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    I’d be very surprised if you’re reading this and have never played video games. Maybe on a PC or one or more consoles at home, or at least you’ll have played in an arcade.

    You may even have had the chance to play video games tournaments for money in online competitions at games like Dota 2, League of Legends, Madden or FIFA.

    All of those titles are available to play online in tournament-style contests, and if you add Starcraft ii, Call of Duty : Warzone, Fortnite, and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive to that list we’d still not have named all the options for playing big titles.

    It’s easy to see why online video gaming competitions are positioned high on any list of types of real money tournaments.

    There’s no need to look for ‘gaming tournaments near me’ unless of course it’s your absolute intent to play in a live ‘in-person’ environment. You don’t necessarily need to play either, it’s now possible for anyone to set up and run your own competitions on sites like Toornament.

    Of all the different ways to win extra cash covered on RealMoney.Games, these are the types of games that are going to have the broadest appeal. Sure there are some other fun ways to win money, but there’s nothing quite like playing console video game tournaments where you can pick up a cash prize for overcoming your opponents.

    These contests come under the broad banner of eSports, originally known better for huge professional type competitions but also available for anyone to play at a lower level.

    There are plenty of high performing websites which concentrate solely on offering head to head and multiplayer gaming contests where you can make money playing against online opponents, often for a low entry fee.

    Personally I’m not that skilled at handling a game controller, let alone be able to have any chance to win money with an entry into a video game tournament. But the opportunities for someone to land some cash prizes playing games who does know what they’re doing are strong….and that might just be you!

    This is a true ‘you need skill’ money winning opportunity and can end up becoming a virtual job – if you’re an experienced gamer there’s little to stop you taking advantage of some great opportunities and having a go at beating opponents in online tournaments and collecting some cash prizes.

    Basically you have an opportunity to take your hobby and make money by playing your favorite titles, and that opportunity is there whether you’re in the United States, Canada, UK, Australia, India, or wherever.   

    If you’re really, really good you could even end up in an Esports team or league battling it out against competitors in a series of major championship events.

    Never forget the risks though. Although some contests are free to enter, many involve risking your own money. Whenever you’re risking your own cash to try and win more there are dangers, although in video gaming competitions where you only stand to lose an entry fee the risks are not as high as in other forms of gambling games.

    Make sure you read and understand what the risks are on the responsible gaming page.

    What Are The Types Of Real Money Video Game Tournaments?

    Of course, the term video games covers a wide range of gaming options. Almost any games you can play online for cash prizes are driven by video technology. That includes all the casino games, slots, and puzzle games like Bejeweled.

    But of course right here we’re talking about the types of video games tournaments where you can use your skill and experience built up over years of PC, console, or mobile gaming to take your share of the money pot.

    This form of gaming for cash comes in three main flavors:

    • Online PC/Console tournaments – one on one or multiplayer contests – held either as short competitions, over a day or a few days, or longer league based affairs – where the victor takes the prize. 

    These are run by an ever increasing number of gaming tournament websites dedicated solely to running competitive events that most of us would be able to enter.

    The majority operate on PC or consoles, although we’ll see that the use of mobiles is growing exponentially.


    Ease of access to the games, the play anywhere aspect, and the widespread availability of mobile phones are major contributors. As 5G networks grow this interest is likely to accelerate.


    • Professional Esports – Big business, normally team-based events contested by professional gamers. These are often held live in big stadiums and watched by tens of thousands of fans, both in person and/or video-streamed or televised to spectators. 

    They’re often referred to as LAN tournaments because they run on a local area network. But the bigger events are increasingly being held online too. 

    Professional Esports has seen incredible growth in recent years although the pandemic of 2020 has had a negative impact on live events.


    As we can see, tournaments of all types are attracting significant levels of interest and there is a lot to cover.

    On this page we’ll take a look at the details behind competitive cash video gaming – starting with a high level overview of professional Esports, and moving on to how and where the ‘ordinary’ gamer can play cash prize tournament-style video games on various platforms.

    Latest News 2021

    Much of the early news of the new year has actually been looking back on what happened in 2020, with perhaps the most interesting being the changes in prize money across some major game contests.

    Forbes reported that “the earnings of esports’ top 50 players dropped by a massive 80%, falling from $55 million in 2019 to $11 million in 2020.”

    They go on to say that Fortnite in particular was one of the main casualties, with some 90% less prize money being seen across Fortnite contests. We’re talking about a drop to $7,884,451 from $71,598,129 the previous year. 

    As we move towards spring there’s sure to be more heard on prize values for the year ahead.

    But some of the more interesting news may come from new developments, one of which may be the PLLAY platform.

    New person to person betting platform for video game contests

    First reported back in November last year and at the time heading towards completion of a seed funding round, the skill-based platform from PLLAY will allow players to place bets on the outcomes of their own game contests with other players. If it goes fully live it promises to be a powerful video game wagering platform.

    Using the PLLAY mobile application and a gaming console, players will have instant access to real money head to head video game competitions.

    The platform will monitor contests, track the games for real-time analysis, identify the winners, and issue prize money into players’ accounts almost immediately.


    Here we’ll cover a fair number of the most frequently asked questions around competitive online gaming. The focus here is on the types of contests that anyone is able to play, as opposed to high level eSports which as more accessible to the professional level players. However there is some crossover between the two which isn’t always easy to avoid.

