Mecca Bingo Online Review | In-Depth Review of the Mecca Online Bingo Games Site

Explore information on key performance indicators revealing how Mecca’s online bingo site delivers high-quality cash bingo games with valuable jackpots. Find out how to play bingo online and learn about Mecca’s alternative gambling options, including lottery or casino games for players

Mecca Bingo Online Review - Features

Mecca Bingo Review: Introducing Mecca’s Online Bingo, Games & Slots

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Bingo sits squarely on the list of gambling games based on luck, but that doesn’t mean it’s a real money online game where a wager will be any less fun. Online bingo games offer punters entertaining chances to win valuable cash prizes and jackpots, similar to casino games.

Any player wanting to play bingo games online rather than in a real-world bingo hall like the Mecca Bingo hall in Leeds Mayfair or the one in Luton will find they have a wide choice of bingo rooms where they can join the list of winners. But all online bingo sites are not made equal, and for any online game player, it will be wise to seek out the best options before finally choosing one. Fortunately, some knowledgeable sites identify the top-performing operators to play online bingo for real money. On these sites, ell-known names should go to the top of any bingo review list.

Mecca Bingo is one of the online bingo sites that deserves a place on any list of the best places to play. Part of the Rank Group gambling company (officially known as The Rank Group PLC), it’s an operator of land-based bingo clubs and halls with a long history that also runs online bingo rooms. Mecca’s staff are well-trained in delivering the bingo experience both online and in the live clubs.

It’s not the only high performer in the bingo gambling industry, as you’ll see after reviewing Mecca yourself. But if you sign up as a member and play, you’ll be confident you’re playing your games of bingo with other people on a trusted, safe, and secure site while you wait for the called numbers. That site can be found online at

This Mecca Bingo review will explore how the online operation works and focus on its benefits to its community of online members and players seeking a nice win. In particular, we’ll analyze what real players think about the platform, find out what bingo games and bonuses are available,  learn whether Mecca is secure and reliable, and get details on any valuable promotions for new or existing account holders.

In reviewing Mecca Bingo’s online gaming, we’ll find out where its games sit on the list of real money games for its entertainment and cash-winning value. What’s certain is that our independent review will show a range of big jackpots, exclusive games & free slots spins at Mecca.  Benefits that take on even greater significance when combined with the excellent live chat features, a valuable loyalty program,  and the ability to play on mobile phones with a fully functional app.

You’ll find that feedback from other bingo and casino reviews sites results in similar conclusions, but let’s see exactly how it works for ourselves:

What we like about Mecca Bingo Games

  • Just about every format of online bingo games, with many at low cost.
  • Games playable on a desktop computer, laptop, or mobile app.
  • Plenty of video slots where you can win with spins and casino games like roulette that you can play for real money. Lottery-based games are available, too.
  • Accepts most popular payment methods – Neteller, Paypal, debit card, prepaid cards like Paysafecard, and more.
  • Excellent performance on mobile phones.
  • Interesting welcome and ongoing bingo promotions.
  • No deposit bonus in the form of a free wheel spin to win a cash prize.
  • Good value giveaways and gift vouchers.
  • Well-presented live dealer casino games with titles like Deal Or No Deal.
  • Friendly site with a strong social network following and live chat.
  • Progressive jackpot slot machines.
  • Wide range of online scratchcards and other games offering ways to win instant cash prizes.
  • Great value loyalty rewards.
  • Excellent odds of winning a cash prize in a game.
  • Simple, straightforward site and game rules.
  • No long waits to collect winnings.

