RealMoney.Games Anti Spam Policy


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At the time of writing RealMoney.Games does not provide a newsletter therefore does not carry any way of visitors to opt in to receive email communications. No email addresses have been collected and/or stored in any way regarding RealMoney.Games operation.

Should there be an opt in facility offered in future for visitors to receive email communications, RealMoney.Games will operate with a full no tolerance Anti-Spam policy, and only with full opt-in consent.


RealMoney.Games will not partake in any form of spam – either by involvement in unsolicited email in bulk or singly.
If opt in options are offered in future we will:
–  Identify your full registered email and name in the confirmation opt in mail, and any subsequent communication.

–  Only send information which is directly relevant to the opt in offer

–  Only send email from an email address which is easily identifiable with RealMoney.Games

–  Include an unsubscribe link in every communication

–  Complete any unsubscribe request within 5 working days, if not immediately

–  Include a valid telephone phone number through which RealMoney.Games can be reached
Any valid complaints received by us with any relevance to email spam will be handled as fast as possible and fully rectified to the complainants satisfaction.
RealMoney.Games of course cannot be held responsible for email generated without our knowledge (for example by an unknown hacker of the site).
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