Lotto Agent Review

With a handful of well-known games to choose from there will be one to suit most tastes. Don’t expect big wins, but you can expect all the fun of the titles you’ve played a million times along with the chance of winning some cash.

Winning With Lotto Agent

If I was to say: “You can get a few million dollars just in 5 minutes”, what would you do?

Laugh? Gasp incredulously?

Well, don’t rush to laugh out loud at this statement, because there is a solution that might do it, however improbable it really is. And winning big money on lotteries is improbable as we all know.

There are so many of them, but the bottom line though is that people do win. Sure the gods are probably smiling on them. Sure the odds are heavily against it. But they do win.

The reality is if you don’t try, you definitely won’t win. And if you want to try you’ll need to know where to go.

Which brings us to Lotto Agent, one of a breed of new sites that gives you online options to enter different lotteries from around the world. They’re not alone and there are many others delivering the same service – this Playhugelottos review takes you through an alternative solution.

They have a good reputation, but so do Lotto Agent. On this page we’ll review how Lotto Agent works.

World lotteries - Get your lottery ticket!

At LottoAgent you’ll find some of the world’s biggest lotteries. This video covers a few of them along with a few which are not so easy to enter.

What Is Lotto Agent

Lotto Agent is a lottery concierge service. It helps people from around the world (from the Netherlands to Australia, from Canada to South Africa) to buy lottery tickets online. The tickets you buy from Lotto Agent are provided by the official sales points. All of them are purchased from your behalf. 

Lotto Agent is prompt, trustworthy and user-friendly. All the facilities are reached with the help of a branch of local offices in more than seven countries, five-year work experience and a crew of competent experts on international lotteries: agents, managers, customer support specialists, etc. 

The major strong points of Lotto Agent are:

● 20+ state lotteries from America, Europe, Canada, Australia and Brazil;

● The unique Spanish lottery Loteria Nacional can also be found on the site;

● Scanned copies of genuine tickets are guaranteed before the draw;

● From 1 to 15 lines are available for purchase in one ticket;

● Advantageous and regular promos and bonuses;

● 24/7 support by email, online-chat and phone;

● Up-to-date videos of draws;

● Variety of international and local payment options;

● Easy to withdraw winnings;

● The security of the site is confirmed by GeoTrust;

● Lotto Agent is available in a few languages;

● The second ticket for free;

● Email notifications;

● The “Multi-Drawing” and the “Subscription” options for true lottery lovers 

Bonuses & Promotions

Here are the advantageous promotions of Lotto Agent you will definitely like:


  • “Buy One Get — Get One Free” New users are guaranteed to get a welcome bonus: the second ticket is always free for them!
  • “Invite a Friend — Get Money” Lotto Agent users can play for free: they just need to invite a friend to take part in any lottery presented on the site and get a $ 5 bonus!
  • “Pick 2+ Lines? Get a 22% Discount!” Lotto Agent users have an opportunity to get a discount by picking 2+ lines in the ticket. The discount can reach up to 22%!
  • Promo Codes by Email The users of Lotto Agent receive nominal promo codes by email. These codes provide a really massive discount.

The Lotteries

The American: MEGA Millions, Powerball, Pick-6 New Jersey, Lotto Texas, SuperLotto Plus, New York Lotto.  

The Spanish: El Gordo de la Primitiva, La Primitiva, BonoLoto, Loteria Nacional.

The Italian: SuperEnalotto, SuperEnalotto Superstar. The Pan-European: EuroMillions, EuroJackpot.

The European: UK Lotto (UK), France Loto (France), Lotto 6 aus 49 (Germany).

The special offers: Mega Sena (Brazil), Powerball Australia (Australia), Lotto 6/49 (Canada).


If playing lotteries online to try and grab a big win gets your interest, there are a handful of lottery sellers which cover many of the major weekly contests. You’ll want to be going somewhere you can trust to buy your tickets, and that has a range of options.

Lotto Agent is as good as any in these respects and you’ll have a wide choice of games to play, and all offering those life-changing winning prizes which is what keeps many of us playing (however unlikely that really big win is in reality).

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