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Gambling for real money in VR offers a chance to play cash games that place you deep into the heart of the gaming action as if you were really there.

virtual reality real money gambling games

Did you know Virtual Reality Gambling is here already?

VR is like one of those trains you see in the movies. You’re on the track, you can hear the sizzling of the rails, and you know the train is going to come into view any minute. And you’re right in it’s way.

When the VR locomotive does hit it could truly change the ways we experience gambling games in a big way, and real money gambling is right up there as one of them. A recent study by Technovia suggests the virtual reality gambling industry may be worth a billion dollars by the year 2025.

If you don’t know already, Virtual Reality (or simply VR as it’s often known) is the term given to the technology that can submerse us deep into virtual worlds as if we were really there.

VR will ultimately offer a cost effective, simple way to enjoy experiences that recreate real life experiences in as close a way as possible without actually being there. In particular, it will add a whole new dimension to playing games for real money. Just consider what it would be like playing virtual world games where you earn money, for example.

So how is this done?

The answers is with a combination of headsets, software, video, and other hardware. With each of these in perfect combination you can be effectively transported to an alternative virtual reality. Or at least your brain can believe you are.

In this last paragraph lies the clue in how VR can affect how we experience games, and more to the point for this page in how we experience real money gambling games in virtual reality.

You can read more about how virtual reality works in this excellent Guardian article, but on this page we’ll look at how much progress virtual reality has made already into real money gaming, the types of games that are either available to play now or may be developed in future with VR versions, and where those future developments in VR may lead us…..

Our first step in an introduction to virtual reality gambling is an interesting video. This video takes a look at the poker games on offer at VR Casino – the video was created and posted originally on Twitch.tv.


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