Is There A Zero Risk Football Betting System?

We’ve surely all thought of identifying a zero risk football betting strategy that works. Many of us will try to make something work with our football bets so we can effectively bet without losing. Some punters may have succeeded but most will have very quickly become aware of the risks, and how those risks have a habit of ensuring the strategies we’re using don’t have the desired outcome and, actually, the probability of losing is greater than that of winning.

So, are there really any football betting strategies that present no risk?

The answer is that there are, but they also often come with risks. Indeed, I’d prefer to call them reduced risk strategies, though there will be some bets you can make that, once you’ve struck them, there definitely is no chance of losing.

In this article, we’ll explore the possibility of a risk-free system for football betting and look at how it might work.

By RealMoneyGames – Steve Cross

Football betting is a gambling activity with significant potential rewards and risks. You’re extremely unlikely to win with football bets in the long run by guessing or betting with no strategy at all, and it takes skill, knowledge, and a close eye on team and betting odds news to choose the right teams and predict their performance and the outcomes of matches correctly.

There are some prerequisites before you even get started on using any betting system. You’ll need access to an account at a gambling site with a sportsbook, and the choice of those sportsbooks might be crucial. Bet365 might be a good one, although you might want to base a decision on which bookmaker to use on what bonus offers they have. You’ll almost certainly need to have made a cash deposit into your gambling account, although using free bets with no deposits might actually be one of the strategies employed.

Even when you do follow a strategy, the most experienced of bettors can suffer losses due to unanticipated outcomes or just bad luck. So, your chosen strategies need to be carefully considered and acted upon. Before we get to the specific strategies that might work, let’s set the scene with some general info about betting on football.

What Is Football Betting?

Football betting is a form of gambling that involves predicting the outcomes of professional and amateur football matches in leagues and tournament competitions around the world. It was one of the earliest forms of sports betting, and it’s a form that can be a fun and potentially profitable activity.

The basic concept is simple: bettors place a wager on the outcome of a match, with the aim of making money if their prediction turns out to be correct. But, of course, the list of betting markets for a soccer match is much more comprehensive than just betting on a match outcome. For betting with no likely chance of losing, though, you will focus mainly on match outcomes.

As with any form of gambling, there’s no guarantee that you’ll make money; in fact, most bettors will lose money over time due to bad luck or poor decisions. That’s why it’s important to understand how football betting works and have a plan before placing any bets.

What are the ways to reduce betting risks?

One way to reduce the risk associated with football betting is to research the teams and players involved in each match. This will give you an insight into which teams are likely to win or lose and can help you make more informed decisions when placing your bets.

Additionally, it’s wise to set yourself a budget for your betting activities so that you don’t overspend or put yourself in financial difficulty as a result of excessive losses. This attention to budget availability is known as money or bankroll management.

The first step in any successful money management strategy is to determine how much you can afford to spend on football bets each week or month. This should be an amount that won’t put too much strain on your financial situation if lost, but will still allow you to enjoy the entertainment value of betting on your favorite sport. Once this budget has been set, it’s important to stick to it no matter what happens during the course of the season. It’s also wise to spread out your wagers over several different bets instead of putting all your eggs in one basket. That way, if one bet doesn’t pan out, you’ll still have other chances at success.

Another smart money management tip is to avoid chasing losses – that is, continuing to increase your stakes after experiencing a few consecutive losses in hopes of recouping them quickly. Although this might seem like an easy fix for restoring balance in your bankroll, it usually leads to bigger losses in the long run and can even lead to problem gambling if left unchecked. Instead of chasing losses, take some time away from betting if necessary and come back with a fresh perspective when you’re feeling more level-headed and ready for action again.

Understanding the odds can be a crucial factor in predicting and winning wagers. The odds are a numerical representation of how likely an event is to happen, and they can vary widely depending on the matchup. By studying the odds before placing a bet, bettors can get a better sense of which team is more likely to win or lose.

Truly understanding odds also takes you into the area of seeking value in your bets. Essentially, if you can identify a bet at odds that has a better chance of success than the actual odds being quoted by the bookies, then you have a value bet. Make enough value bets that are successful over time and you end up with a profit.

But these steps are only the basics. They’re choices that help reduce risks. They’re not actually the zero-risk strategies you want. So, after the following section on different types of soccer bets, we’ll see one or two ways that – if done correctly and carefully – can actually give you the chance to bet on a football match with no risk of losing.

Different Types Of Bets

Before we head into some precise strategies, it’s time to explore the different types of bets available. Depending on your risk tolerance and knowledge of the game, there are various ways to get involved in football betting. Here we’ll take a look at some of the most popular options.

The most basic type of football bet is the moneyline or win-lose-draw wager. This involves simply picking which team you think will win the game without needing to worry about any point spreads or other factors. Moneyline bets are straightforward, but they also offer lower payouts if you go with the team most likely to win since the odds often heavily favour one side or the other.

For those looking for higher payouts, spread bets may be more appealing. With this type of wager, one team is given a handicap, and points must be made up by either side for winning or losing bets. This means that even if one team is heavily favoured over another, bettors can still receive competitive odds depending on the size of the spread. This form of betting is very similar to the betting options you see in Asian handicaps.

