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Chumba Casino Review – Chumba’s real money sweepstakes games under inspection

Launched in 2012, Chumba Casino pioneered a new model for regulated online gambling using “sweepstakes” workarounds to legally offer real money prizes to players in the United States and Canada. The casino leverages this inventive loophole to provide accessible casual social gaming as well as competitive video slots tournaments and jackpots.

While numerous competitors have emulated the approach to form a group of virtual online casinos collectively known as sweepstakes casinos or social casinos, Chumba remains a legit, highly-acclaimed destination for US sweepstakes casino gaming today.

Its wide selection of video slots and popular table games, generous bonuses, and vibrant community keep players entertained across social and competitive modes.

As one of the longest running and most trusted options for Americans seeking legitimate domestic online casino play, Chumba has stood the test of time.

This transparent Chumba Casino review will demonstrate how it’s grown a set of reputable credentials based on an innovative Sweeps Coins and Gold Coins model, competitive gameplay, and constantly improving features.

Chumba gives players in the USA and Canada free casino games via the or social gaming website or a mobile casino app called Chumba Lite – Fun Casino Slots. You don’t even need to download this app since the website is fully responsive.

We’ll see in our comprehensive scrutiny of Chumba Casino that the mechanics of playing to win a bet is comparative to betting on real money gambling sites. But there is no real money wagering involved and no hard cash betting.

The social gaming options involve purchasing or freely receiving virtual Gold Coins, alongside getting a daily login bonus and other bonus awards that can credibly build up your playing balance for free.

In addition, you use Sweeps Coins for entering the sweepstakes to win cash prizes.

Our unbiased review will:

  • Assess the instant play Chumba games library.
  • Rate Chumba across a range of key performance indicators.
  • Provide coverage of current bonuses and promotions.
  • Describe the sweepstakes model.
  • Discuss the ratings and views of real world players.
  • Analyze payment or payout options and speeds.
  • Provide details on how to create an account and play with Sweeps or Gold Coins on a desktop PC, laptop, or mobile phone using the Chumba app.
  • Examine Chumba’s attention to licensing and regulatory requirements.
  • Test the Customer Support team responsiveness.
  • Compare Chumba with key competitors.
  • Offer a concluding overall assessment with thoughts on whether it’s a good idea to sign up for a Chumba players’ account.

If your luck is in, you have decent chances to win money at Chumba by playing against the casino or in tournaments against opponents.

Unique attributes

It’ll be useful to kick off our investigative study with some of the innovative aspects of Chumba that will be unique compared to other casino games providers. These elements combine to give Chumba it’s novel approach to casino gaming:

Welcome page for website

The Chumba Casino sweepstakes model – Gold Coins and Sweep Coins

Essentially the sweepstakes model is based on two types of virtual coin, known as Sweeps Coins and Gold Coins. In combination, these two types of virtual playing currency deliver free social casino gaming for fun and sweepstakes gaming where players can win real cash prizes.

Hence, the use of coins to play the games creates the foundation of Chumba’s proposition to players without breaking any anti-gambling regulations. It’s straightforward but can also seem a little complicated, so we’ll aim to explain it here: 

  • If you want to play to win money, the Sweeps Coins will be your primary interest. These coins get you entries to the sweepstakes.
  • Playing for fun without risking real cash in the game itself as a stake means you’ll be working with the Gold Coin option. Win while you’re playing and your wins mainly increase your bankroll of play-money coins.

We’ll see how you get coins in the following sections, but it’s worth noting that you could also use your Gold Coin bankroll to compete against other players where the winner collects an extra bonus of Sweep Coins.

Each available game can vary in the value of your stake in either coin. The stake required is clearly detailed next to the game itself. Increasing the stakes can increase the winning amounts, just like in regular online casinos, with potential winnings labelled in a ‘win table’. You’ll find that slots are most likely to give the biggest coin wins.

Obtaining Chumba Sweeps Coins

You can acquire Sweeps Coins in various ways, but the critical point to remember is that no purchase is necessary:

  1. When you buy gold coins – a purchase of Gold Coins valued at $5 or more gets you a Sweeps Coin bonus that’s automatically deposited in your account to the value stated in the window when you made the purchase. This Sweeps bonus matches the bought amount plus a little extra. For example, you buy $40 of Gold Coins, and you get around $42 in Sweeps
  2. By entering Sweeps giveaway competitions listed on the Facebook Page – an excellent example is the regular contests inviting you to comment on posts and answer questions.
  3. By logging in to your account – coins are awarded daily.
  4. By sending a mail request – you can send in multiple mailed requests each month, 5 in fact.

The addresses to send the request are different for U.S. and Canadian players:

United States residents send to VGW Games Limited, Chumba Casino Sweepstakes department, PO Box 8486, Portsmouth, NH 03801

Canadian residents mail to:

VGW Games Limited, Chumba Casino Sweepstakes department, PO Box 990, 135 West Beaver Creek Road, Richmond Hill, Ontario, L4B 4R7.

There are various rules around the Sweeps Coins awards that are all answered on the Chumba page that explains the full detail of how they work.

Buying Gold Coins

There are various packages offering Gold Coins options that you can buy via multiple payment methods, including Visa Mastercard credit card and debit cards, Skrill and direct bank transfers.

Unfortunately, the older, more straightforward way of PayPal deposits and withdrawals is no longer available.

After opening an account, you can purchase set amounts of Gold Coins starting from as low as $1. You can choose from the following sets of Gold Coins packages:

  • USD 1.00 for 200,000 Gold Coins
  • USD 5.00 for 1,000,000 Gold Coins with 5.05 FREE Sweeps Coins
  • USD10.00 for 2,500,000 Gold Coins
  • USD 20.00 for 5,000,000 Gold Coins with 20.50 FREE Sweep Coins
  • USD 50.00 for 15,000,000 Gold Coins with 15.50 FREE Sweeps Coins
  • USD 100.00 for 35,000,000 Gold Coins with 104 FREE Sweep Coins
  • USD 300.00 for 120,000,000 Gold Coins and 315 FREE Sweeps Coins

Why can’t you buy Gold Coins, get the free Sweeps, and cash out for a profit?

You may have noticed a potential anomaly in the list of Gold Coin purchase values above. That’s right, for each Gold Coin purchase, you get slightly more than one free Sweeps Coin. And with each coin having a cashout value of $1, in theory, you can make an easy profit.

But it’s not that easy. There are rules similar to the wagering requirements in real money online casinos. This is all explained in the terms and conditions on the sweepstakes help page, with Chumba stating:

any Sweeps Coins allocated to a Participant are required to be played once before they are eligible to be redeemed for prizes. Sponsor/Promoter may, in its sole discretion, require that any allocated to a Participant must be played a greater number of times (not exceeding 20) in any combination of cash prize games before they are eligible to be redeemed for prizes“.

So, what exactly does this mean?

Well, it means that those wagering requirements will ensure the inherent volatility of casino gaming is more likely to result in losing  Sweep Coins before the requirements can be met and the end balance cashed out.

This loss isn’t so likely in all cases, of course. Some lucky players may get a big win that helps them play through the wagering requirement.

Note that there are differing requirements for different types of games:

  • For slots games, you must wager at least 2x the bonus amount.
  • For table games, you must wager at least 5x the bonus amount.
  • For video poker, you must wager at least 10x the bonus amount.

These requirements must be met within 30 days of receiving the bonus. 

Minimum value Gold Coins purchase

The minimum you can spend on Gold Coins at Chumba is $1. There is no known maximum. However, banking limits will apply, and $300 would likely be the maximum you could spend in one transaction.

Using PayPal to buy Gold Coins

Paypal is no longer accepted on the platform as a deposit or withdrawal option.

Currencies accepted

Payments of any type are processed in U.S. dollars. When you redeem Sweeps Coins, they are converted to US$.

The Chumba Casino Prepaid MasterCard

Chumba introduced their Prepaid MasterCard to make payments and withdrawing easier. It can be used as an intermediary step between your regular bank and your platform account. In other words, you deposit to your Chumbacard and then use the balance to purchase Gold Coins, or you can redeem them and transfer it to your bank.

After signing up to Chumba Casino as a new player, your physical Chumba card should arrive by post in 7-10 business days. You’ll then have to activate it by following these steps ;

  • Log in
  • Click on the “Unlock Card” button
  • Type in the six-digit security code printed on the back of your card

You will then be given a PIN and can use this card at an ATM. Funds on the card never expire.

The value of Gold Coins

Whereas the nominal value of a Sweeps Coin is $1, the value of a Gold Coin is effectively zero. That’s because Gold Coins are virtual coins intended only for playing games for free.

If you buy Gold Coins, you’ll get a considerable number in return for modest amounts of real cash dollars. But they can never be turned back into real cash.

Depositing money into Chumba Casino

You cannot directly deposit money into Chumba Casino. It is not a traditional online casino site which takes deposits from players so they can place wagers. Chumba is a social casino site which offers gameplay using two virtual currencies, Gold Coins and Sweeps Coins.

