Why These Games Present The Best Ways Of Winning Money Online

Carefully choose which online game suits your skills and wallet best, and you’ll be in a prime position to get maximum chances to earn or win some extra cash. If you’re lucky or skilled at your chosen game, if you identify the top options you’ll enhance your winning chances still further.

By RealMoneyGames – Steve Cross

best money winning games

There are so many different ways and games you can play to try and win real money online safely – and so many places to try to win – that often choosing the best game from them is dependent on opportunities, personal needs, knowledge, location, bankroll size, and level risk aversion.

Each of us will be looking for a different combination of these factors, to highlight the best way to win money for us personally. We may want the simplest, easiest, or quickest methods to a cash win. We might be looking to earn cash from free cash prize games or a list of legit ones. Or we may be looking to just win $5, $10, or even a bigger prize up to a jackpot

We might even be searching for the best ways to make money rather than win it, and of course, there are some obvious differences between making money and winning it. Many cash apps give ways to make money by watching videos or filling in online surveys, and many players that use a mobile app of that type believe it’s just as gratifying to earn cash that way as it is to win it on gambling games.

On this page, we’re fully focused on a variety of opportunities that will likely give you the best chance of winning extra cash. Given all this, it’s easy to see that finding these top ways to win is a complex task, with several variables and factors. It’s not even just cash you’ll have a chance of winning, but rewards like gift cards or Amazon vouchers, too.

That complexity shouldn’t stop us from making the attempt though.

We’ve seen that many ways to win money involve gambling or betting and come with the often unavoidable risk of losing. Plus where you’re risking losing your own money, you’ll want to learn about tips on safe and uncomplicated ways to win it that suits your circumstances and needs.

So the most logical way we can do this is to break down each area into an easy-to-follow list. By the end of this analysis, you should be able to answer the question ‘what is the best way to win money?’ with some certainty.

Before we start…Initial recommendations

We’ll see some recommended options that involve real money gaming in some detail a little further on. But I’ll make a very quick mention here of some good opportunities in case you want to dive in quickly:

The first up is a game that’ll appeal to anyone looking for fast wins. Playing scratch cards online is the best bet here, with instant wins of varying prize amounts regularly paid out to lucky players. You can play on an iOS or Android phone, a laptop, or any desktop PC.

Secondly, there’s an option of playing social casinos that have seen a high increase in popularity recently. They offer chances to win cash alongside their basic promise of free games, and without a huge cost. Chumba Casino is a name to remember here, being one of the best social casino solutions I’ve come across so far.

Alternatively, you might be more interested in betting on sports games. For a bettor with good knowledge of a specific sport, sports betting can throw up some good opportunities. Indeed, placing bets on sports does offer one way in which you can bet with zero risk.

Differences between making money and winning money

There’s a distinct difference between making money or winning it. There are some similarities and crossovers between the two as well. Indeed, with both, you’re also earning money.

The main difference is that although you make or earn money when you’re successful in your attempts to win, you are still winning. And you usually had to risk something to achieve that result.

The basic principle of making money is that it can be done in several ways that don’t necessarily involve risking it as you do in any gambling activity.

Recommended – Best Ways To Win

If you want to dive straight in and try to win some cash quickly and easily with limited risks, the recommended best way to try is by playing either skill games or video games, or by entering casino slots tournaments at online casino sites.

Each of these is explored in depth further below, but as a quick summary:

Playing real money skill games or displaying your skills in cash-prize video gaming both offer the chance to play for cash for a low outlay, and both get you good chances of winning based on your ability rather than just pure luck. Anything that requires skill will definitely increase your winning chances while keeping the cost of entry low will keep your bankroll lasting longer.

In the case of slots tournaments, these offer all the fun and entertainment of casino games while reducing the risks to your cash that are traditionally associated with casino gambling itself. For a low entry fee, you get an allotted time playing a slots game with the chance of ending up in a prize-winning position at the top of the leaderboard. You can even win some big money prizes in various online tournaments.