What we don’t like about Mecca Bingo Games 

  • Customer support from the online team can be slow at peak times
  • While the spin the wheel welcome bonus can give some good extra start-up cash, the actual bonus values could be higher

List of key benefits to online players at Mecca Bingo

Key performance indicators and metrics

My own evaluations and those from other bettors illustrate how Mecca Bingo performs from several critical perspectives. We'll see those elements in detail as we proceed through the review, but for now let's see those key performance indicators broken down in a comprehensive but quick-view table based on recent experience:

Indicator of Performance Rating Summary
Range of bingo games Excellent - 9/10 Mecca's core business is in providing bingo games to players and they have an excellent portfolio and game selection.
Active player ratings Excellent - 9/10 My own impressions and those of other players result in consistent and regular high ratings. It's clear that Mecca is highly recommended by many members of its active player base which numbers in the millions.
Other games Good - 7/10 While Bingo games are clearly the main focus, site members can play casino and lottery games on the site or app, too.
Fun factor Strong - 9/10 With low cost games and chances to win valuable prizes for small outlays, you can get plenty of fun for low risk.
Winning odds and chances Average - 6/10 The low cost of playing many of the games means you'll get plenty of chances for a win. But bingo is a game of luck, so don't expect to win all the time. Play for fun and enjoyment and you're more likely to have a great experience.
Game quality Strong - 8/10 In the clean games lobby you'll encounter games driven by state-of-the-art software that delivers high-quality gameplay and a great gaming experience.
Free play Strong - 8/10 Mecca offers plenty of options to play free games with no deposit and no risk. There's a schedule published on the site that shows the times of day that the free games are available.
Trustworthiness Exceptional - 10/10 You only need to glance at the player evaluations on this page to know that Mecca Bingo is fully trusted and a reliable operator. Most comments and ratings online will confirm that the trust factor you'll encounter here is at the highest level, indicating an absence of issues around trustworthiness and a 100% level of reputation and legitimacy. On all obvious trust factors, Mecca performs at an exemplary level.
Safety and security Exceptional - 10/10 Mecca Bingo is perfectly safe. There will be no concerns from any punters or players over the security of personal account details or the safety of any betting funds. Overall, it offers a safe and secure platform with numerous high-quality features.
Licensing Strong - 9/10 Mecca is licensed by official gaming authorities in the main jurisdictions where it operates. Operating licenses are held in the UK and the Isle of Man.
Welcome signup and reload bonus offers Very good - 8/10 Welcome bonuses for new customers and other similar ongoing promotions like reload bonuses may not be at the sizes you'll find on some other bingo sites. But those at Mecca still offer great value, and when you combine them with all the other strong performance indicators, you're consistently getting a great deal.
Loyalty schemes and incentives Very good - 8/10 Customer loyalty is rewarded with regular good value incentives. These might be offers of free games with no strings attached, or entries into competitions and giveaways with no entry fee.
Other promotions Very good - 9/10 Customers will find an enticing list of promotions on the Mecca app and website. Aside from the regular bonuses, there are multiple contests and competitions.
Banking methods Very good - 9/10 The banking system at Mecca Bingo is easily accessible with strong flexibility. There will be minimal problems with either deposits or withdrawals.
Payout Speed Reasonable - 8/10 Mecca has a long history of making timely payments to players with a solid track record of completing payouts as rapidly as possible. A transfer request will be confirmed instantaneously in your online account on most withdrawal requests. The actual transfer of payout funds will always take a little longer, but some of this depends on systems and processes outside Mecca's control.
User interface Excellent - 10/10 The user interface offers a highly functional experience that's on a par with any other bingo sites you'd classify as having the best layouts. It's user-friendly with a clean look and feel, effectively classifying the betting options and games into various categories.
Platform and website quality Excellent - 10/10 Overall the platform is impressive and any flaws are difficult to spot. It offers effortless browsing capabilities with an excellent design that makes navigation simple and straightforward.
Website reliability Excellent - 10/10 Outages for planned or unplanned maintenance are exceptionally rare and the platform overall is reliable.
Quality of the Mecca Bingo mobile app Excellent - 10/10 Mecca has optimized their app excellently. User interfaces and the general functionality are fast, fully responsive, and deliver an easy-to-use service for punters. The mobile betting experience with Mecca is slick and it's a decent app that gives users a nice feel.
Customer service and support Very good - 9/10 A friendly customer support team provide excellent service levels. Players have multiple options for contacting the Mecca support staff, including via live chat. On the very few occasions I've needed support, the response has been fast, courteous, and efficient.
Winning possibilities Good - 7/10 There are certainly many ways to win money at Mecca. But, as noted earlier, the company services are all based on online gambling and there are inherent risks of losing your monrey when gambling. You'll need lots of luck to end up with some valuable winnings, and it's more likely you'll enjoy small wins rather than big jackpots.
No scam signals Excellent - 10/10 You'll experience a total absence of any scam signals during your time on the Mecca website or app. I'm not aware of there ever having been a scam that involved the company.
Minimal valid customer complaints Great - 9/10 I've seen no obviously valid complaints and very little negative feedback from players in any reviews or ratings sites. I've certainly had no cause to make any complaints over my own history of betting on the platform.
Positive industry awards Great - 9/10 Mecca has won numerous awards stretching back over many years.
Community feel Great - 9/10 In gaming options like bingo where players are often drawn to a solution because of its friendly communities, Mecca performs well. There are special online bingo games where the chat function is elevated and chat moderators give out extra cash prizes for winning.
This table explores the key performance indicators of the Mecca Bingo online website and mobile app.

