EWar Games Review – Real Money Video Game Contests

The increasing interest in online skill games for real money shows no signs of abating, and if anything has grown further as lockdowns due to Covid-19 have had an impact on our daily lives. More and more players are looking to competitive video games as a way of making extra cash – perhaps to bring in a little extra cash where needed, or maybe just as pure entertainment. 

So it’s always useful to be aware of great places to play, and EWar Games have quickly positioned themselves high on the Esports list. 

On this page we’ll be reviewing the real money contests offered by Ewar and how they’ve grown to become one of the leaders in the field (especially for those players based in India). 

EWar are certainly worth taking note of, with founder and CEO Parth Chadha stating in October 2020 that user numbers had increased threefold this year, with similar increases in the number of games played along with the average time spent by each player on the site. 

What Is EWar Games 

Billed as ”India’s leading Esports platform”, Ewar offers mobile gaming contests where players can compete against each other ‘’at the same levels at which big sports are played’’. 

If you can overcome your opponents in either multi-player or one vs one challenges, there are real cash and other prizes to be won. Build up your battle points total to take down some of the prizes.

You can also practice for free before playing money games

E-War Games is available in eight languages, including English, Hindi, Bengali, Marathi, and more.  

Plus the gaming is not just for actually playing – you can watch live streams of your fellow gamers or the growing number of professional players and get some social fun too by chatting with other gamers during games. 

Which Games Can Be Played

There is no shortage of big name, popular games in the Ewar tournament list. The Ewar games library includes such titles as Call Of Duty and PUBG, while sports fans can enjoy games of Pro-Cricket Champion. Fun games include Ant Smash and Candy Jam.

EWar Games Library

Prizes – How Much Can You Win

Prizes vary, but as an example a recent Call Of Duty tournament carried a prize pool of RS3000, while another PUBG Lite Championship tourney had a prize pool of  RS15000. 

Where To Download

This is easy, just head to the Ewar Games home page and you can download simply be entering a mobile number. You’ll quickly receive a link to download the app.

You can also get the app at the Google Play store.


As you’d expect, the platform offers some great features:

Single-Player or Multiplayer Gameplay

All games offer the chance to play alone or in contests or tournaments. Play against friends or complete strangers.

Free Practice Games

Increase your gaming skills in practice mode before progressing to real money contests.

Skill Level Upgrades

As your gaming skills grow, upgrade a level to meet better and better players.


Playing in tournaments of any kind can be great fun and test your skills to the maximum. Play well and you’ll have chances to get your name at the top end of the leaderboard.


It’s easy to challenge other players to a 1 vs 1 contest, either with a friend or any other player.  Challenges are a great way to gauge your ability level compared to opponents, how quickly you’re improving, and how well you play.

Watch Live Streaming

It’s not always about playing the games, watching can be good fun too. Certainly it’s a way of improving your own skill to watch how others use strategies and gameplay. You may also just want to watch to learn the basics of how to play any game, or just as a diversion if you’re tired or don’t feel up to playing.


While you’re playing any game you can take advantage of the chat feature to socialise with other gamers. 

How To Play 

You can of course learn how to play the games themselves in free play mode, but to get to that point simply:

  • Download the app
  • Set up a user account
  • Connect with a suitable device (android or iOS smartphone)

Once you’re set up and can get to play the contests, it’s your skill that will determine how far you can go. 

Who Can Play 

There are a couple of main regulatory restrictions on who can play:

Age restriction of 18+
Tournaments are only playable by residents of India except for the states of Assam, Nagaland, Sikkim, Odisha & Telangana

Support and Contact Details

User support can be reached by email at support@ewar.in or phone at +91 9513306885

Pros & Cons

The pros of playing at EWar Games are obvious – free, straightforward gaming if you want it, play anywhere on your mobile, good fun, win money if you’re good. Plus the inherent nature of friendly competition and the bringing together of video game fans to all enjoy it together. What’s not to like?

As a competitor, winning a tournament or head to head match can result in some serious elation. Plus doing that in a team fosters a real sense of collective achievement.

There are some drawbacks though, with those around the technical performance of the app perhaps being the most noteworthy. You’ll rarely find the app just doesn’t work at all (unless it’s related to connectivity on your device or network), but some users have experienced lags, dropouts, and disappearing registrations.

As the popularity of platform game increases these are expected to become less and less.

Of course it’s a drawback that only India based players can play, and this slightly restrits the overall potential quality of opposition. But there are plenty of good video gamers in India!! 

The chat feature might be hard to manage, with some players perhaps going overboard with bad comments. If this is a problem you can always just ignore. 

The last negative might sound surprising – the cash prizes! That’s because, although some of the pools may seem to total good sums of money, when they’re split multiple ways the amount you actually win might end up being fairly small.


This whole page is a fairly in depth resource for anyone who wants to know what EWar Games is all about, so there’s not much value in pointing you towards similar pages elsewhere.

The best additional resources then are going to be those that might give you pointers on how to win at video gaming. 

You can watch the video below for some tips on how to become a better player, but practice is the best way of improving. Alternatively take a look at this article by Gamerzclass.

<iframe width=”560″ height=”315″ src=”https://www.youtube.com/embed/dpheusjvldY” frameborder=”0″ allow=”accelerometer; autoplay; clipboard-write; encrypted-media; gyroscope; picture-in-picture” allowfullscreen></iframe>

The Future

The near future is likely to see additional games added to the library, which of course will almost certainly result in more players downloading the app. 

Further ahead it’s a near certainty that we’ll see improvements in technical performance. That definitely will increase player volumes(and surely lower the number of bad comments seen in reviews around technical performance). 

If the initial success of Ewar continues, we can expect to see bigger cash prize pools.


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