Fanplay Live Video – Hosted Quiz Contests For Real Money

Guide to the new celebrity-hosted Fanplay question and answer competitions. Get the chance to win cash prizes with your knowledge.

After the explosion of interest in real money quizzes generated by the arrival of HQ Trivia and other cash prize trivia games, it’s fair to say the industry has been waiting for something fresh to appear.

After all, a quiz is a quiz right? Whether it’s based on trivia type questions, sports, personalities, or whatever.

So how could a real money quiz be delivered in a new way?

Step forward a new offering from FanPlay, who – unsurprisingly given the huge interest in question and answer contests in India – is based in India itself. Such is the interest in India in fact, that trivia based quizzes are considered a sport by many fans. The highly popular TV game show Kaun Banega Crorepati or KBC is a perfect example.  

Fanplay have a real money quiz gaming application on the way which will offer players the chance to get involved in pay to enter, live video-based quizzes with cash prizes going to the winners. It promises to be a new form of real cash video gaming.

On this page we’ll take a look at who Fanplay are, why the Fanplay app has a chance of becoming one of the highest performing quiz platforms, and how the application and games work.

If the new Fanplay app is successful, it may rival other skill games as one of the best ways to make some extra cash online.

What Is Fanplay?

Fanplay have a real money quiz gaming application on the way which will offer players the chance to get involved in live video-based quizzes with cash prizes going to the winners.

How Does FanPlay Work

The quizzes on FanPlay are intended to be hosted by micro-celebrities, with each quiz based on a specific theme.

Pretty straightforward on the face of it, right?

So Fanplay recognised this, and set about developing a solution with its own unique aspects the most important of which is in volume. The plan is to have hundreds of quizzes running at the same time, each hosted by a subject matter expert or influencer, and with the questions focused on their area of knowledge.

The other aspect which sets Fanplay apart from competitors is in the questions themselves. These will be carefully structured so that giving correct answers will mean any player won’t be able to use general knowledge. They really will have to know the target subject well. 

The mini celebrity hosts get paid, which keeps them involved. The more engagement they get, the more they get paid. Fanplay use the social influence of the celebrities to bring in more players without the normal acquisition or advertising costs a company might have.

The participants get high quality quiz competitions, along with the chance to win some money with their knowledge.

How Much Can You Win

The way Fanplay works is by funding prize pools with entry fees from contestants. These fees feed into a  pool from which quizmasters are paid and Fanplay take their cut as organisers.

So the answer to the question ‘’how much can you win on Fanplay’’ is – at least at this stage – not an easy one to answer. Clearly it depends on the success of the platform and the numbers of entrants.

Where To Play 

FanPlay are planning to start up with two apps, with or without real money contests. Both will be available at the Google Play Store.

Who Are The Key Members

The Fanplay idea began with founders Bharat Gupta and Pritesh Kumar, the CEO and CTO respectively. They had approached a number of investors to obtain the startup capital, and got enough interest to put the show on the road. You can see more information about the company on their linkedin page.

Of course the real stars of the show are the quizmasters and contestants, some of which are destined to become well known in the cash quiz arena.

Rival Quiz Contests

There are plenty of options for playing in cash prize trivia contests. Many of them are listed on the trivia games for money page here on

Since FanPlay is an India based operation though, it makes sense to mention to some other Indian quiz competitions. In particular we could name BaaziNow and Qureka. Both started up in 2018 and have more than 10 million downloads each on the Play Store.

    How Much Does It Cost To Play

    It’s early days yet and details of entry fees are not yet known. You’d think though that these won’t be exorbitant at the outset.

      How To Enter

      Again, the detail of how to play is yet to be announced. As soon as entry requirements and methods are known they’ll be published here.


        If you’re read down this far, I’ll be surprised if you’re not raring to go and wanting to try out some of Fanplay’s quiz contests. Unfortunately there still may be a short wait till you get the chance to play in a video quiz for a cash prize.

        When the platform does arrive there’s every chance that when anyone thinks of online quizzes, it’ll be Fantime competitions that spring first to mind. On what we’ve heard so far, the platform looks set to take high rank in the list of trivia type real money games.

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