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Explore the popular social casino gaming website or apps operated by Chumba Casino. This review explores the operating model, how Chumba works, and the games you can play. 

Review of Chumba Casino Free Sweepstakes Gaming 

Did you know there are plenty of ways for players to enjoy free money online gaming?

Well there are, and as a bonus some of them revolve around legit ways to get to win real cash prizes too. Known as casual or social casino games, they’re different from those you’ll find in online casinos.

Chumba Casino games are definitely a good choice for US players wanting to play, and PlayChumba is a hugely popular example of this kind of social gaming website. Although not a real online casino, the usual games like jacks or better video poker, slots, roulette, blackjack, and more are all on the list of what you’ll find on the platform.

While the mechanics of playing is the same, there is no real money wagering involved and no hard cash betting. But there are options to make a purchase to receive in-game items like coins, gems, power-ups, or additional dollars, along with options of getting bonus awards.

With two top level ways to play either on desktop or mobile, the platform delivers a wide type of online gambling style free or sweepstakes gaming options. You can register an account and login easily to enjoy the gaming, and use the currency of free Sweeps Coins or Gold Coins at Chumba Casino either alone or in tournament style contests.

They’ll even give first time US players a Chumba Casino bonus to start off with. That means virtual coins for your first slots spins or card deals, and you’ll be able to play on the Facebook page or on the website version.

Given this popularity, it seems sensible to investigate deeper and carry out an intensive Chumba Casino review.

If you’re a player who prefers their winnings in cold hard dough, I’d suggest you make sure you track down a game that pays out lots of wins like 3 card poker, but right here we’re going to review what Chumba Casino has to offer.

With a history going back a good number of years now (we first reviewed the platform way back in 2014), and licensed by Malta Gaming Authority, the brand has become a legal, safe and trusted way of playing either for nothing or without risking (too much) of your own real money.

They’re not alone of course. There are a number of others like Celebrity World Casino and Global Poker that give a similar experience and an equal number of winnings opportunities, but for now let’s review exactly how Chumba Casino’s sweepstake-style gaming works….

Chumba Casino Review

Keen on playing social poker? Want to be involved where you can win the free sweepstake style prizes with a coin purchase similar to those at Chumba Casino?

Casino’s sister site Global Poker may be one of the best options for players. Certainly poker is one of the leading types of real money skill games, and practicing for no cost on their website can build up your skill level. Read about GlobalPoker.com and find out how it works.

What Is Chumba Casino?

Chumba Casino offers free gaming providing players with access to a wide variety of casino games via a website, app, or Facebook. It’s owned by Virtual Gaming Worlds out of Perth, Australia, but operated by VGW Malta Limited. It’s regulated and licensed by the Malta Gaming Authority (MGA).

With a range of gaming on offer such as different styles of poker and a wide variety of zero cost video slots and other online casino table games, Chumba Casino seems to have found a place in social media that encourages the inner gamer in all of us.

There’s a chance to redeem US dollars through the proprietary, patented real money sweepstake model with well over a million registered players throughout the United States (excepting Washington). This patent status prevents any competing operators from running a similar model using Sweeps style currencies.

Video Guides

The following videos give you a great introduction to the platform and the games. The first is the official promo video that’s been on Youtube for a number of years, the second is more of a review-type run through and was created by PlayUSA. 

How To Play 

If you’re wondering how it all works, there are essentially two ways to play – for fun using virtual gold coins or for real using the bonus currency called ‘SweepsCash’.

Chumba Casino sells a virtual currency known as Gold Coins. You can play free sweeps coins games by purchasing a Gold Coin package, but can’t trade them, transfer them, or redeem them for money. Essentially you can either buy them, win them, or obtain more in bonus offers or promotions.

Gold Coin packages of anywhere from $5 to $300 can be purchased by players via the welcome page and appear in your account with an equal value Chumba Casino bonus in “Sweepscash”. They can then be used for real money sweeps. Various bonuses, promotions and giveaway offers give ways of gaining extra Gold or Sweep Coins.

To enter into the contests you’ll need Sweeps Coins. These cannot be purchased and have no inherent value. You’ll get free Sweeps Coins when you buy Gold Coins or mail in (ie the alternative ways you can be involved in the contests).

Those sweeps Coins can be used on Chumba Casino games. Sweeps Coins won in those can be accumulated and ultimately changed into dollars.  