    What is a gaming tournament? | What is a video game tournament?

    Essentially there are two main different types of video gaming contests – those anyone can play and those intended for the more professional level player. They offer video game fans or teams the chance to play against each other – either in one against one matches or multiplayer events. Often a cash prize is on offer for the winner and sometimes runners up.    

    At a professional level competition is more often referred to as eSports – normally big prize major events involving teams battling against each other playing top level titles such as Dota2, League Of Legends, and a whole host of others.

    There are a number of websites that provide environments where any gamer can compete in competitive tournaments. This competition operators list is extensive and contains websites and apps such as :


    Super League Gaming
    Tournament Seeker
    Major League Gaming
    ESL Gaming
    EWar Games
    UMG Gaming




    Although ‘gaming’ is often used specifically in the context of video-gaming, the term ‘gaming tournament’ can sometimes be used to refer to other types of competitive contests like poker, chess, slots, board games, and a number of others.

    What games do pro gamers play?

    Pro gamers – those involved in eSports contests – play the AAA titles such as Dota 2, League of Legends, Madden, FIFA, Starcraft ii, Call of Duty : Warzone, and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive.

    Why are video game competitions so popular?

    It’s generally recognized now – thanks in no short part to the arrival on the scene of eSports –  that competitive video gaming is now seen as a sport. And we all love sporting competitions right?

    Sports bring out our competitive nature. We have sporting idols we look up to and in some cases revere. There are teams to follow and watch to see how they progress in leagues and big events. We’re able to watch video-gaming at the highest level and maybe even pick up tips on how we might improve.

    In eSports you’re able to follow those high performing players or teams. To cheer them on in those competitive tournament situations. Watching – at least at sites like Youtube or Twitch – is free and easily accessible. 

    Just as  in ‘traditional’ sports, there are controversies to discuss, titles to win, new players to watch, and fierce rivalries.

    In the kind of tournaments you and I can play in – the more casual contests – you’re again looking at easy access, low cost of entry, and the fact that anyone can get involved.

    You don’t need to be a champion gamer to play in contests at any of our listed gaming tournament websites, though obviously you’ll need a good level of skill in your chosen game to be able to get your name on a leader-board, list of finalists, or even down as the ultimate winner.

    You certainly don’t need to be a particular shape, age, or nationality. The barriers really are low to non existent, other than having enough cash for entry fees.

    These types of contests can be played at home on any device you want. They can be played on mobile phones from pretty much anywhere, and at any time of day and night. 

    Add all of this to the quality of the games themselves – fast, responsive, realistic – and you have the perfect recipe for long lasting interest. The fact they games are varied and socially acceptable to play is more icing on the cake! 

    Most players will get involved in real money gaming solely with the intent of winning money.

    However all forms of games offer varying levels of entertainment. It’s clear that video gaming is one of those forms that provides an exceptional level of entertainment that balances well against the amount of investment you need to make in order to play.


    When can I play in video game tournaments?

    Most types of online games can be played at any time of day or night, and 365 days a year. That includes all types of tournaments.

    However many of the most widely available contests are scheduled. Which of course means you can only play in them within the scheduled times. 

    Where can I meet up with other tournament players? 

    Meeting other players online is easy. Most of the online gaming tournament websites have a live chat feature where you can interact with other gaming fans. It’s a good way of meeting other video gamers.

    For in person ‘real world’ meetings,  try the useful site where there is a section that helps you “Find out what’s happening in Video Game Tournaments Meetup groups around the world and start meeting up with the ones near you”. 

    The main question here is ‘Who can play real money tournaments?’, and the answer is that it depends on where you live or from what region you are playing from, and of course what age you are.

    Playing games in any form for real money is a form of gambling, although there’s a reasonably firm line between playing games where skill is needed to do well and pure gambling games such as you’d find in a casino. 

    Different countries have different rules. As examples – in the US it depends on what State you live in, while for other countries like Australia, the Philippines, and India the regulations can be equally complicated. 

    Assuming real money gaming is in general legal where you live, then as long as you’re old enough and as long as you have internet access and a device to play on, then you should be good to go. I’d suggest you always check the term and conditions of any website you intend using to be sure – they normally clearly spell out who can and who can’t play.

    How do you get into a gaming tournament? 

    To get into and play in a live eSports event you’ll need to either be a professional or at least semi-professional player, and highly likely part of a team. You’ll either have been invited or won an entry in some way – perhaps by winning a league or another feeder-type tournament. 

    You’ll have needed some serious hours of practice to get there, almost certainly will have needed to focus on mastering a specific game, and will have networked with other gamers to build up a reputation.

    Don’t underestimate the time needed to get good at this game. Aside from direct game practice itself, you’ll benefit both from studying strategy guides and some intensive game research. Tactics and strategies play a big part, and there’s no better way than watching top gamers in action to pick up some tips. You can do this by watching eSports competitions or pro players streaming on their channels.

    There are a huge amount of games that run tournaments for money and which game you choose is entirely up to you (but you can find our top picks here). You should choose a game that you are skilled at and that you enjoy. You’ll need constant motivation to get good enough to compete in large gaming competitions. To really make it, you will live and breathe your chosen game, so make sure you work to your strengths and choose the right one.

    If you’re a spectator then entry will be as simple as either buying an advance ticket or perhaps paying on the door if the event isn’t already full. 

