Real Money Share Trading Games

How and where to play trading games to win cash – trade in standard business shares or a range of global sports

Want to build up a nest egg for the future? Or just fancy your chances at playing the stock market but don’t want to go down the traditional share-buying route?

Well there are alternative solutions, and one that’s becoming increasingly popular is in the new types of share trading platforms.

These are similar to normal share buying, but the twist is they’re more allied to gaming than just pure financial trading. In fact some of the most popular involve trading in the participants of games – on football players or teams, or a range of teams in other sports. Knowledge is everything and they do sit prominently in the list of games of skill.

On this page we’ll take a look at some of these new share trading platforms, how they work, and which types of shares you can trade in the games. 

Types Of Share Trading Games

Broadly speaking we can break down the different trading games into two main types – financial share trading and sports share trading.

No complicated stuff like Forex/currency trading or binary options here!  

There’s also an option to trade items or services inside virtual world games, plus a new type of trading on events in Esports contests. This looks destined to attract a lot of interest from the video gaming community.

Sports Share Trading

Probably the most notable from a gaming perspective – trading in sports as an alternative to betting on sporting events is on the increase.

The ASM Exchange (at AllSportsMarket.com) is a recent operator to enter the market, and focuses on offering share trading in US sports teams across all the four major leagues – Baseball, Basketball, NFL, and NHL.

Others include PlayersSX.com, SportsStocks.com, and AthleteXChange.

Financial Markets Trading

First up here is a platform that really does deserve the tag of ‘innovative’ – it’s the financial trading platform run by Bet-On-Finance. An alternative is WallStreetSurvivor.com.

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