Full list of 11 ways to win money with online gaming

We can break down the key elements of gaming to win money into 3 distinct topics – the free ways to win, winning with skill, and winning with luck. Within each of these, there are different opportunities, and they also span different categories of real money gaming.

We’ll cover each one here:

Free ways to win

Cash CompetitionsThe best way to win at cash competitions is in the number of entries you make. The numbers game is all-important here, and the advice is to enter any specific competition or contest as many times as you’re allowed.

SweepstakesAs money sweepstakes games are normally free to enter, your best chances of success will again be in the volume of entries you can make. The money sweepstakes page explores the subject in more depth, but basically, you’ll be entering free draws that award the winners with cash and other valuable prizes.

Using Betting Bonuses & Free Bet Offers – Essentially free betting or gambling money with a catch, getting a bonus or a free bet almost always entails depositing or betting some of your own money.

Regarding bonuses, probably the best way to try and win money for free using them is to look out for no-deposit bonus offers. These do give you true free money to wager and play with, though there will be strict wagering requirements before you could actually withdraw any profits generated.

It’s just as hard to end up winning if you look for deposit bonuses as well. These too will have fairly heavy play-through requirements before you can withdraw.

Free bet offers from sportsbooks do offer the best chances of winning overall, simply because with a sports bet you do have the chance to use some skill and judgement in making a betting selection. Bookies normally have similar rules to the casinos around play-through requirements on free bets, but with careful and clever selections it is possible to get the best end result from them. Check out Bet365, I’ve held an account with them for close to ten years, and they regularly gift me with free bets.

Winning with skill

Playing games or betting where your skill and knowledge can have an influence on the outcome of a wager is clearly the best actual way to win money. Again though, there are different options…

Skill Games

There is a whole raft of opportunities to play skill games for money. In fact, the term encompasses a wide range of different betting options.

Poker, for example, is considered by many to be a game of skill. Some casino games are best played with a strategic approach which improves winning chances. Both these are covered separately below, so for this section, the term ‘skillgames’ specifically refers to games like billiards, pool, trivia knowledge games, solitaire, and others.

For me, the best way to win money at skill games is in head-to-head cash tournaments on games that you’re well practised on. Worldwinner is just one online skill games website where you get to do just this – they even make sure you’re pitched in against opponents who will be at a similar skill level.

Play Video Games

Now, this is one skill-based way to win money which really does offer some great winning chances. I’d put it in a tie with playing poker as the best skill-based way to try and win.

You’ll want to read the video games tournaments page to get a deeper appreciation of what’s involved, but clearly, the best chances of winning will be built up over time – with practice and determination.

Most of the best opportunities to win cash prizes in this field will be in head-to-head tournaments and contests. However, for the expert-level players it’ll be worth looking into playing esports at a professional level. Reach this stage and – if you’re good – you’ll be in with a chance of winning significant amounts of cash.

Play Poker

The subject of online poker is a fascinating one and one which I just can’t do justice in a few lines here. Suffice it to say that for a well-practised, well-studied player, one who fully appreciates the deep strategical understanding the game calls for, there is significant potential to get involved with the game and end up making a profit. And the best way to win money playing poker? That’ll depend on your skill level. For a comfortable low-level player like me, I find the best opportunities by looking for money games at ‘easy’ poker sites where I have a better chance of winning. If you’re a more experienced player you may want to be looking for higher-value cash games where your opponents will be stronger, but consequently, you can win more big money pots with skilful play. Check out the online poker page for an introduction to the game. This page acts as a hub which will guide you through basic and advanced strategies and ultimately lead you into the world of poker tournaments.

Sports Betting & Fantasy Sports

I’ve covered each of these on separate pages here on realmoney.games. Visit the fantasy sports games overview or the high-level introduction to betting for detailed info.

As these both fall into our ”using skill to win” bracket they do both offer great prospects for making a profit. Clearly, there’s a fairly big difference between the two, and some noticeable similarities too. Both will present good options to you if you’re knowledgeable about either sports in general or a specific sport such as football.

