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RealMoney.games Accessibility Policy 

Welcome to the RealMoney.games accessibility policy page. On this page, we’ll explain the RealMoney.games accessibility guidelines and targets. 


Realmoney.games is committed to making this website easy to use and as accessible as possible. If you have difficulty viewing or navigating the content on any pages, or encounter any form of content, feature, or functionality that you think may be challenging to access for anyone with any form of disability, please contact us with full details. We’ll undertake an immediate review and aim to take rapid steps to rectify if the advice is indeed applicable.

If you should contact us with this form of communication, we’ll aim to respond within seven days. 

Our Accessibility Targets

The recommendations as described in the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.0 Level AA are an excellent place to start for understanding the requirements of suitable accessibility. These guidelines have been developed by the Web Accessibility Initiative (WAI) of the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C). We aim to adhere to or implement these standards wherever possible.

The following are specific accessibility features that we intend to apply and note that these applications can only be targeted with reference to actual pages published on realmoney.games and not the pages of third parties we may link to:

  • Text alternatives are provided for content that is in non-text form, for example, the use of captions to describe video or audio content.
  • The structure of the website is presented in a logical and easily followed format.
  • You can access the website directly by keyboard, app, or a 3rd party link only.
  • Pages are constructed in such a way that titles, descriptions, and headings are clearly represented.

Ongoing Accessibility Improvements

The process of making and keeping a website accessible is an ongoing process. It takes continual review and effort to ensure maximal accessibility standards are applied.

Although we focus effort on achieving those standards, we cannot guarantee that every page on realmoney.games fully meets the standards and features as laid out in WCAG 2.0 Level AA. In addition, we cannot guarantee that any 3rd party websites or apps mentioned or linked to on realmoney.games pages have any form of compliance. Because of this, we will not lay claim to full website-wide conformance, although any visitor should expect partial conformance on some pages. 


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