Chumba Casino Review | Assessment of Chumba Casino’s Sweepstakes Games

Explore the Chumba Casino social online casino games website and mobile app in this Playchumba sweepstake gaming model review. Learn how to use Sweeps Coins and Gold Coins packages to play games at Chumba for free or for cash prizes.

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Chumba Casino Review – Chumba’s real money sweepstakes games under inspection

Did you know there are plenty of ways for players of online casino games to enjoy their gaming with free money? And as a bonus, some revolve around legit ways to play a game and place bets to win real cash prizes. Known as casual or social gaming casinos, these social gaming sites are similar but different from those you’ll have an opportunity to play in real money online casinos.

The list of competing social casinos offering games for fun includes broadly similar sweeps cash casinos like Luckyland, Pulsz Casino, and Funzpoints Casino. But the best known of all of them and often cited by players of social casino games as the number one social casino is Chumba Casino.

Throughout this Chumba Casino review, we’ll see that it takes the form of a remarkable social gaming platform with an added twist. Chumba gives players in the USA and Canada free casino games via the ChumbaCasino.com or Playchumba.com social gaming website or a mobile casino app called Chumba Lite – Fun Casino Slots. You don’t even need to download this app since the website is fully responsive.

It also offers a chance to bet to win cash prizes via its sweepstakes gaming model based on Sweeps Coins and Gold Coins transactions. The nature of this sweepstakes business model means that players are not really gamblers involved in gambling activities but gamers using social currency to play.

Chumba Casino caters to the inherent fascination that players have with online games. Especially those where someone can win money and, indeed, those types of games you can play for free. Because of this, the general opinion is that Chumba has become one of the better-known examples of this kind of social gaming website.

Chumba Casino has cleverly found a place in social media with a range of game options that encourages the inner gamer in all of us. Although not a real online casino, the usual casino games like jacks or better video poker, themed video slots with progressive jackpots, roulette, blackjack, many other online casino table games and even a version of bingo are all on the list of options you’ll find in the free and sweeps games lobby. In particular, the slot machine library is pretty well-stocked.

We’ll see in our scrutiny of Chumba Casino that – while the mechanics of playing to win a bet is the same – the truth is there is no real money wagering involved and no hard cash betting. But there are options to purchase and receive virtual Gold Coin packages, along with ways of getting a daily login bonus and other bonus awards that will build up your playing balance and get you additional Sweeps Coins for entering the sweepstakes with cash prizes. If your luck is in, you have decent chances to win money at Chumba by playing against the casino or in tournaments against opponents.


Why is Chumba a top-rated social casino?

The main allure of Chumba Casino is its combination of free-to-play gaming and the Gold Coin/Sweeps Coins method of entering sweepstakes to win real cash.

There’s a chance to redeem US dollars through the proprietary, patented real money sweepstake model with claims of well over a million registered players throughout the United States (except Washington and Idaho) and Canada (except Quebec). This patent status prevents competing operators from running a similar model using Sweeps-style virtual currencies.

Our assessment will demonstrate that alongside players’ options to play on a desktop PC, laptop, or mobile phone using the Chumba app, the platform delivers a broad range of online gambling games either for free or by using the sweepstakes gaming options.

You can register an account and login easily and use the virtual currency of free Sweeps Coins or Gold Coins at Chumba Casino alone or in tournament-style contests.

Chumba will even give first-time US players a Chumba Casino no deposit bonus. That means extra virtual coins for your first spins on casino slots games or card game deals, and you can get them on the Facebook page, mobile app, or website. There are regular giveaway promotions, too. Just don’t forget the taxes if you win a substantial amount of cash.

It all looks good so far, right?

We’re well-positioned to put together a helpful player’s guide to Chumba so that we’ll all become Chumba experts. Our analysis will explore it deeply enough to assess whether it’s a valuable option for any player who wants to play casino games for free but with opportunities for real money play.  When we’ve tested it thoroughly and fully assessed the critical performance indicators, our exploration will have confirmed or denied its promise, and we’ll jointly know the answer.