The Redeemable Sweeps Coins Rewards program | Redeeming Sweeps Coins and cashing out winnings and payouts

Submitting a cashout request at Chumba is known as redeeming your Sweeps Coins. You are converting your chosen amount of coins into a cash prize, which is then paid through your preferred method.

Anything won while playing the Chumba games is added to your account balance and paid out on request. The rules state a minimum cash-out request of $100; you’ll need to provide proof of identity when making any request.

Make a special note of this verification requirement – I’ve seen several ‘complaints’ from players saying they can’t withdraw winnings when they’ve not provided valid ID details.

You can either:

Redeem Prizes for gift cards – these will be sent to the email address you used on registering or to an alternative email address if you nominate one.

Redeem Prizes for cash – in this case, the amount due will be made to the bank or online wallet from which you purchased Gold Coins or another nominated bank. Note that Chumba does reserve the right to make the withdrawal to your funding source but will consider alternatives at their discretion. 

Payouts timescales

The length of time required to make a successful withdrawal can often depend on whether you’ve completed the verification process in advance.

You could be in for a long wait if you haven’t correctly verified your details before any redemption efforts.

Assuming you have verified, if you try to transfer out on a Monday before 10 pm, you’ll likely see the cash in your bank by Wednesday. Try to redeem on any busy days – Friday-Sunday – and it may take a little longer but still without an unduly lengthy wait.

It’s probably wise to assume that most payouts take between 3 and 10 days. 

Minimum and maximum amount of Sweeps Coins required before you can cash out

You must have won a minimum of 100 coins as prizes before redeeming them.

The maximum amount that can be cashed out in a single day is $5000 for New York and Florida and $10,000 per day for all other states. 

Redemption fees

Fees will apply to all redemptions; however, no known details have been published, and the exact amounts or percentages applicable are unknown at this time.

Proprietary games

The software that runs the entire Chumba platform is itself proprietary, and this extends to a large proportion of the games.

Virtually all games in the library are developed in-house by Chumba’s own software development team.

This in-house game development does mean that you won’t see popular titles that are commonplace in other online casinos, but they’re similar and still very good, with features that are on a par with those other highly-rated games.

Two of Chumba’s unique games worth playing include the video slots Lucky Charms and Wild Gold.

Partnerships | Relationships with alternative operators

The most significant relationship that Chumba has with an alternative gaming operator is that held with its sister site Global Poker.

Starting up not  long after Chumba’s casino games first became available, Global Poker operates the same sweepstakes model as it does with casino gaming, but this time the model is applied to online poker.

The same company – Virtual Gaming Worlds – runs both Chumba and the sweepstakes-based poker room.

Players at Global have similar chances to win real cash prizes by playing poker games through the proprietary sweepstakes model that’s now been tried and proven over a lengthy period by both operators.

Key performance indicators & metrics

There are many aspects of Chumba Casino to understand before we could say we’ve compiled a complete review. But we’ll start our investigation with an assessment of some of the key performance indicators that most players will need to know:

Performance Indicator Rating Summary
Game variety Reasonable - 6/10 Chumba is a free-play casino with a sweepstake real money twist. As such, it doesn't pretend to be a real money online casino with the full range of games you would expect. But still, some casino favorites are there and video slots are well-represented.
Legitimacy and Trustworthiness High - 8/10 Whereas Chumba is not a real money online casino, it does sit firmly in the bracket of legit sweepstakes casinos where you can also win prizes of real cash. Players can play its free online casino games on a secure and safe platform while enjoying an overall fun experience.
Safety and security Excellent - 10/10 There are no known reported issues concerning the safety and security of the Chumba website and app, with both guaranteeing safe and secure real money and free-play gaming. Effective data encryption protects players' personal information.
Real player ratings Good - 8/10 Although individual player ratings can vary from low to high, the overall average taking into account thousands of individual reviews equates to an approximate average of 4 stars.
Ease of use Good - 8/10 The Chumba site is easy to use, both on desktop and mobile devices. You'll find the software that runs the platform easy to use with an intuitive layout that makes access to the games and associated functions straightforward. /td>
Country availability OK - 6/10 Chumba makes it very clear that only US and Canadian players can play for real money. Clearly, that's good for those players. Elsewhere globally there are lots of restricted countries, but players from those are not short of other casino gaming options.
Website performance & general user experience Very good - 8/10 Thanks to an easy to use site and app using excellent software to power the gaming experience for players, it's easy to see how many customers praise the graphics, usability, and user-focused interface design. Fun-to-play, unique games and their associated gameplay compliment the simple site and app layout with strong functionality while not comprimising accessibility.
Play for free Strong - 9/10 Playing games for free is one of Chumba's chief selling points. There will be plenty of encouragement to buy gold coins, but it's possible to play for free for as long as you want.
Bonuses and promotions Fair - 7/10 The Chumba welcome bonus certainly won't do you any harm, but it's clearly not in the same league as the bonuses you can get for depositing playing funds in a true real money casino. Other promotions can often be fun to get involved in.
Cashouts and payout speed Fair - 7/10 There's plenty of evidence that cashouts do work and many players have managed to get some extra cash from playing at Chumba. The speed with which the cash is transferred is another question, with this being one of the consistent complaints you'll see on review websites.
Winning potential Good - 8/10 There are many legitimate reports of players winning money playing Chumba's games. In addition, there are an equal volume of reports indicating players have successfully cashed out their winnings. Some of those players have won jackpot-sized payouts.
Fun levels Good - 8/10 Chumba offers a high level of fun and entertainment to players without the need for incurring any financial risk. The free casino gaming ensures an overall enjoyable experience, complimented by the fun involved with playing with virtual coins.
Mobile gaming Excellent - 9/10 Chumba's mobile interface is delivered automatically via the browser, ensuring players can access the full games library and all features without the need for any app download and install.
Responsiveness to Customer complaints Poor - 3/10 On the highly-trafficked reviews and ratings website Trustpilot, Chumba shows as responding to 28% of negative reviews. The speed of those responses is listed as typically greater than one month. Of course, there are no known figures for responsiveness of the Chumba Support team where players have reported negative experiences directly.
Table exploring the key performance indicators of Chumba Casino.

How to use Chumba Casino

Let’s see how a recreational player might use Chumba and get the most out of the platform. To do that, we need to understand the elements that make up the product and how they operate:

There are essentially two ways to play the games:

  • Play for fun using virtual gold coins
  • Play for real using the bonus currency called ‘SweepsCash’.

So, as a player at Chumba you’ll: 

  • Play Chumba’s casino games, most likely by spinning reels on slot machines to match symbols and win prizes or by betting on games like Blackjack.
  • Win Gold Coins and Sweeps Coins as a result of winning bets or spins.
  • Buy additional coins to increase your bankroll.
  • Claim daily bonus awards and other promotional offers to get extra coins.
  • Earn loyalty points and rewards as you play to increase the returns. 
  • Redeem, exchange, or withdraw Sweeps Coins for real money so that you end up with real cash profits.

You can enjoy the gaming on the website version of, also known as Playchumba, on the mobile app you can get from the Apple Store or the Google Play Store, or via the Facebook page.

Chumba Casino sells a virtual currency known as Gold Coins. You can play free Sweeps Coins games by purchasing a Gold Coin package, but you can’t trade them, transfer them, or redeem them for money. Essentially you can either buy them, win them, or obtain more by accepting bonus offers or promotions.

Gold Coin packages of anywhere from $5 to $300 can be purchased by players via the welcome page and appear in your account with an equal value Chumba Casino bonus in “Sweepscash”. They can then be used for real money sweeps.

Various bonuses, promotions and giveaway offers give ways of gaining extra Gold or Sweep Coins.

To enter the contests, you’ll need Sweeps Coins. These cannot be purchased and have no inherent value.

You’ll get some free when you buy Gold Coin packages or mail in with a request (i.e. the alternative ways you can be involved in the contests).

They can be used on Chumba Casino games, and any won during playing can accumulate in your account, and ultimately you can change them into dollars.

It might all sound slightly confusing, but once you’re a newly registered player, it will all become clear. The games themselves are straightforward.

Even if you’re not convinced, it’s all at no cost, and there’s not a lot to stop you from diving in and learning with no risk.

So, if we break all this down, we can summarize how you can best use Chumba in the following way:

  • It’s a platform where you can play a variety of casino games for free.
  • You can buy a virtual currency known as Gold Coins and play games with those coins for free but won’t win any cash.
  • You can get Sweeps coins in different ways, one of which is gaining some when you buy Gold Coins.
  • You can use Sweeps Coins to enter sweepstakes with real money prizes.

Once you’ve taken the first step and created an account, nothing will stop you from playing the free casino games.

But before  you sign up, you’ll probably be keen to know if the platform is legit.

Chumba Casino legitimacy

Chumba Casino legitimacy indicatorChumba Casino, with a track record stretching back to our first review in 2014, has established its reputation as a legit, safe, and trustworthy platform for casual and serious gaming.

It’s owned by the well-regarded company VGW Holdings, further cementing its credibility and lawful standing in the online gaming industry.

