While there’s a lot to be said for aiming to enjoy your casino gaming to the maximum by playing cautiously to win small amounts, it’s never far from mind that just around the corner that big life-changing win could be waiting.

The most likely way this is going to happen is by playing one of the slots which offers big progressive prizes, although there are prospects for big wins in some card games and of course if you hit a consistent lucky streak in blackjack or roulette (and keep playing up your winnings).

It’s always great to read about some lucky casino player landing a big jackpot pile of cash somewhere – rare though it is – and hearing about those wins can add some motivation to our own attempts to do the same.

Of course if you do want to go for one of the big jackpots you’ll need to know where to find them. The latest casino jackpots page here on RealMoney.games is designed to deliver just that.

On this page we’ll be bringing news of some of the most recent big casino jackpot wins from around the world.

Before we go into some detail on latest winners, you might want to read about some of the biggest jackpot wins ever recorded.

Picture this….

It’s the end of the month. You just got paid. There’s a small bonus in your bank account for some great effort at work, and you have €$£50 to spare.

So you settle down to play that new slots title you read about last week. It’s free money right. You can afford to spend it, and maybe today’s the day your luck is in.

It’s the dream, isn’t it? Landing a big casino slots jackpot is the one we all want to come true. It’s not easy. In fact it’s downright rare, and if the truth be known most of us are unlikely to experience it.

But there are winners. They’re reported on regularly.

Someone has to win – and by trying you’ll most likely get to see some high value wins along the way, even if you don’t hit the jackpot.

One thing’s for sure, if you’re not in it then you can’t win it! And to get in it, you’ll need to know where to look to get the chance.

On this page we’ll be looking at the latest slots jackpots that are up for grabs in the online casinos. By their nature most will be on progressive slots, but occasionally there are opportunities for wins in other types of casino games. Both blackjack and video poker games can also offer progressive jackpots for landing that elusive high value hand.

And the amounts of money involved are not to be sniffed at. Over the last few years progressive slots jackpots have hit the headlines plenty of times. There have been some life-changing wins. Did you read about casino player from Finland who put a cool €17.8 million into his casino account playing the Mega Fortune slot?

Remember too, when you’re playing casino games it doesn’t have to be a multi-million dollar prize to be classed as a jackpot. For me (and probably you too) anything with a number of zeros in the winning amount can be classed as big money!

November 2016 Winners


€11 million won on Mega Fortune Dreams

  NetEnt is a name any slots player will want to remember. They’re well known for their range of high quality machines. But it’s not just top class entertainment that Netent slots bring to the table. With two huge jackpot wins being hit in this November 2016 alone, there are clearly some chances of winning big cash too. First up there was an €11 million jackpot win on their famous Hall of Gods slot, followed two weeks later by a Swedish player striking it lucky on Mega Fortune Dreams while logged in to his Maria Casino account. The Mega Fortune Dreams jackpot starts at €250,000, and can climb right up to €17.8 million which is the record win to date. Game graphics are based on a luxury theme where you’ll be sailing a yacht and spinning 5 reels containing symbols such as champagne bottles, cocktails, and expensive watches. All the winners landed the jackpot by getting three Bonus Wheels to land in the three middle reels. That triggers a visit to the Mega Fortune wheel and its four progressive levels. Reach this and you’ll be getting a series of small wins as you progress, but reach the fourth level and you have a chance for the big one.  

$11 million Won On Mega Moolah In Australia

  Mega Moolah is well known for big jackpot payouts, and is keeping up its reputation with a win for an Australian player of over $11 million, or close to AUD 16 million. The life-changing win came on YakoCasino, a Malta-licensed operator who only went live in 2015. Mega Moolah is of course the slot that sits at the top of Microgaming’s tree. With 5 reels and a bonus prize wheel round that gets randomly triggered,  it features a total of four separate progressive jackpots with the biggest kicking off at a tasty million dollars. It’s one of the slots which build up their jackpots across multiple different casinos. Which explains the huge amounts that get reported when a lucky player hits the big payout. Figures such as CAD11.6 million (AUD11.63 million) and £13.2 million (AUD22.22 million) have been seen in the past, with the UK win coming from a stake of just 25p.

Current Jackpots


  Of course, it won’t be lost on many of us that winning a boat-sized cash prize is a lot easier to read about that to actually experience. Most of us will need to be – and are – satisfied with winning smaller amounts on a regular basis. If you are attempting to win money playing online casino games, the most likely way you’re going to do it is to keep your bets small, choose your games carefully, and bet cleverly with full practice of any strategies that will improve chances. Playing in slots tournaments is one way that’s cheap to try. There’s no skill involved in that, but there are a number of strategies you can use to put you in the best position possible to do well.
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