Sites to Bet on Sports | How to Bet on Sports with Top Bookmakers

Explore the key factors in determining which bookies will earn a place on any list of best betting sites for sports

Intro – Best Sports Betting Sites & Bookies

Betting is a term that covers a broad range of gambling activities. You make sporting bets when you’re playing in an online poker game. You place a bet when you’re spinning the video slot reels in an online casino and when you’re playing against an opponent in a head to head video games tournament. You’re even making a bet when you fill in the numbers on a lottery ticket, or when you’re playing in any form of skill game where winnings may come in the form of real cash prizes.

But most gamblers traditionally see betting as a term that’s more related to sports, and probably rightly so. After all, sports betting is one of the most followed forms of online gambling, with hundreds of sports betting sites presenting ways that punters can place wagers on sporting events.

We’ll explore the types of sports betting sites you’ll encounter on this page. We’ll see how sportsbooks like the one at Bet365 work, what kinds of sports the bookies cover, the markets on which you’ll be able to bet, the types of extra benefits you may get from having an account, and who the best sports betting sites are right now in the gambling industry.

With all this helpful info, you may even be better placed to investigate the type of sports betting that everyone loves, and that’s where you get to place sports bets that can’t lose and make a profit, whatever happens in the result.

Of course, your access to different sports betting options depends on where you are in the world. We’ll take that into account when we come to listing the best sites for specific betting aspects, but for now, let’s kick off with a video especially dedicated to those websites and sportsbooks that specifically cater to US-based bettors:

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