It might all sound slightly confusing, but once you’re a new registered player it will all become clear. The sweeps coins games themselves are straightforward. Even if you’re not convinced it’s all at no cost, there’s not a lot to stop you diving in and learning with no risk. 

You can contact the support team with any questions.


    Get Chumba Sweepstakes Cash

    You can acquire extra Sweepstakes/Prize Cash in three different ways:

    1. When you buy gold coins – these are automatically deposited in your account to the value stated in the window when you make a purchase.

    2. By entering Sweeps giveaway competitions listed on the Facebook Page – a good example of this are the regular contests which invite you to comment on posts and answer questions.

    3. By sending a mail request. This is open to both US and UK players. This is a bit of hassle of course, but you can make multiple mailed requests each month, 5 in fact. Address for mailed requests is:

    VGW Malta RMG Limited, Chumba Casino Sweepstakes Department, PO Box #8486, Portsmouth, NH 03801

    You’ll need to add your full name and return address to the front of the envelope with the words “Sweepstakes Credits:” followed by the current month and year (example: Sweepstakes Credits: January 2021).

    Gaming With Sweepscash

    Once you’ve got hold of some Sweepcash, you have all you require to be able to play on the website or the mobile app for the chance of prizes.

    Remember you’ll need to use the Sweepscash to do this as opposed to any Gold Coins which are of course only used for totally free play with no prizes. Playing with Gold Coins wins you more of the same, which can be used to increase the gaming time available.

    Each available game can vary in the amount you’ll want. This is clearly detailed next to the game itself. Increasing the stakes can increase the winning amounts, just the same as in regular online casinos, with potential winnings labelled in a ‘win table’. Slots are most likely to give the biggest coin wins.

    Any Sweepstakes/Prize Promotion Cash must be played a minimum of 20 times in any combination of Sweepstakes/Prize Promotion games to be eligible to receive a prize.

    How To Buy Gold Coins 

    Gold Coins come in various packages which you can buy via a range of different options, including Visa Mastercard credit and debit cards, Skrill and direct bank transfers. The older – and simple – method of PayPal deposits and withdrawals is unfortunately no longer available. 

    FAQ – How do you get money in Chumba Casino? | How Much Can You Win?

    You can acquire money in the Sweeps games. While playing, the maximum that can be won on any spin is $5k, even if the payout is shown as higher.

    You’ll mainly be building up wins of small amounts, with the occasional hit increasing your balance substantially. It’s been reported that there are players who have won top prize jackpots and ended up with more than 1 million Sweeps Coins – which could then be cashed-in for more than $1 million.

    The Chumba Games Library

    FAQ – What kind of casino games can I play online at Chumba?

    The Chumba Casino library holds over 70 different options including 3D Slot Machines, Blackjack, Baccarat, American or European Roulette, Keno, Video Poker (including Jacks or Better) and many more. You can play all of them with either Gold Coins or Sweeps Coins that you’ve either bought or were given as a bonus.

    Of these, Blackjack is probably the most well known.  The objective of the game is to beat the dealer by holding the closest hand to 21. Land a 21 on your first two dealt cards and you have Blackjack, but there are many other combinations and sequences of follow up cards that will help earn the prize.

    With Chumba blackjack you can test strategies and then switch to Sweeps Coins and try to beat the dealer.

    It’s the progressive games that offer the chances of the biggest wins. Progressives are those where the jackpots build up over time until there is a pot winner. More than 1 million Sweeps Coins have been won by registered players in the FireShot Jackpot series of progressive slots. 

    As the name suggests, the series is actually a collection different slots titles – Bombshell Jackpots, Stampede Fury, Reelin ’n’ Rockin’, and Triple Double Fever. 

    Most are based on Betsoft, Quickfire, or Microgaming software, widely recognized as three of the leaders in the casino software field. Betsoft in particular are a name you’ll want to watch out for, especially for their range of 3D video slots and table games but also for their highly recommended collection of HTML5 mobile games.

    The most important fact to take away from this section is that many you’ll find are originals and unique to the platform. That’s great news if you’ve played in casinos regularly and are looking for something new, and not only are they unique but perfectly engineered too to give the best quality gaming experience.

    How Do I Get To Play Games?

    This is easy, with a simple interface available to help players navigate.

