fastest payout methods | What banking methods give the fastest payouts and quick withdrawals?

There are many different banking methods, and some are much better than others for making fast withdrawals. The speed with which you can get payouts may not be too important for many players, but for anyone who thinks they might want to get their hands on their winnings with some haste, it’s the payout options that need some serious attention.

It’s important to note that while specific methods might usually be timely, you’re still at the mercy of the gaming operators to some extent. If their processes are slow or the operator has payout restrictions, you could still experience delays in seeing the cold hard cash in your wallet.

We’ll see some of the fastest paying operators soon, but let’s look at the payment options that usually work most promptly.

The most popular are Ewallets or web wallets such as PayPal, Neteller, and Skrill – Each offers online transfers from your account, but also you can get debit cards that can be used for payments.  With money in an e-wallet, there are plenty of ways to spend the cash. But note that if you wish to transfer from an ewallet to your bank, that process could take up to three days to complete unless you opt to pay a fee to speed it up.

Luckily, casinos are now much faster at transferring money to bank accounts directly. That’s because they use specific services – like Trustly – which speed the process up. To give you an idea, the many casinos that have Trustly available are usually able to payout the money to players in a matter of hours after approval, instead of needing to wait several days for the funds to clear.

Paypal and others are fast. Indeed, Paypal money is as good as real cash in your hand. However, for those reasons that might slow them up, using cryptocurrencies is the one proper way of getting the cash you’ve won quickly.

Besides crypto, Paypal, and other payment processing solutions like Trustly, other options like Paysafecard and using a credit card present viable solutions that might give a completed transfer of money at sufficient speed.

Which game operators are recommended for offering the quickest ways to get an instant win paid out online?

It’s pretty easy to identify reputable game operators that cover a range of gaming opportunities. Most operators focus on one type of game, but there are plenty that also provides a range of games. For instance, all-in-one gambling firms like Bet365 might offer casino games, bingo, poker, and even sportsbooks. Some mobile app cash game operators will provide various types of video games, including puzzle games like crosswords and quizzes.

When we look at a list of the best instant win games in a short while, we’ll identify who is the best for each. For now, the following list displays some of the best options on online platforms across a range of games. Each of these will offer at least some potential of getting extra cash fairly rapidly, either by winning or earning it. We’ll start with a trio of all-in-one gambling operators that present opportunities for fast payouts using Paypal and other quick withdrawal methods from online casino games, bingo, poker, and sports betting, alongside various other betting products. 

Online gambling operators with fast FIAT currency payout methods 

  • Skyvegas
  • Bet365
  • Betway

Recommended online casinos that allow Cryptocurrency deposits and withdrawals

  • Bitstarz
  • Fairspin
  • Stake

Recommended mobile gaming apps for getting cash prizes fast

WealthWords will be a wise choice for any player looking for some quick ways to earn some cash. The WealthWords website carries a page that contains an extensive list of instant win mobile cash apps. There are so many on the list that it’s hard to single any one out in particular. But the range of options is such that any player seeking a good way of obtaining extra cash will find something that works well.

Timescales for the quickest payouts | How fast can I expect to get my winnings paid out?

We’ve already seen that your gameplay winnings are usually shown in your online gaming account balance. So, provided you play your games with an operator that offers suitable deposit and withdrawal options, the fastest you could transfer cash from an online gaming account to anywhere you could spend it would be around ten to twenty minutes.

But there are some important distinctions to make. Those fast times of under 30 minutes will only usually apply to the cash apps where low-value transfers are involved, and only when money transfer services like Paypal are used for the transaction.

Once you enter the world of online gambling to win your money, the processes slow down. Here, the difference between completing withdrawal transactions in cryptocurrencies or traditional FIAT currencies becomes the main centre of attention.


Why do payout timescales vary so much? | What limits the speed of instant online gambling withdrawals?

The key culprit in slowing down the transfer of winnings is the pending time.

Pending time is a step in cashout processes that most licensed trustworthy operators have to enforce. Under licensing laws and KYC stipulations, it’s a necessary step that can add between 24 and 48 hours to any transaction and is where additional verification checks are carried out to ensure that no anti-money laundering rules are being breached.

This means that even if you encounter a casino that presents itself as an instant withdrawal casino or an instant payout casino, you still can’t fully trust it as a way of winning money instantly. The banking options available might allow fast transfers, but these other process steps will often slow down the transfer.


Are Bitcoin and other cryptos the fastest payment processing option?

Gambling with Bitcoin and alternative crptocurrencies offers the only authentic way of winning and getting money quickly. Although, of course, this money will be in the form of cryptocurrencies. You can spend Bitcoin and other cryptos, but this depends on whether the person or organisation you’re paying does accept crypto as a payment method. There are some limitations.