Under sweepstakes law, Chumba Casino provides a valid and legal gaming platform for residents of Canada and the United States, except for those in Michigan, Washington State, Idaho, and Quebec. This is a testament to its legitimacy as an online gaming destination.

There are around 8 supplementary reasons that confirm Chumba’s legit status:

  • The casino has operated since 2012 with no significant legal issues.
  • The owners VGW Holdings possess a longstanding gambling license.
    Independent testing verifies the fairness of Chumba’s games.
  • Major payment processors like Visa process transactions.
  • Chumba Casino complies fully with regulation in applicable states.
  • User reviews on gambling forums largely vouch for Chumba’s legitimacy.
  • Chumba prominently displays licenses and certifications of legitimacy.
  • The company has paid out over $100 million in verifiable sweepstakes prizes.

While Chumba’s unusual sweepstakes model creates grey areas, objective measures of longevity, compliance, verifiable payouts, and reputation suggest Chumba Casino maintains sufficient standards of legitimacy and legality within its targeted markets.

As a player, you should consider these factors carefully to determine if Chumba meets your needs.

Licensing & certification

Chumba is regulated and licensed by the Malta Gaming Authority (MGA).

The main item of certification to be aware of is surrounding the Random Number Generator that’s used to ensure slots spins are fair and random.

This type of RNG is used by most online casinos and, in Chumba’s case. the certification is granted by iTechLabs, a “world leading testing and certification laboratory for Online Gaming systems.”

Chumba Casino scam possibilities

Chumba Casino scam indicator   

All in all, there’s no hard evidence of a scam involved from any complaints we’ve seen.

There are some documented issues of not getting paid (though many of these seem to be down to ID issues) and low or infrequent wins (though we have to recognize that this is casino gaming, there will be volatility sometimes).

There are plenty of reports of players winning and getting paid reasonable sums. This Reddit thread gives a balanced number of views on the platform’s legitimacy, with a poster winning and getting paid an excellent $1000. Indeed, there are several validated reports of big-money winners.

Chumba Casino legality

Green tick indicating the Chumba sweepstakes model is legal

For casino fans in the US and Canada – where Chumba is targeted – it meets the legal and regulatory conditions across most US states and Canadian provinces or territories to offer cash gaming, except Michigan, Washington, Idaho, and Quebec.

Chumba states they “engage with leading experts in those jurisdictions to ensure that we are fully compliant with all applicable laws”. This means that Chumba is legal in the U.S. and Canada except for the above state and province locations.

Of course, there are some question marks on whether the sweepstakes model constitutes online gambling.

This potential association with online gambling, which is a far-reaching term that can be applied to any form of contest where you’re wagering money to make more of it, does raise legitimate questions.

But based on this definition, you’d have to say that the entertainment at Chumba isn’t gambling.

Alongside the Gold Coin games, the unique sweepstakes model lets users cash in Sweeps Coins for prizes. This offer of free cash under a ‘no purchase necessary’ clause places the gaming into a non-gambling category which positions Chumba outside gambling laws.

If you have any concerns, remember that Chumba is just one of many social gaming casinos you can find on Facebook or the internet. You’d have to expect that FB would have shut them down long ago if there were any legal concerns. 

Given the time the company has been operating, you can be sure that you won’t be breaking any laws.

You should note, though, that the games are gambling type, and there is a risk you could be enticed into playing at a real money online casino.

Chumba Casino safety

Chumba Casino safety indicatorIf you combine Chumba’s longevity with the overall lack of any complaints over safety from any players that we know of, you end up with a realistic view of the general safety level of the platform.

There’s certainly no known evidence of any unsafe practices.

Chumba Casino fairness

The fact that the Malta Gaming Authority licences Chumba does offer some weight to the idea that it offers fair gaming. Fairness is an element that the MGA presents as one of its main criteria for maintaining the licence. The organisation checks this by randomly auditing games.

So, why do we see comments from players on review sites that say they can’t ever win, that Chumba is a scam, and that the games are fixed?

We know that Chumba is different from a typical online casino, so how do we know that they wouldn’t manipulate results?

It’s hard to be truly sure of the answer to this. One key thing to remember is that casino gaming is inherently volatile, and there is always an edge in favour of the casino. It’s doubtful any casino would fix its games since they don’t have to; the house edge means they’ll always win anyway.

Given this, it’s likely that players who believe they can’t win are experiencing that volatility and are just on an unlucky run.

Fair slots spins?

Nearly all online casinos use a Random Number Generator for slots games to ensure that slot spins are as fair and random as possible.

The best way to understand how this works is by reading the description published on the Chumba site itself:

“The Random Number Generator (RNG) used by Chumba Casino utilises a Mersenne Twister with background cycling. This was certified by iTechLabs and Gaming Associates, who confirmed that it uses a well-known algorithm to generate random numbers. The numbers generated by this RNG have passed Marsaglia’s “diehard” tests for statistical randomness. iTech Labs and Gaming Associates have found that number sequences are unpredictable, non-repeatable and uniformly distributed.”

In Chumba’s case, there is no incentive to manipulate results since they’re making money from entry fees instead of individual bets. In addition, any game operator working unfairly is often very quickly found out.

If there were any real fears over this, it’s likely that Chumba just wouldn’t have had the longevity it has enjoyed.

And Chumba’s longevity is amply demonstrated when we look at a selection of real player experiences:

Real player ratings and experiences at Chumba

It’s always worth taking account of different real player viewpoints in the review of any gaming operator.

This first list shows our own experiences of the advantages and disadvantages:

Chumba Casino pros and cons

Pros & Cons – What are Chumba’s good and bad points?

It’s always good to see the positives and drawbacks of any product as one of the first steps to appreciating how it will work for you. In particular, from a trustworthiness and reliability perspective.

We’ll see some of those benefits and negatives now, both from our own playing experiences and those of other real players.





What we like about Chumba

There are plenty of positives around holding an account and they form a substantial list:

  • Players from most of the United States and Canada can play to win real money and for free.
  • Licensed by the Malta Gaming Authority.
  • No-deposit welcome bonus for new players. 
  • Choice of banking options for buying gold coins, ranging from e-wallets such as Skrill to banking methods like Visa or Mastercard debit or credit cards.
  • No identity document requirements.
  • Suitable variety of games, some have progressive jackpots.
  • Interesting features such as the games guide and Facebook sharing.
  • Free Chumba Gold Coins just for signing up and an extra daily login bonus.
  • No fees for withdrawals.
  • Sweepstakes gaming model is legal for U.S. players and Canadians.
  • Valuable sweepstakes promotions.
  • It’s affordable casino gaming so long as you keep a check on what you’re spending.
  • Responsive customer support team and an easy-to-use contact form for engaging them.

What we don’t like about Chumba

It’s not always good news and any product or service will be open to some criticism. Let’s see a few aspects of Chumba that are not delivered so perfectly.

    • It’s hard to win big – Remember that online casinos (and land-based ones) exist for a reason – to take your money and make a profit. They’re particularly good at it. In all of the reviews of casino gambling, it’s clear that to have the best chances of winning, you need to limit your involvement to card games like 3 card or to limit losses by playing in slots tournaments.

Chumba is no different. You may win significant amounts on the free Gold Coin options (which are not for real cash prizes), and occasionally you’ll land something big on Sweepstakes games. But overall, you’re likely to lose in the long run.

Treating casino gaming as a fun pastime is the only safe way to proceed. Treat it as fun, do not deposit more money than you can afford to lose, and try to keep to games that either have a high fun factor or offer good payouts for clever strategic pay.

  • It’s free but also likely to involve spending cash to play – All online casinos are designed to take your money. They might give you entertainment in return and chances to win money, but the most likely outcome is you’ll lose. Chumba is pretty much the same. You may get some wild wins of virtual coins, and it’s even possible to win real cash on the sweepstakes. But you’re likely to have less cash than you started.
  • No published payout percentages? – Regarding the potential to make money at Chumba Casino, one of the biggest complaints I’ve seen is the lack of transparency on payout percentages. It’s a significant factor in determining the level of trust you can place in an online casino.

Chumba doesn’t seem to list payout percentages anywhere, leading to uncertainty about the overall chances of winning. Although there are no apparent fears over the legality of the gaming, and there are reports online of big wins, this is something Chumba’s owners would be well advised to put right to build up the trust levels.

  • High cash-out requirements – Given you’ll most likely be ‘wagering’ small amounts, the $100 minimum cashout seems high. Unless you hit a big win, it could take some time to build up a bank of over $100. Plus, the longer you play casino games, the more likely you will lose whatever you’ve built up.
    All in all, $100 as a cash-out limit is too high.
  • Limited selection of games – It’s a little outlandish to say the Chumba games library is limited since that’s really when we compare it with casinos whose sole job is to deliver real money gaming. There is a difference, though.

I’m not going to class this difference in game availability as too much of a negative, though. What games there are, are good.

It’s worth noting that no live dealer gaming is on offer, which is gaining in popularity. Equally, there are no lottery games or sports betting. Although lotteries and a sportsbook don’t fall under the casino games category, they’re still found as betting or gaming options at many real money casinos and act as an additional benefit for bettors.

