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We all love something new. It keeps us on our toes and gives something to look forward to. If you’re a regular casino player you’ll know the thrill of playing at a new casino.

Maybe one that’s offering a big welcome bonus designed to increase playing time. Or maybe offering exciting promotions which give enhanced prospects of winning cash or prizes.

But it’s not just this eclectic mix of casinos, bonuses, and promotions that make up the overall casino experience.

New casino games have a major part to play, and appear fairly regularly. Most often as new slots titles, but occasionally as innovative forms of other standard favourites.

It’s this new games perspective of online casinos which really excites us at RealMoney.Games. So we’re going to be on the lookout for anything that comes up – whether it be the new versions of popular slots, brand new innovative games that have never been seen before, or any enhancements to your popular, tried and trusted standards.

Before jumping to the newly released casino games themselves, it’s worth looking at some of the principles and requirements that new game developments will need to meet.

These include the elements that are important in coming up with a good new version, plus how and where new games are thought up and ultimately developed.

What Makes A Good New Casino Game?


It’ll soon become obvious that most of the new online casino games we report on here are slots based.

Creating new ideas for slots titles is pretty straightforward for the software developers – there are so many aspects of general entertainment that work well as the subjects of slot machines. Movies spring to mind here.

Actually putting them into production though clearly calls for intensive application of technological skills.

Most of these slots will be new titles, as opposed to new technological advancements in the way that slots games are actually played. Many of these we’ll also cover on the innovative casino games page.

What’s not so easy is creating brand new versions of existing casino games. You can be sure there is continual and extensive focus behind the scenes by a lot of clever people trying to think up new games, and variations of existing ones.

So it’s a good starting approach to examine some of the difficulties and requirements to be considered in creating a new game.


• It Needs To Be Winnable

Play anything you can’t win at and you’ll soon lose interest. Mix that prospect in with a disappearing bankroll and you have a pefect recipe for a game that’ll sink without trace.
So there’s always the possibility of big or small wins in any of the casino games we already know, and that’s why we keep returning of course. But any new casino game developments clearly need to work on a low enough house edge to make us want to return and play again.
Entertainment value alone is just not enough on its own. We want the cash too, right?


• It Needs To Be Simple

Some of us love complex games. They can test us and hold our interest, invoking a basic human need to solve problems.

But for many they’re a turn off….and certainly in an entertainment industry where options for finding new gaming experiences are commonplace it’s easy to drop something that’s too hard to beat and go find something else that’s less taxing.


• It Needs Some Familiarity..But To Be Different Too

Focus on the same thing day after day and there’s a chance it’ll soon become dull. Equally if you encounter anything that’s so completely left field that it has no reference points in anything you know, you may not even have the desire to get involved.

New games need a combination of the two – a middle ground which offers some familiarity but with interesting new features or gameplay thrown in.

Some obvious examples of this are in popular card games such as 3 card poker and blackjack. Two well known games that are ripe for adapting into new formats.


• It Needs A Great Name

Outlandish names for new games can work in two ways – making them memorable or a target of derision.

Obviously the latter shouldn’t happen if any newly released game has gone through adequate beta testing leading up to release, but aiming for simplicity is often best.


• It Needs To Be Fair

The word fair in the context of casino gaming is often applied to the casino itself – does it offer fair games that have a reasonable RTP and offer players the chance to win often enough to keep returning for a dose of entertainment.

New casino games need to be inherently fair too, with no prospect of anyone finding a way to cheat or exploit loopholes in how it works.


• It Needs To Be Innovative


We mentioned the need for simplicity just now, but simplicity and innovation don’t always marry well. But in an industry where we already know most game formats and it’s very difficult to come up with a game that’s brand new, it’s innovation that just might make the difference between a run of the mill new game and a truly exciting one.

Breakthroughs in technology work well here, often opening up new possibilities that couldn’t possibly be practical before. Developments in virtual and augmented reality are two worthy of note, with gaming in virtual reality casinos destined for great things in the near future.


How & Where Are New Games Developed?


The aspects that need to be considered in developing new games forms some list, doesn’t it.

