Progressive Slot Machines & Jackpots


This video titled ‘how to win progressive slots’ is a bit of a misnomer. No one can tell you how to win! However it’s worth a watch.




If you’ve ever visited a land based casino you’ll have noticed how prominent slot machines are on the casino floor, and if you play online it’ll have been equally obvious how much focus the online operators place on slots too.

There’s a reason of course – those slots are big moneymakers for the casinos, and normally money losers for us punters.

So why play?

The reasons are of course that they can be wildly entertaining, plus there are plenty of stories about big jackpot winners. Those jackpots are what we dream about, right?

And this is where progressive slots come in. These are where the biggest jackpots can be found and won.

On this page we’ll take a look at how these progressive slot machines work. What the different types are, where to find them, the best to play, and a few hints and tips around how to get the best experience playing them……


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