It’s not apparent how Chumba might introduce sports betting as that would need a whole new model, but maybe some form of lottery or games with live dealers might be something we’ll see in future.



Other real player views & evaluations

If you’ve already had some experience reading reviews of Chumba Casino, you’ll already know that there is a mixture of positive and negative appraisals.

We’ll analyze some of those here with comments on what might be behind them. In the main, these reviewers are real players who have spent time on the platform playing the games, but we should also recognize the possibility that some may be fake.

We’ll start with Trustpilot:

Trustpilot critical analysis from Chumba Casino reviewers


Representation of reviews and ratings of Chumba Casino created by real players on popular reviews website Trustpilot

From the Trustpilot reviews and rating summary of Chumba Casino, we can see that it has over 3000 individual reviews, so we have a good representation to work with. Of these 3000-plus reviews, 65% are excellent, and 20% are bad. The rest are spread somewhere in between.

Now, on the face of it, this looks like a good number of positive reported experiences. And it is. Many businesses listed on Trustpilot attract far more negative appraisals than Chumba does.

The good news is that many positive comments appear to be legitimate postings. So really, we can jump over them and analyze some of the negative feedback.

When looking at negative views of a product or service on the internet, it’s always worth remembering that it’s often human nature to complain rather than heap praise. Indeed, this propensity towards denigrating a service makes that number of positive comments all the more remarkable.

If we analyze the first negative review, we’ll see a common thread that runs through many casino or gambling site reviews. That first negative is from Trustpilot user MR, who says:

“Hello, Chumba Casino is a scam. They don’t pay you after you send in your verification. They make excuses for you to send in more documents just so they don’t pay you the real money that you won playing online games, slot machines, or casino table games. They said they didn’t have to pay real money when I spoke to them. That’s exactly what they did to me. They keep giving me excuse after excuse. So, for right now, I haven’t received anything, and I give them a one-star rating.”

Now, we don’t know what was happening here. But often, when you see complaints about a verification not working, it’s often because the player hasn’t followed the process correctly. This is almost confirmed with the comment that further documents were requested.

And they’re right; if a player hasn’t been verified, various rules and regulations prevent a cash out until they are correctly verified.

Running through other bad reviews, we see another couple of common problems:

Issues with a bonus award  – players often encounter these types of problems in online casinos because they haven’t fully understood the rules attached to the bonus award.

Unable to win anything – a player that complains of being unable to win anything often does not understand how casino games work. The odds or the house edge are always in favor of the casino.

Some players will win, but on average many won’t, or at a minimum, they’ll lose more times than they win through sheer bad luck.

The bottom line is that you can never be quite sure about Trustpilot reviews, and you need to think deeply about what you’re reading before deciding based on it.


Reddit users’ critical assessment of Chumba Casino

You can generally assume that members of Reddit are often highly credible reviewers of any product or service.

Chumba Casino is mentioned in an exceptionally high number of Reddit threads across various subreddits.

In fact, Chumba has its own subreddit, which contains many examples of feedback from real players.

If you study the posts deeply enough, you’ll see similar types of comments to those on Trustpilot, but generally, there are even more positives that counteract the negatives. Probably the best way to get a handle on Reddit users’ criticism and experiences is to make your own judgment on Chumba based on Reddit user comments in something like this thread on the gambling subreddit.


Other Chumba Casino reviews

We’ll be replicating some of the feedback we’ve already seen if we go into detail on other review sites, but for completeness, here are others you can read:

Chumba Casino payout reviews

It’s worth breaking out and looking at payout reviews separately since the subject of Chumba payouts is one that constantly throws up a lot of questions, complaints, and misunderstandings.

You’ll find plenty of comments on payouts in the player experiences noted above, but an ideal place to go for payment-related views and discussions is Reddit.

Reported complaints

Complaints are often incorporated into the online reviews left by players, but it’s always worth seeking whether there are any apparent complaints published elsewhere.

For a social casino operator that’s been running for a few years, there are surprisingly few complaints listed online. I’ve found one Facebook page with about 20 likes and a couple of comments on casino forums that do not paint Chumba in a good light.

The well-known Askgamblers site has a record of a handful of complaints and their resolution details.

You have to note, though, that these are meagre numbers compared to the numbers of people that use the site. If anything is a scam or a service that’s just plain poor, you’ll typically be able to find many complaints about it quickly.

So the fact that there are so few nasty comments suggests there are many happy users.

I haven’t spoken to any disgruntled users, but I would guess that some of those have either misused the site or were expecting too much. It’s probably best to view Chumba Casino as what it is – a straightforward way of enjoying social casino games, with the option of taking part in contests for pretty low amounts of money prizes and the rare chance of a more significant amount.

If you’re worried about being scammed, don’t take my word for it. It’s easy to run a ‘chumba complaints’ search and run through the results.

Be sure to let me know if you find anything concrete, and I’ll happily publish it here for others to take note of.

Chumba’s social presence

Chumba Casino maintains an extensive social media presence across several platforms, most notably Facebook. With over 725,000 Facebook likes and multiple posts daily, Chumba has cultivated an engaged community.

Posts highlight signup bonuses, jackpot alerts, and daily promotional offers. Actively responding to user comments fosters interactivity.

Chumba’s Instagram also connects with 27,000+ followers through consistent posting of relevant content.

While smaller than Facebook and Instagram, Chumba’s Twitter uniquely provides a more conversational tone. The 6,000+ Twitter followers enjoy direct interaction with Chumba’s team.

By coordinating complementary content across Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, Chumba Casino delivers a multifaceted social media experience.

Players can choose their preferred platform to connect, stay updated on offers, and interact directly with the brand and community.

Chumba’s expansive and strategic social media presence minimizes geographic barriers, allowing engagement with its casino platform through integrated digital channels.

Games library

The Chumba Casino library holds a variety of games that totals over 90 different options, including 3D slot machines, jackpot slots, blackjack, baccarat, American or European Roulette, keno, Jacks or Better video poker, and many more.

It’s not the extensive selection of games you’d find in a real money online casino with hundreds of options, but it’s reasonably comprehensive.

VGW created the majority of games themselves, but there is a limited number provided by software developers such as 2BY2 Gaming and Pear Fiction Studios.

The main benefit of in-house development is that many games are originals and unique to the platform. That’s great news if you’ve played in casinos regularly and are looking for something new. They are not only unique but perfectly engineered to give the best quality gaming experience.

You can play all of the games with a choice of Gold Coin or Sweeps Coins that you’ve bought or were given as a bonus.


Probably the most well-known casino game is blackjack. The objective of this card game is to beat the dealer by holding the closest hand to 21. Land a 21 on your first two dealt cards, and you have Blackjack, but many other combinations and sequences of follow-up cards will help earn the prize.

With Chumba blackjack, you can test strategies, switch to Sweep Coins, and try to beat the dealer.

Video slots with progressive jackpots

The list of video slot machines in the Chumba lobby is quite impressive. Many of them were developed in-house by Chumba’s teams, which ensures many of them can’t be found anywhere else.

This approach has paid off and resulted in a good selection of themed titles that are playable in varying layouts and with exciting bonus features. Some are even progressive games with jackpots.

It’s the progressive games that offer the chances for the biggest wins. Progressives are those where the jackpots build up over time until there is a pot winner.

More than 1 million Sweep Coins have been won by registered players in the FireShot Jackpot series of progressive slots.

As the name suggests, the series is a collection of different slot titles; Bombshell Jackpots, Stampede Fury, Reelin ’n’ Rockin’, and Triple Double Fever. Most are based on Betsoft, Quickfire, or Microgaming software, widely recognized as three of the leaders in the casino software field.

Betsoft in particular is a name you’ll want to watch out for, especially for their range of 3D video slots and table games and their highly recommended collection of HTML5 mobile games.

Video Poker

Online poker players can visit Chumba’s sister site GlobalPoker for true competitive poker gaming. But for many players, video poker games present a valid alternative.

The Chumba Casino video poker lineup is limited, with only Jacks or Better making an appearance. You can play with either Gold Coin or Sweep Coins. As with all other games, you can switch between fun play and sweepstakes at the press of a button.

Sadly, the Chumba Jacks or Better has some failings you don’t see in other versions. Inspecting the paytable will show that payouts are reduced from those you’ll typically see. For example, getting a full house will only win you seven times your stake, while a flush only pays five times. In real money casinos, these payouts are customarily set at 9x and 6x.

Expert video poker players will avoid this game at Chumba, given the return-to-player drops from an expected 99.54% elsewhere to 96.15%.


Roulette is a classic game in any online casino, and Chumba players can take advantage of two versions of the American derivative. American Roulette has zero and double-zero pockets, where the player cannot win. This appearance of two zero pockets increases the odds in favor of the house.

These two versions are identical except that there’s an added bet for one of them where – after each wheel spin – four dice are rolled, and if they all show the same die face, the win for the player is doubled.


One of the newest additions to the games portfolio is a version of bingo known as Flambingo. It’s the Chumba version of the standard 75-ball online bingo game that’s played at a fast pace using a numbered 5×5 grid.

