How To Play Games For Cash & Get Some Of It To Those In Need

Explore 3 ways to play or compete in free or deposit online games where some of the proceeds will go to help others less fortunate


I’d be surprised if there are no more than a couple of people reading this that wouldn’t want the opportunity to win a substantial amount of cash. Or even just a little. After all, that’s almost certainly why anyone is here on realmoney.games in the first place.

The fact you are here suggests you’re in a financial position where you can risk losing money to make more of it, or you have the free time to find ways to do it for free.

But for those of us who are fortunate enough to be able to gamble (and control it) in some way, it can be easy to forget that there are plenty of people in the world who couldn’t even hope to be in the same position, with many of them not even knowing that gambling even exists. Some are not even in the position of being able to enjoy any form of gaming.

Of course, we wouldn’t want gambling to be an option for someone who wouldn’t be in a position to do it safely. Playing games for money invariably involves risk, and you wouldn’t want the temptation to do it to be in front of those who could never afford it and/or might be harmed in some way. 

So I’ve always imagined watching 6 numbers and the bonus come up on a lottery or matching the jackpot symbols on an online scratch-off ticket. And what would go through my head if lucky enough to do it….and I suspect the first thoughts are likely to be ‘ great, now how do I take care of me‘ followed by ‘how do I take care of my family and friends’. 

Those thoughts and intentions are realistic, of course, they’re nothing to be ashamed of though they are inherently selfish. You might have them in a different order (and maybe even the next one too). 

Personally, I’d like to think (no, I know!) that they’ll be closely followed by ‘ how do I help someone with this who could never be in this position, and who might have their lives hanging in a balance because they don’t have access to what I do’.

And there are plenty of people in that position the world over. It’s not right, we know it’s not right. And we know money isn’t everything, but I’ll bet it sure is good (for both the giver and receiver) to give it to someone who doesn’t have any, or is drastically in need of financial support.

Now I know that last assertion might bring up the debate on whether it is, in fact, valuable to give money, or actually better to somehow give the means to improve someone’s position. That’s probably a debate for another day, though we will see in a minute that some ways we might help do approach it from both perspectives. 

How Do We Do It?

So now let’s be realistic. The chances of winning a sum of money similar to that I alluded to above are slim to non- existent, although we know it does happen.

So if we do want to find some way of helping others with our gaming we’ll need to know the other ways we can do it.

Ways that don’t involve a decision that goes something like ‘ OK I have 20 million dollars/pounds/Euros. I only need 6 million of it and I’m set. How do I give the rest away?’ 

1. Don’t play games that involve losing cash at all and just give it away instead 

Not going to happen is it, except for maybe extremely rare situations. We are (as a race) self-centered individuals (I know I’m generalizing). Again nothing wrong with that, it’s evolution and survival of the fittest at a base level.

I’m sure many of us already give money away each month to good causes, in some cases that might be more than we can really afford. But probably most of us in reasonable financial positions will be making donations at levels that still allow us to live comfortably and enjoy life.

So giving up gambling is unlikely to be a reasonable (or expected) way forward. Indeed, a percentage of proceeds from some lottery-based competitions and other types of instant win games such as online scratchcards do often find their way to help good causes.


2. Decide on a set percentage figure for what we’re prepared to give away out of winnings

This can work, but there are problems. The most obvious being that most of us won’t win. Particularly if you engage in some form of casino gaming, since we all know that online casinos are adept at taking our money. There are chances of wins though, all be it unlikely you’d end up in the black over time. 

The one way you might be able to guarantee profit is in some form of real money skill gaming. If you’re strong at a specific game this form of real money gaming could pay dividends….and if it’s skill gaming you do settle on then the next step to consider will be playing in cash tournaments.

To overcome the competition in this sphere you’ll surely need to be a strong player – playing competitive video game contests or even online poker tourneys would be of note here.

3. Identify those games which do result in some support going to those in need, and actively seek to play them

Seems a reasonable approach, doesn’t it. This is probably the most workable of the three. We still get to play and enjoy the games, we still get the chance to win, but some of what we lose goes to help someone else (and we could of course choose to give some winnings away if were fortunate or clever enough to realize any).

Let’s have a look at some options:

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