Board Games For Money

With a handful of well-known games to choose from there will be one to suit most tastes. Don’t expect big wins, but you can expect all the fun of the titles you’ve played a million times along with the chance of winning some cash.

Real Money Board Games? Really?

We’ve covered some popular types of games on RealMoney.Games from those that require practice and skill like competitive video game contests through to the fully chance-based games such as those you’ll find in a casino.

But one hugely important category of games is that of those that are played out on boards and – of course -there are plenty of ways to play well known board games for money too.

On this page we’ll explore some of those different types of board games which can be played for cash, along with some of the positives and negatives of playing them.

If you just want to play for fun there’s a new way of enjoying a vast range of different board games from around the world that could easily take off – it’s an innovative idea based on beads that you can find more detail on at website

Of course your options for real money gaming don’t always just depend on gambling type gaming where you’re wagering against the house or opponents. If you’re very good at a game you’ll often find there are real live tournaments where you can play it at championship levels.

That’s especially true with some forms of cash skill-gaming, and some board games fall into this category.

So what better-known board game is there than Monopoly? This video covers the 2009 World Championships final.

Considering Playing Board Games To Make Some Extra Cash?

Online board gaming for money is becoming extremely popular year on year. Games like checkers, chess, Yahtzee, dominoes and even bridge sit in a list of games where you need to be skilled to win money. They’re classics which have been around long before any of us were born…yet can still be found in some forms on today’s high-tech online gaming sites that offer them alongside cash prizes.

However they’re not as prevalent as a number of our other real money gaming types and some of them are not so suited to be played online. If we take chess as an example – the king of the all board games – you would perhaps be better off finding a local chess tournament and physically registering to play. There would be a registration fee and you will not have to be a member of whatever club or organisation you approach, but they do tend to be frequently held.

But you can play online, either for free and just for fun or competitively for cash. However, actually earning a living from it would most likely be tough going. If we take dominoes, as an example of a classic game, there is money to be made on the websites of some game operators.  It should be said though that some of these type sites have a history of being there one minute, and gone the next.

Apps can sometimes seem to be more reliable than websites these days, but make sure the app is downloaded through the Apple iPhone app store (iTunes) or Google Play (if you have an Android operating system). Apps that make it onto those two platforms would have to pass a number of security and reputation demands, so a level of trustworthiness should always back these apps up.

If you’re going to play at one of the sites that offer board game contests and do not yet have a PayPal account, then I suggest you open one up. It is not as easy as you might think and the world’s number one online payment structure demands high levels of security and trust from those joining, but once you have won it’s extremely useful. Making money online – whether it is from board games, micro jobs or earnings from virtual multi-player games – more often than not lists PayPal as one of the deposit and withdrawal methods.

Yahtzee can be played online (for cash) at a couple of betting websites. However, these sites are not global and betting rules restrict participants to certain countries. This is down to the law of that country.

Many of the states in the US have a law making it illegal to gamble online. You can actually gamble in the U.S. but to do so would mean you have to physically turn up in the city of Las Vegas or Atlantic City, or there are a few states which have regulated online gambling meaning you can place online wagers from within that state and with registered/authorised operators.

The rules around gambling in the US do have some complexity and while it’s true that many forms of virtual gambling are prohibited, this doesn’t include games of skill.

It’s debatable whether real money board games are considered as skill-based – in fact some are and some aren’t – so if you are a US citizen and want to play you should carry out some checks. This next section should help clarify the position….


Is Winning At Board Games Down To Skill Or Chance? 

The real answer to this question is of course a bit of both.

Like some other types of real money gaming, where skill is a factor in winning you still need at least some luck.

For example those games where you progress through a game by not much more than moving spaces after a dice roll, turning up a useful card, or landing a good position after a spin on a wheel would normally be classified as chance games.

But even some of those types of games – and definitely a number of others – may or do require a strategic approach either in part or completely.

And this is precisely where skill comes into the equation. Or you could argue a mixture of skill, sharp-thinking,  and experience.

If playing board games with money being at stake, you’ll need to identify the different types and where they sit on the line between purse chance games and pure skill games. Then choose the one that meets your needs from the experience.

The Games

Right let’s have a look at a small but select list of real money board games. Most of these will be names you’ll have known since playing them as a child:

Chess – The Grandmaster of All Board Games

The free-to-join website is said to have nearly 16 million members and is growing rapidly. You can learn how to become very good at chess from the masters, practice against the computer and play free games against others from any country in the world. There is no need to speak a common language in this board game king of kings – the rules are the same whatever language you speak. and are just two of hundreds of websites where cash can be built up in your account, simply for being very good at the game.

