Why These Cities Will Be Hosting Major Esports Tournaments In The Years Ahead

There’s a lot of money in eSports, both for players good enough to get into the major tournaments and for experienced tournament organizers. That hasn’t been lost on many other interested parties, and it’s likely we’ll see competition over the next few years between major global cities looking to host the big contests.

With the amount of cash involved those might be on a regional or national level but still fall into the classification of ‘big’ international events.

Of course it’s not just cold hard cash that’s the attraction although obviously that plays a major part. Those cities intent on social or cultural development will see this as a way to encourage and build improved local relationships with the younger generations or attract visitors, while the attraction of being seen as engaged fully with future innovations will also raise the status with investors, residents, and potential new businesses.   

It’s probably fair to say that most every day players looking to win cash at games of skill – of which competitive video gaming is a perfect example – will need to be content with involvement in smaller online video game competitions – at least as players – but it’s a sure bet that if we want to spectate at a major event and see the pros in action we’re going to need to know which venues those events are held in.

On this page we’ll look at some of the world cities that are beginning to position themselves as global eSports hubs.  

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