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Casino games don’t just make themselves. Someone has to be beavering away in the background to create them, and that someone is a clever games developer. It’s big business, with a wide number of firms dedicated to creating games for the online casinos.

It’s this software that determines the look and feel of the games, how they’re presented, the graphics, and of course the gameplay itself. The task of the software developers is to deliver them in a way that recreates the feel of being in a real casino and making the games easily playable, visually appealing, and wildly entertaining.

It’s not just the games either. Software determines what deposit and withdrawal options the casino delivers, security mechanisms, how you can get support, and how promotional offers like bonuses are run.

And in an era where we want to be able to play games wherever and whenever we like, it determines what the experience will be like on mobile devices- iPhones, iPads, tablets, and other smartphones. And how it performs on Mac devices too.

HTML5, 3D, live dealer gaming, and virtual reality all come into the mix too, illustrating how the industry can never stand still and must continually innovate to survive.

3 Main Types Of Casino Software 

There are three main types of software – download, no download, and apps…… 

Browser Based No Download

With no need to download and install any software on your home device, these games are easy to play. Most casinos offer them now, with the casinos servers taking all the load and serving up the graphics.

Downloadable Games

Clearly downloadable means you need to download software and install it. It will then run the games locally on your computer or phone. Not ideal, but not the end of the world either. Just make sure anything you download is from a trusted source.

This downloadable casino software page is a good example of what you’ll see when you hit a link in search results while looking for software to play.


Game apps are for designed for smartphones and other handheld mobile devices that are compatible with online casino software. They offer a simple way to access games on the go. You can find many casino game apps at places like the Apple Store and Google Play.

We should mention HTML5 here. Many slots and other casino games are now being built in HTML5. It’s not software as such, Wikipedia describe it as ” a markup language (just like HTML4) but the way the term is being commonly used is as a conglomerate of web technologies, including javascript (a programming language), CSS (a styling mechanism), HTML (a markup language) and sometimes server side languages as well.

It’s particularly effective in the presentation of games on mobile devices.

Best Casino Game Software Developers 

There are big names and smaller. Big doesn’t necessarily mean best of course (although in the casino software industry it does hold true to a point). Some will have their roots in the land-based casino world and expanded online as the industry took off, others have always been entirely focused on online gaming

Let’s take a look at a few of the names that’ll pay to be aware of. These firms will all have a good prospects of topping any list of best casino games for graphics, speed, entertainment points, or payouts.


From their start in 1999, Playtech progressed to became one of the leading software developers. They were instrumental in developing many of the features which are commonplace in online casinos now, such as VIP clubs and points, high security, and the ability to track win and loss amounts via game histories.

But the firm didn’t rest there, and became one of the big names in development of live dealer games.

If you’re a slots fan, you’ll have heard of the Marvel slots which are yet another key factor in Playtech’s success.


Microgaming are also one of the leading casino software developers, and have been around even longer than Playtech. Since 1994 in fact. In addition to casino games they also run the world’s biggest online poker network as well as dabbling in bingo gaming.

Their software is well known for live casino dealer games and mobile. Over 120 casinos run on it, providing games from an 800 game plus catalogue.

Slots fans will know Microgaming as the inventor of the progressive jackpot slots.

Real Time Gaming – RTG

Often abbreviated to “RTG”, Real Time Gaming fall a little behind our top two in terms of their reach in online casinos, but they’re still in the best software companies list courtesy of a range of great progressive slots and table games.

Net Entertainment – NetEnt

Net Entertainment, often shortened to “Net Ent”, is an online gaming provider that excels in everything it does and is well regarded for its exceptional games. They put a lot of effort into ensuring games are built with an eye on innovation and high quality delivery.

This focus on originality has positioned them as a strong contender for the overall best software provider.. There are over 200 game titles in the Net Ent catalogue, including some hugely popular, award-winning slots.

So slots are where Net Ent excel, but they’re also responsible for some great casino table games, including blackjack titles like Blackjack Pro.


Canada-based Cryptologic were founded in the 90’s, quickly delivering a pioneering approach to casino game development. Their downloadable software won multiple awards in casino of the year and best casino software categories over the years.


Another name worth noting, Betsoft operate in a similar fashion to Netent. In fact, a collaboration between the two could one day result in what would have a serious shot of being the best software firm in existence.

Their focus is on high quality slots and table games, with 3D gaming being a favourite target of their development teams. 3D slots are great fun, and seeking out Betsoft’s creations is likely to get any slots fan hooked. There’s little doubt that virtual reality gaming will be on their agenda.

SG Interactive

Perhaps not a name you’ll instantly recognise, but a name you won’t forget once you know that they are the owners of brands like Williams, Barcrest and Bally Gaming.