    For the types of contests run by video gaming websites almost anyone can get in as long as you meet the entry criteria. You’ll normally find these in the terms and conditions of the operator you’ve chosen. 

    How do I find a gaming tournament?

    Finding a tournament to play online is easy. Just visit any of the listed gaming operators here, identify an event which will suit your skills and experience, pay the entry fee, and be ready when the event starts. 

    If it’s a live big event you’re looking for there are a number of sites that list the bigger tournaments. Esportcharts is a good example  

    How much does it cost to enter a gaming tournament? 

    Entry fees vary wildly. In general, the higher the prize or the more prestigious the event, the higher the cost to get involved. Some online contests will run for upwards of a few dollars entry, while the bigger ones can run into tens or hundreds.

    How do pro gamers get paid?

    Professional gamers  may have a number of income streams. There will money from any cash prizes they’ve won, advertising income from streaming services or videos and potentially sponsorships from major companies for the very best players. 

    How much do eSports players get paid?
    If you can make it to the higher levels, you might expect to make an average of $3,000 to $5,000 per month. This can of course vary wildly based on a number of factors including how often you play, which teams you’re in, and which events you contest. As an example, top League of Legends players can look forward to monthly income of around $15,000.

    How many hours do pro gamers play a day? 

    Pro gamers will treat their profession like any successful sporting player will. To perform at the highest levels calls for dedication, commitment, a lot of experience to get there in the first place, and a lot of effort to stay there. All of this equals time for sure. How much time will depend on the player, their innate ability, and their psychological, mental, and physical strength. 

    Certainly it would be surprising to hear of any pro player playing an average of less than 4 hours per day, and more likely 6 to 9. In the run up to a tournament this could increase to 12 to 16 hours a day.   

    How do video game tournaments work?  

    Once you’ve decided on where to play it’s fairly straightforward to get to the stage of actually arranging and participating in contests.  

    There’s normally a simple registration process. Usual type stuff. You may need to sign up using your gaming account ID such as one you might have on PSN or Xbox. You’ll probably only hit problems with this if you’re not of legal age to play or live somewhere where gaming for money is banned.  

    When registered there are always instructions on how to enter one on one or head to head battles or see whether there are multiplayer tournaments lined up. Most sites show player profiles which you can use to get a reasonable idea of the ability level of your opponents. 


    Head 2 Head or One on One Matches

    The number of rounds in these type matches can vary between games. Both you and your opponent will compete against each other for the same amount of money (ie the amount staked by both of you combined). The winner gets the full pot of money excluding the commission which goes to the game operator. This is known as the rake – a very well known term if you’re a poker player.  


    These involve multiple players who play in a game with the same amount of money. The eventual profit for the highest performers in any one contest is normally displayed in advance in a percentage format. The overall value of that percentage will of course depend on the number of paying participants, though in some cases it may be increased by the operator also putting up a proportion of the prize money.  

    It’s worth keeping an eye open for free to play tournaments which some operators run occasionally, though note that when none of a competitors own money is at stake they can sometimes play recklessly. Clearly that can change the face of a game and influence outcomes somewhat. 

    Single Elimination Bracket

    The easiest and most widely seen tournament format. This is a bracket in which contestants are eliminated after one math loss. They tend to be shorter in length with each subsequent round having half as many matches as the one before. 

    Double Elimination

    This is another form of bracket, but this time you’ll be eliminated after losing twice. Obviously these normally run for at least twice the amount of time as a single elimination contest.


    Here a single match is played in each round, with the winner of any match moving forwards to play a higher seeded opponent who hasn’t yet played a match.

    Round Robin Group

    These contests are formed from small groups in which each player plays against every other player in the same group.

    Groups are often capped at anything up to 10 players total, with seeded players tending to be separated from other seeds. This normally ensures that the best players end up meeting in quarter finals or semis, though of course there can be some surprise results. 

    Bracket Group

    This refers to a group in which the players meet in smaller single or double elimination brackets. Allows for a much shorter group stage than with Round Robin, and with all matches being decisive.


    Video gaming leagues are essentially the same as leagues you’ll find in other sports – divisions containing varying numbers of players in which you’ll play every other player from the same division. There are no eliminations, the winner being decided on points earned during the league season.

    How do video game tournaments make money?

    In the larger tournaments the money will be made in a combination of participant entry fees, spectator fees, advertising and sponsorships. In the smaller events the vast majority of cash income will come from player entry fees.   

    How long do video game tournaments last? 

    • How long a tournament last clearly depends on multiple variables. The main ones include : 
    • How many players are involved & how many rounds to navigate as a result 
    • The type of game being played 
    • The general rules of the event itself 
    • The bigger tournaments can run over many days, while smaller head to heads could be over in as little as 10 minutes. Lesser value multiplayer events might run a few hours.  

    How do you hold a gaming tournament? 

    If you’re considering putting on a substantially sized live event this is probably best left to promotion and event experts. It’ll need a considerable level of experience to pull off.  

    There is a way though of running smaller tournaments which pretty much anyone can do. This page on takes you through the steps of setting up your first contest. It’s obviously specific in places for arranging Toornament events, but equally is a good guide for helping to appreciate the general steps involved.   

    Is it illegal to play video games for money?