Cryptocurrency processing times vary, but some can be completed in ultra-fast timescales. But for crypto gambling, Bitstarz is an excellent example of a casino that does meet the need for an instant win by stating that their withdrawals can be processed in around an hour.

Crypto casinos can transfer winnings so fast due to the core nature of cryptocurrency itself – a decentralized currency that doesn’t follow standard banking rules. They’re an anonymous way to deposit into a gaming account or receive gambling winnings.

Things get complicated when it comes to other casinos that deal in FIAT currencies. Most online casinos, poker rooms, online bingo rooms, and sportsbooks are limited in their money transfer speeds by the processes they need to follow. 

Are there any ways of getting instant cash transfers using Fiat currencies?

The true answer here is essentially no. As we saw above, most licensed casinos must follow the pending time process.

But that doesn’t apply to all casinos or other gambling operators. Some hold licences issued in jurisdictions that don’t enforce strict rules. The problem is that playing at these casino sites and other gambling sites is risky. They’ll take your money with no issues, and you’ll instantly see wins from any successful wagers in your account, but when it comes to getting a payout, you may hit unexpected problems and end up not getting your cash.

What are the most popular instant win games?

We already noted that there are plenty of different types of games to win instant cash. Clearly, some will be more popular than others and it’ll be a good exercise to create a list that’ll cover the main options:


  1. Mobile game apps
  2. Instant win scratchcards
  3. Online casino games
  4. Lotteries
  5. Sweepstakes and giveaway contests
  6. Bingo games
  7. Online poker
  8. Trivia contests
  9. Skill game tournaments
  10. Puzzle games
Selection of various instant win games

Mobile game apps | What game apps pay you instantly?

Mobile game apps are more of a game categorization than a type of game. Indeed, there is an app for almost every kind of game, and you can play them on an iPhone or an Android device.  Some players might consider them a scam and not a legitimate way to earn money, but there are plenty of apps that are not scams and present legit ways to win instant cash prizes, cash rewards, and cash alternatives, such as an Amazon gift card voucher.

In keeping with our knowledge that Paypal is one of the best ways to get an instant payout, it’s sensible to focus on those apps that will pay your winnings via a Paypal account

It’s also worth noting that the term ‘mobile apps’ covers a broad range of real money games. Many gambling operators have an application you can download that’ll give access to their games. These gambling site apps deliver the same functionality as their online website versions but are optimized to work well on mobile phone screens.

These gambling apps are popular with players but nowhere near as popular as mobile apps that provide ways of winning or earning money that involves solving puzzles, completing tasks, and watching ads while playing the games.

These are the apps which offer entirely free gaming for real money. They’re easily found in the Google Play Store or the Apple apps store. For more detailed info you can visit the mobile apps page, where we’ll explore how watching videos can get you some extra cash and which gaming app is among the highest paying survey sites.


What are the best mobile game apps for the fastest payouts?

One of the better-known game apps and having a global reach, Wealth Words attracts a significant number of good reviews at online review sites like Trustpilot.

Get the app or go to the website and sign up with Wealth Words, and you’ll be making real money playing games including crossword and other puzzles, poetry and story games.  You’ll find an extensive library of over 500 options for playing mobile games.

A strong alternative to Wealth Words is Swagbucks.

At Swagbucks, instant win gamers can choose between earning extra cash from playing games and by watching adverts, completing surveys, and more. The vast Swagbucks games library includes bingo, card games, dice games, slots, puzzles, and adventure quests. You can redeem any prizes you earn as cash or gift cards. You can access iPhone or Android apps via the Swagbucks online website.

Do instant win scratchcards really offer a way to win money fast?

When anyone is thinking of a way to get their hands on a cash prize quickly, scratchcards (also known as scratch-offs, scratch and win games, or scratch-off tickets) may be very high on any list. Playable online or in the real world at retail outlets, they’re easy to play and affordable to buy, and you can collect some of the cash prizes you’ll win on a scratchcard instantly within minutes of winning.

Playing a scratch card is pretty easy. You just need to buy one from a variety of different types and scratch off coatings on the card to reveal prize symbols. If the combination of displayed symbols is a winning one as specified in the game rules, you’ll earn that instant cash prize.

It is worth remembering that, although some wins on a scratchcard purchased at a store or fuel station can be collected instantly, those are the relatively low-value wins of probably up to £/$/€100.  You get the win, hand the card back to the attendant, and they run it through the till or checking device and pay you the winnings on the spot. Your odds of winning are usually printed on the backs of the cards. Winning odds are pretty high, and the more tickets you buy, the better your chances.

If you win big, you’ll have to navigate a claims process. That process will entail a wait for the cash prize.

There are plenty of places to play scratchcards online, but these will be subject to all our other noted restrictions around getting a quick payout online.


What are the best online operators for instant win scratchcards?

One of my favourite operators for scratchcards is Mecca Bingo. We reviewed Mecca Bingo some time back with an eye on their online bingo products. However, they also run games with scratchcards, too.

