Bet365 review | Evaluation of the Bet365 online sports betting, casino games, poker, and bingo gambling apps and website

Explore the key performance indicators that reveal how Bet365 delivers outstanding and user-friendly sports betting, casino, poker, and bingo games to iOS, Android, and desktop players. In-depth analysis of 365’s In-Play betting and live sports streaming solutions for bettors.

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Bet365 is a leading international gambling site and sports betting company headquartered in the United Kingdom. Using the information in this Bet365 Review, we’ll reveal how Bet365 has become a primary choice for any bettor or gamer looking to beat the odds and win money by placing bets or playing online games

Together we’ll explore the gambling products and learn about the types of bet that make up the comprehensive Bet365 betting portfolio, including the sportsbook and online sports betting options, the online casino and its casino games, the poker room, bingo, and esports betting opportunities.

In addition, we’ll assess the depth of markets and market coverage plus analyse the bonuses and promotions that keep customers satisfied with their experiences and holding long-term accounts, how the bonus and free bet credits work, the methods of depositing cash betting funds and withdrawing winnings, and much more that betting on the site or app entails.

We aim to create a valuable player’s guide to real money gaming and betting at 365. By the time we’ve reviewed the Bet365 gambling site, tested it thoroughly, and concluded, we’ll expect our appraisal to confirm the promise of this highly-rated king among bookmakers irrespective of whether you’re an iOS, Android, or desktop PC user.

Before we start reviewing Bet365, there are probably three burning questions any prospective customer will ask that will help determine if it can legitimately be labelled as one of the best. We’ll tackle those after an initial look at the latest online promotions, but you’ll also find some useful info throughout the review body and in the detailed FAQs after the review conclusion.

Bet365 promotion of the month – the 6 Scores Challenge

With a £1 million jackpot, this challenge runs every weekend and is designed to appeal to football betting punters. The 6 Scores Challenge focuses on six English Premier League football matches where bettors must correctly forecast the correct final scores for each fixture. Predictions for the games must be entered before the first kick-off times each Saturday.

So far, thousands of account holders have collected cash prizes, with those closest to winning the jackpot only one correct score away. The good news is that you don’t need to forecast all six scores correctly, and lower-value wins are paid out for three correct scores upwards.

The promotion is open to all new and existing eligible UK customers and costs nothing to play. Click on the button below for full details and access to the free contest.

Bet365 6 scores challenge correct scores football bet

Is Bet365 a scam?

Bet 365 scam indicator     We’ll see throughout the body of our review that Bet365 most definitely is not a scam. 365 is a trusted online gambling operator with a long history of internet operations, and many online reviews will confirm that they are valid operators.  

Indeed, it’s one of the premier operators providing betting services to millions of clients from more than 200 countries globally and is translated into 17 different languages around the world. 

You may find some punters with seemingly legitimate claims that 365 is quick to limit the accounts of consistent winners. This may be true, but it’s arguably true of many bookmakers. Bet365 is no worse than any other sportsbook in this respect. Limiting accounts doesn’t mean a bookie is operating a scam, but it does imply there’s an argument that any operator that does this consistently is best-suited to losers. Of course, there may well be totally valid reasons for accounts being limited, too. 

Equally, there have been some reports of casino games being rigged. The rigging of games is a highly unlikely occurrence in any online casino, given the casino always has an inherent house edge in its favour. Claims of this type are extremely unlikely to be true.

Is Bet365 legit?

Bet365 legit indicator     No online gambling corporation will survive for long in the iGaming industry if they are not legit. As we saw above and will know after we’ve reviewed further, Bet365’s long history combined with many other factors such as licensing, awards, and complimentary real player comments confirm the legitimate nature of the Bet365 website and mobile app.

Is Bet365 safe?

Bet365 safety indicator     Safety and the level of security are crucial factors that significantly impact your interactions with a firm that provides online gambling, gaming, and betting options. Security features are built to protect and keep user details secure. 

With Bet365, you can ensure the security of your personal details, and any money you’ve deposited or won is safe. You’ll be able to cash out any positive account balance at any point, provided you follow the appropriate regulatory-driven processes.

Betting interfaces are carefully designed with security in mind, and each software provider engaged in the provision of the games will have incorporated safety functionality at the design stages.

In addition, the British Gambling Commission regulates Bet365, adding an extra layer of protection that helps overcome any safety concerns.