You can combine the sentiment behind these performance factors fairly succinctly:

Any fans of bingo gaming will be happy with the excellent option they've landed on. This dominant company in both land-based and online bingo has a 5-star track record in the gambling industry, consistently striving to deliver games and other betting options to players:

  • Mecca delivers services consistently at a high level across the key performance indicators.
  • Their reputation level is commensurate with the ratings we've allocated and those given by many other reviewers.
  • The average of all ratings sits at the higher end, with an impressive score of at least 8 out of 10 across all relevant KPI's.
  • You'll struggle to find a better range of bingo games anywhere else on the internet.
  • You couldn't say it's the best bingo site of all, but is a very strong one and deserves to be on a 'best of' list.

Player Rating

While we don’t believe in compiling ratings of individual elements of any gambling operator at, we do judge what overall rating one should receive. It’s always good to use this as a guideline.

So, for the online offering of Mecca Bingo, we’d have little hesitation in giving out a score at the top end. 9 out of 10 sounds just about right, taking into account the overwhelmingly positive aspects of playing here.

You’ll quickly see that these views are echoed on popular consumer reviews sites like Trustpilot. The Mecca Bingo reviews and ratings at Trustpilot number over 2700, with over 50% of players awarding the operator five stars in their own Mecca review.


Summary of real player reviews and ratings awarded to Mecca Bingo at Trustpilot

Of course, Trustpilot is not the only way to gauge the trustworthiness and popularity of any gambling company. Social media presence and reach can give a strong indication, too. On Twitter, Mecca has over 21,000 followers while you can count Facebook likes at over 150k.   

Who is Mecca Bingo?

Mecca Bingo is, without a doubt, one of the largest online gambling operators in the world. Based in the UK, it’s owned and operated by the giant Rank Group. This successful company is well known throughout the UK for its land-based bingo halls, which total over 80 establishments.

In the UK, players can visit flagship Mecca halls in towns and cities like Leeds, Oldham, and Luton. For many years, Mecca’s rooms have seen the bingo balls drawn randomly while players daub their numbers on the tickets and wait eagerly for the draw results to see if they hit that jackpot line.

And it’s not just the UK where Mecca has a big name.  In European countries like Spain and Belgium, it also operates casinos and bingo halls . 

Not content with these bricks-and-mortar gambling operations, Rank Group also operates online, with Mecca Bingo being well-known among online bingo fans as one of the leading destinations for playing this popular online gambling game, alongside also offering casino games, instant win games like scratchcards, and a wide array of video slots.

How I use Mecca Bingo

Since I’m based in the UK, Mecca is a perfect site for me to play online bingo games. It’s fully regulated, so I know any money I’ve deposited is safe and secure, and I’ll know I’ll get my winnings without any issues.

We’ve seen that Mecca’s gambling portfolio is not just limited to bingo. While I wouldn’t discourage anyone from playing the casino games or trying to win a lottery game, it has to be said that I personally tend to stick with playing the cards and numbers. After all, it’s clear from the overall review and Mecca’s history that bingo is the jewel in the crown.