    The main site links are displayed in a menu across the top of the page : Home, Game Lobby, Casino Strategy, About Us, Contact.

    Other headings cover all the different types. You just click on the game icon and wait for it to load.

    Payments & Withdrawals

    FAQ – Does Chumba Casino Really Pay? | Will I get paid by Chumba Casino if I win?

    Chumba has been operating for many years and in that time thousands of players will successfully have made withdrawals. There are a significant number of players who have posted on forums and social media that state they have redeemed without problems.

    When problems with withdrawing are encountered, it’s often because of a verification problem.


    FAQ – How Do You Withdraw Cash?

    Anything won is added to your account and paid out on request. The rules state a minimum cash-out request of $100, and you’ll need to provide proof of identity when making any request. Make a special note of this – I’ve seen a number of ‘complaints’ from players saying they can’t withdraw winnings when they’ve not provided valid ID details.

    US players should note they may be liable to taxation if their total winning amount in the tax year is over the threshold. To help with this, you can obtain a record of your Sweeps Coins prizes. 

    You can either:

    Redeem Prizes for gift cards – these will be sent to the email address that you used on registering or to an alternative email address if you nominate one.

    Redeem Prizes for cash – in this case the amount due will be made to the bank or online wallet from which you purchased Gold Coins or to another nominated bank. Note that Chumba do reserve the right to make the withdrawal to your funding source, but will consider alternatives at their discretion. 


    FAQ – How Long Do Chumba Payouts Take? | How long does it take to get money from Chumba Casino?

    This can often depend on when you make your redemption request. If you haven’t properly verified your details then chances are you could be in for a long wait.

    Assuming you have, if you try to transfer out on a Monday before 10pm you’ll likely see the readies in your bank by the Wednesday. Try it on any of the busy days – Friday-Sunday – and it may take a little longer but still not an unduly lengthy wait.  

    Playing Methods

    FAQ – Can you play Chumba Casino on iPad? | Can You Play Chumba Casino On Mobile?

    Unsurprisingly the platform is easily accessible. Using a PC or laptop is a given, and there’s no chance of mobile players being left out. In preparation for the withdrawal of Flash in late 2020, Chumba made sure their games are all delivered in HTML5. So you’ll be able to enjoy them on mobile phones of all types, including Android and iOS devices and tablets.

    Bonuses & Promotions

    All casinos offer bonus promotions to attract new players. In most online casinos where you risk losing real cash, these often appear in the form of sign up bonuses where you’ll deposit an amount and be given the same or a multiple percentage amount added on for ‘free’. Of course it doesn’t actually cost nothing, you’ll have to deposit money to realize the bonus, and play through it many times to be able to withdraw.

    Chumba is different, and offers a two part registration bonus for new players.

    The main promotion on offer is for free coins. You’ll automatically see $2 in your account on registration, but if you hit the ‘buy now’ button at the top of the welcome page a popup will appear giving you the chance to buy $10 worth of gold coins for just $1 – that’s 900,000 gold coins.

    You may be able to receive enhanced bonuses with promo codes or by signing up through a link like the one on this page.

    Aside from that welcome offer, there are other promotions throughout the year. You’ll find these at times of special events such as Christmas, Thanksgiving, Easter, and so on.

    Sweeps Coin prizes are regularly given away on the official Facebook page. Plus of course there are the kinds of promotions that many firms use where they give away stuff just for sharing or liking.

    In addition there are regular contests offering trivia questions about the games which will also let you have free coins if answered correctly. Usually Chumba will select 10 winners at random from all participants with the right answers, and they may be awarded a prize of five free Sweeps Coins without having to make any purchase. 

    There surely will be other offers throughout 2021, and we may even see at some point the return of the biggest promotion so far – the $1 for $60 promotion.

    Depositing To Your Account

    FAQ – How Do I Deposit Money Into Chumba Casino?

    You cannot deposit money into Chumba Casino. It is not a traditional online casino site where you can deposit money. It’s a social casino site which offers gameplay using two virtual currencies, Gold Coins and Sweeps Coins.

    If you want to enjoy the fun of the Gold Coins all you do is register and you are ready to start. If you want to take part in the Sweeps Coins contests, you can do so using Sweeps Coins . Sweeps Coins can be obtained for nothing in a number of ways – as a promotion when you purchase Gold Coins, by winning any of the Sweeps Coins giveaway competitions, or by mailing in. 