In short, Bet365 is as safe as they come.  You could safely award this bookmaker a safety rating of 10/10. In 15 years of holding an account myself, it’s never been compromised in any way, and I’ve never seen an opinion expressed on other sites that have had bet365 reviewed come to any different conclusion.  Indeed, many 5-star reviews you’ll see highlight safety as one of the core competencies, with as low as one-star reviews being notable for their absence.

Overview of Bet365 on Wikipedia

Image and high-level overview courtesy of Wikipedia

Access the Bet365 website and mobile apps

If we investigate bet365 together, we won’t get too far with the review process if we don’t know precisely where to navigate to access the website and mobile apps.

The Bet365 website is found at www.bet365.com, where you can reach the huge range of gambling and betting options, including the bet365 sportsbook, casino games, live casino games, bingo, poker, and games. The website is intuitive to use and fully responsive for most users of assorted tablets, iOS, iPad, iPhone, or Android, although downloading and using an app instead can enhance the user experience and is actually crucial for some users to bet or play:

Mobile access is via various apps that are very straightforward to access from a link at the footer of the website or via the leading app stores. You can watch live sports via the streaming service too and easily get access to all betting options and results. There may be different access methods depending on the operating system and where you are situated.

bet365 mobile apps listed on the bet365.com website

Under intensive inspection: Basic introduction to the Bet365 online betting platforms and services

There are plenty of options if you’ve high expectations for a credible real money online gambling platform that delivers solid chances to win cash from betting or playing various forms of online game.  There are dozens of reliable bookies or bookmakers, online poker sites, and online casinos where holding an account will reveal consistent and extensive betting or gaming options.

These gambling sites will allow customers with a funded account to bet on sports such as football, esports, cricket, or tennis, test their skills at the poker tables, or chance their luck in search of jackpots on slot machines or casino table games. Some provide online bingo games and offer options like the possibility to play cash-prize online game shows with live presenters.

Finding all of those forms of gambling on one website or sports betting app you can trust to deliver at the highest quality can be a problem and quite challenging. Fortunately, one operator in the online gambling industry with a strong reputation has proved it’s worth taking a second look – Bet365.

During this comprehensive  Bet365 review, we’ll scrutinise and test the Bet365 app and website. Based on extensive research and scrutiny, this study should reveal whether they are the legit first choice for the millions of sports or esports bettors, poker players, bingo fans, and casino gamers worldwide who already have funded accounts.

So, whether you’re based in the UK, India, the US, Canada, European Union countries like the Netherlands, or anywhere else where gambling under the Bet365 banner is legal, it’ll become clear whether you should get an account.

The facts show that Bet365 (pronounced ‘bet-three-six-five’ and commonly just referred to as 365) measures strongly when reviewed against competitors that similarly deliver various options for betting and online gambling.

Our review of Bet365 will take an in-depth, fact-checked look at why it’s an online sportsbook revered by both new customers and existing players as one of the leading online platforms. A platform that gives chances to bet free and is just as efficient for desktop PC users as for any player who downloaded a mobile app and used Android or iOS smartphones to play games or place their wagers.

It’s taken time for 365 to achieve this level of reliability from its HQ in England to where it can consistently provide punters with high-quality services. This achievement has been built up over many years from its beginning as one of the first online sportsbooks offering football and racing odds.

Now it’s not just football betting with live wagering options and the ability to watch events by live streaming, but all other types of sports betting, online casino games, poker, bingo, and esports that make up the gambling portfolio.

That’s quite a lot to take in, so let’s start our exploration by focusing our analysis and judgment on how to use Bet365’s gambling products.

Bet365 online gambling products - Sports betting, casino, poker, bingo, esports

Latest company news and developments 2022

There’s little doubt that any gambling operator wanting to remain competitive needs to improve and expand its services constantly. You’d need to be an insider to fully understand 365’s approach to this task. Still, by keeping an eye on the latest news and developments, we can form a strong understanding of where the company is heading and what future benefits its growth-related decisions will bring to punters and customers.

From the scale, scope, and frequency of the deals and enhancement projects, it’s clear that the Bet365 management teams are constantly reviewing their standing across multiple betting industry sectors. This section will illustrate the obvious internal review process that aims to list projects and deals as announced.