Before we begin, you’ll likely have some burning questions that will help set the scene further if we can get you some good answers. You’ll find many other FAQs around Chumba after the review conclusion, but let’s take a look at a few of the crucial questions and answers first:

Is Chumba Casino Legit?

Chumba Casino legitimacy indicator     With a history going back a good number of years now (we first reviewed the platform way back in 2014), and licensed by Malta Gaming Authority, the brand that’s owned by the recognized company VGW Holdings has become a legal, safe and trusted way of playing either for nothing or without risking (too much) of your own real money.

As far as anyone is concerned, sweepstakes law ensures it offers a legitimate way to play for Canadian and US residents barring those in Washington State, Idaho, and Quebec.

Is Chumba Casino a scam?

Chumba Casino scam indicator   

All in all, there’s no hard evidence of a scam from any complaint we’ve seen. There are some complaints of not getting paid (though many of these seem to be down to ID issues) and low or infrequent wins (though we have to recognize that this is casino gaming, there will be volatility sometimes).

There are plenty of reports of players winning and getting paid reasonable sums. This Reddit thread gives a balanced number of views on the platform’s legitimacy, with a poster winning and getting paid an excellent $1000. 

Is Chumba Casino safe?

Chumba Casino safety indicator     Gambling is a far-reaching term that can be applied to any form of contest where you’re wagering money to make more of it. Based on this definition, you’d have to say that the entertainment at Chumba isn’t gambling. The games are gambling type, though, and there is a risk you could be enticed into playing at a real money online casino.

Is Chumba Casino legal gambling? | Where is Chumba legal? | How is Chumba Casino legal?

Green tick indicating the Chumba sweepstakes model is legal     Gambling is a far-reaching term that can be applied to any form of contest where you’re wagering money to make more of it. Based on this definition, you’d have to say that the entertainment at Chumba isn’t gambling. The games are gambling type, though, and there is a risk you could be enticed into playing at a real money online casino.

Alongside the Gold Coin games, the service uses a unique sweepstakes model, which lets users cash in Sweeps Coins for prizes. This offer of free cash under a ‘no purchase necessary’ clause places the gaming into a non-gambling category which positions Chumba outside US gambling laws. Sweepstakes are legal in 50 U.S. states.

So for fans in the US and Canada – where Chumba is targeted – it meets the legal and regulatory conditions across most US states and Canadian provinces or territories to offer cash gaming, except Washington, Idaho, and Quebec. Chumba states they “engage with leading experts in those jurisdictions to ensure that we are fully compliant with all applicable laws”. This means that Chumba is legal in the U.S. and Canada except for the above locations.

If you have any concerns, remember that Chumba is just one of many social gaming casinos you can find on Facebook or the internet. You’d have to expect that FB would have shut them down long ago if there were any legal concerns. Given the time the company has been operating, you can be sure that you won’t be breaking any laws.

Is Chumba Casino really free?

Green tick confirming playing at Chumba is really free     Yes, registering an account at Chumba Casino and playing games is free. Signing up costs nothing, and you’re given a welcome no deposit bonus that includes Gold and Sweeps Coins. Having coins means you can play the games for nothing and potentially win more coins.

If you subsequently want to play more often or for more chances of winning cash prizes and becoming one of the casino winners, you’ll probably need to buy some extra coins.

Is Chumba Casino real money?

Playing at Chumba can involve a mixture of real money and virtual coins. You play the games with virtual coins that you may have received for free or might have purchased with real money. You win virtual coins, which can be cashed in and exchanged for real money provided you have reached the minimum cashout level, and they are Sweeps  rather than Gold Coins.

Welcome page for Playchumba.com website

Now we’ve answered some pressing questions as a prelude to the main body of the investigation; this seems a sensible point to search deeper and conduct an intensive review of the PlayChumba/ChumbaCasino website, mobile app, and precisely what Chumba Casino has to offer overall.

