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As is stands, playing casino games stands up in the top five ways to get a hefty dose of entertainment. Sure it costs, but so does every way to get entertained. At least in an online casino there are chances to win some money too!

If you’re prepared to enjoy some gaming action and have the spare cash to risk, you’ll want to be getting the most for your money, know it’s safe & legit, and be sure you can get your winnings out – plus a whole host of other factors involved in placing a casino into recommended, top or best online casino lists.

Unless you’ve already studied a toplist, chosen a casino, and are happily playing where you know you’re already getting the best you can, you’ll want to know what the options are. Or more specifically, who they are.

This is where a best casinos list and recommendations guides come in. There are a number of elements to consider that go into making an online casino a recommended one, with all of them worthy of consideration before taking the plunge and putting money in.

They’re the same whether you’re in the UK, US, Canada, Australia, South Africa or anywhere else in Europe or the rest of the world.

On this page we’ll be listing a small but select group of highly rated and recommended online casinos (they’re just below), and reviewing the individual pieces of the puzzle. We’ll end up with a comprehensive guide that results in you being in a good position to get a high quality experience. 

As a starter, here’s a video from Casinomeister which goes through the elements of choosing an online casino. Most of these elements fall into the ‘trust factors’ bracket on which recommendations are best based.

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