What are the most effective strategies and tips for winning with scratchcards? 

There really isn’t a great deal of strategy you can put in to give you improved chances of winning in an instant scratchcard game. It’s just luck, and it certainly doesn’t matter how you reveal the symbols.

There are a few ways you can improve the odds, though:

1. Know The Rules

Different scratch ticket games require the players to rub off different amounts of scratch areas.  If the game rules for your scratch card require exposing 2 out of 4 areas, you will invalidate your card if you make a mistake and expose 3 of the 4 possible prize areas.

If you happen to have a losing scratch ticket, that kind of mistake is no big deal. But imagine the pain if you rubbed off the two winning areas, and mistakenly rubbed off a third that turned your winning ticket into a loser.

This could rarely happen with an online card though, because the winning amount would automatically get credited once it had been revealed. 

2. Find Out If The High Prizes Have Gone

If there is a way to find out if the particular game that your scratch card represents has already had a grand prize winner, then why not do it?

Game tickets will continue to be sold by the ticket retailers until the print runs run out, so it is possible to buy a ticket for a game that no longer offers the highest levels of prizes.  If the top prize has already been claimed, and the game offers only one of them, then avoid playing it unless you will be satisfied with winning lower amounts. 

3. Buy More Scratchcards

Clearly, the more you buy, the more you’re likely to win.

Of course, this is not always great advice, and I’d recommend you only try this with money you can definitely afford to lose. Remember, the odds in games like this are always against you. You might get lucky, but more than likely, you’ll lose. 

4. Make Use Of Bonuses & Offers

Many scratchcard operators will offer bonuses to new account holders, often doubling the amount you deposit or more. In some cases, you may even be able to play free scratch cards if the operator offers a no-deposit bonus.

Obviously, with more money in your account (and some of it ‘free’), you can buy more cards and increase your winning chances.

We’ve seen before, though, that bonuses are not what they seem. There will be terms and conditions attached which will force you to keep playing and play through any winning amount before you can withdraw. 

5. Choose Wisely

Not all scratch ticket games are created equal.  Each game has different odds, and often the higher-priced cards offer a better probability of winning.

If you choose between buying 10 one-dollar scratch cards, each of which has a 1 in 10 chance of winning, or buying one ten-dollar scratch ticket with a 1 in 3 chance of winning, which purchase has the better odds?

Many people think that buying 10 different tickets means that they are improving their chances of winning, but that is not statistically accurate.  The reality is that each one-dollar ticket has only a 1 in 10 chance of winning.  In other words, the odds for each one-dollar ticket remain the same: 1 in 10.  So if you are planning on spending ten dollars, in this case, the ten-dollar ticket really does have better odds. 

6. Cash Out When You Win

It’s wise not to tempt fate. If you get a reasonably sized win in double-quick time, sometimes it can make you feel lucky….and the chances are you’ll lose the lot. Be prepared to take your winnings and withdraw them.

Assorted Mecca Bingo online scratchcards

How can you play online casino games and get instant wins?

Casino games will vie for favouritism alongside mobile apps and scratchcards as the most popular way to try and win money at speed. Indeed, for many players looking for quick cash from gambling games, getting fast payouts from online casino games will be at the forefront of any winning efforts.

This popularity of real money casino sites, in general, has given rise to a set of casinos labelled as instant payout online casinos. These casinos suggest by their naming that they are a way of getting rapid cash returns from playing real money casino games. The promise of an instant withdrawal casino is that anyone playing casino games like video slot machines or any casino card game variants will see any winnings in their bank account in the blink of an eye.

But we know differently, right? In an earlier section about payout timescales, we saw that some restrictions apply to online casino operators. Namely, operators with reputable licences will have payout speeds limited by regulatory processes.

So, the reality is that playing casino games isn’t a genuine route to getting fast winnings, even though you immediately see your wins in your casino account balance. But they can’t be beaten for entertainment value. As long as your chosen casino offers one of the fast withdrawal methods like Paypal, Paytm Cash, or Cryptocurrencies, then it would be unwise to rule them out completely. Indeed, if you can identify a casino operator that pays out quickly enough to meet your needs, there are many extra benefits to casino gaming:

  • A wide variety of table games, including games you can play against an online live dealer.
  • Virtually every type of real money slot machine game with many bonus features and fascinating bonus rounds is often triggered with wild symbols.
  • Deposit bonuses that give you extra stake money through the additional bonus funds.
  • Progressive jackpot games could give you an extraordinarily high-value win, especially from an online slot machine, but sometimes table games have progressive jackpots, too.
  • Mobile casinos on which you can play the games from anywhere and from a game selection that’s often equivalent to that on desktop devices.
  • Multiple options for depositing money

Just a few words of warning around casino gaming. Aside from the fact that it’s pretty hard to end up winning, and you’ll need a lot of luck, there are also some hidden drawbacks with the acceptance of bonuses. These drawbacks are usually spelt out in the bonus terms and conditions, but many players fail to read or understand them in enough detail.

