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 We all know there are risks associated with online gambling. It’s not just the risk of losing money, although that’s a major one to consider. The other risks centre on making a wrong choice of any gambling site you do decide upon for your casino games, online poker, bingo, sports betting, or any other type of real money gaming.

So what type of wrong choice could you make?

The answer is there are many aspects to consider and it’s not always easy to be aware of all of them.

That’s where gambling site reviews come into the picture.

The internet is awash with reviews of all types of products and services. If you want to read a gambling site review and know whether you can trust it to be accurate, it’ll be worth understanding as much as you can about the processes through which they are written. On this page, we’ll perform an in-depth assessment of how and why these gambling site reviews are created. Our analysis should demonstrate the aspects you’d need to consider before committing to a signup with any site you encounter a review for. 

How To Get The Best Out Of Casino Reviews….

So you’ve decided that the time is right to take the plunge and sign up with an online casino for the first time. Or maybe you’re an experienced player looking for a change of scenery.

Maybe even you’ve just been reading about online casino games and want to know what the fuss is about.

You’ve got a good idea of different games, how to play them, and what you can do to improve winning chances.

Now’s the time to start reading through some casino reviews.

They’ll tell you plenty about the casinos that are available. Particularly whether they’re trustworthy, if the software is great or indifferent, and what bonuses and promotions will get you something extra on top of a deposit. Plus a whole host of other useful stuff.

With the popularity of our subject knowing no bounds, there are hundreds of casino-focused websites which carry reviews on their pages. is of course one of them.

We aim to compile our reviews with honesty and transparency very much in mind. If we say something about any specific casino, you can be sure that to the best of our knowledge it’s accurate and truthful.

Starting on this page you’ll be able to find a review of a number of leading casinos. But it’s not just the review of a casino itself that’s going to be useful.

We’re going to cover the subject in depth to get you as much info as possible on whether you can trust everything you read, how to interpret what you’re reading, and what to be wary of.

So before you do begin clicking through our reviews list, it’ll be a great idea to try and understand how websites that provide reviews of casinos actually work.


Casino Reviews Websites Explained

You’ll find online review pages that deliver write-ups about casinos from different angles.

Some will attempt their review from a perspective of a casino comparison exercise, trading off the features, games, and bonuses of one casino against another.

Many will list individual casinos and write up reviews of each one separately – often broken down into which ones operate in different regions of the world. Others will use real player feedback to form the content of their reviews.

One thing’s for sure, if you know where to look you can easily find info on pretty much every casino in existence. You’ll have no problem finding one that suits you and covers every aspect of gaming that you want.

Why Do Reviews Websites Exist

Almost without exception, websites that carry reviews exist to make money. They do this by advertising.
In a small number of cases this advertising income is obtained by the operators themselves paying a fee directly to the site owners to be listed, and in other cases the income comes from registrations of players, also known as an affiliate model.
If you’ve not heard the term before, it’s where website owners who send a player to a casino get that player registered to them, and then earn either a one off fee or a percentage of that players losses. It’s a good model, with the players losing nothing in the deal (and in fact sometimes getting exclusive bonuses they wouldn’t have got elsewhere), the casinos getting extra players they may not have attracted themselves, and the site owners getting an income which allows them to improve their sites and in some cases, make a good living.


Why Should You Trust A Reviews Site?

We could also have written this question as ”how do you know that what you’re reading is impartial?”

Since many reviews are intending to act as some form of advertising, it’s entirely reasonable that you could question the intentions of the sites they appear upon when they appear to promote certain casinos through the use of glowing write ups.

It’s a reasonable suspicion to have of course, but actually it’s rare to come across. There are plenty of sites which are able to strike a strong balance between the information they provide and their business intentions.

In fact, most reviews website owners know that if they published misleading info just to make money for themselves, they’d soon either be offline or deserted. Hence they’ll actually put significant effort into providing the best resources they can pull together which will give you good reason to return again and again.

Still, the golden advice with any type of reviews is to not believe everything you read, and do your research thoroughly to minimise the risk of making any mistakes.


Types Of Casino Review Sites


So let’s take a look at some of the different types of websites that carry reviews. You may find that by identifying different options, you’ll find a preference in them that suits you best .


Real Player Casino Review Sites

Often very popular because of the community feeling they build, real player review sites do just what they say on the tin. You’ll be able to read reviews written by normal people who want to share what they know.

This is a model that Amazon uses to great effect. Everyone wants to read what real people think about something.

The only danger here is that you could still get fooled. It’s not impossible to generate fake reviews, though you can normally tell by the way they’re written.

One of the most well known sites in this category is latestCasinoBonuses.



Another good way to get real player feedback is by searching through various online forums. You can read more about the benefits of belonging to a casino forum on our forum page, though you don’t normally have to be a member to read though posts – only if you want to comment.

The value in forums is of course that they’re intended for debate and the sharing of information in a community environment, and many do carry specific sections which encourage members to post their own casino reviews to expand on a forum post or to generate new discussion.


Reviews From The Casino Operators

Actually not really reviews, but most casinos have an about page that explains what they deliver – their background, games, deposit methods, promotions etc.

Clearly on these the write ups are not going to be objective and they’re obviously biased, they’ll all think they’re the greatest and want to tell you so.

Still, these pages are worth a read if you’re considering signing up. If only as a starting point before getting some more ‘accurate’ feedback.


Standalone Websites & Blogs

This category describes the thousands of smaller, often one man websites or blogs that proliferate across the internet. It’s so easy nowadays to start off a blog through many different and often free to build platforms.

It won’t be a surprise therefore to find that quality varies considerably. A blog can be created carrying one casino review and never be touched again. As long as the domain name owner renews their domain registration each year it’ll keep on working.

That said, you are likely to come across many valuable smaller websites which are useful. In fact it’s possible to find smaller, low budget sites that are highly valuable and written by experts or at least by authors who are passionate about their subject.

It’s probably worth differentiating here between what’s know as authoritative sites and the smaller blog type sites.

Often blog owners tend to jump around subjects. You might see a post about a review of a specific casino one day, and the next post could be about a game, a bonus, or any other casino related subject.

The authoritative sites tend to be well structured and much contain much more valuable info with a strong focus on trying to cover the subjects in depth. The aim is for RealMoney.Games to fall into this bracket. Authoritative sites on online casinos will definitely carry individual casino reviews, alongside every other aspect of casino gaming.


Video Reviews

Video is a hugely popular way to get information. You’ll be aware of the popularity of Youtube. The Youtube channel for casino reviews  is a massive one, though quality varies of course and you’ll need to work your way through some rubbish to find the valuable stuff.

The video below is one created by casinomeister. I’ve picked it out as one which is worth a viewing to see what type of information you can expect to get.



Choosing an online casino – especially for the first time – can be akin to negotiating a minefield. It’s always going to be valuable to get as much help and advice as possible.

Using reviews is pretty much the only way you’re going to get an advance feeling for how a casino will perform, and whether playing in it will work for you.

You’ll find links to plenty of reviews on this page, but if there’s anything you ever want to know and can’t find it, then feel free to drop us an email and we’ll get you the answer.

Equally if you write your own reviews and want to share, send them in!

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