EWar Games Review – Real Money Video Game Contests

The increasing interest in online skill games for real money shows no signs of abating, and if anything has grown further as lockdowns due to Covid-19 have had an impact on our daily lives. More and more players are looking to competitive video games as a way of making extra cash – perhaps to bring in a little extra cash where needed, or maybe just as pure entertainment. 

So it’s always useful to be aware of great places to play, and EWar Games have quickly positioned themselves high on the Esports list. 

On this page we’ll be reviewing the real money contests offered by Ewar and how they’ve grown to become one of the leaders in the field (especially for those players based in India). 

EWar are certainly worth taking note of, with founder and CEO Parth Chadha stating in October 2020 that user numbers had increased threefold this year, with similar increases in the number of games played along with the average time spent by each player on the site. 

What Is EWar Games 

Billed as ”India’s leading Esports platform”, Ewar offers mobile gaming contests where players can compete against each other ‘’at the same levels at which big sports are played’’. 

If you can overcome your opponents in either multi-player or one vs one challenges, there are real cash and other prizes to be won. Build up your battle points total to take down some of the prizes.

You can also practice for free before playing money games

E-War Games is available in eight languages, including English, Hindi, Bengali, Marathi, and more.  

Plus the gaming is not just for actually playing – you can watch live streams of your fellow gamers or the growing number of professional players and get some social fun too by chatting with other gamers during games. 

Which Games Can Be Played

There is no shortage of big name, popular games in the Ewar tournament list. The Ewar games library includes such titles as Call Of Duty and PUBG, while sports fans can enjoy games of Pro-Cricket Champion. Fun games include Ant Smash and Candy Jam.

EWar Games Library
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