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Hi. Welcome to the RealMoney.games about page.

I’m Steve, the owner, creator, and almost sole author of everything you’ll read on this site. That’s me to the right (or further below if you’re reading this on a mobile phone). It’s a passport photo for now, hence the expression!

Before we detail the ‘reason to be’ for this site, I’d like to make a few crucial points about the material we cover here and how it’s done……

First, we’ll answer the question, “What is RealMoney.games?“

The answer is:

Well, as a high-level summary for a massive subject: RealMoney.games is a website that lists and explores all different types of games that can be played for real money prizes.

Now to some stuff you need to be aware of:

1. Real money gaming invariably involves forms of gambling. Not all the time, but in many games, you will need to risk the money you have to (hopefully) win more of it. There are ways to limit the risk of losing money, for instance, in tournament gaming, but it is a risk.

It’s not my intention to glorify gambling or any aspect of it. I take as reasonable steps as possible to avoid sensationalising any elements of what you will read here.


Well, I mentioned that gambling comes with risks. In some cases, they can be significant risks, and addiction is one. I believe that’s avoidable, but I can only say that from personal experience, which may not apply to you. If you have any concern that you may be prone to addiction (and in the case of real money gaming, that might have far-reaching negative consequences), I’d advise you just don’t get involved.

It’s not all bad, and the debate about whether gambling is good or bad will have supporters on both sides. Gambling can be seen as a source of some great entertainment – and one which might at the same time return you some extra cash – as long as you are in control of it and it’s not controlling you.

You can read more about the risks and steps you can take to avoid them on the responsible gambling page.

I’ll say here – if you read anything on any of the pages that seem to be sensationalising any of the games or operators, please let me know, and I’ll take steps to correct it.

I do want to provide information, not an enticement. That’s not the point of the site.


2. Realmoney.games don’t operate on an affiliate model, as do many gambling-type sites you’ll come across. There’s nothing inherently wrong with that model – and in the suitable cases where it adds value to readers, I wouldn’t be averse to using it. I don’t have an ethical problem with it (if I did, then, in theory, I wouldn’t be writing about the subject anyway).

I’m not too fond of it, though, because it can lead to a situation where you deliberately promote one operator in favour of others, even if that operator may not be the absolute best choice. The intent, of course, is to make more money from suggesting those operators.

Not all gambling affiliate sites work that way, and there are plenty that you can trust to give accurate and helpful information. If you ever want to know of any – and you’re unsure where to go – I probably know most of them. Drop me a line, and I can give you a few names.

In general, this site is a labour of love. Not of money-making. Sure it would be nice to cover operating costs and maybe even have a little leftover. I’m not that daft!

The site does make a small amount of money from other forms of advertising, though that income is pretty much just enough to fund the site and what it needs to keep running, resolve issues, improve visibility etc.

In ten years, if RealMoney.games is seen as a complete/trusted resource for all types of real money gaming, even though it hasn’t reached any absolute level of financial success, I’ll have achieved what I wanted to achieve. And sometimes, the achievement of a goal is what counts.

A few minutes ago, I said about the content you’ll find here that mainly comes from my hand (and experience). Given the broad nature of our subject, I couldn’t possibly know about every aspect of every type of game. So a minimal number of pages may be written by other contributors. Experts in their field will almost always write these, and I’ll have always vetted them for accuracy and value before publication.

If you want to contribute to or correct anything you read in any way, please feel free to contact me again.

OK. Let’s say a little more about me and the site.


So what gives me specifically the authority to write valuable and trustworthy articles on real money gaming?

The main answer is around 40 years of gambling experience, plus approximately ten years of writing informative words on other websites based on that experience.

In that 40 years, I’ve been actively engaged in various forms of gambling. I’ve won money and lost it. I’ve had some great times and some not-so-great. But fortunately, I’ve managed to control it and learned a whole bunch of valuable lessons.

There’s a little more personal stuff about me further below, but for now, all this brings us to the point of Realmoney.games itself.


And that point is to deliver helpful information about the different types of games that anyone eligible can play for cash prizes, where you can play them, and some incidental info about how you can get the best out of the experience.

I can’t say a lot more than that. To find out more, navigate to the home page and start from there.

About Steve Cross

Living with a long-term partner (Beth) in a small village in the middle of England near Leicester.

We have a lovely 13-year-old boy, an absolute diamond. I just turned 60. I have two older children from a previous marriage – Lewis and Chloe. I’m very proud of both. Lewis will follow in my footsteps; he’s already picking winners on the horses and has collected on a couple of football accumulators. Chloe finished university with excellent grades and is a very sensible girl. She has just landed a government job in Brussels.

One of my real passions is horse racing.

From the time my Dad gave me my first ever winner back in 1977 – £3 to win on Strawhill at 8 to 1 – I’ve been in love with the horses. The sport of kings – thundering hooves, flying leaps, the rush of adrenaline when yours is getting close, and the glow that comes from getting one over on the bookies, no matter how big or small the return.

It’s not about the money; it’s about the passion, the participation. Of course, winning is great, but I’ve experienced more emotion when losing narrowly or realising I’ve watched a titanic battle even if my horse wasn’t involved. I’ve cried with the knowledge that I saw something special and can almost touch the memories of those historic races – Diamond Edge just beaten in The Whitbread, Path Of Peace romping home in the November Handicap mud at 25-1, and more recently Imperial Commander beaten by the width of a piece of paper by the irrepressible Kauto Star, truly one of the greatest chasers ever.

Imperial Commander was carrying the weight of my biggest ever bet in that race. It was placed with Bet365, and the fact that I lost lets me make a strong point that I want you to understand – and that point is that it’s all supposed to be fun. Treat your betting as an enjoyable pastime, only play with what you can afford to lose, and recognise that there’s always the possibility of losing. Read and understand the responsible gambling page. Understand the importance of betting banks and bankroll management.

They say you should write about what you know, and I know gambling. I’ve tried the systems, read the books, and played slots, tournaments, casino games, lotteries, and almost every type of gaming we cover.

I’ve trawled through hundreds of gambling websites over the years researching information.

In the end, winning is down to study, skill, persistence, luck, and taking the right opportunities – plus the ability to accept losses and winnings – and keep going.

Together we’re going to have a lot of fun trying to find some good winners, be it through horse racing, casino games, poker, bingo or any of our other featured money-winning games.

Let’s do it carefully.


photo of site owner
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