So, once you’ve entered a deposit bonus code, you’ve essentially accepted that bonus amount. It gets added to your account balance, and you can play the games with it. There may not even be a need to enter any bonus codes, and the bonus money award might be made automatically.

The main drawback comes in the form of attached wagering requirements. These requirements vary from casino to casino, but essentially they stipulate how many times you’d have to wager any winnings before you could withdraw. This rule means that even if you did win while playing with bonus funds, you couldn’t withdraw anything either slowly or at speed until you’d met the published requirements.

It’s also worth noting that some games may not count towards the wagering requirement, either. You may find that playing a classic game like Blackjack, roulette, or craps is exempt, while casino slots and slot games are usually included.

Other aspects of online casinos to watch for – irrelevant of whether you’re playing to win cash fast or to keep it in your online gaming account – include highly effective customer service and support, high percentage odds, and of course, a reputation to back it all up.


What are the names of some recommended fast payout online casinos?

This list shows some of the fastest-paying casino websites. It’ll be easy to find expert reviews that confirm they give a speedy turnaround to cashout requests.

  • 888Casino
  • Wild Casino
  • Golden Nugget
  • Caesars Casino
  • Pala Casino
  • Draftkings Casino
  • Borgata online casino

Are there social casinos that pay out with speed?

We shouldn’t forget that besides real money online casinos, there are also social casinos where you play real casino games for free and entertainment, but they have the added potential to win real money. You’ll usually play with virtual currencies and coins at these social gaming sites, you’ll usually be playing with virtual currencies and coins as your stake money. You’ll get free coins but will also be able to buy extra coins, which then give you access to sweepstakes games with real cash prizes,

Probably the best-known social casino is Chumba. If you want to understand how Chumba’s sweepstakes and Gold Coins model works, read the Chumba Casino reviewChumba offers a Paypal payout option, but as with other online casinos, the verification and other related processes tend to slow down payouts.

Will playing lottery games result in fast payouts?

Lotteries are another game where you can get paid out on the spot if you’ve bought a winning ticket in a store or another outlet. Again, only the lower value wins will get paid this way, and for bigger wins, you’ll need to make a claim which will entail a delay. That’s similar to the scratchcard-based games run by the lotteries and known as lotto instant win games.

I’m not a great fan of any form of lottery game since lotteries are based purely on luck, the odds of getting a more significant win are wildly against you, and the actual entertainment value seems close to zero.

That said, plenty of players worldwide do love taking their chances of landing those lucky numbers. And we’ve all heard of those enormous jackpot wins. We can illustrate the broad appeal of lotteries with a couple of key facts – about 70% of Americans have bought a lottery ticket in the past year, and, in the UK, players spend over £4 billion a year on National Lottery tickets alone.

In reality, it’s not the thought of winning a small amount of money that keeps players returning to the lotto, but the promise of that elusive major jackpot win. For example, in the US, the Kentucky Lottery offers instant win games where players can play for as little as $0.50 and win as much as $150,000.

Several other US states offer a variety of instant win games online. The Michigan Lottery, for example, has one of the most comprehensive online lotteries in the United States, alongside that of Georgia. Other states have online lottery games, but none offer such a variety. Indeed, it was Michigan that introduced one of the earliest US instant lottery games and coined the term ‘scratch-offs’.

In the UK, it’s the National Lottery that’s best known for its regular lotto draws and also its scratchcards. The National Lottery logo shows two fingers crossed in hope, signifying the chance-based nature of the games.

If you want to play lotteries online, many operators offer chances to play in contests from across the world. As with many other gambling games, you’ll want an operator with Paypal as a payment option if you want to get any winnings in the fastest time possible. Some of the most popular lottery operators include:


Are sweepstakes and instant win giveaways good for winning cash quickly?

Sweepstakes and giveaways are often related but equally can be treated as distinct from each other.

With sweepstakes, you’ll often be entering a contest by a deadline date to win some form of a prize other than cash. But cash prize sweepstakes do exist in their own right, and sometimes you can opt to take the cash value of a reward instead. Getting these cash wins at speed would be a challenge, though.

But some forms of sweepstakes can be classed as instant win giveaways. They’ll rarely have an entry fee; you’ll need to pay attention to any start date and end date, it’ll be crucial to understand the official rules thoroughly, and entry may be as simple as sending in an email address.

These instant-win sweepstakes give the best opportunities for getting extra cash faster than through a traditional sweepstake entry.

So, how do you find them?

One of the best ways to find instant win giveaways is to follow different brands on social networks such as Twitter or Facebook. Social networks are a favourite place for brands to improve brand awareness and connect with Customers. You’ll usually have to submit your email address to enter one of these giveaways, and the brand will collect these to use in future marketing efforts.

