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RealMoney.games Advertising Policy

Welcome to the RealMoney.games advertising policy page. On this page, we’ll explain the RealMoney.games advertising and sponsorship guidelines.


Realmoney.games needs to earn money to keep the site running and pay for the necessary effort to populate it with valuable info. This is done with various forms of advertising.

We try to make this advertising as unobtrusive as possible and keep it limited. You may notice Google ads appearing on pages. If you click on these ads, we will earn a small commission. Equally, and in very few cases, we may earn a small commission if you click through to websites or apps via the links or images on pages and proceed to create funded playing accounts.

We will never aggressively push products on you and we avoid working with companies that do this sort of thing. Our aim is to introduce you to the best gambling experiences available and hopefully earn a little something in the process.

In your efforts to play real money games or learn anything about the subject, the primary goal of RealMoney.games is to provide you with valuable and effective support. We are dedicated to providing you with the knowledge that is authoritative, user-friendly, and practical, and that both motivates and directs you toward achieving the understanding of real money gaming that will hopefully help you win money and avoid losses.

RealMoney.games adheres to stringent editorial requirements while developing its content in order to guarantee that any info published is accurate, up to date, and understandable. Some advertising space that is purchased on RealMoney.games generates revenue, which enables it to continue operating and finances the investigations required to present valuable information on its web pages.

You can rest assured that we will never compromise the independence of any RealMoney.games editorial staff in any way. We do not permit advertisers to exert any influence on the editorial material produced by RealMoney.games, with the exception of general subject suggestions. In some instances, RealMoney.games may show material that was generated by sponsors, whether it be co-created or branded content, or it may feature content that our sponsors created themselves. This material is always accompanied by unambiguous labelling. Sections 5 and 6 further below provide more detail.

RealMoney.games offers very limited opportunities for advertising but will consider some forms from time to time provided that advertising gives value to website visitors. Please get in touch with us via this page if you are interested in advertising with RealMoney.games or visit the about us page.

The following is a more detailed rundown of the specific criteria that we use to choose which forms of advertising to accept:

1. We analyze the advertisements

When it comes to deciding which kinds of advertisements will be permitted and shown on RealMoney.games, we exercise complete editorial control over the matter. At any time and for any reason, we have the right to refuse, cancel, or delete any advertisements that have been placed. In the event that any advertisement is rejected, cancelled, or removed from our site, the advertiser will be notified as soon as possible and given an explanation. In addition, we can not guarantee that any particular advertisement will be placed in the most suitable location on any RealMoney.games page.

2. We do not recommend any of the items or services that are being marketed

Although advertisements for products may be displayed on our website, this in no way should be construed as an endorsement of the product(s) and/or service(s) being advertised, nor should it be construed as an endorsement of the company that manufactures, distributes, or promotes these product(s) or service(s) (s).

The editorial staff at RealMoney.games may provide a rating or rank to a number of different goods or services on occasion. These ratings or rankings are decided exclusively by the editorial team(s) and/or taking into account the views of real users of those products or services, without taking into consideration any potential financial or advertising relationships that may exist with firms that deliver the product or service in question.

3. RealMoney.games is unable to publish some categories of advertisements.

We shall not run any advertisement that contains misinformation about the relevant facts or that, in our judgement, is tasteless. Only advertisements that have some relationship to gambling or the intent of the visitor will be shown.

Products or services that are advertised have to be commonly available where legally appropriate and be easily accessible.

At no point in time will RealMoney.games consent to the insertion of an advertisement for a product or service that is deemed to be dangerous, unlawful, or objectionable. Advertisements are not allowed to include any content that is misleading, dishonest, or offensive. This includes anything that misrepresents, ridicules, or insults a person or group based on age, colour, national origin, race, religion, sex, sexual orientation, or handicap. Information that is threatening, defamatory, libellous, or slanderous should not be used in advertisements. Alcohol, guns, ammunition, pyrotechnics,  pornography, tobacco, political campaigns, or the simulation of fake news or an emergency cannot be used in advertisements in any way, shape, or form. k

The advertiser’s name must be shown clearly in every ad. Any commercial that contains anything that may be confused with editorial commentary will be prominently labelled as paid advertising.

4. We make it very obvious that advertisements are not editorial material.

In each and every situation, we keep a clear divide between the journalistic material and the adverts that are being shown. All advertisements that appear on pages on RealMoney.games may be easily and unmistakably identifiable as such. When a user clicks on an advertisement, they will be sent to the website of the advertiser or to the appropriate resource page. The name of the organisation that is supporting the resource centre will be shown next to the words “sponsored resource centre.”

5. We make a distinct distinction between material that is sponsored and content that is not sponsored.

Sponsorships from respected and reputable online gaming providers may be actively sought out by RealMoney.games.

Sponsorships of this type may be beneficial to RealMoney.games from a financial standpoint, but they are also beneficial to our readers since they give up-to-date information about various services and products. Editorial material that is sponsored by an advertiser is subject to our editorial guidelines and is evaluated by our editorial staff.

When content (such as sponsored content, co-created content, or branded content) is provided by or influenced by a named sponsor, we take meaningful steps to ensure that our users will not confuse the sponsored content with RealMoney.games own original editorial content. This includes a variety of different types of content, including co-created content, sponsored content, and branded content. The term “native advertising” refers to the placement of links or advertisements inside a piece of content that lead the reader to another piece of material. On its web pages, RealMoney.games may publish sponsored posts, advertising messages, or adverts.

6. Affiliate programme (e-commerce links in RealMoney.games content)

Our gaming editors will, as part of the process of creating articles, occasionally provide links to relevant gambling operators that they believe may be helpful to our readers if they were to utilise them. Even if each product is selected on its own merit, we want you to be aware that RealMoney.games may be entitled to a payment if you register an account with one of these operators and subsequently go on to fund that account. Various timescales may apply to how long this financial benefit may be in place.

7. We make it very easy to tell apart information that is associated with a Partner programme.

On occasion, RealMoney.games may collaborate with companies that provide information, products, or services, or organisations whose goals are congruent with our own. Before entering any such collaboration, RealMoney.games conducts an evaluation of the quality of these products, services, information, or organisations, and only distributes information that it believes to be beneficial to our users and in their best interests.

The informational, service, or product-based material on website pages outside of RealMoney.games direct control has not been subjected to a critical review by RealMoney.games, and RealMoney.games is not responsible for supplying the products, services, or information that is not expressly presented on RealMoney.games pages.

Any partner material published on RealMoney.games that has not been subjected to critical review will be accompanied by wording indicating that it did not go through our usual editing process and that it instead adheres to the rules outlined in our Ad and Sponsorship Policy.

In the cases where RealMoney.games receives a payment when users sign up for the product or service, the page may also include the following language:

“RealMoney.games may receive a portion of revenues if you make a purchase using a link above.”

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