    The beauty is that competitive video gaming for money is considered legal in many jurisdictions since the games entail the use of skill and not of chance/ Essentially they’re not gambling games. This is great news for players from countries with stringent gambling laws – competitive internet gaming offers a way to wager and win money without having to deal with the anti-gambling initiative.

    Still, it is very important to check your local government laws since there are a few places that would still consider this form of gaming illegal. It can sometimes fall into a grey area, both for participants and for tournament organizers. In the United States there are currently 6 states that prohibit gaming for money, for example.

    Is it illegal to host video game tournaments?

    I’m not aware of any regions of the world where it is specifically illegal to set up and run a gaming tournament. There are a number of websites that allow you to do just that.   Where it may be a problem is in any country where there are laws that make gambling illegal – and the local regulatory bodies include gaming tournaments in that category.

    The best way to be sure would be to check regulations yourself with the appropriate government body, although there are many online web-pages which spell out current country regulations. 

    Are gaming tournaments legal?

    Gaming tournaments are as legal as they would be if they were any sporting event from tennis to football to basketball. It’s the playing for money element that might throw up any question marks.

    Competitive video gaming for money is considered legal in many jurisdictions since the games entail the use of skill. They’re not based on the level of chance you’ll encounter in gambling games such as you’ll find in a casino. What this means is that if you’re a resident of a country with strict  gambling laws, then skill gaming may be exempt from those laws even where it entails cash prizes.

    In roughly 80% of the world you should expect to have no concerns.

    To be certain it’s always wise to check your local government laws. There are a few places that would consider this form of gaming illegal.

    We can take an example of the US, where there are currently 9 states that prohibit skill gaming for money ( Arizona, Arkansas, Connecticut, Delaware, Louisiana, Montana, South Carolina, South Dakota, and Tennessee). Plus real prize game-play is not legal Maine and Indiana if playing cards are involved in the game. 

    Are there Call of Duty : Warzone tournaments?

    Yes Call Of Duty tournaments can be played online at various gaming websites.As an example Checkmategaming run Call Of Duty contests regularly while there are also Warzone events on Gamebattles.


    Professional Cash Video Gaming – The E-sports Industry

    August 12, 2013. Members of Sweden’s Alliance pro gaming team win a staggering $1.4 million at the Defense of the Ancients 2 (DOTA 2) World Championships in Seattle, Washington while simultaneously shattering any preconceived notion that gaming is a complete waste of time.

    Over the last few years, competitive video gaming for money has evolved into a lucrative and sexy enterprise and now is even considered to be a professional sport, no different than the National Basketball Association or the National Football League. In fact, Riot Games Vice President Dustin Beck, recently argued that the eSports League, as it is called, meets the standards to be considered a major sports league which includes a minimum of six teams and at least $10 million in revenue.

    E-sports draws a number of parallels with real world sports. Scratch the surface and you’ll find professional coaches running paid training sessions, commentators reporting on the contests, and big name players who reach their peak in between the age of 20 and 30. Like the world of sports we all know, it’s based on money.

    And lots of it!

    Prize pools in cash contests of more than $1 million are seen regularly, and the best players can rack up much more than that in pay and sponsor programmes. 

    Of course, breaking into the professional gaming field is far from easy and you really will need to be at the top of the gaming tree to even get close. But once you’re in, there are plenty of opportunities.

    In the Esports game there are actually two ways of getting involved and winning money – either as a player, or as a watcher who bets on the outcomes of video game contests. Read this for an informative guide on what it takes to be a professional player, and remember it’s not only just about playing the games – when you’re in a team and preparing for an upcoming competition you’ll need to be spending time preparing. That means maybe watching past performances of your opponents and identifying any strengths or weaknesses in their strategies. 

    Esports are even making a big splash in the world of casino gaming, with the big name land-based casinos spotting a way to bring in more players and now building whole areas of the casinos into dedicated gaming arenas. Caesars Casino in Atlantic City NJ was one of the first to go down this route and reportedly are seeing a lot of interest.

    All great stuff, right? It’s a huge subject and one that demands an intensive dedicated section. We have one! Read more about Esports.

    But playing video games for cash is not restricted just to the big, professional eSports environment. There are opportunities open for game fans just like you and I too. The trick is to start off at a lower level, practice and build up your experience over time in some head to head tournaments, and hopefully end up in the big leagues playing for the really big money.

    Online Tournaments – How To Play Video Games For Money

    Playing video games is one of the 21st century’s most popular activities, appealing to people of all ages the world over. Many gamers among us would fancy themselves to be good enough to win cash contests against opponents.

    So how did we get from casual gaming from the comfort of the basement or bedroom to a lucrative multi-million dollar enterprise that has competitors battling one another from all parts of the world?

    The answer lies in the evolution of gaming consoles and the internet. As consoles have become more and more technologically advanced, so have the their multi-player capabilities. In fact, with the integration of online play, gamers can now challenge one another to competitions and actually communicate in real time.

    Companies began to see the lucrative possibilities in this and began to hold tournaments that offered prizes ranging from smaller values up to and including large amounts of cash. These tournaments became so popular that they garnered the interests of large corporations who started offering sponsorships to these events, giving birth to what is now known as eSports.

    In tandem, operators like Virgin Gaming began setting up sites where individual gamers could play tournaments against each other for cash prizes.

    Virgin Gaming no longer exist, but there are a handful of others that now offer these cash contests.