Bingo is obviously a game of chance; you’ll always need to be lucky to win. Because of that, I tend to keep deposits low in value and play for fun and entertainment. If I win, that’s great news. If I lose, it’s not painful on my wallet. The fun rating is high with the added value of the chat features where I can talk to other players and sometimes even Mecca’s own staff that sometimes join the chat rooms.

The regular and one-off promotions can be great value, so I’ll always watch out for those and take advantage of any good offers.

Sure, when I get a nice win, some of it goes to playing the odd lottery game and sometimes an attempt to win some cash with a series of slots spins, but really it’s the bingo at Mecca that keeps me coming back.

How do you access the Mecca site and play the games?

Getting to play bingo at Mecca is easy and you can be playing the electronic bingo cards within a few minutes using either the desktop site or the mobile app:

  1. Navigate to the website or app – this link will start you off on the registration process.
  2. Complete the registration details – straightforward details like name, address, DOB.
  3. Make a deposit using your preferred banking method.

That’s pretty much it. As long as your details are correct and validated, your Mecca Bingo login will be active and you’ll be seconds away from your first game.


Mecca Bingo is one of the UK’s leading online gaming companies and is regulated by the UK Gambling Commission. Mecca has a full UKGC remote and non-remote operating licence. The Alderney Gambling Control Commission, which regulates the activity of Alderney’s casino operators, also issues a license to Mecca.


It’s always a great accolade for any gambling operator to win awards, and Mecca Bingo can sit comfortably knowing they have won a fair few over the years. This small but prestigious list serves to cement the knowledge that playing bingo at Mecca will be a safe and secure experience.

Those awards include ‘UK’s Best Slot Site’ and the ‘Best Online Bingo Game’, along with ‘Best Playtech Bingo site’ and in 2018 they were awarded the ‘Best Socially Responsible Operator Award.’


Mecca Bingo is certified by eCOGRA, an independent regulatory body for the online gambling industry based in the UK. It’s also tested and regulated by GamCare, one of the main bodies that act to promote responsible gambling in the UK. You can read more about these organizations via the links at the bottom of the Mecca home page.


When you sign up with any gambling service for the first time, you’ll be in line for various types of promotional offers. The most popular of these is the new player welcome bonus, where you’ll often be given extra playing cash in an account on top of your first deposit.

Mecca plays with this a little, by turning the welcome bonus offer into a type of game in itself. So, when you make a deposit of £10 or more, you’ll get the chance to spin a wheel where landing in the correct segment could land you a bonus of up to £120.

There are terms and conditions and some other rules around the offer:

  • Only players registering for the first time are eligible.
  • Any player registering must be over 18 years of age.
  • New customers must accept to receive the New Player Welcome Bonus.
  • You must make a first deposit of at least £10 and stake £10 in total on games within 7 days of the initial deposit.

Once you’ve met the initial requirements, you’ll be awarded the free spin. The result of the spin will be determined at random, but Mecca state that 99,99% of spins will give a positive result, and the bonus will be won. 


Further welcome bonus rules

Most gambling operators have pretty strict rules around bonuses and Mecca is no different. The following are the most important to be aware of but please note they may not be exhaustive and you’ll be wise to check the website for full details : 

  • All credits awarded as a result of a win on the wheel (except for cash and free spins on the Daily Jackpot games) expire within 28 days of being credited.
  • Free spins on the Daily Jackpot games need to be claimed within 7 days from the moment they are won. Customers have to launch the game and click ‘opt in’.
  • After clicking “opt in” customers will have 21 days to use their free spins before they expire.
  • There are no wagering requirements for any Cash or Free Spin rewards.
  • The Bingo Bonus is available for playing bingo only. It has a 5x wagering requirement that must be met before any player can withdraw winnings. For example, with a £30 bonus award, you will need to wager a minimum of £150 on bingo games and end up with a positive account balance before you can request a payout and receive the winnings successfully.
  • If you receive a slots bonus, there are restrictions on which slots titles you can play with it. Mecca lists these ineligible slots on the website in the bonus terms and conditions.
  • The wagering requirement for video slots games is set at 20x the value of the initial bonus.
  • All winnings won from bonus rewards will be credited to the players’ cash balance.
  • Games that are eligible for counting towards the wagering requirements can vary. The eligibility of any game can be seen in the bonus terms and conditions.