If you’re a player who prefers their winnings in cold hard cash, I suggest you track down a game that pays out lots of wins, like 3-card poker. But for now, let’s proceed with an in-depth assessment of exactly how Chumba Casino’s sweepstake-style gaming works. We’ll start in a minute by seeing how to use Chumba, but firstly let’s see an alternative…

What is an excellent alternative to Chumba Casino?

Keen on playing social poker? Want to be involved where you can win the free sweepstake-style prizes with a coin purchase similar to those at Chumba Casino?

Reviewing any service or product is worth knowing the alternatives and where you could get a better or worse experience. Chumba is not alone in providing this type of social casino product.

Several alternative free gambling game operators like Celebrity World Casino and Global Poker give a similar experience and an equal number of opportunities to pick up some winnings. Indeed, Chumba’s sister site Global Poker may be one of the best options for players. Indeed, poker is one of the leading types of real money skill games, and practising for no cost on their website can build up your skill level. Visit GlobalPoker.com to find out how it works.

How to use Chumba Casino

Let’s see how a recreational player might use Chumba and get the most out of the platform. To do that, we need to understand the elements that make up the product and how they operate:

There are essentially two ways to play the games:

  • Play for fun using virtual gold coins
  • Play for real using the bonus currency called ‘SweepsCash’.

You can enjoy gaming on the website version of Chumbacasino.com, also known as Playchumba, on the mobile app you can get from the Apple Store or the Google Play Store, or via the Facebook page.

Chumba Casino sells a virtual currency known as Gold Coins. You can play free Sweeps Coins games by purchasing a Gold Coin package, but you can’t trade them, transfer them, or redeem them for money. Essentially you can either buy them, win them, or obtain more by accepting bonus offers or promotions.

Gold Coin packages of anywhere from $5 to $300 can be purchased by players via the welcome page and appear in your account with an equal value Chumba Casino bonus in “Sweepscash”. They can then be used for real money sweeps. Various bonuses, promotions and giveaway offers give ways of gaining extra Gold or Sweep Coins.

To enter the contests, you’ll need Sweeps Coins. These cannot be purchased and have no inherent value. You’ll get some free when you buy Gold Coin packages or mail in with a request (i.e. the alternative ways you can be involved in the contests). They can be used on Chumba Casino games, and any  won during playing can accumulate in your account, and ultimately you can change them into dollars.

It might all sound slightly confusing, but once you’re a newly registered player, it will all become clear. The games themselves are straightforward. Even if you’re not convinced, it’s all at no cost, and there’s not a lot to stop you from diving in and learning with no risk.

So, if we break all this down, we can summarize how you can best use Chumba in the following way:

  • It’s a platform where you can play casino games for free.
  • You can buy a virtual currency known as Gold Coins and play games with those coins for free but won’t win any cash.
  • You can get Sweeps coins in different ways, one of which is gaining some when you buy Gold Coins.
  • You can use Sweeps Coins to enter sweepstakes with real money prizes.

Once you’ve taken the first step and created an account, nothing will stop you from playing the free casino games. To play for cash prizes, you’ll need some of the right coins.

Almost everything you need to know about using Chumba Casino is published on the help pages, but there’s a lot to consider, as we’ll see after we’ve reviewed it in full. For now, check out this video that effectively demonstrates how any player could play with the minimum amount of hassle. It’s a review-type video guide created by PlayUSA.

What do real player experiences tell us about Chumba Casino?

I’ll assume that you’re new to the gaming and want a quick overview of the positives and negatives, so this section will look at these from the perspective of real players with current accounts. This analysis is followed by a  breakdown of the key performance indicators in the areas that will matter most to anyone considering playing at Chumbacasino or via Playchumba or a mobile app. 

This first list shows our own experiences of the advantages and disadvantages:

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