I’ve never had much luck in fantasy sports. Yes, you need some luck too! But many fantasy sports fans will swear they find it to be one of the best ways of winning cash prizes. Fanduel and Draftkings are the biggest fantasy sports sites.

Betting on sports is an effective way to try and make money off the bookies too. Knowledge of your chosen sport or sporting events often pays off in this sphere. Of all the betting-related ways of winning money, I’d say sports betting is among the best. This video explores one way you can make sports betting pay:

Winning With Luck

I’m tempted to say there is no best way to win money by playing games of luck. They’re designed to take your money, maybe slowly, maybe quickly. But of course, they do have their place, one which we’ll explore deeper when we examine some of the other factors affecting what’s the best way to approach winning money from a perspective of individual requirements.

Let’s break them down individually and try to pinpoint some good ways to try and ride your luck.


Casino Games

There are so many different casino games that it’s not easy to know where to start. The reality is that most of these games will drink your money faster than you can make it. It won’t matter if it’s craps, keno, roulette, baccarat, or blackjack. You’ll have a low chance of striking a very lucrative win, and pick up some valuable sums along the way most likely. But in the end, it’s almost certain you’ll lose your bankroll.

For these reasons one of the best ways you can enjoy casino games, get the chance to win some cash, and get enjoyment out of the experience is by playing in casino tournaments. Slot machine tournaments to be more precise.

These allow you to play slots for a low outlay (sometimes free), and some contests can offer big money prizes to both winners and runners-up. For some hints on the best ways of enhancing your prospects of winning one, visit the dedicated page via the link just above. 

Instant Win Games

There will be many of us who love the idea of winning some instant cash. Of course, there are several ways to do this, but one of the fastest is by playing scratch-card games. There is clearly no best way of doing this, the chances of getting a winning card are purely down to luck. You can of course increase your winning prospects by increasing the number of cards you scratch, and the best way to do that is by using bonuses or free scratch offers.

Playing Bingo

Land-based bingo halls have been popular for many years, but there are places you can play games of bingo online too. The best ways to win money playing bingo are very similar to those for other gambling-related games – play often to increase winning chances and take advantage of bonuses and promotions. There are many online bingo rooms offering games, but one highly-rated one to consider is Mecca Bingo. Our Mecca review explores the games and prizes.

Entering Lotteries

Playing the lottery is one of my least favourite ways of trying to get a cash return. The odds are heavily against you – certainly from a high-value prize perspective – and the entertainment value is low. The other side of the coin is that entry costs can be low, and you can make multiple entries for a low overall outlay.

Entering multiple times is the only recommendation I can make to get even a chance of a low-value win. Personally, I’d steer clear, but if you are determined to see whether a lottery entry can get you some cash back then you can read more about lottery options on the page dedicated to exploring online lotteries.

The best way to win money – Based on your needs

We’ve seen the different ways to try and win some cash, and we’ve identified some of the best strategies you can use for each of them to end up with a profit. But irrelevant of which opportunity you try to use, one determining factor of how you approach it will depend on you and your needs.

In this section, we’ll look at the drivers and the reasons why you’re in the game. Different reasons will mean a different approach to selecting the best money-winning route to take….. 

Do you need to win money?

I’ll just kick off here by saying that if you approach any form of gambling (where your own money is at risk) from a perspective of needing to win more, then you are on potentially dodgy ground. Gambling inherently involves risk – to your money and to your psychological state of mind (if you can’t control your gambling desires).

Many of us can control the urge to gamble or bet. Some can’t. Always be very much aware of your approach, and if you feel it’s getting out of control then seek help. The responsible gaming page on this site helps with information about what to do, and there are excellent other resources that I can send you to supplement that. Contact me for info.

All that said, if you need to win, then the best ways to try are those that involve skill-based activity. They’ll always give you the best chances of success, simply because the skill factor does allow you better control over the outcomes.