    But is it actually easy to do? After all, think about how many people enjoy playing video games in general and then guess how many of those actually enjoy winning cash in the process?

    But there are reasons for that, one of which may not be obvious – it may not be general knowledge that there are even these opportunities to try and win money playing video games.

    Which Video Games Can You Play For Cash Prizes?

    Nearly all of the gaming related ways to win money online involve technology based on video. This stretches right from casino based games like 3 card poker, through the hundreds of slots games variants, and on to skill or puzzle games you’ll find on various skill-games websites.

    Tournaments though – the type that involve playing opponents in popular console video games for cash – are often limited to being played out on the console games we all know and love. They can be played on Xbox, Playstation, Nintendo, or PC in game mode – and by either just you alone or as part of a virtual game night with friends.

    Video gaming can involve so many genres too, such as action packed and “shoot ’em up” games, adventure games, games of strategy, role playing or second life style games and of course sports games like FIFA, Madden, World Championships, Golf, and Formula One track action.

    Since the introduction of the Wii console Wii Sports has sold more than 80 million copies of this multi-sporting event gaming experience. Although other classics like the Super Mario Brothers game and the block-dropping Tetris are popular, these are not really the types of games for trying to win money.

    For that you need to be looking at games like Grand Theft Auto 5 with its jaw dropping graphics and realistic backdrops of Los Angeles and Las Vegas. If you are good at GTA 5 then why wouldn’t you look at trying some contests to see if you can play against others to win money?

    Game choices extend well past just GTA, though. You could participate in a Halo, Grand Theft Auto or Defense of the Ancients tournament, or play fighting or battle games like Dota2, League of Legends, Street Fighter, Super Smash Bros, Mortal Combat, Starcraft, Black Ops, and Counterstrike.

    These are only a few of the games offered in video gaming tournaments.

    Mobile Tournaments

    While mobile gaming contests have had less attention that the console versions over recent years, that balance is changing. In Asian regions – in particular countries Korea, Japan, India and Thailand – they’re already the most popular way to play, and mobile competition is pulling in big audiences to watch the top performers playing for big money .

    Some of the games played are the mobile versions of existing big name titles, and some are specially built and unique to the mobile platform. 

    Huge titles like Fortnite, PUBG, Call of Duty: Mobile, and Magic: The Gathering are still better known for their PC and console history. Playing on PC offers players a significant gaming advantage over mobile of course, plus with the level of following these games have it’s much easier to fund big prize events. 

    Those focusing on mobile include League of Legends with the mobile version League of Legends: Wild Rift

    Let’s see some of the biggest games in the competitive mobile gaming list, taking into account the prize pools available and which ones have the biggest following.

    PUBG Mobile – surely likely to grace any list of the most popular eSports, PUBG interest has been fueled further by the introduction of the new Global Championships tournament. If you’re keen on following the game the PUBG Mobile official Facebook page is probably the best place to go. 

    Arena of Valor – Arena of Valor started life early on in the MOBA game genre and is known differently in different world regions – Honor of Kings, Garena ROV, Lien Quan, and more. It’s especially popular across Asia. Many events feed into a duo of major annual tournaments known as the Arena of Valor International Championship and the Arena of Valor World Cup. The World Cup championship of 2019 attracted a total of 764 thousand peak viewers as reported by eSports statistics site

    Fortnite – Without a doubt you’ll have heard of Fortnite, who hasn’t. It’s an unbelievable success story transforming from nothing to global gaming sensation in just under three years. Unsurprisingly there are plenty of Fortnite tournaments with the makers – Epic Games – regularly organizing casual events in which all players an enter.

    For the pro players there are bigger contests with up to $3 million prizes, with the Fortnite World Cup being the most well known. 

    League of Legends – Definitely the game title that helped build eSports into the global phenomenon it is today. You’ll find League of Legends contests coming at you from all sides and you’ll never need to look far for a tourney to play. 

    Players the world over battle for cash prizes with the biggest global events being LCK (the League of Legends Champions Korea) and Worlds, the League of Legends World Championship.

    The Worlds finals of 2019 were watched by over 40 million fans with the winning team picking up a stunning prize of over  $830k out of a prize pool in excess of 2 million dollars.  

    Where To Play

    We all know there are a multitude of platforms today that will allow you to join in the gaming fun. They include console devices like the PS2 or Xbox, online desktop PC games, arcade games, and games downloaded as apps on your mobile smartphone or tablet.

    So with plenty of opportunities to build up skill levels in different games, the questions naturally become, “How do I get in on the action?” and ”Where do I go to play in these contests?”

    The beauty with the emergence of competitive gaming is that there are several opportunities to “get in on the action.” In fact, dozens of websites have popped up offering gaming tournaments with handsome cash prizes for the winner(s).

    The possibilities are endless. You could enter single-player tournaments where you go head to head with competitors, or enter multi-player games where you compete as a team against other teams.

    You can either play by depositing some cash and using it to cover the stake in individual contests, or another option is to join a subscription-based site. Often you will get the first month free as a means to entice you in. Clearly if you get some good results you’re going to be tempted to keep the subscription going.

    If you would like to put your gaming skills to the test, the following websites offer fantastic game play and tournaments, while giving lucrative cash prizes. They’re all recommended………

    This video has racked up over 34000 views in a year. It’ll take you through the basics of understanding how the main online video game tournament websites work. 

