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While it’s tough at times chipping away trying to win money in any amounts, there’s always the possibility of winning big prizes with real money gaming. Particularly on the casino slots games with high value progressive prizes, and maybe the lotteries too. It’s what keeps many of us coming back to keep playing the games.

Make no mistake, it’s even tougher trying to win a big cash prize. The odds are heavily against you but there are ways of hitting the big one and getting a win with a major ash value. Some of the bigger online cash tournaments spring to mind, with prize pools in esports video game competitions now reaching near astronomic values.

We know from other pages that playing real money skill games gives you the best opportunities to increase your wallet size, so these should clearly be on any list of games worth playing to win some major size prizes, although it’s often the games based on luck that deliver the biggest life-changing jackpots.

Of course, to hit the big jackpots and take home those big cash prizes you need to know where to find them and how to get involved. We’ll cover the different types of games that might give a big win on another page, but there’s probably no better way of getting to know where the big money is than seeing some real life examples.

So let’s look at a few recent players who have hit those big wins. That’ll give us some idea of the amounts of cash involved and how those players managed to crack it. 

It’s always nice to read about someone hitting a big jackpot pile of cash somewhere – although we know it’s rare – and those can serve as motivation for our own efforts. 

On this page I’ll be noting some of the recent biggest cash prize wins from around the world. Note not everyone that wins a big amount wants it to be publicized, so we may never know about some of them, plus of course there are thousands of big jackpots won in social casino games which we’ll never know about.

December 2020 – Joe Hebert Wins $1.5 Million at World Series of Poker Final Table

Poker is well known for championship events that offer some huge prizes, and there’s no bigger contest than the WSOP Final. It’s a live event of course, but some players will have reached the final stages by playing in online poker tournaments along the way.

That’s what happened with Joe Hebert – a full time waiter in his day job – in the 2020 domestic US finals in Las Vegas where Joe picked up one and a half million dollars for being the last man standing.

Now we know wins like this don’t just happen. Joe will have been practicing and playing in poker games for many years. 

His run this time started with winning three different events worth a total of $90000 at a tournament in Mississippi. Next up was to qualify in the final satellite tournament to land the $10,000 ticket into the Main Event. That satellite entry had a buy-in of $320.

The finals of the 2020 contest were not just about the poker, with added pressures from distancing and player protection rules due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Clearly those caused Joe no issues, and he kept a clear head to finish up with first prize.

December 2020 – Hollywoodasino player wins just over $537000 

This player certainly got a Christmas they won’t forget in a hurry. We covered the story in a little more detail in this post, but suffice to say that a half million dollars present for a spin on a slots machine is one you’d unwrap again and again given the chance.

The player named Randy S picked up the jackpot by spinning reels in the Halloween Jack machine at using a mobile phone. 

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