Play Free Trivia Quiz Games For Real Money Prizes

How and where to use your general knowledge skills to earn some extra money in a cash quiz

We’ve covered many types of different real money games, with many of them offering specific appeal to a subset of supporters. But one type of gaming for cash that does have more universal appeal are the online trivia games where you can answer quiz questions to win money.

Sitting firmly in the bracket of real money skill games, a trivia or quiz game for cash or other prizes will offer good chances to anyone who has a good amount of general knowledge to earn money from their skill, plus they’re great fun too. Our review of HQ Trivia – the most well known of the cash trivia apps – will show you just how addictive these quiz for money games have become.

So how much do you know about the world around you and the events taking place in it?

If the answer is ‘plenty’ then chances are that if you play in an online quiz, you’ll have good prospects of winning some extra cash. Plus if you enjoy competition you’ll find that quiz contests are high up on the list of real money tournaments

They’re available on apps which you can download to your mobile, contests are often live, you’ll sometimes find quizzes that focus on a specific area of knowledge (for example sports, celebrities, music, movies), and there are plenty of options to play which can be found in the list of real money trivia apps. 

How To Make Money With Trivia

Before we get to the operators and apps that offer cash prize trivia contests, it’s worth giving some thought to just how you can make money with quizzes.

The most obvious is of course playing to win a quiz contest (and hence collecting any associated cash prizes).

Clearly that’s not as easy as it sounds, and you’ll need to be highly clued up in general knowledge to be successful. Remember though that it’s not always about the money – it’s a natural human trait to answer (or attempt to answer) questions, and being right (or being seen to be the best) is enough reward for many.

But still the ideal is if you can play a quiz and make money at the same time right? Either in hard cash or in the guise of other prizes.

So there are other options for making money with trivia besides winning contests where you have to get the answers right. These include:


OK we’re here to get clued up on online real money quizzes, so let’s get started. To the left above you’ll find the menu describing the subjects we’ll be covering. We’ll start off with an  exploration of the list of cash trivia contest operators and apps, then take a look at casino games where questions come into play in the games, and finally some other ways to make money with trivia.  

First though, you’ll surely want to know how hard the questions are likely to be. For that take a look at this video of one of the HQ Trivia contests…..

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