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Here at RealMoney.Games we try to show information only on well respected, trustworthy gaming operators who also display a strong commitment to the support of responsible gambling, and who appear to comply with all legislation and guidelines provided by the jurisdictions in which they operate.

You should ensure that you check with any operator that you intend to gamble with, and make sure yourself that they follow all legislative rules, and have their own support teams in place to protect or help anyone who might be having gambling problems. 

RealMoney.Games contains links to websites and gambling operators that contain gambling related content and/or offer online wagering.

RealMoney.Games does not supply it’s own games or betting operations and does not promote illegal, underage, or restricted gambling or any form of gambling or betting to those who live in a jurisdiction where gambling is considered unlawful.

The information within RealMoney.Games, and any links to other websites, are presented solely for informational purposes. Use of this information in violation of any country specific, federal, state or local laws is prohibited. In no way do RealMoney.Games endorse or seek to endorse any listed sites. All review material and information is the personal view of RealMoney.Games contributors, and may contain inaccuracies of which the contributors are unaware.

RealMoney.Games and anyone associated with the operation of the site can and will not be held responsible for any personal loss of wagers or damages you may incur, or if discrepancies occur between any online gambling operation and you the player.

While we do our best to ensure all information shown on the site is accurate and up to date, there may be times when information is temporarily inaccurate. Always double check any information – especially around bonus terms and conditions, but around any other elements which involve the deposit of money too.

We strongly recommend that you always check the terms and conditions on any gambling website you visit or select a link to.

We recommend that you consult your local regulatory authorities prior to registering with any online wagering service. Once you have registered with any service described by RealMoney.Games, or have used a link from RealMoney.Games to any third party website, you are then entering into agreements direct with that third party over which RealMoney.Games has no control. You should ensure that you read the terms and conditions and privacy policy of any gambling service before registering, and ensure that it is legal for you to enter into agreements with that third party.

Anyone concerned about having a gambling problem can find contact details for support groups on the responsible gambling page of this website.

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