Check out this page on Twitter for access to several instant giveaway contests. Alternatively, the well-known sweepstakes website SweepsAdvantage com has a section dedicated to instant win sweepstakes and instant win games in general.

Online bingo

Bingo is another gambling game that falls into the bracket of games where you see your wins instantly in your online account, but withdrawing it quickly can present challenges.

Most fans of the game play bingo for fun and entertainment. But there’s always a chance of winning, and occasionally those wins can be jackpot-sized.  So, if you are going to play online bingo to make some quick cash, it’ll be essential to watch out for a bingo room that offers one of the fast payout methods.

For standard online bingo, I’m going to recommend the famous UK-based firm Mecca Bingo and its online website or app, where you’ll find many game variants.

A  superb alternative among the mobile apps that provide cash bingo games is Blackout Bingo.

Players of Blackout Bingo will find the main plus point of this game to be its speed, with each bingo round lasting only two minutes. When you win, you’ll gain points which can be redeemed for Paypal cash or to pay for merchandise like t-shirts.

Android users can download Blackout Bingo at the Play Store. The game is also downloadable from Apple for use on iOS devices. If you prefer an alternative, then the online gaming platform at Skillz also lists Blackout Bingo in its game library.

Online poker

Your chances of getting instant cash wins by playing online poker are similar to those that arise when playing casino games, except that poker games can often take a lot longer to gain an actual win. That’s because they’re a skill-based game where using effective strategy and building up a bankroll over time is a practical approach. Most players achieve this build-up by playing in cash games against other opponents around a single table or by playing for cash prizes in various forms of online tournaments against multiple opponents.

Cash poker tournaments are great fun, and although they can take some time to play out, once any cash wins are showing in your account, there are ways to transfer that money fairly quickly.

The fastest way to get your wins from online poker games will be by playing with an operator that handles cryptocurrency deposits and withdrawals. Americas Cardroom has accepted crypto for several years as a deposit and withdrawal method. As an alternative, industry giants like Pokerstars and 888Poker will pay out to a Paypal account, and both run multiple types of cash tournaments.

Skill game tournaments

We’ve seen many times on the pages of that playing games where skill is needed to win cash prizes are the best way for any player to attempt to build up a worthwhile cash balance. These skill games include those we already covered in poker tournaments, but another way to play where a skilled player can excel is on one of the many video game tournament websites or apps you play alone or as part of a team.

These online video game tournaments involve playing in head-to-head competitions or multiplayer events where you’ll score points for effective performances in one of several well-known video games. They’re not on quite the same level as some eSports contests, but they’re fair competitions, and it’s possible to win some valuable prizes.

To play with cryptocurrency, the gaming platform at Ignite Tournaments is a good place to start.

For other fast cashouts, the CheckmateGaming tournaments look interesting. Payouts at Checkmate vary depending on your membership level, with the fastest stated in the FAQs as approximately 2 hours.

Answer trivia questions

Answering trivia questions to win a cash prize in an online quiz contest can give some lucrative results, especially for anyone with good general knowledge, good concentration, and an inquisitive brain. All quiz fans will love the idea of playing in a live trivia game show. Cash prizes in trivia contests on websites or apps can range from a few dollars to thousands, with larger prizes of up to $1 million occasionally on offer.

Of all our ways of winning instant money, these trivia competitions seem to give the most trouble when it comes to accessing and cashing out the winnings.

So, if a trivia contest does become your chosen method of trying to win a fast cash prize, it’ll pay to choose an operator carefully.  An excellent real money trivia app to start with will be QUIZ PAY- Play and Win.

Quiz Pay is a trivia quiz app designed and developed in the US for players who like to win cash rewards for demonstrating their knowledge. There are over 25000+ multiple choice questions covering topics such as English grammar, countries, people, cultures, sports etc. Paypal, PayTM Cash, and Bitcoin are all on the list of banking methods, so you should be able to use one of these to get winnings from your app account into spendable cash quickly.

Playing puzzle games for some fast money

Anyone who enjoys solving puzzles will find a fair few opportunities to score some fast wins. The best way to play puzzle games is on mobile game apps, and they’ll reward anyone that likes solving a crossword puzzle or spotting hidden patterns.

One of the most famous puzzle games is CandyCrush. There’s a spin-off known as CandyPrize that involves gameplay based on players swapping candies to collect points. If you play, speed and manual dexterity are the primary skills you’ll need to be successful. 

You can download the CandyPrize app on the online skill-gaming platform Skillz, either for Apple iOS or Android.

Who can play instant win games? | Are instant win games legal?

As far as real money gambling games are concerned, as long as you’re of the specified legal age and living in a country or region where online gambling is legal, you can legally play instant win games for cash prizes. You will need a funded account to be able to place wagers.