It won’t cover everything, but if a new game can meet enough of these requirements then it stands a good chance of joining the casino games roster. If it can meet all of them then there’s every chance we could be looking at the next roulette or blackjack.

So where are they coming from? Who’s thinking these games up? Who is clever enough or committed enough to be getting these new games into the online casinos for us all to enjoy?

Well, you’ll probably know that it’s not the casinos themselves that develop new games. They just present them and hope to take your money!

In fact the games come mainly from two sources – one of which you’ll know (software developers) and the other which may surprise you (student bodies and universities). Rarely you’ll also see new games hit the market which have been created by independent or private developers.


Software Developers

All casino games run on software. It’s the software that drives the graphics and gameplay. Take the software away and we wouldn’t have video games at all. Take the casino software developers away and we wouldn’t have any casino games.

The subject of casino games software is a big one – far too big to go into in depth on this page. There’s a dedicated page on Gamblersfever on software.

What we can cover here though is a list of names you’ll want to be aware of. The big names in the field. Many are names you’ll see associated with new slots titles, and any or all of them could at some point be the one that releases a brand new type of game that stuns us all.


• Playtech

• 888

• Microgaming

• Net Entertainment

• Betsoft

• ProgressPlay

• IGT Interactive

• Evolution Gaming

• Play’n Go

• Novomatic

• Bally Technologies


• Galaxy Gaming


It’s not a full list. There are dozens more.

But each of these software firms will appear regularly as we write up the the newest casino games as they’re announced.

University Bodies & Students

You may be surprised to learn that there are some student organisations which are involved in development of casino games. One good example is the University of Nevada (where else, you may ask!!) where students can enrol in a ‘Gaming Innovation Program‘.

It’s open to any student at UNLV and runs every autumn. Back in 2014 it was reported that the program had produced 12 new games in its first full year, and overall the first 18 months resulted in the filing of 23 patent applications and ended up with five released games, a number of which can be found in Nevada casinos today.

One good example is the game developed by a UNLV College student named Hien Nguyen. The game – named Domino Dragon – is based on Chinese domino video wagering ”involves a new method for determining slot machine winning outcomes using elements of Pai Gow tiles.”

Hien sold the rights to the game to the industry-leading software firm Konami Gaming.

Clearly the reason to be for the programme is open up a way for the casino industry to get a conveyor belt of new games which can rapidly move from conception to reality on the casino floors or on screen. Experts from the industry work with students on such aspects of gaming as” commercialisation of ideas, the patent process, and successful business strategies.”

Some of the new games developed include new versions of Baccarat (888 Baccarat) and Blackjack (Flip Card Blackjack), plus a brand new game called Color War which is based on colours of cards dealt (red or black).

As of 2016 and as we head towards 2017, I’m not aware of any of these in online casinos, but it may only be a matter of time.


Standalone Private Developers


Just like you and me! We all have the potential to come up with a new idea.

Actually bringing it to fruition is the trick! You’ll need deep pockets and/or close industry contacts and/or a stunning new game idea to even get close.

None of that will stop anyone that’s determined, and there are a number of examples of new versions of casino games finding their way to official release.

Those that did so far will have overcome some substantial hurdles.


Introducing a New Casino Game As A Private Developer

If you have a game in mind, it’s likely you’ll be thinking it’s a killer one that will rise to the top of the tree rapidly, sweeping all other casino games before it.

So it’ll pay to get some realism into the picture and rein back. The chances of it ever making a profit are extremely low, almost non-existent in fact.

First off you’ll need to run through the list of requirements above. Does it meet all or most of them? If it’s not original, is too complicated, or already exists you can rule it out without even thinking.

We talked just now about the expenses you’ll face. $50000 upwards is probably a conservative estimate, and that’s just to cover the basics including patents and lawyers fees.

And getting it into online casinos will be some way off. You’ll probably need to be examining how to get it into Nevada or other land-based casinos first. 

The reality is that this is very competitive business. There’s always a chance of success and if you don’t try you’ll never know, but essentially (as in casino gaming in general) there are significantly high odds against you.




Before we actually see some of the newest game releases, we’ll finish up this section with a couple of videos……

The second shows a montage of different games that have been conceived over time, the first is an interview with the creator of a new version of Pai Gow.


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