    You can read more about these types of sites in the list below.


    WorldGaming Gaming is one company that has really got on board with the whole concept of winning money by playing in video games. They’ve become known as the world leader for offering competitive cash prize console gaming based on the Playstation and Xbox consoles.

    Described as ‘built for gamers’ and ‘hosting free-to-enter and pay-to-play tournaments and head-to-head challenges for all competitive gamers of all skills’, it’s not surprising that the Worldgaming site is a popular one with competitive cash prize video gamers.

    At Worldgaming you’ll enjoy daily head to head tournaments and challenges on games run on Playstation, Xbox and PC, in an environment that promises a mix of experienced professional and new players.

    There’s also the potential to qualify for multiplayer online tournaments and live events.


    With new streaming services such as Twitch, people who wish to earn a living from playing games can now achieve that. Top streamers can earn thousands, depending on their subscription base. They also get paid from ads, which run during downtime.

    As long a streamer is garnering enough views per ad, they will earn money.

    Bottom line, playing games can actually be good for your wallet.

    With a focus on Counter Strike : Global Offensive, Challengeme is the site to visit to work your way up the ranks in one against one duels or multiplayer contests.

    Fast servers lead to high quality gameplay plus there are daily and weekly raffles and giveaways.

    Major League Gaming

    Huge website which looks to be one of the leaders in coverage of Esports, MLG delivers news and general info on all forms of tournaments both in live environments and online.

    The online tournaments section lists a number of events that can be played with cash prizes going to the winners. Games include such titles as Doom, Call Of Duty, FIFA, and there are of course Madden tournaments along with the widest range of others you’re likely to find – 90 in total at the last count.

    Focusing purely on the FIFA football video game, this is the place to go if you fancy yourself as a FIFA master.

    Designed by FIFA players. Gamerpro is an app offering the chance to play 6 minute matches and earn money by playing up through the leagues.

    Join 30,000+ registered players, get identified as a skilled player, and receive support, training, and promotions.

    PlayVig offers a great way of playing your favourite games to win such prizes as Paypal cash or gift cards, among others.

    It’s easy to play, just choose the game you want to play from the list of popular games that have partnered with PlayVig, and earn PlayVig coins by completing quests or by playing in weekly tournaments. 

    You’ll find popular games like Fortnite, Overwatch, or Hearthstone in the list. 

    You’ll not get rich, with the potential to make tens of cents per hour the most likely outcome unless you’re very, very good, but for some of us money is money right!?…and winning it is always nice! is another video game tournament solution that let’s you enter free tournaments to win cash and other prizes. You can play in a wide number of contests on Fortnite,  DOTA2, Call Of Duty : Warzone, and League Of Legends.

    PlayersLounge are one of the newer competitive video gaming websites offering online head to head matches or free tournaments for money. Members can play a wide range of well known titles including FIFA, Madden, NBA2K, MLB The Show, NHL, Call of Duty, UFC, PES, & more.

    Tournaments can be played on Xbox One, PS4, Xbox 360, and PS3. Find out more on the FAQ page or watch the video below.


    At XYGaming you can make private or public challenges then compete against opponents in ither 1-on-1 or team battles. You’ll find free daily tournaments alongside free coins and daily giveaways.

    Play tournaments in League Of Legends, Smite, Starcraft, and Dota 2 – with Rocket League, World Of Tanks, Counter Strike, and Overwatch all coming soon.

    Super League Gaming

    Settled firmly in a gap between amateur real money video game contests and the big time of fully-fledged Esports, Super League Gaming runs eSports competitions in movie theaters as well as offering online options for amateur gamers to play competitively against their peers.

    Their City Champ, City Rec, and League Unlocked league-type ways of playing give a different way to play in video game contests other than in head to head battles, and while you won’t get a chance to play for cash prizes, it’s a great site for getting in some practice for those real money tourmaments.


    Gaming Frog is a competition platform where you can challenge other gamer’s for real money prizes either in one on one or multiplayer tournaments. Line up a match or enter a tourney, play it out on your PS4 or Xbox, report the result, and the winner gets the cash. You can also land cash prizes in monthly leaderboard contests.


    NiceCactus offers their cash game tournaments from a slightly different perspective than some others, describing the platform as a “gaming platform to train, practice, track, and compete like a champion.”

    It doesn’t matter whether you’re a beginner, semi-experienced, or semi-pro player, you can use NiceCactus multiple training programs to assess your level and improve your game! Then progress to finding cash prize contests to play.


    Gamersaloon is a gaming site which offers the chance to play well known cash skill games in competition with other players. They’ve pretty much got it all, from first person shooters like Call Of Duty or Battlefield to various sports games and others.

    The free to register site has an Arcade service where members compete in flash-based video games for cash prizes directly within their browser. Games to be played include such skill based games as pool and darts, with a whole bunch more. This of course opens up cash prize video games to anyone who doesn’t want to play on a console.

    You’ll need to be over 18 to get involved with Gamersaloon cash video games, but with over 450,000 members you’re unlikely to be short of opponents. GamerSaloon offer multiplayer, clan, and player v player tournaments in most titles on all the popular consoles – XBOX 360, PlayStation 2, PlayStation 3, the orginal XBOX, Wii, DS, PC, and PSP.

    With the number of game titles on offer, Gamer Saloon is the place to go if you want more variation in your game play. According to a blurb on their website, “If you can play a head to head match online, then we support it (the game).”