Do you primarily want entertainment plus the chance of winning?

If I could give you one big piece of advice, it would be to try and approach any money-winning exercise from this viewpoint. If it’s not fun, there’s a big question mark over whether you should be doing it. You can enjoy it and get a big ‘entertainment’ boost from many of the different forms of gaming or betting that we covered above. It all depends on what you love doing.

Sports fan? Probably sports betting is going to suit you best. Maybe fantasy sports.

Good at skill-based games? Choose the skill games for money route.

Each key way to win money will offer its own specific benefits.

I will say though that for a combination of entertainment, adrenaline, and cash-winning chances, it’s probably casino gaming that you want to focus on.


Is your aversion to risk a high one? – Do you want to keep your potential losses low?

There are several main ways to keep your potential losses low, but still get reasonably good opportunities for some cash returns. The first is by focusing on the free ways of winning, for example, free entry competitions, and the second is purely by keeping your deposits, entry fees, or bets at a low volume and on a suitably low scale.

There’s always a temptation to go for one big bet, especially if you’re feeling confident, but low stakes over a period of time do actually offer the best long-term way to keep your bankroll healthy.


Do you want to win big?

We all dream of that big win, don’t we? The reality is the big wins are extremely hard to hit.

Each of our ways to win money do provide opportunities for big cash wins. To understand how those are presented it’s worth looking at the individual pages. As an example though, playing poker for a big win will probably mean getting involved in a high-stakes game, or trying to win a major tournament that might actually have a low buy-in fee but a huge prize.

Casino gaming is another example. It’s easy to find casinos offering high-stakes games designed for high rollers.

I’d say the best way to win big money is by sports betting and trying to get that successful one-off accumulator for a low-value bet. They only come once in a lifetime, but you only need one!! 

Do you want to win fast?

In virtually every type of online gaming for real money wins, you’ll see the winning amount from any successful bet appear in your online account balance instantaneously. The delay is likely to be in getting the cash out of the gambling account and into your own wallet.

Indeed, the process involved with getting payouts can be a problem. If you really need money from a win fast, it doesn’t matter so much which game you play but where you play it. The fastest way to get payouts is either by Paypal or a similar e-wallet or by a cryptocurrency transfer. So, you’ll need to play the game with an operator offering either as a payout option.

In reality, it’s not online that gives the best opportunities for the fastest wins possible. For that, you’d need to be buying a scratchcard from a local retailer, scratching a win, and getting the cash on the spot from the retailer’s till.

What are you good at? – Best ways to win based on ability, skill, and knowledge

Wherever there is a risk of losing money, you need to know what you’re doing to avoid painful outcomes. That holds true whether you’re playing games or taking part in contests where luck is the determining factor, or where skill and knowledge play a big part.

Clearly though, using skill or knowledge does present the best opportunities.

And this leads us to an inescapable fact – you will be getting the best chances of winning when you use the skills and knowledge that set you apart from your opponents. And those opponents might be real people in head-to-head contests or tournaments, or the bookies or the house in other forms of gambling.

Finding what you’re good at – where your skills and knowledge gives you an edge – is the real key here. And only you know the answer.

You’re good at poker? Play poker. Good at analyzing sporting event outcomes? Bet on sports.

I could go on. But you get the point? Determine what gives you an edge, and focus on it. The best way to win money will become clear once you fully understand your own capabilities and limitations.


There is no simple answer to the question ‘what’s the best way to win money?’ And when we’re talking about finding winning ways, the quest doesn’t stop at understanding what the best way is. Our subject is a vast one. It has risks, it has highs and lows, wins and losses. It has fun (and occasionally some misery!)

There are many dependencies on the answer to the question, but the reality is that the best way often depends on you, your knowledge, and your wants. Once you identify what those are, then you’re better placed to investigate the different opportunities in-depth and find out how the chosen one will work best for you.

To get some more understanding of how realmoney.games works to explore the subject of real money gaming, visit the about us page.


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