The legality varies across different jurisdictions, and you should check locally to ensure you can legally play. For a long time, it was illegal for US players or bettors to get involved, but legislation is gradually being passed in various US states that legalize some forms of real money gambling.

In the United Kingdom, most forms of gambling are legal for anyone over the minimum age. Canadians have some restrictions, although even there, some Provinces are now allowing players to play legally. In Australia, it’s not so straightforward, and many Aussie players are getting blocked from accessing real money gaming sites and gambling apps. 

The mobile gaming apps you play for free rewards are not usually classified as online gambling (except those downloaded from an online gambling operator), so the only likely restriction in playing these for fast cash returns is whether you have access to a suitably quick payment method.

How to increase your chances of an instant win

When playing lotteries or scratch cards, you’ll significantly increase your chances of winning by buying more tickets. Your practical and theoretical statistical probability of winning increases.

In lotteries, that’s because you can cover more numbers and sometimes just getting one or two numbers can result in a win.

For scratchcard games, the game developers design the games so that a relatively high number of tickets are winners. The operators still make money overall even though many players claim wins instantly, but the chances of getting a winning ticket vastly increase with the volume of tickets purchased.

In other games that involve some form of skill or strategy to win, it’s fair to say that focused practice, concentration, and experience will always enhance your winning prospects.   

What to look out for to ensure you can get a quick payout without problems – Tips for getting speedy withdrawals

Given what we now know about the restrictions that may apply to instant win gaming, it’s crucial to summarise those in a list that’ll help focus our thoughts and what we should look out for. Irrespective of which game you choose or where you decide to play it, it’s essential to prepare, and these critical considerations apply:

  1. You’ll want an operator that offers multiple forms of straightforward and reliable deposit and withdrawal options. A good range of banking options will give some flexibility if you hit problems with your preferred withdrawal method, and an alternative form of payment will work faster. One or more of the ewallet banking methods should be available. Ideally, the most popular way is Paypal.
  2. Low or no withdrawal fees are highly desirable and should be on the list of criteria.
  3. Any operator you choose needs a strong reputation that displays trustworthiness. This way, you can be sure that your cash is secure and there when you want it. Licensing with a reputable jurisdiction is a must.
  4. Check the reputation and performance of the Customer service team. In particular, helpful customer service with 24/7 support is essential, ideally via live chat or telephone.
  5. Be sure to check reviews before signing up with any gaming operator to confirm they have software that will be safe and secure to use.
  6. If you’re playing any games where bonuses are involved, fully understand the wagering requirements and any published withdrawal restrictions.
  7. Check whether you must complete any identity verification processes before playing. Completing these processes in advance can regularly shave significant amounts of time off withdrawal timescales.
  8. Gambling or gaming firms can often only allow cashout requests to the same payment source used to fund the account. Wherever possible, be sure to deposit using the same method as you intend to withdraw.

The pros, cons, and risks of trying to win instant cash

What do you mean by the pros and cons of winning? Surely there aren’t any downsides when you collect some money from playing a game or placing a bet or wager?

On the face of it, that’s true. Winning money is rarely terrible news. But there are some positives and negatives we should at least acknowledge. There’s never any harm in appreciating up front what might go wrong, and fully understanding the positives, the negatives, and the risks might help us in the search for a quick win without any unexpected problems:

So, our main positive is obvious. You’ve won some money. The risk here is you need it rapidly, and, as we’ve seen, that is not always easy to achieve. If you use one of the rapid payment options, you should be able to get it at a reasonable speed.

The possibility that you won’t get your cash winnings quickly enough is a negative if you don’t have that access to a suitable payout method.

The main risks are twofold. The first is you made a wrong choice of operator, and they’re not reputable enough to guarantee to get your money. The way to alleviate this risk is to play only with reputable game providers. Any game operators listed on this page should be suitable, but it’s wise to carry out your own reviews.

The second main risk is that which always surrounds gambling in any form – the risk of addiction. The dangers of gambling to win fast money are perfectly illustrated in University of Buffalo studies, which indicated that a statistically significant percentage of instant win game players developed gambling problems. The conclusions resulting from this type of research were also seen in University of Cambridge studies, with one specifically calling for more funding to investigate instant win gambling on a deeper level.

Read the responsible gambling page before getting involved in any form of gambling. It’ll help you to know some of the dangers to watch for and how to get help if you have problems. With addiction risks, the most effective way to protect yourself is to focus on staying in control.


