Best Ways to Bet On England – Soccer World Cup 2022

The Three Lions of England waltzed through the qualifiers for the 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar. The team is now positioned as one of the favourites to win the tournament outright and become the country to hold the Jules Rimet trophy aloft again.

For punters, there will be plenty of chances to profit from England games on many different betting markets. On this page, we’ll explore the options you’ll find for making successful wagers on the outcomes of any England matches and the competition overall.

By RealMoneyGames – Steve Cross

Betting on England - FIFA World Cup 2022

Betting on England for the World Cup – First thoughts

Bet on England? We could be talking about betting on England in any one of several high-profile international sporting events. England teams and individual representatives regularly represent the England nation on the world stage in competitive sports contests and competitions.

And with sports betting in its multiple forms being popular worldwide, there will always be several ways any punter can place bets on England in the hope of those bets being successful and returning some cash wins.

All eyes are now on the glittering prize offered to the winners of the 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar. Until the concluding final match of the contest in December, all talk of England in the sports gambling world will be about the tournament, its matches, results, and team performances. If we’re betting on England, we want to ensure we get the best options, right?

Betting on any sports can be great fun and lucrative for winners, but at the same time sports betting can be complex. If you’re betting regularly, you’ll already know there are many key areas to consider. If you’re new, there’s even more to understand, so you don’t make a costly mistake, and you can enhance your chances of winning.

Of course, it’s not just people that live in Great Britain or have British nationality that will be looking to place bets on the England team.

The good news is that it’s irrelevant where you are in the world. There will always be ways you can bet on football. Indeed, the sport is so global in nature that, in most countries, the same criteria apply for successful wagering. For example, many elements of this page on football betting in India will also be valid for any punters in the UK, the USA, Canada, Australia, or anywhere else in the world.

Let’s look at some areas and highlight the aspects of online betting where making the right choice will help in placing successful bets on England team performances or games:

Before we take a look at how to place a bet on England and the best way to do it, remember that betting can have some pitfalls. It involves the risk of losing your own money and for some people can result in addiction. In moderation and if you can keep it under control it can be fun, but it can get out of hand.

The best way to bet is with small amounts and for entertainment. You’re unlikely to win big amounts that way, but at least you’ll enjoy it – and that approach is unlikely to cause any long-term harm to you or those around you. Read the responsible gaming page before registering a bookmaker account, depositing betting money, or placing any bets.

OK. On to the England World Cup dream, the betting opportunities, and the best ways to approach them. The following sections will be relevant in different ways depending on the level of your previous betting experience, so I’ll aim to pitch it somewhere in the middle of what will be best for a reasonably experienced punter and a novice or complete betting beginner.

Best bet on England to win the World Cup tournament

At this stage, any England fan will be hoping that England can win the World Cup outright. The football pundits think so. The national and sporting press thinks so. And if there’s that level of confidence in England lifting the trophy, then other bets will offer potential value before we get to that stage.

But winning the tournament outright is not the only way to bet on England (or any country, for that matter), and, in many cases, it’s not the best way.

Indeed, an alternative bet on England may be more likely to result in a win for you as the bettor. Sometimes, when the expectations are high, the pressure can get to a team, and they may not go all the way.

With that in mind, let’s see some of the available pre-tournament bets:


England to win outright and become World Cup champions

If you think this might happen, the best time to get a bet down on England to win it outright is before the first match – just in case they turn on the style from the first kick-off. A great start will see the odds of an outright win shorten.

At the time of writing, England is generally between 13-2 and 7-1 with most major bookmakers to win the tournament. I think the 13-2 is a bit stingy, and the bookies are taking no chances. 

England to reach the semi-finals

The exact odds will be available soon, but given the team is 13-2 to win outright, you can expect the odds of reaching the semi-finals will be around 2-1. 

England to reach the quarter-finals

Odds will be available soon. The odds are likely to be around evens. 

England to win their group and reach the knockout round of 16

With Iran, the USA, and Wales as competitors in England’s Group, it’s not surprising that the Three Lions team are hot favourites to win the group at around 1/3.

England to win individual matches

Once the tournament is underway, the attention of many bettors will turn to the team matches. In individual games, there are many ways to bet on the outcome. There’s little doubt, however, that the best way to bet on any World Cup match is by using Asian handicaps. With a handicap bet on England, you could even improve your chances of a winning wager when England is the underdogs in a match.

World Cup outright win odds for the top 4 country teams

Where To Place Your Bets – The Bookies

I could write a War and Peace length article on bookies in general, but for the purposes of this section we just need to know who they are and where to find them.

Of course, UK punters have a good choice between going into a High St betting shop or using an online bookmaker. The latter option is used on a widespread basis by UK punters, and because of the tight regulation of gambling in the UK there are dozens of bookies offering services to UK Customers that we can fully trust. In fact, we’re spoilt for choice. The big ‘problem’ it presents is in the choice itself – you almost don’t know where to look first.