    FAQ – What are the Minimum and Maximum Amount of Sweeps Coins I Can Convert?

    You need to have won a minimum of 100 Sweeps Coins as prizes before you can redeem them. There is currently no maximum amount. 

    FAQ – Can I use PayPal at Chumba Casino?

    Paypal is not accepted any more on the platform either as a deposit or withdrawal option.


    FAQ – What Is The Chumba Casino Prepaid MasterCard?

    To make payments and withdrawing easier, Chumba introduced their Prepaid MasterCard. It can be used as an intermediary step between your normal bank and your platform account. In other words, you deposit to your Chumbacard and then use the balance to purchase Gold Coins, or you redeem to it and can then transfer to your personal bank. 

    After signing up to Chumba Casino as a new player, your physical Chumba card should arrive by post in 7-10 business days. You’ll then have to activate it by following these steps ;

    • Log in
    • Click on the “Unlock Card” button
    • Type in the six-digit security code printed on the back of your card

    You will then be given a PIN and can use this card at an ATM. Funds on the card never expire.

    Benefits | Pros

    Checking out real user reviews is a useful way to appreciate the reliability and trustworthiness of any product. Chumba Casino is no different. In a review of any product what we really want to know is what’s in it for us, so let’s go straight to the benefits…

    There are four things that make Chumba Casino a hit right off the bat:

    1) It’s free.

    2) It’s fun.

    3) It can be played worldwide.

    4) You can get real cash prizes (although only if you are a US or Canada resident).

    So for the social casino game lover, Chumba Casino is paving the way for cash rewards in the virtual casino market by cashing out on rewards.

    Other great features (aside from the gaming, of course) include the game guide and the popular Facebook sharing features: 


    Chumba Casino Game Guide

    Here you can learn how to play any of the huge selections of games that Chumba Casino has to offer as well as receive tips that the pros use. 

    Guides to blackjack, slots, video poker, and more are all here.

    Facebook Sharing

    Using the sharing feature is a great way of getting bonuses. You can invite friends to join in on the action, or you can brag about your winnings. All the while racking up your own points to keep the action rolling.

    Chumba Casino also offers plenty of gaming options on YouTube. As far as Facebook goes, with over 395K likes, somebody must be having fun. So now it’s time for you to join in.


    If you want to get started just visit the Chumba Casino home page and register. Signing up is easy, takes less than a minute, and commits you to nothing. Enter your name, email, and accept a couple of conditions (confirming you’re over 18 and in a region which is eligible to receive prizes) and you’re in and ready to start.

    On first registration you’ll be presented with the brief welcome message shown in the image to the right.

    Is It Legal?

    FAQ – Is Chumba legal in the United States?

    Alongside the Gold Coin games the service uses a unique sweepstakes model which lets users cash in Sweeps Coins for prizes. So for fans in the US and Canada – where Chumba is in fact targeted – it meets the regulatory conditions to offer gaming with the sole exception of Washington. Chumba themselves state they “engage with leading experts in those jurisdictions to ensure that we are fully compliant with all applicable laws”.

    Given the amount of time the company has been operating, you can be as sure as possible that you won’t be breaking any laws.

    With online gambling going through positive legislative changes in the US, the chance of anything changing in Chumba’s legal status is low. Sweepstakes are already legal in the US – Sweeps trade promotions are offered by a large number of major brands and companies – and any steps to change that would have to be implemented on a state-by-state basis. That would take a considerable amount of time and face many challenges.

    Is Chumba Legit?

    The site has been running now for a few years without any major signs of issues. As far as anyone is concerned, it offers a legitimate way to play for US residents barring those in Washington State.

    The offer of free cash under a ‘no purchase necessary’ clause places the gaming into a non-gambling category which positions Chumba outside of US gambling laws.

    If you do have any concerns remember that Chumba is just one of many social gaming casinos you can find on Facebook or the internet in general, and you’d have to expect that FB would have shut them down long ago if there were any legality worries.

    All in all, there’s no hard evidence of any scam. There are some complaints of not getting paid (though many of these seem to be down to ID issues) and also of low or infrequent wins (though we have to recognize that this is casino gaming, there is going to be volatility at times).

    There are plenty of reports of players winning and getting paid good sums. This Reddit thread gives a balanced number of views on the legitimacy of the platform, with a poster winning and getting paid a cool $1000.