You’ll enter a room with other Flamingo players and can get up to 10 cards for each game. You choose whether to mark off the numbers yourself before the game or have it done automatically.

With lots of luck, you can enjoy plenty of good wins playing Flambingo.

Complete rules can be found at

Countries allowed + player restrictions

The Chumba Sweepstake/Prize Promotion is open to legal residents of the US and Canada aged 18 and over, except for those that reside in Washington, Idaho, or Quebec. So, players from USA states, including Colorado, New Jersey, and Michigan, right through to Pennsylvania or California and its Los Angeles residents are welcome. Pretty much every U.S. state.

Players from other countries can register, but not for SweepsCash or sweepstakes coins, and they won’t be able to play for cash prizes.

Website design and usability

It’ll be no surprise that a social casino gaming site that’s been running for nearly ten years is well-versed in delivering a neatly designed website and apps with easy-to-use interfaces.

Chumba has learned from its many years in existence that users need interfaces that offer usability and functionality that will meet the needs of the majority of players and deliver a superior user experience. 

User experience

Via the website, accessing the games is easy, with a simple interface that helps players navigate suitably positively.

When logged in, the main site links are displayed in a menu across the top of the page: Home, Game Lobby, Casino Strategy, About Us, Contact.

Your account balance is also clearly displayed, plus quick options to either buy additional Gold Coin amounts or place a request to redeem any coins you’ve won or collected in your account.

Other menu headings cover all the different types of games. You click on the game icon and wait for it to load. A list of all recently played games will be shown along with a “Top Games” selection and several other game categories.

Chumba Casino home page screenshot

Website performance testing

The performance of Chumba Casino regarding gaming, buying a Gold Coin, and using Sweeps Coins for sweepstakes entries or redemption is as you would expect, given this is their core proposition to players. But the overall playing experience can heavily rely on the technical-level performance of the website.

You can use your own eyes to gauge any website’s technical capabilities, but various tools can help identify any potential problems that may arise.

We employed a few of these speed-testing tools in some testing of the Chumba site:

The Playchumba/ desktop home page doesn’t get perfect loading speed and responsiveness scores, but they’re not bad compared to many other websites. Poor page loading speed scores don’t necessarily translate to poor user experience.

Tests with GTmetrix returned results indicating a grade A when tested from a server in Vancouver, Canada. That’s a great score and way better than many similar sites.

Similar tests on the home page run with Google Page Speed Insights resulted in a mobile page load score of 58, which conflicts with the GTMetrix result to some extent. A page score of 58 is in no way bad, though, and some variables could affect different tests.

Overall, either of these tests shows evidence that most users would experience trouble-free loading and gaming.

When accessing Chumba multiple times using a smartphone in the UK on a good quality broadband connection, pages on the site were seen to load speedily and without any apparent errors.

Anyone using a significantly aged mobile device might notice some slow rendering times, but it would be unlikely to interrupt the overall experience.

Unsurprisingly, given these perfectly adequate page-loading experiences, the transition speeds between different pages on the site and the levels of presentation and readability were all tested satisfactorily. We didn’t encounter any noticeable technical issues on any tests. 

Chumba Casino website safety & security

Chumba uses the most common online security-related technologies to protect its operation and players. These security measures include using 128-bit SSL encryption to ensure that all data exchanges are managed privately.

You’ll find a robust and easily accessible privacy policy on the site that specifies how the personal details of any account-holders are kept securely.

An excellent tool to test for safe browsing and connectivity on websites is the Google Safe Browsing site status tool. On a safe browsing test that was run against Chumba, it showed no signs of any unsafe content, and an additional test at confirmed the protected status.

Other security protection features employed by Chumba include using two-factor authentication, captchas, and PINs. 

Platform software

The software used in running a social casino with all the myriad facets of how all the elements work is complex. Different software can run the games, the payment processing, and the user data management.

Much of this is outside the scope of a formal review, even an in-depth one. What’s important, though, is to know which software runs the games.

In the late summer of 2020, Chumba announced a partnership with the leading B2B marketing platform provider BlueRibbon Software. This partnership allowed the implementation of software solutions designed by BlueRibbons to bring Chumba up to a gaming standard where it could compete with other cutting-edge software used by alternative gambling companies.

Creating a Chumba Casino players account

If you want to get started, just visit the Chumba Casino home page and register. Signing up is uncomplicated and easy, takes less than a minute, and commits you to nothing. It’s all done in a few simple steps.

  1. Go to and select login at top right.
  2. You’ll be taken to an account creation screen as seen in the image below.
  3. Decide whether you want to use Facebook or an email address to register.
  4. Enter your Facebook login or name and email.
  5. Accept a couple of conditions (confirming you’re over 18 and in a region which is eligible to receive prizes) and you’re in and ready to start.
Chumba Casino account creation screenshot

Logging in to your Chumba account

Now you’ve registered an account, you don’t actually need to login to see the games on the platform and the different bets you can place.

But if you want to play a game or make any form of wager, you’ll need to be logged in and have some account funds or coins.

Logging in to Chumba is easy:

  1. Navigate to
  2. Click on the login button at the top right of the screen.
  3. Enter your Facebook login or email if you chose to register with an email address.
  4. A login box will pop up showing fields to enter your username and password. Hit enter after completing those fields.

You’ll see how simple it is in the login page screenshot below:

Chumba Casino login fields screenshot

Account verification

One of the main reasons for many of the payment issues reported in various player reviews seems to be around improper or invalid registration and verification. So, it’s highly advisable you verify your ChumbaCasino account correctly.

There are extensive sections in the Chumba About Us and terms and conditions pages that cover the process in depth and you should read them and follow them as described.

For convenience here’s a general summary mainly reproduced directly from the site. Please note this is not intended to represent any legal advice but is purely a reproduction. Again, please ensure you follow the instructions on the Chumba site itself.

Collection of information relating to identity

Chumba Casino needs to be able to positively identify customers. The first step in this process is collecting certain personal identity information that confirms proof of address (such as your name, date of birth and residential address) from you before you make a Gold Coin purchase.

Verification of identity

After collecting the information, Chumba Casino may separately be required to verify that the information collected is correct in order to comply with applicable legal obligations. You will be notified in your online account once Chumba are required to verify your identity.

If you fail to submit the required documentation within the time period indicated to you in such notification, you will not be able to play or redeem any coins for cash prizes until your identity has been verified.

Verification of account ownership

Prior to being able to redeem any coins for prizes, Chumba Casino needs to ensure that the account into which any prize will be paid is in your name. They are unable to pay any prizes into accounts that are not in your name.

Verification of your identity (including your name, date of birth and residential address) may be achieved by submitting any of the following documents which will normally need to be government-issued:

  • driver’s licence
  • passport
  • identity card

The document submitted must still be current and valid. In order to cross-check that the identity document submitted is valid, you may be requested to upload a photo or selfie image of yourself via the dedicated portal.

If your identity document does not display your residential address, you may also need to submit one of the following documents as proof of your residential address:

  • bank statement
  • utility bill
  • letter from a government authority

This document must show your name, residential address and date of issue that is within the last 6 months.

Verification of ownership

In order to demonstrate that you own the bank account into which you would like any redemption of Sweeps to be paid, Chumba will require a copy of a bank statement (dated within the last 6 months) relating to that account in your name.

If you have a joint account (that is, one in the name of two or more people), all holders will need to satisfy the identity verification process outlined above, meaning all holders will need to have their name, date of birth and residential address verified.

Timescales for verifying documents

Once the required documents have been received in their correct form, they will be verified as soon as possible. The timescales depend on whether you have sent the correct form of identification or ownership.

If everything is correct, it normally takes about 5 days to complete the verification process. Once you’re verified, it normally takes about 10 days for your prize to be processed and reach your account.

Additional verification

As per the Chumba Casino Terms and Conditions, they reserve the right to request any additional documents and/or information that are deemed necessary in order to comply with legal obligations, including verifying your identity, the ownership of your account, your source of wealth or your source of funds.

Chumba Casino taxes

You’ll need to pay tax on any winnings over a certain amount if you’re a US resident.

So, if you do well in the Chumba games, then it’s likely that some tax will be due. Taxation on winnings is a complicated subject, and how it applies to Chumba winnings is perfectly described here.

For Canadians, the situation is a little unclear. The Canadian Government tax rules imply no tax would be due on sweepstakes winnings, but it’s fair to say you should probably take some legal advice to be sure.

When you buy Gold Coins, there is no taxation applied to the purchase price.

Bonuses & promotional offers

All casinos offer bonus promotions to attract new players. In most online casinos where you risk losing real cash, these often appear as sign-up bonuses where you’ll deposit an amount and be given the same or a considerable percentage added on for ‘free’.

Of course, it costs you money. You’ll have to deposit cash to realize the bonus and repeatedly play through it to withdraw.

Chumba offers a two-part registration bonus for new players. But, as we explained earlier in our analysis, there is a wagering requirement.

The primary promotion on offer is for free coins. You’ll automatically see $2 worth of Sweeps Coins in your account on registration, along with 2 million Gold Coins. But if you hit the ‘buy now’ button at the top of the welcome page, a popup will appear, giving you the chance to buy varying amounts of Gold Coins.