It’s in the area of ongoing promotions where Mecca Bingo really comes into its own. The promotions page of the site is literally stacked with games and promos offering valuable prizes and high entertainment levels.

Indeed, the list of promotional games is so extensive and changes so regularly that outlining them all here won’t serve many purposes. Go straight to the Mecca Bingo promotions page and see for yourself.

We should mention the Game of the Week promo in particular, which offers players the chance of getting some great value payouts when playing named video slots. Slots tournaments also feature, and for those that want instant wins, there is a range of scratchcard offers.

It’s worth noting that some promos require the entry of a bonus code. This can be easily found for whatever promo you’re interested in from within your account.

Rewards 7 VIP Loyalty Programme

As an ongoing player, you’ll be entitled to take advantage of the loyalty program. Who knows, alongside other benefits you may even get mailed an occasional reload bonus!

But what you will definitely get are Play Points. You’ll earn these every time you play a bingo game. When you’ve built up enough, your Play Points can be redeemed in the Play Point Shop either for cash or for gifts.

There are 5 Play Point levels – Pink, Orange, Green, Blue, and Violet. To move up the levels and stay wherever you get to, you’ll need to have played enough games to get a specified number of points in the previous month. Needless to say, the higher the level you reach, the more points you earn.

Play regularly, get to a high level, and you’ll be unlocking rewards such as doubling game points, prize draws entries, and match games. Save up all your points, and they’re worth the equivalent of £1 in cash for every 1000.

If you really play hard and become one of the truly leading regular players, you may even find yourself being treated like a real-life VIP.

Mecca Bingo Jackpots

All bingo players dream of winning a jackpot. It’s what bingo is all about, right? The good news is that any jackpot hunters won’t be disappointed with the prizes on offer at Mecca. For bingo, in particular, some games carry very high prize values, but slots players will really have the best choice of options for winning a massive sum on a slots spin.

Bingo Games

Given we’re reviewing an online bingo site, you won’t be surprised that bingo games take centre stage. Just about every form of bingo is available, with Mecca’s Best Odds Bingo perhaps being the one that’s most recognizable. 90-ball, 80-ball, and 75-ball versions of games are well represented.

Lottery Games

Mecca runs an interesting lottery-style game known as Boss The Lotto. This game is an instant win affair where you’ll choose from 49 numbered balls on a grid. 43 of the balls will reveal cash prizes and allow you to pick another ball. But there are 6 bad numbers hidden randomly that will stop the game if chosen and lose your bet while wiping out your winnings.

The trick is knowing when to cash out and when to keep picking your numbers. It’s fun and takes nerves of steel. Find out if you have what it takes to find all 43 prize balls and collect the jackpot prize?

Casino Games

Bingo fans won’t be tied just to their favourite game though, with casino games like video slots, blackjack, roulette, and other table games all making an appearance. There are over 400 game titles to choose from on the platform, with the Mecca slots making up the largest percentage. There are great options for playing scratch cards too.


Mecca Bingo Live Casino

While Mecca’s bingo games are a delight and likely to be the main focus for online bingo fans, many players love casino gaming too and there’s no better way to play casino games than in a live environment.

But this is an online service, right? No problem, casino games are streamed live direct to wherever you are through the live casino interface.

And it’s easy to get to play. Just enter the Mecca Bingo casino lobby, click on the icon at the top for the game you want to play, and choose what table you want. After a short loading time, you’ll be set to place your bets, play cards, or pick your numbers.

Some options for live games include:


Money Wheel

This is a fairly simple pure luck game where you place a bet on the number you think the prize wheel will land on at the end of its spin. Different segments carry varying levels of prizes, and with 54 separate segments there are plenty of winning chances.