Slots regulars will know SG as the developer of Rainbow Riches, one of the most popular slots ever.


Casino software development is a global business, so it’ll be no surprise to see an Australian company in the list. And we all know how much the Australians love pokies right? Aristocrat certainly do, and have introduced popular versions of slots such as Bing Ben, Lucky 88 and Queen of the Nile.

Lists Of Casino Software Operators 

So we have our 8 of the best list above. But there are dozens more. And some of them are well worth investigating.

It’s all been done before though and the sites below have put a lot of time and effort into building detailed lists. Using them in combination will get you a few lines at least on every casino software supplier there is.

The Anatomy Of a Casino Software Firm


So what makes a good software company? When it comes down to a choice of two similar slots for example, which one are you more likely to choose?

You’ll see that brand recognition is an important factor in how software firms differentiate themselves. Essentially they’re all creating the same product, though with varying degrees of originality and innovation.

Obviously we’re going to be able to gauge quality by the games themselves. But if you want to delve a bit deeper than the surface and really get a feeling for what makes a software firm tick, just take a look at their website.

Here are a few for starters…

The Number 1 Casino Games Software 

Selecting any operator as the best or number 1 is difficult. In their own way – and depending on what their focus is – there are a few that have a shot at the title.

At the end of the day, it varies depending on what you want from your gaming.

Overall, Betsoft and NetEnt give a stunning gaming experience and they’re highly acclaimed throughout the industry.

For variety in games though it’ll probably be Microgaming or Playtech, with their progressive jackpots, live dealer games, and high quality table games.

Lots of factors then, but there are a few more too and it will help to break them down:

Which Casino Software Works Best?

Let’s see which casino software works best based on certain criteria.

Best Software By Payouts

On average – if you want best payback figures – it’ll be Microgaming and Net Ent at the top of the list. Combined they the highest paying slots you’ll find, although NetEnt will come out slightly better of the two on average.

Best Casino Software By Size

Size isn’t everything of course. But it can often imply quality and certainly success. And very few products are successful unless they’re worthwhile.

That’s certainly the case with Playtech, who take top spot for the sheer number of games they’ve created.

Graphics & Appearance

The games that give the best performance in the graphics department will be coming from Net Ent, BetSoft and IGT. Of these three, BetSoft seems to be the best one.

Innovation & Originality

Software developers that display an original approach will eventually rise to the top of the tree, and the best performer in this category is NetEnt. Take a look at a few of their recent titles and you’ll see what we mean, they’re busting with original ideas and always look to be trying a different approach.

What Else Does A Software Developer Do? 

In the early days of casino gaming, a software developer would focus on their core business – that of creating games and getting them in front of gamblers or punters.

Many still do, but there are other aspects to consider aside from getting games out.

Those other aspects presented an opportunity – one which some of the biggest operators took with both hands. Hence it’s increasingly likely that it’s not just creating games which is now their core business, but they’ll also be offering full packages that include security features, payment options, and licensing all thrown in.

 Mobile Casino Software

You may remember reading some five years ago that mobile gaming was on the increase, but no one could have predicted just how fast that increase would come. They say that internet searches on mobile devices are now greater in number than PCs or laptops.

Clearly the casino software industry needed to keep pace, and some developers kept up quicker than others. That positioned some of the developers well, with an early mover advantage.

As you’d expect, Microgaming and Playtech were two at the head of affairs early on and are maintaining a strong focus on creating mobile-optimised titles. They can’t rest on their laurels however, with all of the other big names getting a firm foothold too.

This list of mobile casino game developers at tells the whole story on who’s doing what.

More Resources 

We’ve already mentioned a number of great resources higher up on the page, particularly those that provide lists of casino software developers. But there’s plenty of other info available on our subject.

As usual, the Youtube channel on casino game software is worth a look in, while Wikipedia also has a dedicated page.

The video below specifically looks at some live dealer software available from Global Gaming Labs. They offer one of the finest live casino software products in the industry.


It’s easy just to log in to your casino account, select a game, and play without even thinking about where the games come from. By analysing who the casino software operators are and how they operate, we’ve got a much better feeling now for what’s behind the games we play, and more importantly which ones are going to give the best experiences.

So it’s clear from our list of software firms that you’ll see the same names appearing regularly in any best games lists. That will give you a good pointer to the software to be watching out for, but don’t forget it’s not just software that makes the overall experience.

For an experience which gives great casino gaming entertainment, you’re going to need to strike a balance between the software you want to play, and where to play based on the key factors of trust, legality, and extra offers like bonuses or promotions.

Without software driving the whole package though, there’d be no package. So the next time you’re thinking about signing up with a new online casino, make sure you take in to account just who’s games you’ll be playing.

It can make a big difference.

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