With that in mind, I’ll make some quick recommendations – make sure read our Bet365 review and take a look at Betfair. But remember these are just two names among many. There are dozens more. If you do want to place a bet, it’ll be a good approach to make sure you check betting offers and promotions the various sportsbooks are running before you choose. 

Before I move on to that, I’m just going to mention that the ‘best’ bookies list doesn’t necessarily only include the names you’re already likely to have heard of – names like Coral, Ladbrokes, Skybet, Betfred. Outside of these there are some who operate more in Asian circles – names like SBObet, 188bet, and Dafabet – all of whom cater for UK and European Customers as well as those from Asia region countries.

And quite often you’ll get best odds with them too. Certainly you’ll get attractive odds in specific types of bets, and most likely where betting on England is concerned as well.

Bookies offers and promotions

We’ve covered the vast subject of betting bonuses in depth elsewhere on the site. Offers and promotions are everywhere and are a major part of the online gambling industry. These types of promos are designed to attract new customers and reward existing players or bettors for their loyalty.

So, if you’re thinking about signing up with a new online bookie to place a bet, then check out who is offering incentives to do so. Most will come in the form of free bets to the equivalent of the amount you deposit and are typically referred to as deposit bonuses, but those offers can vary and there are dozens of other opportunities too.

Given the World Cup is such a major betting event, the promos available leading up to the tournament and during its course will often be hugely valuable. Many of them will centre on matches involving England, and many of those will only be published on the evening before a match.

You’ll find the latest deals on the World cup betting offers and promotions page which will be live around a week before the first tournament match.

Finding the best bookmaker to place your bet

This one’s easy. The true answer is there isn’t a best bookie, and certainly not a ‘best one to place a bet on England’ with.
As long as you choose wisely and follow a set of rules you’ll need to follow for all forms of online gambling, you’re unlikely to have problems. Apart from a few rogue operators, they’re almost exclusively all good, they’re all trustworthy. They all have some sort of promotion running. Or at least that’s true of all those you’ll see listed on this page and throughout this site.

The best bookmaker to use to bet on England is going to rely on a combination of factors – odds, type of bet, their bonus if you’re a new Customer. Aside from that, they’ll all offer multiple types of deposit options and you won’t have any problems with withdrawals.

Visit the list of bookmakers and sportsbooks page for all of the top names.

How to get best odds on your England bets

There’s no great mystery to this, but to try and do it without help can be time consuming if you don’t know where to look. If you’re a regular punter you’ll most likely have your own preferences on where to bet, and you’ll probably know who routinely gives the better odds.

Even with experience and knowledge though, it’s hard to know where to get best odds on every event, every type of bet, and every betting market. This is where odds comparison sites come in. They’ll list a wide number of bookies and give you an easy to follow table where you can compare prices.

Click here for the Google search on World Cup odds comparison sites. You’ll get plenty to choose from.

What England odds can you place bets on?

We’ve seen the odds on England for an outright win of the World Cup are around the 7/1 mark before the first game. Those are reasonable odds given it looks a fairly straightforward task to top the Group in the early stage of the tournament. Indeed, the odds are so short for winning the Group that it’s not worth a bet and either an outright win or a semi-final win makes more sense. 

If you’re not betting outright win, you’ll be wanting to wait till there is betting on the individual matches, and this is where the fun starts. You’ll find a massive range of different bets on various aspects of the matches, some of them spectacularly speculative. There will be correct score bets, number of corners bets, England to score first or last bets. You name it, there will be a bookie somewhere offering it.

All of these will add a little extra fun to the matches, and some might come up trumps and get you a lucky win to pay for those beers. But the best way to make a profit on betting on the England matches is to keep it small and go for the bets which have a real chance of coming off. One of the best ways of doing this by taking a look at betting Asian odds, or Asian handicaps as they’re also known.

Betting Asian handicaps is a type of wager that’s steadily becoming more popular outside of Asia where it all began. It’s always been popular in Asian countries, but is steadily becoming more popular with European punters too. Asian handicap bets are placed on the outcome of a match, with the teams being set positive or negative goal handicaps – with odds set for them to overcome those handicaps.

This means you’re effectively only betting on a win or lose result, the draw doesn’t really concern you. Generally the lesser potential number of outcomes in a bet, the more likely you are to win it – betting on asian handicaps in World Cup matches is going to end up being known as one of the most used forms of punting in the 2022 tournament. 

Be careful, study the games. You’re sure to find at least one of the England games where the Asian odds offer a great opportunity to bet on the team with strong potential for your bet to return a profit.


England look set to do well in the Qatar football stadiums during the course of the 2022 soccer World Cup. That means there will be plenty of punters taking the odds up to the start of the tournament for England to win outright and be crowned world champions on the football field.

But we know that often it doesn’t go as expected in a football match, especially not over the course of a lengthy tournament. Probably the best betting opportunities on England will appear in individual matches.

If you’re looking to get behind the England team with a small bet on one of their games, the best way to do it is by betting asian handicaps. You won’t get rich, but by eliminating the possibility of a draw, they do offer the best chances of walking away with a profit after a match.

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