    Who Can Play

    The Chumba Sweepstake/Prize Promotion is open to legal residents of the US and Canada aged 18 and over. Players from other countries can register, but not for SweepsCash.

    Are There Any Chumba Game Cheats?

    Whenever there’s money at stake there will be many of us looking for cheats that will help us build up reserves quicker. You won’t find games of skill at Chumba, and it’s these that often have hidden cheats that can give you added success.

    Sadly there aren’t any cheats I’m aware of that will help build up your Chumba balance. Casino games are well designed so that this isn’t possible, and remember that the software that drives Chumba Casino is supplied by leading industry software houses.

    You’ll be trusting to luck to build up your bankroll, or taking advantage of the many promotions and bonuses on offer.


    For a social casino operator that’s been running for a few years there are surprisingly few complaints listed online. I’ve managed to find one Facebook page with about 20 likes and a couple of comments on casino forums that do not paint Chumba in a good light.

    You have to note though that these are very low numbers compared to the volumes of people that do use the site. If anything is a scam or a service that’s just plain poor, you’ll normally be able to easily find many complaints around it.

    So the fact that there are so few bad comments suggest there are many happy users.

    I haven’t spoken to any disgruntled users, but my guess would be that some of those have either used the site incorrectly or were expecting too much. It’s probably best to view Chumba Casino as what it is – a straightforward way of enjoying social casino games, with the added option of taking part for fairly low amounts of money prizes and the occasional chance of a bigger amount.

    If you’re truly worried about being scammed though, then don’t take my word for it. It’s easy to run a ‘chumba complaints’ search and run through the results. Be sure to let me know if you find anything concrete and I’ll happily publish here for others to take note of.

    Customer Support – Customer Service

    Chumba clearly recognize the importance of strong Customer Support, with any queries received expected to be responded to in the same day. You can submit support enquiries or complaints via the Facebook page and Facebook messaging, or by submitting a request via Zendesk by signing up at: https://chumbacasino.zendesk.com/home.

    The support on offer looks to be trustworthy, I’ve been unable to find any reports of Customer Service issues online or in fact of any widespread general complaints about how Chumba Casino works.

    Account Verification

    One of the main reasons for many of the payment issues seems to be around improper or invalid registration and verification. So it’s highly advisable you do this correctly. There are extensive sections in the Chumba About Us and terms and conditions pages that cover this in depth and you should read them and follow them as described. 

    For convenience here’s a general summary mainly reproduced direct from the site. Please note this is not intended to represent any legal advice, but is purely a reproduction. Again, please ensure you follow the instructions on the Chumba site itself. 

    Collection of information relating to identity

    Chumba Casino needs to be able to positively identify customers. The first step in this process is collecting certain personal identity information (such as your name, date of birth and residential address) from you before you make a purchase of Gold Coins.

    Verification of identity

    After collecting the information, Chumba Casino may separately be required to verify that the information collected is correct in order to comply with applicable legal obligations. You will be notified in your online account once Chumba are required to verify your identity. If you fail to submit the required documentation within the time period indicated to you in such notification, you will not be able to play or redeem any Sweeps Coins until your identity has been verified.

    Verification of account ownership

    Prior to being able to redeem any Sweeps Coins for prizes, Chumba Casino needs to ensure that the account into which any prize will be paid is in your name. They are unable to pay any prizes into accounts that are not in your name.

    Verification of your identity (including your name, date of birth and residential address) may be achieved by submitting any of the following documents which will normally need to be government-issued:

    driver’s licence


    identity card

    The document submitted must still be current. In order to cross-check that the identity document submitted is valid, you may be requested to upload a photo or selfie image of yourself via the dedicated portal.

    If your identity document does not display your residential address, you may also need to submit one of the following documents as proof of your residential address:

    bank statement

    utility bill

    letter from a government authority

    This document must show your name, residential address and a date of issue that is within the last 6 months.

    Verification of ownership

    In order to demonstrate that you own the bank account into which you would like any redemption of Sweeps Coins for prizes paid, Chumba will require a copy of a bank statement (dated within the last 6 months) relating to that account in your name.

    If you have a joint account (that is, one in the name of two or more people), all holders will need to satisfy the identity verification process outlined above, meaning all holders will need to have their name, date of birth and residential address verified. 