The highest cash prize possible is for 40 times your stake, and RTP figures for the game are stated at 96.55%.



Everybody knows how roulette works, so no surprises here. Mecca’s live roulette works exactly as expected, choose your numbers or colours, place your bets, and wait to see where the ball lands on the wheel.



Another hugely popular and well-known casino game, although in this case there is at least some optimal strategy that can be tried by any player to increase winning chances as far as possible.

Player Numbers

As you’d expect from a name that most bingo players would instantly recognize, the Mecca site is well-trafficked with player numbers as high as you’re likely to see anywhere else.

That number will of course vary from game to game, the time of day, and the day of the week, but the overall average is well into the hundreds.

Game Software

Mecca Bingo uses Virtue Fusion/Playtech software to bring you its enticing array of bingo games. For casino gaming, the software is provided by a combination of casino game software providers including Playtech, Endemol, IGT, Quickspin, Microgaming, NextGen, and Realistic Games.

Website Design

The best way to get a feeling for how you navigate the Mecca Bingo websites is of course to try it for yourself, but in case you’re not quite ready for that yet, let’s take a look here:

On accessing the site, you’ll be presented straight away with an intuitive interface. Login and signup buttons are prominent, and the parts of the site you need to get to the most are clearly labeled in the menu.

Scroll down a little and individual slots and bingo games are listed as thumbnail type images, with the bingo games displaying how much you’ll need to pay to play, the prize, and the number of players registered.

Irrelevant of whether you are playing on a computer or a mobile device, this is one of the best home pages we’ve seen and you won’t be wasting time searching for anything you need.


Website Speed Performance

The website loads fast both on laptop and mobile, with the software being fully optimized for best responsive performance on the latter.

Given how fast it does load on a test from within the UK, it might be a surprise to learn that a test run on the Mecca home page with the Google Page Speed Insights tool returns some fairly poor scores of 17 on mobile and mid-50s on desktop.

However, many of the factors that contribute to these scores are associated with the depth of info the home page provides. The reality is that anyone with a reasonable quality device and satisfactory broadband speeds should not have any major issues.

Mecca Bingo on Mobile App

The desktop site is fully optimized so that it’s automatically responsive on mobile-sized screens, and also there is a dedicated app for bingo players using iOS or Android devices. The app is easy to use and well-designed, so performing any action with a mobile phone on the site is straightforward. You can wait for the balls to drop and the caller to shout out those jackpot-winning numbers wherever you are.

Overall, using the Mecca Bingo mobile app will give you just as enjoyable and trouble-free an experience as you’d get if you were using a desktop computer.

Customer Support & Services

With most reputable gambling sites it’s rare that you’ll encounter problems that require some form of Customer support to get resolved. That’s definitely the case at Mecca Bingo, although there may be instances where you have questions or need some form of help.

The Mecca Bingo support team looks like a well-balanced part of the organization and clearly works hard to service Customers and answer queries effectively and speedily.

There are various ways to contact the team if you do need support, and that can either be via a phone call to 0800 083 1988, email to, post, or by using the live chat room feature. The Mecca chat room is often the quickest way to get help, and you can expect prompt responses at any time during normal operational hours.

In addition to the website support, you’ll also find Mecca on social networks like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Player Protections

Here, we’ll highlight the various tools available to help you maintain control and stay within your personal limits when it comes to responsible gambling and protecting yourself from the potential of problem gambling issues while you’re playing at Mecca’s online bingo site.

Limiting the Time You Spend Playing Online – Reality Checks

It is sometimes easy to lose track of time whilst playing online. To help prevent this, you can take advantage of Reality Checks or Game Session Reminders. These reminders are a helpful way of keeping track of the time you’ve spent playing games.

To receive regular reminders, simply set your “Reality Check” preferences within the Responsible Gaming section of your account. You can set it to display a message at minimum intervals of 15 minutes, reminding you of how long you have been playing and if you wish to continue, and you’ll need to click to confirm the message displayed in order to continue playing. You can change your Reality Check preferences at any time by selecting a new time interval, and any changes to your settings will take effect the next time you log in to the site.