September 2022 – Bet365 begins operations in Colorado, USA

365 has partnered with Century Casinos to deliver its sports betting services to Colorado residents. The startup has arrived just in time for the 2022-2023 NFL season, with the Colorado app delivering the full range of betting markets and options that include early cashouts, bet boosts, in-game wagering, and valuable promotions. The opening promo in the sportsbook is a neat-looking offer of $200 in free bets for an initial deposit of $1. 


August 2022 – Bet365  completes agreement to showcase Scout Gaming Group’s fantasy sports solutions – First announced in March 2022, this deal will see 365 enhance the limited current delivery of its fantasy sports product. Until now, fantasy sports betting was available on specific individual sporting events. With the SGG network and solutions, we can already see a significant increase in the number and scope of fantasy betting options for 365 account-holders. SGG’s full season and weekly tournament fantasy football contests are already available in the Fantasy Sports lobby.


August 2022 – Bet365  announce a partnership with Relax Gaming – To enhance further the Bet365 games portfolio, the gaming operator has signed a deal with games developer Relax Gaming that will see several of Relax’s slots titles available to players. The deal also includes games that Relax supplies to other operators that partner with the innovative game developer.

July 2022 – Bet365  announced the impending publication of a new sports betting news and information website – The new site is expected to release within the next few months. It will feature recent betting and sports news, betting event previews, betting tips, and event reviews. The online material will be presented in various formats incorporating video, unique images, and exclusive interviews. Interestingly, initial communications indicate the 365 web development team is creating a standalone website that isn’t part of the central betting platform. 

How to use Bet365

Since we’re reviewing what is primarily a sports betting platform, the question here may have been, ‘how do you bet with Bet365?’ That question and answer does fall under an analysis of how to use the platform but is best answered in the section where we analyse the 365 sports betting services. As we’ve ascertained, there are many aspects to bet365’s online gambling services. But how do we use them to the overall best effect?

The first step to understanding how to use any product is to appreciate the benefits it’ll bring you and any possible negatives you might get from personal experience.

There’s a summary of specific pros and cons in a minute, both from our evaluations and those of other real players, but the bottom line is that the first consideration in using Bet365 is to decide what you want to use it for:

  • Betting on sports – live in-play, on a pre-event betting market, and in a variety of real-world or virtual sports events. Betting on MLB, NFL, NBA, and NHL markets and parlays will appeal to many US-based betting fans, while in the UK, it’s more likely to be football betting or horse racing rather than basketball or baseball. In India, Australia, and New Zealand, cricket betting will be high on the list with added interest in hockey and rugby. Canadians will often be drawn to market coverage of ice hockey betting. The full range of options contains every sport imaginable.
  • Playing casino games – Play video game versions of popular slots or table games against live dealers from a wide-ranging selection.
  • Play online poker games – Compete against opponents at the poker tables.
  • Check off the numbers on bingo cards – Take a chance with some online bingo games.
  • Betting on Esports contests – Play the odds on a team playing a popular video game in a competitive match or tournament.
  • Compete in fantasy sports competitions – Register your own team in a range of fantasy contests and win prizes for strong-performing selections.

Once you’ve created an account, you’ll be able to log in, fund it, take advantage of any bonuses or promotional offers, and place your bets.

The web interface is intuitive, and you can’t go far wrong. After using the website for some time, it will begin learning your preferences, and you’ll see a ‘frequently visited’ list positioned above the A-Z area. The preference links are designed to get you even more rapidly to the sports list that attracts most of your wagers.

If the wagers you place do not appear in your history or do not show as confirmed, the best option is to contact the support team. Remember that missing bets are often down to misoperation by the account holder. Double-check what you’ve done while placing any wagers you’ve made.

Everything you need to know about using Bet365 is published in the help section, with plenty of assistance available from the reps in the support team if required. You can read more about each of the gambling products via the links below:

You’ll get the best results from using the platform by focusing on sports and esports betting. These are the two areas in which Bet365 excels. The online casino is perfectly adequate, while – for bingo and poker – you can find better overall options on sites or apps that specialise in providing those two forms of real money gaming.

Here’s a helpful video explaining how to use the platform, after which we’ll learn how to sign up for a Bet365 online account

Account management

You need to create an account before you can manage it, of course. But once we’ve seen how to create one, there are other aspects  of management you’ll need to consider.

Logging in and verification are two key considerations. But don’t forget that keeping an account funded with a positive cash balance will be key – particularly with sports betting where the bet opportunities may arrive unexpectedly. There’s nothing worse than looking to place a bet at the last minute and finding you don’t have the funds.