    How Long Does it Take to Verify My Documents?

    Once the required documents have been received in their correct form, they will be verified as soon as possible. The timescales depend on whether you have sent the correct form of identification or ownership. If everything is correct, it normally takes about 5 days to complete the verification process. Once you’re verified, it normally takes about 10 days for your prize to be processed and reach your account.

    Additional Verification

    As per the Chumba Casino Terms and Conditions, they reserve the right to request any additional documents and/or information that are deemed necessary in order to comply with legal obligations, including to verify your identity, the ownership of your account, your source of wealth or your source of funds.


    Anyone interested in facts and figures about Facebook visitors this page on social tracking site Socialbakers.com lists the latest statistics.

    The Twitter Chumba Casino page is useful for keeping up to date with promotions and giveaway contests as well as info on any new game developments, while for anyone on Linkedin you’ll also find a dedicated Linkedin page.

    Negatives – Cons

    You’ve got to remember that online casinos (and land-based ones) exist for a reason – to take your money and make a profit. It’s something they’re particularly good at. In all of the realmoney.games reviews of casino gambling, it’s clear that to have the best chances of winning you need to limit your involvement to card games like 3 card, or to limit losses by playing in slots tournaments.

    Unfortunately Chumba is no different. You may well win some big amounts on the free Gold Coin options (which are not for real cash prizes), and occasionally you’ll land something big on Sweepstakes games. But overall you’re likely to lose in the long run.

    Treating casino gaming as a fun pastime is the only safe way. By treating it as fun, not depositing more money than you can afford to lose, and trying to keep to games which either have a high fun factor or offer good payouts for clever strategic pay. 

    No Payout Percentages?

    Regarding the potential to actually make money at Chumba Casino, an example of the biggest complaints I’ve seen is around the lack of transparency on payout percentages.

    This is a major factor in determining the level of trust you can place in an online casino. Chumba doesn’t seem to list them anywhere, leading to uncertainty about the overall chances of winning.

    Although there are no obvious fears over the legality of the gaming, and there are reports online of big wins, this is something Chumba’s owners would be well advised to put right to build up the trust levels. 

    High Cash-out Requirements

    Given you’ll most likely be ‘wagering’ small amounts, the $100 minimum does seem on the high side. Evidence suggests that unless you hit a big win, it could take some time to build up a bank of over $100. Plus the longer you play casino games, the more likely statistically you are to lose whatever you’ve built up.

    All in all, $100 as a limit is too high.

    Alternatives To Chumba

    For free chances of real cash prizes too there are not many sites running the same way as Chumba, certainly not operating with the same model anyway. Their sister site Global Poker is a good place to play.

    There are plenty of other ways to play for money that involve some risk to your own money though, with many of them listed here on realmoney.games. 

    For casino games specifically – although not available for US residents – you could try out the range at 10Bet casino.

    Are The Games Fair?

    Casino game operators normally have this covered, and it’ll be extremely rare that any real money platform could be directly manipulated by an external party. Plus the operator has no incentive to manipulate results since they’re making money from entry fees as opposed to individual bets.

    But we know that Chumba is different from a normal online casino, so how do we know that they wouldn’t be manipulating results.

    The answer is we don’t for sure. What we do know is that any game operator working in this way is often very quickly found out. If there were any real fears over this it’s likely that Chumba just wouldn’t have had the longevity it has enjoyed.

    Is It Gambling?

    Gambling is a far reaching term that can be applied to any form of contest where you’re wagering money to make more of it.

    Based on this definition, you’d have to say that the entertainment at Chumba isn’t really gambling. The games are gambling type though, and there is a risk you could be enticed into playing at a real money online casino.


    Chumba clearly offers a free way of enjoying high quality casino games like video poker and the chance of real cash prizes in return. It wouldn’t be wise to think that this could be a significant amount but various Chumba Casino reviews do carry info that suggests there have been big winners in the past.

    Bear in mind that if you do purchase Gold Coins for the first time at Chumba Casino then effectively you’re spending money and may end up getting no financial return, though if you consider this an investment in your entertainment (and don’t spend more than you can safely afford) that is probably the best way to view the transaction.

    If you’re careful – and given Chumba’s lengthy history in providing the sweepstakes-style service – there don’t seem to be too many reasons not to register and start playing.

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