Guide To Online Lotteries 

Play the lottery numbers in dozens of domestic an international lotteries for the chance to win big jackpots

It’s All About Numbers – Playing The Lottery

Playing online lotteries to win money has to be one of the least entertaining ways to win extra cash. Although it’s simple and straightforward, it offers probably the least overall value – in terms of entertainment – than other ways of gaming to win money.

Unlike sports betting, poker, or casino games where you can either watch or actively play for a reasonable period of time to get the most out of your bets, lotteries involve only a few seconds of actual time when a draw is taking place. Yes, there are build ups sometimes with TV programmes designed to drum up anticipation with inane activities and ways to draw the numbers. Still, many lottery players don’t watch those which boils playing the lottery down to choosing a few numbers and buying a ticket…and looking up results….then probably throwing the ticket away.

Not my idea of fun, and for me, they certainly don’t offer the opportunities to profit from forms of real money Tournament play or other types of cash games that require skill. In fact, I’d rather take my chances playing free social poker at Pureplay than trying to guess a line of numbers. 

That said, there are some good points. There’s no question that lotteries are popular, and have been for many years. Who hasn’t dreamed of that $60 million win?

Lotteries do offer the chance to win those types of life changing sums of money for a reasonably low outlay. Plus they work well in a syndicate environment where chances can be increased by buying larger numbers of tickets and splitting the winnings.

The ease of playing should also come into consideration. Pretty much anyone over the legal age can play, and there are plenty of operators now like Playhugelottos or Jackpot.com where you can buy tickets online for many of the international draws. If you do buy a lottery ticket online, keep your eye open for the same operators selling scratchcard tickets as well. Scratchcards are closely related to lotteries, and they’re a good way to play games for instant cash prizes.

It’s also worth remembering that lotteries are also often run in support of good causes, with percentages of the money wagered going towards financing initiatives in those causes. 

But the realism is that winning huge amounts of money playing the lottery is (almost) certainly never going to result in a win of that magnitude. Smaller winning amounts are possible though, and for many lottery fans playing the numbers has become a part of the weekly ritual. The dream of winning big is always alive. 

If you do want to have a go at picking up a win, you’ll need to know which lottery options are open to you. Much will depend on which country you live in. You may need to consider whether to try playing online or in an offline contest. Operators such as Lottosend can help with this.

Either way you decide, lotteries will most likely never quite match the excitement and interest of a poker game or some spins on a slot. For a low outlay though (if you keep it sensible) you can keep alive that dream of a big pile of lottery cash…….

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