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Virtually all online gambling sites offer players either dedicated apps for playing games on mobile or fully responsive mobile gaming experiences on their desktop websites. Plus, game developers are creating countless real-money games explicitly for mobile play, building an environment where app-based mobile gaming for real money is on the rise and increasing rapidly.

In this analysis of mobile cash prize gaming, we’ll explore the apps and sites that are perfectly placed to meet players’ requirements from the experience of playing games for money on mobile devices.

Real Money App Games

With the inexorable rise of the smartphone and assorted tablets, it’ll be no surprise to learn that playing games on mobile devices is now more popular than playing on a laptop or PC. Cash app games are everywhere, and playing for money on them is on the increase.

Of course, that includes the various forms of real money games. The gaming operators wouldn’t want to miss such an opportunity, and you’ll find that the majority of games you can play for cash can be enjoyed on any mobile device or on a PC or laptop.

Some types of games are specially designed to work on mobile devices, though, and for these games, many apps have been created to make it easy to play them. It’s worth noting that handheld video games such as those that are played on a Game Boy or Playstation Portable do not normally have real money versions.

To understand how real money mobile gaming works, it needs a few words on the types of games. They might be skill based real money games where skill determines whether you win or lose. They might be games based on luck where it’s good fortune that decides if you collect any cash, or they might be games you can play for free but still win money.

Plus, with each of these, you’ll also find opportunities to play in multi-player cash prize tournaments. or one of several games where you can get an instant real-money win just by completing simple puzzles successfully or even just by watching ads or completing a survey. You can even play scratchcard games on mobile phones.

Of course, we’ve covered each game category with some depth elsewhere on Now we need to see how they apply to mobile app-based gaming.

We also need to cover where to go to play these types of real money mobile games.

On this page, we’ll start to break down those aspects along with some suggestions on where you’ll get the best mobile gaming experiences and which games can be played while on the move.

You’ll find a handful of useful videos on Youtube which cover money-making mobile apps, with this one centered on some of 2017’s most popular options clocking up close on 130,000 views.

The Games

The term ‘mobile games’ or mobile gambling’ can be slightly misleading. These terms were coined back some years ago just as the developments in mobile technology were beginning to gather pace. So we started from a position where all games were built to be played on bigger screens, and then the software was developed to make them render well on smaller devices.

Hence those early developments ensured that players could enjoy the titles they knew and loved on their PC on mobile screens too. These developments were applied early on to real money games such as online poker and of course all of the casino-type games.

Over the years these mobile-optimised versions have seen extensive improvements in software, all of which have ensured we’ve ended up with gamers getting great experiences even while they’re on the move.

This means that for many game types and titles it’s not really applicable to differentiate between big screen and small screen performance. They’re equal where appropriate, and there’s plenty of blurring between the lines. Where appropriate are two important words here given that some cash games are just not suited to mobile and you’ll possibly be at a disadvantage trying – cash contest video gaming is a good example where you may be disadvantaged playing on a smartphone while your opponent has the maximum control that a game controller can give.

So what we need to think about here is those games which have been specifically developed with the mobile experience in mind. Almost exclusively this means they’re going to be app-based, but don’t let that thought put you off because the developers will have had the real money gaming element firmly in mind during their creation.

Three games in particular stand out as worthy of a mention…..

  • DoubleDogApp
  • Money Birds
  • Octa Glow/Hexa Glow

Aside from these there are plenty of other game examples which have had versions developed to be played via apps. Backgammon is a great example, with a firm called GT Holdings marketing a backgammon mobile app on on the app stores. Their blurb on the game states you can  ”Enjoy limitless cash prizes and bonuses playing Backgammon: the world’s best and oldest board game. Download Backgammon for Money and use your skill to win hundreds of dollars from real money games!

Backgammon of course won’t be the only one and if you want to see what else is available it’s worth flicking through the lists of iOS and Android games in the Apple App store and on Google Play.


Money Birds


Play Money Birds on the move with old and new friends from all over the world.

On iOS or Android. iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, Samsung.


Double Dog App

‘Dare, money, fame’

Three words on the Double Dog App website which give an insight into the games.

Essentially you’ll be receiving or sending dares to friends. For money or points.


Octa Glow/Hexa Glow

Fully free to play.

Play any Octaglow Free-2-Win games to earn entry tickets to frequent cash prize draws.

The more you play the more entries you get.

Collect any winnings via Paypal.

Game Websites

OK we’ve seen a few examples of games that have been developed specially as real money apps, but maybe you’re looking for a wider range to play. If so, then you’ll probably be interested in a few sites which offer a number of different games in their platform.

There are 3 big names to watch out for – Skillz, Sparcade, and Ozone Play.


Competition, Tournaments, Spectatorship.

That’s what Skillz say they deliver, and they appear to deliver it in droves. With over 500,000 contests run on the platform every day, Skillz offer real money mobile contests across a range of dozens of games. The platform launched in April 2013 and has gone from strength to strength with its offering of skill based games designed to be played out on mobile devices.


Sparcade state you can ‘play for fun, win for real, compete to win real money in your favourite games’. You can pick a game, play for fun or choose your stakes, and get pitted against similar level opponents in head to head skill-based Sparcade contests.

EWar Games

Billed as ”India’s leading Esports platform”, Ewar Games offers mobile gaming contests where players can compete against each other ‘’at the same levels at which big sports are played’’. If you can overcome your opponents in either multi-player or one vs one challenge Esports contests, there are real cash and other prizes to be won. Build up your battle points total to take down some of the prizes.