Most of the play-for-cash websites and apps seem to be accepting debit and credit cards, as well as PayPal. Often when you play against an opponent in these online money-making chess sites, there will be a timer (usually five minutes per move or 45 minutes for the entire game), which prevents players from abandoning a losing game.

The great thing about the timers is that you can set these yourself. You will get speed chess players challenge you, or slow and thoughtful players come on board – it all depends on the timer set levels you evoke.

One thing to watch for carefully in cash chess games is cheating. Cheating online at chess is done by those who invest in a good chess program and use it to beat you up with. is an online platform for playing chess and picking up real cash winnings which has a solution for this form of cheating. You have an chance to select the speed game option as this will prevent an opponent from using some sort of software – speed chess makes it harder for someone with that software to get it to work effectively.

As mentioned earlier, if your country has laws restricting money being won from gaming online, then registration could be denied.

How You Can Be the Chancellor of Checkers

Checkers (American-English) or Draughts (English) is a popular game which some people often described as a poor man’s game of chess. Certainly the basic concept of the game of checkers is simpler than that of chess, but players can still enjoy hours of fun playing this classic, competitive and addictive board game.

It is known to be a brain-training game with a strategy that is simple yet brilliant. Moreover, being a two-player game checkers grandmasters are always going to get a golden opportunity to enjoy and revel in the victory.

But what if you wish to pit your skills against another and win at checkers online? That is easy enough: there are a multitude of websites and apps available but to play to win cash prizes you can join professionally built sites like

These apps demand registration, a small deposit (as a playing wager) and an element of strategy and skill. Payment can be easily withdrawn by credit, debit card or PayPal.

There are absolutely thousands of players online at any one time. The website demands an email address, password and a deposit source and you are ready to play and win.


Backgammon is another board game that has a strategy-driven edge to it and has fascinated players and gamblers alike for centuries. It is one of the classics and is only ever played by two players – giving you a 50/50 chance of success.

Now, if you fancy yourself as a bit of a backgammon master then why not try to make some cash from the game?

Each board consists of 24 narrow points, shaped a bit like an Isosceles triangle on steroids. The object of backgammon is to move all your counters into the home board (from the outer board) and then bear them off. The outer board and the home board are separated by a ridge called the bar. The first player to bear off all of their checkers is the winner!

Playing backgammon for money is a very popular pastime online. So, although you can expect to find several websites and apps that let you play backgammon for money, the competition will be tough.

Opportunities for success at backgammon are far wider than other board games like Yahtzee, dominoes and even chess, so get practising on one of the free sites first then take on the world through the multitude of websites and apps that pay out.

Playing Yahtzee for Cash

Games of strategy have always impressed players, which is why Yahtzee has been popular for longer than anyone alive today can remember. It has come a long way since it was played with just the five dice, a sheet of paper and a pen.

Today, there are Excel spreadsheets with built in formulas to help you with strategy, score and time-saving techniques. Hand-held gaming consoles have also helped a new generation playing Yahtzee get better and better.

There are plenty of online communities where Yahtzee is played for fun. If you are not too familiar with the game, we would suggest registering on these sites and getting a feel for the competitive edge that Yahtzee presents.

To go head first into a gaming platform that pays out cash for winning participants would be ill-advised, as the competition within these platforms can be fierce at times – and rather than profit, you could lose money.

Bet Online and are two websites that offer just a little more than a punt on a horse race, football match or a winner in the X-Factor show – they allow you to play Yahtzee against others with real money for successful participants.


Dominoes are descended from simple dice games. The players will compete with a set of 28 pieces (we used to call them “bones”). And turning the clock back around four decades and more, one would have heard several pubs rattling with a noise of people playing dominoes. Some played for money, while others played for a “round” of ales, and all the while, the heavy smoke filled the air in the public houses across the land.

It is a game played by ancient kings and even Presidents. There have been many variants of dominoes over the centuries and one set has even been discovered in the tomb of King Tut!

Today, dominoes can be played online. You will not have to endure the smoke-filled pubs and “gentlemen’s clubs” where players have to be seconded before being allowed to participate. The online dominoes games we have seen require an Android app download where you can face off against friends on Facebook, and in time, unlock achievements and prizes.

Online games of dominoes played through social media are a good way of training for when you do actually play for money – real hard cash. There are sites online where you can pit your dice skills against others and win money.

Games like dominoes online are multi-player games, so you should expect to download a harmless piece of graphics software and then aim to play when your wits are well and truly all about you.

So, get training on the app and then when you feel you are ready to register and take on the world of domino players, you can make some cash.