Game providers and software developers involved in the instant win gaming industry

Aside from the operators listed throughout the page, there are some other major firms involved with the delivery of instant win gaming:

  • – IWG is a world leader in supplying online, instant-win games to Lotteries. This includes providing the full suite of services ranging from strategy and consultancy to design and build. InstantWinGaming has over ten years of experience in making top-selling, high-quality instants alongside the expertise and strategic skills to make them work effectively.
  • Drimify provides a software solution that lets anyone develop their own instant win games.
  • e-Instant Win Games are fast and interactive, and designed to simulate scratch card mechanics. The games come in a variety of themes, with gameplay options that are similar to video games, casino games, or other lottery-type games like keno or bingo.
  • Real Time Media (RTM) is a name that’ll be recognized instantly by regular casino game players. But RTM is also highly-rated among instant win gaming software developers. RTM offer operators a full-suite service that includes development, creation of official rules, fulfilment, a dedicated Project Manager, and a guarantee of CCPA, GDPR and ISO27001 compliance.
  • Aside from these companies involved in the industry, it’s worth knowing that the UK Gambling Commission has a website section that’s devoted to interactive instant win gaming.


The video below is a reasonably amusing one I found on Youtube in a search for videos on how to win money instantly. It plays on the power of belief and the premise that if you genuinely believe something can happen, it can. It proposes a spell that’ll help you get some fast money.

We’ve already covered the best ways to win money instantly across various games in the body of our article. I’d heavily doubt if this spell works. Logically it’s impossible. But I’d love to hear from someone that thought it did work for them and, who knows, strange things do happen!

Instant win gaming on social media

Not surprisingly, our subjects of instant wins and how to win money instantly are covered extensively across the most popular social networks. Indeed, these networks are key locations for getting updates on new contests, competitions, and prizes:

More resources and information

In case you need additional information about instant wins and the available games, here are some extra resources:

Are there other ways to make money fast aside from gambling?

Aside from instant win prizes, there are other ways to earn or make some additional cash reasonably quickly. But they’re not going to be instant. These other opportunities are outside the main scope of this page, but a few to note are:


Word writing

For skilled writers, there are many ways to make extra cash. If you’re new, this will most likely be through freelance work, and freelance writing is a highly sought-after service. Writing text is definitely a skill, and if you’re good, you can command high rates. But it takes time to write a strong article, and although there may be ways to get paid rapidly, the upfront work you’ll have to do will take time.


Entering competitions

When anyone talks about entering competitions, it could cover a wide range of possibilities. An online poker tournament is a competition, and a video game tournament is one. Indeed, you’ll be entering competitions in all forms of real money online tournaments.

There are, of course, various other types of online competitions where cash might be on the prize list. Many sweepstakes will fall into this bracket, and other options are endless. Again, you’ll have to wait for results, so getting extra-fast cash won’t be the end result, even if you win.  Still, some contests may pay out at a sufficient speed to get what you need.

Of course, there are also ways to win instant prizes other than cash. These are often found in the online competitions and sweepstakes mentioned above, but we’ll put these aside for now. You can sometimes exchange prizes for cash, but if you need fast money, they’re likely not going to help.


Selling items

Another easy way for anyone to make some fast cash is by selling items that you no longer need. eBay or Facebook are good places to sell stuff like an unwanted mobile phone, cycling accessories, watch, camera, or computer. You could even sell the odd children’s toy if you needed to get hold of a few coins quickly.


Predicting fluctuations in financial markets

The world of stocks and shares and currency value fluctuations is a highly complex one and not for everybody. It’s possible to lose vast sums of money. But equally it’s possible to make some, and fairly fast, too. Getting it right with an investment at the correct time could result in some rapid cash returns.


We’ve seen that there are two distinct ways to play games online for instant cash prizes – by playing gambling games where it’s mainly luck that determines if you win and by playing on mobile cash-prize apps that offer free games.

For gambling games, you’ll find the fastest opportunities in playing a lottery or scratch cards, but sweepstakes, online casino games, and giveaways also present chances for quick cash.

Anyone searching for freebies will be drawn to mobile apps that give cash prizes for winning, and, notably, these apps allow you to make or earn cash quickly other than by pure online gaming.

Either way, there’s also a difference between winning real money and seeing it instantaneously in your online game account and withdrawing the money at a fast enough speed into a personal ewallet or bank account where you’d be able to spend it. We identified that money transfer solutions like Paypal, and virtual currencies, including different types of cryptocurrencies, are the fastest ways of getting a payout.

Instant win scratchcards take pole position on the complete list of games that pay instant cash. You’re unlikely to get rich playing them, but the buy-in to play can often be low, and there are good chances of at least winning small instant cash prizes.

All in all, playing games online in the hope of winning money instantly is not always easy. The easiest ways to play will usually only result in wins of relatively small cash amounts. For bigger wins, including chances of making significant amounts of money, you’ll need to aim for a jackpot win in a gambling game such as a video slot machine or by placing large wagers on other casino games.

Whatever form of gaming you choose for your attempt to earn some fast cash, aim to enjoy the experience and treat any wins as a bonus. Always remember that gambling has attached risks, and it’s wise to be cautious.

