Real Money Card Games 

With the right combination of skill and luck, some card games offer good ways to play for real money and real chances to win

The 4 Main Types Of Card Games You Can Play For Real Money

It’s very likely your first experiences of playing card games was as a youngster. Probably for fun, but you might even have played for pretend money, chips, or maybe even matchsticks or pieces of pasta. Maybe at games like 21 or blackjack, or even 3 card poker. As we get older, playing these games becomes more competitive and our thoughts tend to change towards playing for real money.

Many card games require a mixture of skill and luck to be able to win, which makes them a good choice for anyone wanting to play to make some cash. Fortunately there are plenty of opportunities where wagers can be made and money can be won on the turn of some cards.

Do I mentioned 4 main types of card games, and that’s right. There are four that will most likely be placed on any type of favourite list. We’ll see those in a minute, although I should mention that in reality there are many, many more. These are outside the scope of this page, but you’ll find most of them listed on the excellent card games site at Pagat.com.

What Are The Four?

We spoke just now about needing a combination of skill and luck to do well. Of course, the requirements for the balance between those varies between different types of games. There are some where luck plays a major part in outcomes, some where strategic play can improve the positive outcomes, and some where skill really does make a major difference. So the four main types we’re going to look at are listed below:

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