While arguably not a board game in the true sense of the word, Bingo can be played on boards hence seems worthy of a mention. I don’t need to explain it here, if you don’t already know how bingo works I’ll fall off my chair! For more on the intricacies of online play though you can read more in the dedicated bingo section.

If falls firmly into the category of chance-based games for money so you won’t be using any skill to win, but does have its moment as a laid back, non pressurized way of playing for the chance to win some extra dollars.

Playing On Mobile

We all know the draw of being able to play games on our mobiles, right? Being able to play whenever and wherever you want has some big benefits that can’t be overlooked, and for some of us it may be the only way to play.

Personally I think you’ll get a better experience on a laptop or PC, although some board games can be effectively played on a smaller screen. I’ve not tried it, but chess for example should render well on a smartphone.

If playing on mobile does grab your interest I’d suggest that the app stores are the best places to go and find something worthwhile. Backgammon for example can be played on a mobile app, and this backgammon mobile app from GT Holdings looks worth a try. The makers state you can  ”Enjoy limitless cash prizes and bonuses playing Backgammon: the world’s best and oldest board game. Download Backgammon for Money and use your Backgammon skill to win hundreds of dollars from real money games!


We’ve got a couple of strong positives for playing real money board games:

1. You probably already have the knowledge of a game to get involved. Most you’ll have played before, and possibly many times. So there won’t be much to learn, other than honing any strategy skills that might help in the task of winning.

2. For a similar reason, with some games you’ll be able to take a fairly laid back approach and just enjoy the gameplay. many board games offer a sedate gaming experience.

3. With those games where you do have to think, you’ve got the best chances of gaining an advantage. Be better than your opponent(s) and – although you may not win every time – in the long run or over a reasonable length series of games you should end up ahead.


If you’re already a board game fan there are not going to be any heavy cons.

I guess the biggest is that if you’re used to playing a game for the pure enjoyment of it, then suddenly moving to playing for money could change your perception and ultimately put you off playing. Sometimes the added pressure of playing with real risk attached can affect how anyone plays a game.

There’s also the usual risk of addiction which is there with any form of gaming for money. As always, make sure you read the responsible gaming page and learn how to recognise and avoid the risk of addition.


As usual there are a handful of resources which might be useful.


You’ll find the standard collection of videos on Youtube. Not as many as with some other real money game types but still a few worth watching.


There’s plenty of up to date information posted regularly on the popular social networks. Twitter is always worth keeping an eye on, though most Tweets seem to be on general board gaming subjects rather than winning cash by playing. Facebook is obviously going to be at the top of any list too, while Tumblr posts on real money board games are another potential useful resource.

Info Websites

Cash prize board gaming has a smaller audience than other games such as poker and video gaming, hence the number of information-type websites covering the subject is more limited. But there are one or two worthy of mention. Neither particularly offer any more than you’re already read here on RealMoney.Games but in the interest of covering as much as we can – and maybe seeing some different viewpoints – let’s take a look…

This article at Mantalk explores the benefits of playing games in general, some of which can be applied to board games too.

Before you do play any games for money you’ll need to be clued up on rules. Board games are no different and this page has a comprehensive list.


Dedicated board game forums are probably the best go to for news, views, and discussions for anything cash prize related. Boardgamegeek looks to be the most well known and stands out as a good example.

Games Operators

If you’re ready to play you have a choice to make – either go to a website that covers various types of games and pick out your favourite or visit one of the sites dedicated to a particular game.

I favour the latter, simply because that type of site is more likely to offer a better overall gaming experience. You’ll find links to these in the individual game sections above.

However if you do want a site that covers multiple games, then GameColony or Playjava are worth checking out. You might need to be cautious with Playjava as the site has an aged look and feel to it, although that doesn’t necessarily mean there’s anything wrong. GameColony in comparison is a well known operator that’s been running for many years and offers competitive gaming in a number of the board games we’ve covered.


If it’s names of people who may have association with the board games industry you’re looking for, the most obvious place to start is at LinkedIn.


Playing board games for cash – while having its fans – is one of the more niche ways of gaming to win money. That doesn’t mean to say it doesn’t make for a fun and enjoyable experience, and if you’re a fan there are a few good opportunities.

It won’t have the same negative gambling connotations as casino gambling, doesn’t involve the deep strategy requirements as poker gaming, and certainly won’t be up there with video gaming.

But what it does offer is a choice of games that have been around for a long time, you probably already know how to play, and which with some extra practice from a competitive gaming for money perspective can make a positive impact on your bank balance. You’re unlikely to be buying a new car with the winnings, but you’ll have plenty of fun in the attempt.

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