It’s not too difficult to spot the main obvious benefit of playing your real money games on mobile – it delivers good quality gaming pretty much wherever you want and whenever you want.

Ease of getting up and running is another factor. Your phone is always on right? Just click on the app and you’re away after minimal loading time.


The drawbacks of playing on mobile include:

Some players just don’t get the same quality of experience, more noticeably from those games which haven’t been natively designed to work on mobile. This is not such an issue with those titles developed and optimised from the bottom up for mobile, but even some of those may suffer from some loss of overall quality than if they were played out on bigger screens.

Competitive gaming can be affected because performance on smaller screens may be limited differently. One example might be seen in video game tournaments where those participants using a controller on a console or connected to a PC/laptop would most likely have an inherent advantage over a small screen user.

We should also mention here the standard warnings on any form of gambling or betting money on the outcome of games – there’s a risk that you could lose money and, perhaps worse, become addicted…and lose even more! With mobile gaming, this risk might be even more acute, given the ease with which you can access games. The advice is to be very cautious, recognise the danger this could be to you personally, and read the responsible gambling page here for more info on potential safeguards.

Device Considerations

 If you’re going to use a smartphone or a tablet for any sort of gaming you may have to consider its overall capability.

There are three main ways in which the specifications of an individual mobile device can affect your enjoyment of a game.

1. Processor power can have an impact on the speed and smooth downloading of software and graphics.

2. Dimensions of the screen and the resolution it operates at can affect how clearly the gameplay is displayed.

3. Battery life can be important, with a resultant impact on how long you’re able to play any game in between charges.

To ensure each of these are covered – especially if you’re going to be playing competitively – you’ll need to have checked out some of the technology review sites.

Are there any risks involved in playing mobile real money games?

Potential players must be aware of any risks when playing real money games on mobile devices. There are a few security measures that gamers should take before starting their first game session:

  • Ensure data privacy settings are enabled on your device.
  • Check out user reviews before downloading an app.
  • Read the Terms & Conditions before depositing funds. Companies behind these apps take advantage of terms like “free game” without mentioning other fees, which allow users to deposit small amounts without being fooled by large cash prizes.
  • Only deposit what you can afford.
  • Set limits on time spent playing.
  • Beware of scams or spam emails promising big wins or free bonuses.


The future for mobile gaming – certainly of the real money type – appears to rest mainly on an increase in the type of games that are available, although some improvements may come from the widening use of HTML5. This is markup code that’s used in the design of games and is gradually displacing Flash.

It offers greater all round game performance, and clearly that can improve mobile performance too.

Regarding the types of games, one interesting near future development might come in the form of competitive console-type video games. These are traditionally better played using a console or on PC with a controller or joystick, but there is growing focus on making them playable on mobiles too.

In fact some of the main cash mobile gaming platforms have already made an impact in this area, with Skillz being of particular note. Many of their earlier games were arcade-like in style, and they’ve recently made the ‘step up’ with the release of a true console game title – Street Fighter.

If as expected Street Fighter does take off with the more mobile-oriented gaming communities, it should only be a matter of time before other big titles follow. Skillz could find themselves at the head of a major new movement.


Technology Advances

It’s no secret in the industry that the take up of mobile phones on a global basis has slowed down after a number of years of year on year growth in penetration, although still there is plenty of potential in some regions of the world.

This slowdown though is likely to spark the manufacturers into looking for ways to keep their market share up…..and one way they can do that is in device innovation. We should see developments in improving battery life, flexible displays, and perhaps most importantly in delivering Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality capabilities. Each of these may have an impact on mobile real money gaming.


If you’re looking to get into real money gaming on mobile apps there are a few resources which can give some useful supporting info:


Youtube is of course the place to go for visual information. You’ll find a series of videos on real money mobile gaming, some of which are more focussed on ‘making money’ rather than trying to win it, but still useful.


There’s plenty of up to date information posted regularly on the popular social networks. Twitter is always worth keeping an eye on, though most Tweets seem to be on general board gaming subjects rather than winning cash by playing. Facebook is obviously going to be at the top of any list too, while Tumblr posts on real money mobile games are another potential useful resource.

Info Websites

There are not too many great websites purely focused on showing exactly what’s available in the field of mobile gaming. In fact the only one I’ve found which does offer a ton of info is There’s a lot of attention given to the site on casino gaming and mobile betting, but given these are two of the biggest areas of online gambling that’s to be expected. Still there is some useful supporting info and plenty of focus on where to play.

From the angle of making money on your mobile, this well-shared post on the 9 best money-making mobile apps is worth a review.


This forum at IPhoneBettingApps looks to have a reasonable number of posts, and if you want some forum views on the gaming platform at Skillz this thread at BlackHatworld (and SEO/marketers forum) has some interesting comments.

Games Operators

We’ve covered some of the most popular games above, but if it’s websites that provide multiple game titles you’re after then there are a few to consider. The best of these are also covered higher up on the page.


For some names of people who may have association with the mobile gaming apps business the most obvious place to start is at LinkedIn.


Playing games on mobile phones is one aspect of the entertainment industry you can expect to see growing for many years to come. Even now there is still a wide untapped audience of potential mobile gamers.

In fact it’s this mobile aspect that has actually been responsible for the success of some games, with Apple’s App Store and the Google Play Store making it easy for developers to put something clever together and get it released.

It’s a fair bet that you’ll be looking to play mobile real money games at some point, and the apps that make it possible will continue to grow in number.

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