Instant win FAQ

I’d hope to have covered our subject of winning money instantly to a suitable depth throughout this analysis. However, there are often unanswered FAQs, even in the deepest of appraisals, so let’s look at a few that may help solidify your understanding of instant win gaming.

What are instant win games?

Instant win games is a collective term that refers to all types of games anyone can play for fast cash wins.

The critical word is ‘fast’. You can win money quickly online and it will appear as a positive balance in a gaming account straight away, but the limitation in how fast you can actually get it in a spendable state will depend on how fast you can actually withdraw it.

Can you play games to win real money fast?

Yes, there are multiple games where you can win money quickly. As noted earlier, there are often limitations in how fast you can complete a payout request successfully and in a fast enough time to meet your needs.

What's the best instant win game?

The best instant-win game is always going to be one that gives you the best chances of winning. In this case, it’s any game where skill is required since playing in this way will give you an edge in the game and rule out – or reduce – the influence that chance has on any outcome.

However, once you have made a game choice, the best game then is one played with an operator that offers the potential to complete a fast payout via a banking method that includes either cryptocurrencies, Paypal, or Paytm Cash.

What instant win games have good odds?

For low-value cash wins, it’s lotteries or scratchcards that offer the highest chances of winning a cash prize. You will be relying solely on luck for your winning chances, but scratchcards, in particular, are designed so that the odds of getting a low-value winning ticket can be as low as one in three.

If played online, you will still need to navigate a cashout process to collect the cash with any speed from a win, but for scratchcard or lottery tickets purchased in stores or other outlets, winning tickets can usually be cashed in immediately. 

What's the fastest way to win cash prizes?

The fastest way to win a cash prize quickly is to download one of the many instant win mobile apps. These apps give access to multiple ways of winning fast cash, but note that the money you’ll earn will normally be fairly small in value.

If you make a deposit via one method, can you ask for a fast payout via an alternative method?

In most cases, and certainly with any reputable operators, you will need to request any payout using the same banking method that you used to deposit. This process is in place to prevent money-laundering and because the operators need to meet stringent KYC requirements to keep their gaming licences valid.

Will it slow down my request for a fast payout if I request too much from my winnings?

The potential of large cashout requests being completed slower than for smaller amounts largely depends on the operator concerned. It’s reasonable to assume that any operator may carry out additional checks for larger amounts, hence it would not be surprising if the payout process was completed more slowly in some instances.

In the case of a jackpot-sized win, it’s entirely possible that a withdrawal could be slowed down since the operator concerned may have rules in these instances about how they would pay a large sum. For instance, they may stipulate that large amounts need to be paid via check.


How do you start a fast withdrawal process?

Withdrawal processes vary from operator to operator, so you’ll need to follow specific published instructions to request a fast payout. This process usually begins with a simple click on a link or icon labelled ‘withdraw’. A form will normally appear that you then have to complete with details of the payout amount and a choice of which banking method you prefer for the withdrawal.

What's the easiest way to win real cash quickly? easy instant win games

For anyone looking for easy instant-win games, the easiest way to successfully make extra money fast is probably by using mobile apps where you can win, earn, or make money by completing surveys, solving simple puzzles, or by simply watching ads or videos.

Can you play instant win games for free?

Yes, you can win money instantly by playing free games. The mobile app games noted in the previous answer are usually free to play.

Is it legal to play games for quick wins?

The legality of playing for fast wins depends very much on the type of game. For gambling games,  many rules and regulations apply differently across global locations. You should check local laws yourself to ensure that gambling for real money is legal where you live. For mobile apps that involve no forms of wagering or betting, these are usually legal to play.

If I request an instant cash withdrawal and it's not granted, what could the reason be?

If you make a fast cashout request that’s denied, the reason will often be that you have not completed the verification processes successfully. Other reasons are potential causes, including the possibility that you have requested a payout via a different banking method than you used to make an initial deposit.

In all cases of denied cashout requests, your first point of contact should be the relevant customer support team. Most service teams offer effective and prompt support and will usually be able to explain the cause of any denial.

Where can I find a list of reputable online casinos that offer instant win games?

We’ve listed some reputable online casinos showing they can complete fast withdrawals on this page. However, other sites have comprehensive lists, too. The most valuable is this page on instant withdrawal casinos at

Are there any additional fees to pay when you request a fast payout?

While some gambling websites and gaming apps charge fees for certain types of withdrawals, these fees are typically standard charges for that payout method and apply the same irrelevant of how fast the transaction is completed.


Do you have to pay taxes on instant cash wins?

In the US, you have to pay taxes on wins over a specific threshold during the course of a year. The full US tax laws on gambling winnings are fairly complex. But, given that many instant wins are for low amounts, it’s likely your tax burden will never be particularly high.

UK gamblers pay no tax on winnings. Instead, the betting and gaming operators either pay taxes or a duty on their business profits.

Gambling taxes in other countries around the world vary wildly.


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