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Instant Win Games – Why Scratchcards Are King  

There are a number of ways to win real money online instantly, or at least try to.

In fact many of the ways to win that we cover on RealMoney.games do offer the prospect of instant cash returns, including those you’ll find in an instant withdrawal casino. Anyone playing casino games in an online casino like slots or any of the card games variations will see any winnings in their account in the blink of an eye.

Playing poker games which can give rapid results. Online tournaments are great fun although by their nature take longer to play out, although any money you win will appear instantly in your playing account. Even with some sports bets you don’t have to wait long before knowing the fate of your bet.

When we talk about instant cash games though, it’s online scratchcards that often spring to mind. They’re not known as instant win scratchcards for nothing.

You’ll probably have got your first exposure to them by playing on lotteries. You’ll often see banks of them at the tills where you fill in lottery tickets. Over the last few years they’ve grown in popularity and are now found online on many websites such as TopScratch and others. Essentially, many of them are part of lottery operations and they’re really very similar to those games where you pick numbers and hope for the best in the draws.

They definitely don’t fall into the bracket of games where you can win money using skill, and with similar chances to winning as playing a lottery – at least for the bigger prizes anyway –  they’re not one of the best winning money methods. I’d advise anyone looking to play them to do so cautiously.

If you are cautious and don’t get pulled into the potential for becoming addicted to them, they do at least deserve a place in any comprehensive list of real money games with which you can win real cash online instantly….


How To Play Scratchcards Online


Playing online scratchcards couldn’t be simpler! Just the same as if you buy a card in a store and scratch off the silver coating, to play for instant cash wins online you’ll be buying one or more scratchcards using money in your account, and then using your mouse to point and click to reveal the symbols.

Get the match (which will be shown in the rules on the site) and win the corresponding amount.

Most sites will tell you how many times on average you’re likely to get a winning card. Often this works out at around 1 in 3, but bear in mind this doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll actually win 1 in 3 but the more you play the closer you can expect to get to this on average. 

Who Can Play Instant Win Scratchcard Games

As long as you’re of the specified legal age, and living in a country or region where online scratchcards are allowed, then you’re legally able to play instant win games with cash prizes.

You will of course need an account at one of the scratchcard websites and have deposited some money covering the cost, and be able to use a deposit method that allows you to transfer money to the site you want to play at. This is unlikely to be a problem unless you are living in a jurisdiction where online betting is frowned upon or illegal, and you’ll normally find plenty of different deposit options.

Game Types

With so many variations it’s nigh on impossible to list the different game types. This resource at PlayScratchCards.co.uk is a great place to visit for some examples.


There are a few well know software manufacturers that operate in the scratchcards arena, with the best known being: 

  • NeoGames
  • PariPlay
  • Microgaming
  • Netoplay

Where To Play  

There really are dozens of online sites where you can play cash prize scratchcards. Virtually every bookie has a section for these types of games, and there are many lottery operators as well as dedicated scratchcard sites.

Here are a few that are worth a look:

  • Lottoland – one of the major lottery aggregators also offer a number of different scratchcard games. Examples include Instant Millionaire, Everyday Payday, £100,000 Cash, and a number of others. You can buy in from 50p upwards. 

How To Win At Scratch Cards – Strategy & Tips


There really isn’t a great deal of strategy you can put in which would give you improved chances of winning. It’s just luck, and doesn’t matter how you reveal the symbols. 

There are a few ways you can improve the odds though:


1. Know The Rules   

Different scratch ticket games require the players to rub off different amounts of scratch areas.  If the game rules for your scratch card require exposing 2 out of 4 areas, you will invalidate your card if you make a mistake and expose 3 of the 4 possible prize areas.  

If you happen to have a losing scratch ticket, that kind of mistake is no big deal. But imagine the pain if you rubbed off the two winning areas, and mistakenly rubbed off a third that turned your winning ticket into a loser. 

It’s rare that this could happen with an online card though because the winning amount would automatically get credited once it had been revealed.


2. Find Out If The High Prizes Have Gone

If there is a way to find out if the particular game that your scratch card represents has already had a grand prize winner, then why not do it?  

Game tickets will continue to be sold by the ticket retailers until the print runs run out, so it is possible to buy a ticket for a game that no longer offers the highest levels of prizes.  If the top prize has already been claimed, and the game offers only one of them, then avoid playing that game unless you will be satisfied with winning lower amounts. 


 3. Buy More Scratchcards

Clearly the more you buy, the more you’re likely to win.