Aside from these, the only other things to remember are to keep your personal details up to date and to – hopefully – decide how much of your winnings from any bets you want to leave in your account and how much you want to withdraw.


How to sign up for a Bet365 gambling account

Have you heard enough in this review to tempt you into registering an account? Don’t be put off by any fears of it being a complicated process if you have. Registration for new customers with bet365 is straightforward, and you can complete it quickly and with minimum effort. Let’s see how:

Registration is all completed in one online form.

  1. You’ll start by filling in simple and obvious info such as your name, country of residence, date of birth, email, home address, and telephone contact number.
  2. You can choose how to receive future promo offers via checkboxes for email or direct messaging in your account.
  3. Then there is an option to choose a username, account password, and personal pin using a four-digit security number. Passwords must be between 6 and 14 characters.
  4. Finally, you can specify a time zone and how the odds are displayed, plus note the bonus code ready for making a deposit. After agreeing with the terms and conditions, it’s just a matter of hitting the ‘Join bet365’ button, and your registration is complete.
  5. Now it’s time to login…

How to login to your Bet365 account

Now you’ve registered an account, you don’t actually need to login to see the games on the platform and the different bets you can place. But if you want to play a game or make any form of wager, you’ll need to be logged in and have some account funds.

Logging in to bet365 is easy:

  1. Navigate to bet365.com
  2. Click on the login button at the top right of the screen
  3. A login box will pop up showing fields to enter your username and password. Hit enter after completing those fields.
Bet365 login screen

How to verify

Getting your account and funding it for betting purposes is not the end of line as far as making sure your account is in the right operating state goes.  Your Bet365 account will need to be verified before you’ll be able to make full use of it, and certainly you won’t be able to withdraw any cash from your balance until you’ve completed the verification process.

Verification is a process that applies to many services that involve some from of financial transfer, and takes us into the field of KYC, or ‘Know Your Customer’. Any supplier that has to meet regulatory requirements needs to follow this process rigorously since it’s designed to offer financial and regulatory protection to customers and suppliers.

So, how do you verify a 365 gambling account? In fact, there are different ways to verify your details. The simplest, and probably the fastest, is to do it yourself online.

  • Log in to Bet365 as explained above and click on ‘Services’.
  • Choose the  ‘Members’ option on the menu.
  • Navigate to the ‘My Account’ section and look for the ‘Know Your Customer’ option.
  • Select ‘Passport Verification’.
  • Follow any instructions and have your passport number ready to enter.
  • Submit the online form to complete your KYC validation.


How long does the Bet365 account verification take?

The time required for the verification to complete varies. If all details are correct and no red flags are raised in any verification systems, it may well be completed within a few days. Of course, if there are any problems then it’ll need longer or maybe even fail completely. One of the ways to ensure your KYC is completed in the quickest way is to use a debit card to make the initial deposit.

An alternative way to verify is by contacting customer support on live chat and they will help you through the process:

  • Start a  Bet365 Live Chat session and advise the support agent you want to verify your account.
  • The agent will need to confirm your details and will ask for your 4 digit security code.
  • When prompted, select ‘passport’ as the verification method to verify your account and tell the agent your passport number.
  • The agent will complete the rest of the process and let you know when complete.

You could also verify by email or by post. We would not advise postal verification since it’s obviously the most lengthy method. Email is not as fast as the two methods we’ve already seen, but is worth bearing in mind as another viable option. If you do want to go down the email route, you’ll need to email eng@customerservices365.com and include a photo of your passport along with your 4-digit pin in the message.

We’ll see soon that KYC processes can cause varying degrees of customer dissatisfaction and contribute to unnecessary bad reviews. Often, this is the fault of the user rather than the Bet365 team. The best advice we can give is to complete your personal verification as early as possible in the life of your betting account.

Real customer experiences with Bet365

A bullet point list of the good points and bad points at the outset of any review is a good way to weigh up the potential and tends to focus the mind a little before going deeper into more intricate details. With an operator that covers multiple forms of online gambling, we’ll need to err on the side of examining these pros and cons more broadly here and then revisit them in more detail further on.

We tend to be more involved with sports betting in our own betting activity, but many of these points will apply similarly to casino gaming, online poker, and online bingo.

This first list displays our own experiences of the advantages and disadvantages that – as you’ll see – have been largely positive, but let’s take a closer look at them and see what could be improved.

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