    They act as a third party that allows gamers to set up head to head tournaments, earning money by charging a 14% service fee from participating players.

    Once a tournament has been accepted by both parties, money from both accounts is automatically deposited into Gamer Saloon’s neutral account. After the game has ended, the results are reported, verified, and then the wager is deposited into the winner’s account.

    If you are interested in more information or want to start going head to head with someone, you can visit Gamer Saloon at

    Registration is free at the time of writing, and with a membership of over a million at the last count you can be sure of finding a competitive game.

    Tournament Seeker

    Not a games provider in its own right, but still worth knowing about. Tournament Seeker does pretty much what it says on the tin….’bridging the gap’ between esports tournaments and the competitors that want to play in them. In other words it profers to list out available tournaments in an easily searchable way.

    A search facility on the website allows you to seek events both online and in live be played

    ESL Gaming

    An online magazine dedicated to Esports which seems to have the widest coverage of live tournaments. ESL also run online tournaments in a range of titles where you can play in cup matches.

    Eligibility is clearly shown against the match requirements on an easily navigated initerface, and of course you can choose from a list of popular consoles.

    Here’s an example page for upcoming Playstation Madden cup tournaments.

    EWar Games

    Billed as ”India’s leading Esports platform”, Ewar Games offers mobile gaming contests where players can compete against each other ‘’at the same levels at which big sports are played’’. 

    If you can overcome your opponents in either multi-player or one vs one challenge Esports contests, there are real cash and other prizes to be won. Build up your battle points total to take down some of the prizes.

    How To Win

    If all this reading about real money video gaming has got you interested, you’re probably going to want to jump in head first and chance your arm in some contests. Normally this might be a bad idea, and it certainly is if you’re not a skilled gamer. The right level of skill required to win cash contests is not a given, and you’ll need to work at it.

    That said, if you are clued up on different game titles and know you are at least proficient in some of them, there’s not a lot to stop you playing some low entry fee matches to get a feeling for the sort of competition you’ll be facing.

    First, you’ll need to identify which sites if any offer contests in your preferred game. Then you need to spend some time honing your skills, especially where you’re going to be risking your own money trying to win someone else’s.

    Start out with small stakes to get a good feeling for how the software works and until you understand the different skill levels of your opponents.

    The best part is that the likelihood of winning rests heavily on your skills at any given game (or the lack of skill in your opponents of course). It follows that the more you play the better you’ll get.

    What Skills Do You Need To Be Successful?

    To win money at console based video games you’ll need a cool head, be able to perform well under pressure, plus of course be highly competent at playing the popular titles.

    In some games, using ingenuity and cunning will be important. In others it’ll be pure manual dexterity and application of winning techniques.

    This all points to the need for specialization in certain games and it’ll be well worth deciding on a game and focusing on honing your skills at it.

    Choosing your battles will play a large part in your success, and if you find that head to head contests are not working out for you then you could also consider entering a multiplayer tournament where more players finish up in the money. That could increase your winning chances.

    Are The Games Fair?

    It’s an important question…..”If I’m going to be risking my own money playing video games against similarly skilled opponents, how do I now it’s going to be fair?”

    The game operators have this concern covered, and they do it by ensuring that contestants are always matched on ability. That’s to say you should always be playing against an opponent with a similar general level of skill. There are algorithms built into the software platforms that make this aspect work.

    As far as trusting the games operators goes, the sites I’ve listed on this page should give you no problems. They’re all big, long running firms that can’t take a risk of being labelled as untrustworthy…and remember that the games operators have no financial interest in who wins, they get their money from the rake that comes out of all the entry fees.

    Best Games

    Whenever you want to find out the best of anything you’ll need to look at the subject from different perspectives. In the case of real money video games the best could mean either:

    • The best for your skill level
    • The best from a perspective of how easy they are to play
    • The best from an entertainment and gameplay point of view
    • The best for getting maximum chance of winning some cash

    You can see from this list that it’s not easy to label any video game as being the best for playing competitively for prizes. It will really heavily depend on your own approach.

    So we’ll keep the list here down to a low number for now and add more as they become obvious:

    First up is going to be Kwari…..


    Fans of shooter games that want to try and make money from their skills should take note of Kwari – it’s a shooter game where every time you hit an opponent you’ll win a cash award. The downside is if you get shot yourself then you’ll lose some from your balance. You can play for higher stakes and the chance to win more, or stay on the lower level stakes and win smaller amounts but at the same time face less risk of losing too much.

    In each round all players carry the ‘pill’. Whoever holds on to the pill for the longest period will see an extra cash award at the end. Plus there are extra challenges to complete which can also place more cash in your account.

    Pros & Cons

    There are a lot of ‘fors’ and not that many ‘againsts’ when it comes to video gaming for cash.

    On the negative side there’s obviously a risk of losing money, and also becoming addicted to playing in contests. Both are covered on the responsible gambling page and it’s always wise to read through that before you play any game where there’s arisk of losing cash or indeed becoming addicted to it.

    Essentially as long as you’re careful and can recognise the situations that might lead to addiction for you personally then you should be able to limit losses to a minimum and still enjoy some great value entertainment.