Punters with an eye for detail may prefer prop bets – short for propositions – which involve predicting specific outcomes or stats that occur during a game rather than who will win or lose overall. Props and other markets can range from predicting which player will score first, how many corners there might be in a match, and how many players could get sent off, all the way to whether or not an onside kick attempt will be successful and everything in between.

Profitable Betting Systems

Now, we’re in a position to look at some reliable and potentially profitable systems, and there are a few that can help maximize profits over time. These systems usually involve placing multiple bets on various outcomes in order to reduce the risk associated with single wagers.

One of the most popular football betting systems, that is also known as a general gambling system, is called the Martingale System. This involves doubling your bet after each loss in order to recoup any losses and eventually make up for them with a win. While this may sound like an easy way to make money, it’s important to remember that this system also carries a large risk of ruin if too many losses occur in a row. It’s therefore best suited to players who have larger bankrolls and can afford the necessary risks involved.

Another system used by football bettors is known as the Kelly Criterion or Kelly formula. This strategy involves calculating how much of your bankroll you should wager based on both your edge (the amount you expect to gain from each bet) and the odds offered by bookmakers. By following this approach, you should be able to come out ahead in the long run if you make accurate assessments of both your edge and how likely you are to win each bet.

These two systems are not as reliable as they may seem at first glance, and most certainly, they couldn’t be classified as no-risk.

So, what strategies will either reduce risk to a manageable level or even give us the holy grail of betting – the true no-lose bet?

Hedging bets is the term you want to keep in mind. Hedging means essentially placing multiple bets on different outcomes of a single event in order to limit losses if one of the bets turns out to be unsuccessful. It’s not an approach that will guarantee success, but it has become increasingly popular over the years as more bettors look to protect themselves from large financial losses.

One way to hedge a bet is by betting on both sides in a single event. This is often done when there is an overwhelming favourite and the odds of them winning are very high. By backing both teams, one bet will cover any potential losses from the other, allowing you to come out ahead regardless of which team wins. However, this approach also carries with it the risk of losing money if both teams win or draw, so it’s important to take into account all possible outcomes before placing your bet. It’s hard to spot these types of bets, for sure.

Another common hedging strategy is known as arbitrage betting. This involves taking advantage of different odds offered by different bookmakers on a single event in order to guarantee a profit regardless of who wins or loses. Arbitrage betting requires careful research and calculations in order to determine which combination of bets should be placed, but it can be highly profitable if done correctly.

No matter which type of hedging strategy you choose, it’s important to remember that there is no such thing as a fully foolproof zero-risk football betting system. While hedging may help reduce risk, there are still chances that you could end up losing money due to unforeseen circumstances or bad luck.

Fortunately, there are software solutions that identify arbitrage betting opportunities for you. One such service is known as RebelBetting, and the team there claim high levels of success. You’ll have to pay a monthly subscription fee, but that fee is at a level that’s manageable if you can prove the solution works for you and ultimately gives you a profit.

Seeking professional advice

There are many tipsters working online and through chat or social media systems that say they can make long-term profits. Some of them may actually be good and get some consistently strong results with their advised selections.

At some point, though, nearly all will hit a losing run. It’s hard to make a profit day after day, and following tipsters is another example of where you’re never in a no-risk betting situation.

Having said that, professional tipsters can provide valuable insight into the teams and players involved in any given game, as well as potential strategies for making successful bets. This information can then be used by the bettor to make informed decisions about which teams or players offer the best value for money.

Finding trustworthy advice on football betting can be difficult. You’ll need to research any tipster or handicapper before using their services, as some may offer biased or unreliable picks, which can lead to significant losses.

Managing risks

Ultimately, football betting is based on chance and risk can never be completely eliminated. While taking professional advice, careful bankroll management, and looking for strong arbitrage bets all have their value, it’s only the arbitrage solution that – as long as you follow it correctly – can give any guarantees of a winning bet.

To minimize risk a little further, there are a few more strategies to consider.

Betting small amounts on multiple games is one way of spreading out potential losses; this method also allows bettors to place bets on more games without having to commit too much money. Additionally, focusing on teams or players that you have knowledge about or have done research into can help to reduce the chances of making costly mistakes.

We’ll pick up a little on this factor involving research. One way to improve your chances of success is by using statistics to guide your decisions. This means analyzing data such as past performance, team composition, and even weather conditions that may affect a team’s performance.

Knowing which teams are historically better than others, or which players have been trending upwards with their performance in recent weeks can give you an edge when making your picks. Additionally, it’s worth paying attention to factors like home advantage and recent form for each team.


In conclusion, football betting is a risk-filled option for anyone looking for consistent winnings. However, with only three outcomes possible in any match where you’re betting on a straight win, lose, or draw result, you’ll likely enjoy lots of winning wagers. If you use asian handicaps, you get that down to only two possible outcomes.

Combining those facts with options for betting in events where a good arbitrage opportunity has been identified will often result in strong possibilities of making that elusive zero-risk bet.

Whichever way you approach your football betting, or even other forms of punting that include horse racing, NFL betting, or playing games in casinos, remember that it’s gambling. And gambling always comes with risks that might include the fact you could lose money, or become addicted to the thrill of chasing it. Read the responsible gambling page and fully understand it before signing up with any online gambling sites and risking a stake on any type of bet.

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