At this time, and as a new player, you can take advantage of a promotional offer that gives you a $30 Gold Coin purchase for the reduced price of $10. That gets you 3,000,000 Gold Coins plus an additional 30 Sweeps Coins.

Obtaining the best Chumba Casino bonus codes

Throughout our investigation, we found no evidence of any requirement to enter a bonus code to avail yourself of the Chumba welcome offer or any other promotions. But that’s not to say that there may be some instances in future where a bonus code will get you more benefits.

You might be able to receive enhanced bonuses with promo codes or by signing up through a link like the one on this page. Signing up through that specific link will get you 2 million Gold Coins and 2 Sweeps. So, it’s no different than the standard offer, but some gambling-based review sites occasionally list unique casino bonus codes, which give more value than that standard bonus award.

Other promotions besides the Chumba no deposit welcome bonus

Aside from that welcome offer, there are other promotions throughout the year. You’ll find these at times of special events such as Christmas, Thanksgiving, Easter, etc.

Sweeps Coin prizes are regularly given away on the official Facebook page. Plus, of course, there are the kinds of promotions that many firms use where they give away stuff just for sharing or liking.

In addition, regular contests offer trivia questions about the games, which will also give you free coins if answered correctly. Usually, Chumba will select ten winners randomly from all participants with the correct answers, and they may be awarded a prize of five free Sweeps Coins without making any purchase.

There will undoubtedly be other offers throughout 2022, and we may even see the return of the biggest promotion so far – the $1 for $60 promotion. This promo no longer exists but was wildly popular when it ran.

Wagering requirements

All casinos have a playthrough rule designed to prevent players from accepting a bonus and cashing out straight away for a profit. For Chumba players, it’s pretty straightforward and shouldn’t cause too many concerns:

Any Sweepstakes or prize promotion cash must be played a minimum of 20 times in any combination of sweepstakes/prize promotion games to be eligible to receive a prize. Any Sweeps Coins allocated to a participant must be played once before they are eligible to be redeemed for prizes.

Chumba vs Competitors: Competitor analysis and how alternative gaming sites compare

For free chances of real cash prizes, too, there are not many sites running the same way as Chumba, certainly not operating with the same model. Their sister site Global Poker is an excellent place to play if poker is your game, and you’d be happy playing games with the same sweepstakes model.

Other operators that run similar sweepstakes-based social casinos include Luckyland Slots, Funzpoints Casino, High5Casino, and Pulsz Casino.

There are plenty of other ways to play for money that involve some risk to your own money, though, with many of them listed here on

For casino games specifically – although not available for US residents except for specific states – you could try out the range at the Bet365 casino. Details of this casino are covered in an extensive appraisal of the Bet365 gambling and betting website and app in a recently completed review.

It’s tempting to see how Chumba stacks up in a direct comparison exercise with Bet365 that considers the differences across some of the usual key performance indicators. These indicators often come into play in any form of cash gaming. 

Chumba Casino vs Bet365 – Comparison

Social casino operator Chumba Casino vs real money gaming operator Bet365

Trust – A rating of trust value can often be applied to three main factors – the operator’s reputation with players as seen in player-generated reviews, their licensing status in the online gambling industry, and how long they’ve been operating.

Both Chumba and Bet365 hold licenses issued by the Malta Gaming Authority, a body intrinsically linked with sites that operate with a high level of trust. But with Bet365 working on a broader range of jurisdictions, it also holds other licences.

Overall, the trust level related to licensing is more substantial with Bet365.

By analyzing genuine player reviews, we see very little between the two. Both suffer from complaints about payouts which, as we know, are regularly due to player errors.

365 has been operating with a proven presence since the early 2000s, much longer than Chumba.

Game Variety –  We know that the game variety at Chumba is limited but still broad enough to satisfy most casual casino gamers. When you’re playing for real money and with real cash as your stake, you need a wider game choice, and Bet365 delivers that choice a little bit better than Chumba does.

Our competitors both provide a suitably wide range of casino games that include such classics as video slot machines, roulette, blackjack, and video poker. But in the 365 lobby, you’ll also get access to games played against live dealers and other slightly less popular casino games like keno, baccarat, and many table games.

Bonuses & Promotions –  The performance indicator surrounding promotions and bonuses is one where you will notice significant differences, predominately because of the real money gambling nature of Bet365.

Clearly, at 365, the offers to players are designed to increase deposits and the likely losses that go alongside them. Whereas at Chumba Casino, the promotions and bonuses are designed to keep players playing the games and buy Gold Coins to increase their playing time.

The reality is that both operators deliver good value bonuses to account holders; it’s just that the result is different, although players will get more gaming time.

If we had to name which one is best, it would have to be the real money operator. But remember, you’ll likely lose or spend less with Chumba.

Payout Speed – You won’t have to look too deeply to find a fair number of Chumba player complaints about the speed of payouts, something you’re unlikely to witness when playing with a ‘real’ online casino.

Neither operator currently offers cryptocurrency-based withdrawals, which are the fastest you’ll encounter.

So, withdrawal timescales for both parties will be broadly similar depending on the chosen banking method, with Bet365 almost certainly edging it in most instances.

Deposit & Withdrawal Options – Our two competing casinos offer a substantial range of deposit and withdrawal options. With Bet365, given the genuinely international nature of the operation, you will find many deposit and withdrawal options in currencies other than USD and CAD.

As we noted before, neither handles crypto. This is an area where one could gain an edge over the other if they managed to introduce this increasingly popular banking option.

Speed, Software & User Experience – There are no fundamental differences here. It’lI be unusual nowadays to find any site that offers any form of gaming lacking in the area of usability.

The websites and apps of 365 and Chumba are designed to meet high expectations from players in how they can interact with the interfaces and play the games. Both will offer trouble-free gaming and all that goes with it.

Playing Chumba’s games on mobile devices

Like most websites, the Chumba website is fully responsive when accessed on any screen via any of the common mobile browsers, including iPhones, iPads, and any phone using the Android operating system. Hence, you should be able to quickly navigate to all of the gaming options via a smartphone or tablet-based mobile web browser.

The software automatically recognizes what type of device you’re using and displays the correctly sized browser-based view.

In addition, there are mobile apps that you can access either via a Facebook account or the Play Store. The Google Play Store version is Chumba Lite – Fun & Free Slots Casino app.

Players can try to win big jackpots using this app after gaining a great start with a one million gold coin bonus just for downloading and registering.

In addition, Chumba gives free rewards for reaching levels, playing regularly, a top leaderboard finish in a contest, or when you complete other achievements.

Chumba game cheats and hacks

Whenever there’s money at stake, there will be many of us looking for cheats or hacks that will help us build up reserves quicker. You won’t find games of skill for real money at Chumba, and these often have hidden cheats that can give you added success.

So, there are no cheats that you can use while playing the games to win more virtual coins. The games at Chumba are carefully designed to operate as closely as possible to the games found in any online casino.

Casino game software developers take great care to ensure their clients are protected from anyone trying to manipulate outcomes to make a profit.

And if there were any ways to cheat in those games, the casinos would soon be out of business.

In addition, technical protections are in place, such as firewalls that prevent unauthorised access to software, and regular audits by external companies are in place to test for any vulnerabilities or breaches.

Effectively these levels of protection mean that it’s impossible to cheat or hack the Chumba Casino games.

There are ways we’ve already talked about that could be classified as cheats, but they’re not really cheating and are better classified as strategies:

  1. Use the bonus – Take advantage of the welcome bonus and any other promotions that give additional or free coins.
  2. Watch out for any evidence of RTP figures – These figures are displayed as percentages and statistically represent the amount returned to a player over time. RTPs for casino games vary, but one way you can aim to take advantage is on video slots, where the expected standard is around 96%. Any RTP you see when playing Chumba slots of over 96% is worth a second look.
  3. Understand the house edge applicable to different casino games – Some casino games are more favorable to the house than others, known as the house edge. It’s similar to the RTP in slots and is also represented as a percentage figure. House edge is a broad subject and best covered in depth in a different article, but, for example, standard blackjack games have a house edge of around 0.5%. In comparison, something like roulette stands at about 2.7% upwards, depending on the variant played. It’s easy to see that playing blackjack gives you better chances of winning.
  4. Use the best game strategies – You can play casino games like blackjack and other card games with a strategic approach. This means you can make optimal and suboptimal decisions while playing any hands. Play with the correct strategy, and you’ll at least improve your winning possibilities.

Aside from these, you improve your chances by following the inherent Chumba operating model – use every method at your disposal to build up a stash of Gold and SweepsCoins.

There’s no way around it, though. At the end of the day, you’ll trust luck to build up your bankroll or take advantage of the many promotions and bonuses on offer.


Chumba awards players all the time, generally for performing well in contests and competitions. But has it won any industry awards?

We couldn’t find any evidence of any awards through searches online. You’d have to say this is not surprising given the non-gambling nature of the operation – most awards in the gambling industry are going to involve real money gaming operators, and Chumba is not competing with those on a level footing. Equally, it would be hard to see any award for the games since the level of competition there would be too harsh.