    Other positive aspects are numerous:

    • If you can find freeroll tournaments you can play for no outlay, but note that when there is no risk of losing money then some gamers can play wildly and results may not be what you’d expect.
    • In general the games are classified as skill based so they fall outside of gambling regulations in some parts of the world. You should check local laws and restrictions before playing, but essentially this means they’re legal for most players.
    • The gamer community is well known for its social aspects. Many sites offer chat and forum facilities where you can interact with other players.
    • Games can be played for low stakes which will limit losses and give good value entertainment.
    • Many of the contests are based on wildly popular games, there should be something for everyone to enjoy.

    More Resources

    If you want more info take a look at the pages and channels on any of the major social networking or video sites. Youtube carries a series of videos related to how to play cash prize video games, while there’s a raft of info on Twitter too where you’ll find a number of groups dedicated to the cause.

    To finish up, take a look at this video from Xfire. It’ll be useful for anyone who’s more interested in the social side of online video gaming rather than trying to win money from it.

    Their website states they ”provide the ultimate social experience for gamers by allowing players to chat and talk with groups of friends directly in-game across more than 3,400 titles and on multiple chat services like Yahoo!, AIM, and Google Chat”.

    The company reportedly has over 22 million users!

    Glossary Of Terms

    If you’re an experienced tournament gamer you’ll most likely have recognized all of the terms mentioned on this page. But if you’re fairly new it’ll be worth running through a few you either may not have come across before or their meaning is not obvious…….

    Bye – refers to the status of a player in a round – players given a bye do not have to play in that round. This can happen for a number of reasons but most often because of an uneven number of participants. 

    Forfeit – If a player is disqualified or did not arrive for a game or a match, they can be declared forfeit. The intended opponent will be awarded the match or points, and it’s possible the forfeit player could also be penalized further. 

    Lobby – This is the online area where all players would ‘congregate’ before matches. 

    Platform – normally refers to the type of gaming system on which the games are played (examples ; PC, console, mobile, PS4, Xbox etc. Note it’s possible to have cross-platform contests.

    Scrimming – Refers to team versus team practice sessions.


    Skin Gaming & Loot Boxes – Ones To Avoid

    There are a lot of good points to the playing of video games in one on one contests, but one area which has made big (and bad) news recently is the buying/betting of skins and lootboxes (where you’re paying for items to use in the games, and where you don’t even know what the lootboxes contain before you buy.

    With targeting directly on children in some cases, the gambling authorities are naturally taking an interest and will surely be cracking down soon.

    I’m advising you to steer well clear of these and stick to what gives you the most entertainment – actually playing competitive video games.

    The Future

    Looks bright, doesn’t it?

    Clearly there are millions of untapped video gamers that have probably never heard of real money tournaments, plus many millions more coming up through the ranks and who will graduate from playing alone at home to online competitions.

    It’s likely that this constant influx of new players will ensure that cash prize video gaming goes from strength to strength. We’ll most likely be seeing year on year growth from the current operators and new names entering the list.

    In any industry innovation is key though. You have to keep it fresh and exciting.

    So what could we be seeing in future for real money video game contests that’s different from what’s available now?

    The answer is most likely to come from the growth of virtual reality – a technology that’s set to radically change the way we enjoy our entertainment along with many other aspects of our daily lives.

    Virtual Reality

    It’s long been recognised that VR gaming could ultimately be the biggest application of virtual reality and already there is some tremendous focus on development of dedicated VR game titles. Some of these are making big waves in the industry and it’s not hard to imagine the potential for real money gaming to be introduced into the mix.

    Skill Games With Cryptocurrencies

    Arguably one of the biggest future changes for any form of gambling or betting will be the mainstream take up of cryptocurrencies. Already Bitcoin in particular is widely used. – a new decentralized platform for skill gaming on mobile games – is likely to start full operations in the coming year or two. It will offer gamers the opportunity to participate not only in PvP matches but also in global tournaments, and where all money deposits and winnings resulting from success in the range of skill games will be made in virtual currency.

    More Ways To Make Money From Video Games

    Of course our focus on is on the playing of games to win money. But there are a number of other ways to make money from video gaming which we should mention…..

    1. Trading in game items or selling characters

    2. Streaming your gaming via Youtube or Twitch and earning money from ads (or sponsorship if you’re really good!)

    3. Creating items for sale

    4. Selling your gaming account

    5. Testing games

    6. Recording game walkthroughs or demo videos

    Let’s take a couple and analyse further – streaming and game demonstrations.

    For both these you’re going to need a few things in place:

    1. You’ll need to already be an experienced gamer, or at least have above average skills in a title or genre of games.

    2. You’ll probably need a video streaming channel (eg Youtube)

    3. You’ll need some video creation skills. Ability to edit, engage with your likely audience, some marketing skills to grow that audience.

    4. Technical equipment/hardware/software. This may include a good quality console or PC set up, maybe a video game capture card, editing software, a headset.

    The great news with all of this is that pretty much anyone can do it. You’ll need to be committed and it’s not easy, but the ultimate rewards if you’re successful could be worthwhile.


    Competitive online video gaming can be a lucrative way of making some extra money. If you want to get a piece of the action then head on over to the head to head and tournaments operators list. They all offer great options for playing video games tournaments for money.

    The games you can play are well known and if you’re good at them then there are great prospects for making a little profit….and who knows, if you practice hard and work at it, you might be the next person to crack it in the eSports industry, step in to the big money leagues, and get paid millions for playing video games.

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