Take a Break

Gaming should be fun, but if you feel that you need to take a break, the take a break tool is available to assist you. You can lock your account for a set period, ranging from 24 hours to 6 weeks, giving you the space and time to recharge and return to gaming with a clear head. To take a break, simply log in to your account and visit the safer gambling section in the My Account section.


Tracking Your Spending

It’s important to track your spending when it comes to online gaming. That’s why there is a way to set a net deposit loss limit. This setting allows you to set a cap on the net amount you spend on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. To set your limit, log in to your account and set your limit from the cashier.

In some cases, Mecca account monitoring teams may need to limit your spending for your own well-being. In these instances, they will apply a Global Limit to your account. This way, you can be sure that you won’t accidentally exceed your limit and cause harm to yourself or your finances.

Remember, gaming should always be a source of enjoyment, not a burden. Using these tools ensures that you’re staying within your limits and enjoying the experience to its fullest.

Summary | Conclusion

For bingo players, there are plenty of online bingo rooms that serve up great games. So, can we conclude from our Mecca Bingo review that this bingo room is one of them?

I think the answer is a resounding yes. Any player can sign up with Mecca Bingo, take the welcome bonus offer, avail themselves of any other ongoing promotions that make any appeal, and generally play a wide range of bingo games and other gambling games safely and securely.

If you’re read through this review, you’ll probably have reached a similar conclusion. There’s not much else to do other than try out the games and see how it works for you. There are many chances of winning a cash prize or even multiple prizes and all you’ll need to do is buy some bingo cards and cover the numbers called.

Enjoy the games, and be sure to let us know if you’re a jackpot winner somewhere down the line.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

There is a deep section on the site that covers pretty much any FAQ a player is likely to ask. Equally, there are a number of explanatory videos on the Mecca Bingo Youtube channel.

Plus, of course, for those questions that are not answered, there is always the option to contact Customer support. However, it’s possible that some queries may not be answered, so here are a couple of the most frequently asked: 

How long do payouts take from Mecca Bingo?

Payout times depend to some extent on the method of cashout request. In most cases, payouts from Mecca Bingo are completed with 3 to 7 working days.

Is Mecca Bingo legit?

Yes, it definitely is. This site holds licenses issued by known UK gambling authorities that have stringent processes in place to ensure only reputable operators are authorized to operate.

What's the best time to win at Mecca Bingo?

The best time to win at Mecca Bingo is at any time of day when the least number of players are online. That’s because bingo is a game of pure luck and you’re more likely to get a win when there are less players in any game.

Can a player have two Mecca Bingo accounts?

No, a player is only ever allowed to have one account. It’s practically possible to have more than one but is against the rules and you could risk forfeiting any winnings and having the account forcibly closed if you register more than once.

How much money does Mecca Bingo pay out in winnings?

According to the Mecca Press team, UK players in 2022 received a total of 2022 £1.3 billion. The biggest single win by any one player during the year was £47,650. 

How do you get free money on Mecca Bingo?

Free money is usually awarded as part of a Mecca Bingo welcome package and typically comes as bonus funds. It’s not actually money you can withdraw, but extra cash to play with in the games.

Who owns Mecca Bingo?

The Mecca Bingo brand is owned by the Rank Group, a British-based gambling company that operates a variety of gaming and leisure venues across the UK and Europe. The Rank Group was founded in 1937 and is headquartered in Maidenhead, England. It is listed on the London Stock Exchange and is a constituent of the FTSE 250 Index. Mecca Bingo is one of the Rank Group’s most popular and successful brands.

Does Mecca Bingo profile its customers?

Customer profiling by gambling companies is to be expected, but whether that’s good or bad for players depends on the reason for the profiling.

There’s little doubt that Mecca profiles customers for marketing reasons. But profiling customers to try and ensure they don’t win is highly unlikely. There is no need for any gambling operator to try to influence the outcomes of games since their inherent edge in gambling ensures the operator will always make a profit.

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