Of course this is not always great advice, and I’d recommend you only try this with money you can definitely afford to lose. Remember the odds in games like this are always against you. Sure you might get lucky, but more than likely you’ll lose.


4. Make Use Of Bonuses & Offers  

Many scratchcard operators will offer bonuses to new account holders, often doubling the amount you deposit or more. In some cases, you may even be able to play free scratch cards if the operator offers a no deposit bonus.

Obviously with more money in your account (and some of it ‘free’) you can buy more cards and increase your winning chances.

We’ve seen before though that bonuses are not what they seem. There will be terms and conditions attached which will force you to keep playing and play through any winning amount before you can withdraw.


5. Choose Wisely  

Not all scratch ticket games are created equal.  Each game has different odds, and often the higher priced cards offer a better probability of winning. 

If you have a choice between buying 10 one-dollar scratch cards, each of which has a 1 in 10 chance of winning, or buying one ten-dollar scratch ticket that has a 1 in 3 chance of winning, which purchase has the better odds? 

Many people think that buying 10 different tickets means that they are improving their chances of winning, but that is not statistically accurate.  The reality is that each one-dollar ticket has only a 1 in 10 chance of winning.  In other words, the odds for each one-dollar tickets remain the same: 1 in 10.  So if you are planning on spending ten dollars, in this case, the ten-dollar ticket really does have better odds.


6. Cash Out When You Win 

It’s wise not to tempt fate. If you get a reasonably sized win sometimes it can make you feel lucky….and the chances are you’ll lose the lot. Be prepared to take your winnings and withdraw them.

This video titled ‘top ten skill games’ shows just some of the games you can play for cash prizes.

How Easy Is It To Play?

Out of all the real money games we’ve covered, playing scratchcards is the simplest. The only rules to be aware of are those around eligibility to play (you wouldn’t want to win a jackpot then find out you couldn’t get the money for one reason or another, would you?) and around what consititutes a winning ticket.

The rest is easy – buy the cards and scratch away.

Are Scratchcard Games Legal? 

In the US, you need to be careful with any form of gaming for real money prizes. It’s well known that you can legally buy cards that run alongside lotteries, however given that scratchies are based on pure luck they will fall under US laws designed to prevent gambling.

Throughout the rest of the world the regulations around online gambling vary from region to region. Wherever you are, before playing you should check any website’s Terms and Conditions page for specific details and be aware of the regulations of the country that you reside in. 

Are The Games Fair?

Hmmmm. Are they ‘fair’ is a good question.

Certainly they’re fair from a perspective of anyone who buys one having an equal chance to win (with the proviso that specific higher amounts may already have been one and therefore would no longer be available).

Are they fair from an ‘odds of winning’ perspective is another question. They’re pure games of chance, and will always have been designed so that the operator running them will take in more in purchase fees than they’ll have to pay out.

Definitely the odds of winning a jackpot-type figure are heavily against you.

Bonuses & Promotions

Many of the scratchcard operators run promotions. These can be offers in the form of bonuses on top of a first deposit for a new player or perhaps reload bonuses on subsequent deposits. Or it could be something like free cards every now and then for regular players.

This site has a good list of current offers. 

Pros & Cons – Benefits & Drawbacks

There are a number of pros and cons for playing scratchcard games. They’ve become popular for a number of reasons:

  • They can be cheap to buy, with prices ranging from free up to a few pounds
  • Prizes can go from €/$/£1 up to many thousands
  • There’s no skill or strategy involved
  • They make good birthday and Christmas gifts
  • They’re easy to play
  • The odds of winning at least something are fairly good

On the drawbacks side they:

  • Can be addictive and lead to gambling related problems
  • The odds of winning big are heavily against you

Mobile & Innovations


There’s not a great deal an operator can do to be innovative with their cards, they are what they are.

Most differences in cards focus around their design and the types of symbols that are displayed.

But there is one innovation that’s been thrown up from the world of mobile gaming – the ability to shake off symbols rather than erase with point and click. 

The scratchcard game to watch for here is called ‘Pan for Gold’, and was released by a company called Core Gaming in late 2015. It lets you choose from one of six locations to go gold hunting, and then shake or swipe your mobile device to reveal the symbols. Get three matching and you win the cash shown. 


Not one of the greatest real money games, however instant win scratchcards do have their place in the list. You’re unlikely to get rich playing them, but the buy-in to play can often be low and there are good chances of at least winning small instant cash prizes.

There are plenty of places to play and hundreds of variations. If you are keen to have a go there should be some good options to play around with, while if scratchcards aren’t your first choice of game, then there are plenty of other gambling games which will pay out fast too.

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