In this case, we will have to generate our own awards. To do that, we’ll need to know precisely how the Chumba Casino games work, and the first step will be to sign up for an account.

Customer Support – Customer Service

Chumba clearly recognizes the importance of solid Customer Support, with any queries received expected to be responded to on the same day. You’ll not be short of ways to get assistance.

You can submit support enquiries or complaints by sending a message to the customer support team via the Facebook page or by submitting a request via Zendesk by navigating to:

Other methods of obtaining support include:

  • Live Chat: Only appears to be accessible when attempting to make a Gold Coins purchase
  • Phone: +356 99088901
  • Email:

Aside from Facebook, other social media avenues you could try if the normal support channels don’t work are:

Generally, the support on offer looks trustworthy and prompt enough. I’ve been unable to find any reports of Customer Service issues online or widespread general complaints about how Chumba Casino works.

Responsible Gambling

Given Chumba’s sweepstakes-based operating model, you’d think the usual attention gambling sites place on responsible gambling is unnecessary. After all, you’re not actually gambling with real cash when you sign up with Chumba and play the games.

In fact, there really is a need for Chumba to take a responsible approach. Not so much from the perspective of problem gambling on Chumba itself, but more because the nature of free gaming can make it more accessible to those that may not normally get involved. The risk is that the thrill and enjoyment of playing the casino games with no risk of losing a real bankroll could encourage a player to try out real money gaming.

So, what is Chumba doing about that possibility?

Well, they are doing many things that real money gambling operators do, including allowing you to set playing time limits, specify account limits on buying Gold Coins, and even self-exclude or permanently close your account. The full range of responsible gaming actions is published on the website.

Chumba Casino evolution

The site displays a copyright notice that implies it’s been operating since 2002, although we’re unaware of actual operations before around 2013. Still, that’s a long enough history to assume that Chumba will have passed through several evolutionary stages.

It’s safe for us to work on the assumption that there will have been multiple cosmetic changes to the design and layout of the site. Indeed, this can be seen when comparing older screenshots of the website home page with those displaying how it appears today.

Chumba has improved its games over the years to enhance the player experience, in particular by developing new slots titles with unique features.

Aside from that, bonuses and promotions have mainly remained consistent, and the sweepstakes operating model with its Gold Coins and Sweeps coins look to be firmly embedded. Indeed, players at Chumba have been enjoying the chance of winning real cash in the sweepstakes since the operation commenced.

In the areas of trust and reliability, the award of the Malta Gaming license will have resulted in significant benefits to Chumba’s overall standing.

Future Developments

Chumba falls between the cracks of two distinct but interrelated industries – the gambling and gaming industries. Both are well known for innovation, without which any operator will likely find it hard to remain competitive.

In the case of Chumba, they’re in a unique position. Most casino games are tried and trusted favorites and the free gaming model on which Chumba bases its approach means they have somewhat of a captive audience.

Given this enviable position, it may not be so crucial that Chumba goes all out in search of innovative approaches other than by ensuring the games are kept fresh and exciting wherever possible.

So, at least for the foreseeable future, we can expect Chumba to remain in its current state.

Further into the future, it’s possible that some form of Metaverse or virtual reality gaming could be introduced. Both these concepts and technologies would merge well with the act of social gaming.

Another area that would improve the Chumba experience would be the introduction of live dealer casino games. That introduction seems unlikely, but as interest with gamers in playing against live dealers grows, it’s possible that Chumba could be forced into taking an interest.

Lastly, we have the subject of cryptocurrencies. Crypto coins can face turbulent periods but seem to be growing in popularity with depositors. It may not be too long before Bitcoin, and other cryptos appear in the list of banking methods.

All of these can be considered enhancements. Chumba doesn’t need to improvise and improve at this point. The sweepstakes-style gaming is a mature product and is currently used by many satisfied players.

As we’ve seen during the rest of the review and no doubt will be able to confirm in the following summary, there’s much to like about playing the Chumba games already.

Another aspect that might result in some changes concerns the recent positive legislative changes around online gambling in the U.S.

Concerning this, the chance of anything changing in Chumba’s legal status is low. Sweepstakes are already legal in the US, and any steps to change would have to be implemented state-by-state. Those changes would take considerable time and face many legislative challenges.

Video guides

There are many Chumba videos published on Youtube and other video-sharing sites.

But for the most valuable visual resources on Chumba Casino, our recommendation is to watch out for anything created by Brian Christopher. Brian is a well-known, influencer-level slots streamer on Youtube. 


Anyone interested in facts and figures about any company that’s active on social media can visit the website and pull reports that demonstrate the performance levels. It’ll cost money to run reports but the results are definitely interesting.

Other useful resources for Chumba include its Twitter Chumba Casino page. The Twitter feed is useful for keeping up to date with promotions and giveaway contests as well as info on any new game developments.

Linkedin is always a valuable resource and there is a dedicated Chumba Casino Linkedin page.

The video-sharing app TikTok also has a number of TikTokers that have created Chumba video streams.

Before we continue with our Chumba analysis we can learn plenty more from some related articles here on…

Conclusion | Summary

We’ve reached the concluding part of our Chumba Casino review. Thanks for reading, and hopefully, you know a lot more about the Chumba sweepstakes, Sweeps Coins, and Gold Coins gaming proposition.

The burning question you might have is ‘ Should I sign up and play at Chumba?’.

The answer is that if you are keen to play free high-quality casino games like slots, video poker, blackjack, and other casino table games at a social casino with a chance of winning some cash, you won’t go far wrong with Chumba as your choice.

You won’t get the same experience you would at a real money online casino, but as a rating, I’d give it a 4 out of 5 because of the free gaming aspects, the sweepstakes model, and the legal accessibility for US and Canadian players in most regions.

The only real downsides are you probably won’t be winning vast sums of money and, if you’re not careful, it can cost money to play and build up your coins.

Make sure you play for fun, and there are very few alternatives that can compete.

The conclusion is that Chumba does have plenty to offer, although maybe not from the aspect of real money gaming.

Our analysis of the key performance indicators and testing of website performance showed that the critical aspects of the overall gaming experience were at the higher end of any ratings you might apply. But, at the same time, it threw up some questions about the sweepstakes, Sweeps Coins, and Gold Coins model.

If you review those aspects at a high level, there don’t appear to be too many problems. As long as you understand the mechanisms involved and that you could spend cash you weren’t initially prepared to spend, you can go ahead without too many fears and just play the casino games for free or spend wisely and for prizes keep within a sensible budget.

Remember that if you purchase Gold Coins for the first time at Chumba Casino, you are effectively spending money and may get no financial return. However, if you consider this an investment in your entertainment (and don’t spend more than you can safely afford), that is probably the best way to view the transaction.

One risk to consider is that the sweepstakes model might attract some unwarranted attention at some point from U.S regulatory authorities and one or more of the payment processing parties. If that should happen, there may be some difficult questions to answer for the Chumba management team.

Finally, if you intend to sign up and play some games, then be aware of the other risks.

There’s not only a risk that you could lose money, but given the nature of the games, there could also be a possibility of getting pulled into real money gambling and developing a gambling problem.

If you ever have any concerns about the potential for gambling to become a problem in your life, check out our responsible gambling page, or visit

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Chumba Casino FAQs

We tried to make our analysis of Chumba as detailed as possible throughout the review and will already have answered many questions you might have. But it’s hard to cover everything, and virtually certain other questions will come up that you’ll want answered.

In this section, we’ve attempted to answer any remaining questions that are maybe not handled in the published Chumba FAQs:

What type of casino is Chumba Casino?
Chumba Casino is a social online casino that offers free-to-play games as well as real money sweepstakes contests. It utilizes a virtual currency model involving Gold Coins for fun play and Sweeps Coins for contests with cash prizes.
How do you get started playing at Chumba Casino?
To get started, simply visit and create a free account. You’ll receive an initial bonus of Gold and Sweeps Coins to play casino games like slots, blackjack, roulette, and more. Buy Gold Coin packages or enter contests to get more Sweeps Coins and chances to win real cash prizes.
What steps are involved in withdrawing winnings from Chumba?
To withdraw winnings, you first need to verify your identity by submitting documents like a passport or driver’s license. Once verified, redeem your Sweeps Coins balance for cash prizes. Payouts over $100 can be requested and will be processed to your bank account or digital wallet within approximately 5-10 business days.
How do the different types of coins work at Chumba Casino?
Gold Coins are used for playing games just for fun. Sweeps Coins are earned through promotions and contests and can be redeemed for real money prizes. When buying Gold Coins, you receive bonus Sweeps Coins to use in sweepstakes. Both help you play more games.
What casino games are available to play at Chumba?
Chumba offers a variety of classic casino games like video slots, blackjack, roulette, baccarat, video poker, keno, and more. There are over 90 games to choose from, including unique titles developed in-house. While not as extensive as a real money casino, it provides a solid selection.
Is it completely free to play at Chumba Casino?
Yes, you can play for free at Chumba using the initial bonus coins provided at signup. However, you can optionally buy Gold Coin packages to receive more playing coins and Sweeps Coin bonuses for contests. So free play is available, but spending some money can give you more gameplay.
How often do players actually win money prizes at Chumba?
Many players have reported successfully winning and cashing out various amounts from Chumba contests. However, as with any casino-style gaming, wins are not guaranteed. Playing responsibly within your means is advised. The sweepstakes model does provide real chances to win though.
Does Chumba Casino offer any bonuses or promotions?
Yes, Chumba provides a signup bonus of Gold and Sweeps Coins. Additional promotions include Gold Coin purchase bonuses, social media contests, leaderboard prizes, and more. Bonuses provide extra playing coins and contest entries to give you more chances to win.
Is Chumba Casino considered a legal and licensed gaming site?
Chumba holds a license from the Malta Gaming Authority. Its sweepstakes model is legal for players in most U.S. states and Canada. Chumba states it complies with all applicable laws. Players should check their local regulations if concerned about legality.
Is Chumba Casino legal in California? | Is Chumba Casino legal in Texas? | Is Chumba Casino legal in NY?
Yes, California is one of the U.S. states that treats sweepstakes with cash prizes as legal competitions. Indeed, players are welcome to try for cash wins from many other states, from California or Colorado to New Jersey and NY, or Pennsylvania to Tennessee and Texas, and just about every state in between.
How does Chumba Casino ensure responsible and fair gaming practices?
Chumba promotes responsible gambling by allowing players to set limits and self-exclude. Its games are tested by auditors to ensure fairness. Chumba also utilizes data encryption, PINs, and multifactor authentication for security and integrity.
How do you delete a Chumba Casino account?
You can close a Chumba Casino account by completing and submitting an online form to the Chumba Zendesk.
How does Chumba Casino make money?
Chumba makes money by selling the Gold Coins players need to play the free games. Although some coins are given for nothing as welcome bonuses or in other promotions, players are likely to need more to play the games to the best effect and get more Sweeps Coins to play the sweepstakes.
How much is Chumba casino worth?
There is no known published information that indicates how much Chumba Casino is worth as a company.
What country is Chumba Casino located?
Chumba has offices in multiple countries, including the U.S., Canada, Australia, and Malta.
Why is Chumba Casino not working? | Is Chumba Casino down?

There can be multiple reasons why a website or app is not working for you. These reasons are pretty much the same irrelevant of the online product or service you’re trying to reach, but if you’re having trouble reaching Chumba Casino specifically, then consider these possible causes:

  1. There is an unplanned outage probably caused by some form of technical issue within the Chumba network. Most likely, this will be a fault condition, but it’s possible some form of a denial-of-service attack or a similar breach could be underway.
  2. The Chumba IT teams are carrying out planned maintenance.
  3. There is a problem or outage in the broadband or mobile delivery networks, either widespread or localized.
  4. Your own broadband or mobile has a problem or is misconfigured.
  5. You have simply made some form of error in the navigation to the site or app.
Is Chumba a better social casino than Luckyland Slots, Funzpoints Casino, High5Casino, or Pulsz Casino?

All social casinos will have their good and bad points. Our review has concluded many positives to the Chumba Casino sweepstakes model. Whether that’s enough to determine that it’s the best social casino is debatable, but it certainly would feature high on any list of the top social operators.

What constitutes the best of anything for one player may not be the same for another. It’s likely the only way to be sure that Chumba is the best for you will be to try gaming at each competing social casino and compare the experiences.

Is Chumba Casino real money?
Playing at Chumba can involve a mixture of real money and virtual coins. You play the games with virtual coins that you may have received for free or might have purchased with real money. You win virtual coins, which can be cashed in and exchanged for real money provided you have reached the minimum cashout level, and they are Sweeps rather than Gold Coins.
Is Chumba easy to use?
Yes, using Chumba Casino for your gaming is easy. It may take some time to fully understand the sweepstakes model and how Gold Coins and Sweeps Coin are used differently to play the games. It’s essentially straightforward, though; indeed, the processes involved in registering an account, getting the bonus, and buying Gold Coins are easy to navigate.
Can you win real money at Chumba Casino?

You can win real money by playing the sweepstakes games at Chumba Casino.

We’ve seen that you acquire virtual Sweeps Coins when you play Chumba games and may get some as bonuses or other promotional awards. It’s these coins that can ultimately be changed into real cash. Players with a Sweeps Coins balance can use them to wager on games within Chumba Casino instead of Gold Coins. Any amount you win on the games while staking with them is awarded as more Sweeps. Any coins won through gameplay can be redeemed for real prizes.

While playing, the number of coins needed as a stake is displayed with the games, along with paytables showing win amounts. The maximum that can be won on any slots spin or game round is $5k, even if the payout is higher.

As in any casino, you’ll mainly be building up your balance with wins of small amounts, with the occasional jackpot-type hit serving to increase your balance substantially. It’s been reported that some players have won top prize jackpots and ended up with more than 1 million Sweeps Coins – which could then be cashed in for a very nice cash payout.

Does Chumba Casino really pay? | Will I get paid by Chumba Casino if I win?

Chumba has been operating for many years, and thousands of players will successfully get paid by making withdrawals. Many players have posted on forums and social media that they have redeemed a cash prize without problems.

When withdrawal problems are encountered, it’s often because of a verification problem.

Is it easy to win money with Chumba Casino?

Chumba’s games are online casino games. And casino games are games of chance where it’s mainly luck that determines whether you win. Equally, all casino games are designed so that the casino has a statistical edge that ensures they win over time. That edge is known as the house edge.

So, playing Chumba’s games is easy, and winning sometimes will be easy. But it’s not easy to win in the long run.

Is Chumba Casino a good way to make money?
We’ve seen that Chumba is not necessarily an easy way to win money, but that doesn’t mean it’s not a good way. If you overlook that you’ll likely lose money playing casino games, there are still prospects of winning. Chumba’s games are good, the sweepstakes model works, and you can have a lot of fun and entertainment for free or at a very manageable cost.
Is Chumba the best?
This question is not easy to answer. You’d have to break down all of the different elements of Chumba Casino and analyze each individually compared to multiple competitors to determine if you could call it the best. Probably the best we could say is that – from an overall online social gaming perspective – Chumba will not look out of place on any list of the top online social casino gambling sites.
Does Chumba Casino have sports betting?

No, sports betting is unavailable at Chumba because the focus is on casino games and introducing a sportsbook would require a whole new operating model.

That’s not to say it couldn’t be done, though. Indeed, the prospects of some form of social betting on sports events like NBA or NFL contests in a similar way to the real money betting markets offered by sportsbooks would be exciting to sports fans and gamers alike.

What are the wagering requirements at Chumba Casino?
At Chumba Casino, the wagering requirements are as follows: For slots games, you must wager at least 2x the bonus amount. For table games, you must wager at least 5x the bonus amount. For video poker, you must wager at least 10x the bonus amount. These requirements must be met within 30 days of receiving the bonus.
What are the terms and conditions at Chumba Casino?

At a high level, the t’s and c’s as stated by Chumba are outlined as:

Chumba Casino is an online social casino platform that is operated by VGW Games Limited. Chumba Casino offers a selection of casino-style games that can be played for virtual currency, which can be purchased through the use of a credit card or PayPal account. Games are intended for entertainment and do not offer real-money prizes.

You can read the full set of terms and conditions on the site.

What is the Chumba Casino rating system?
The Chumba Casino rating system allows the casino to track its players’ performance. The system is based on a player’s performance in the casino’s games and is used to help the casino determine which players are the best at the casino’s games.
The system is also used to help the casino identify which players are the most likely to return to the casino and play again.
Which type of players will enjoy playing at Chumba Casino?
Chumba Casino is a social casino where players can enjoy various casino games in a fun and relaxed environment. The casino is aimed at players who enjoy casino games but do not want to gamble real money.
The games at Chumba Casino are all free-to-play, meaning that players do not have to spend any money to play them but can choose to spend money to get playing benefits. This makes the casino ideal for players new to online gambling or those who simply want to play for fun.
What is SC?
SC is an abbreviation you may sometimes see for Sweeps Coins.
What is GC?
SC is an abbreviation you may sometimes see for Gold Coins.
How much is a Chumba Sweeps Coin worth in real cash?
The redemption of Sweeps Coins is carried out at a one-to-one rate. That is, one Sweeps Coin equals one dollar.
Where is Chumba Casino located or based?
Chumba Casino’s parent company is Virtual Gaming Worlds, also known as the VGW Group. The company operates out of Perth, Australia. VGW Malta Limited operates the casino itself. The main company headquarters in the U.S is located at PO Box #8486, Portsmouth, New Hampshire, 03801, United States.
What is an excellent alternative to Chumba?
Several alternative free gambling game operators like Celebrity World Casino and Global Poker give a similar experience to Chumba and equal opportunities to pick up some winnings. Indeed, Chumba’s sister site Global Poker may be one of the best options for players. Indeed, poker is one of the leading types of real money skill games, and practising for no cost on their website can build up your skill level. Visit to find out how it works.
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