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Interest in skill games to win money is booming, with some high quality operators offering many different games to play. One of the most popular games is Solitaire –  a simple card game in which the odds are high that you will have played at some point on your phone or computer.

Whether it was to combat boredom, just play for fun, or because you find the actual concentration and patience that it takes to solve the game exhilarating, you have probably tried your hand at it.

But did you know you can play solitaire for money? It’s actually one of a number of card games that can be played to win cash.

Perhaps not, and that’s what we’ll look at on this page. In case you’re a beginner, we’ll start with the basic rules. After that we need to cover exactly where you can play solitaire money games, followed by some of the variants you’ll see in cash prize competitions.

How To Play Solitaire – For Money Or For Fun

The object of the game is simple. You must end up creating four piles of cards, each within it’s own suit, and in ascending order, beginning with the Ace and ending with the King.

Here is a quick rundown of how to set up your basic game of Solitaire.


How To Set Up

1) To build your layout, you start by placing one card face up. You then lay six cards face down next to your face up card.

2) Next, you place another card face up, and slightly lowered, on top of the first face down card. You then put five cards face down in the remaining spots to your right.

3)You continue this method until you have seven rows, each with a card facing up. The remaining cards will be put in a pile to the side for use if you run out of moves.

While Solitaire is a well-known card game that is played with one player, the serious card players know that even in Solitaire, there is a way in which to make some money.

Now while the classic version of Solitaire , also referred to as Klondike, is a relatively easy game to learn, so is the way you can wager on the game. The basics being that you set a wager towards every card that you successfully move to a foundation stack.

With this in mind, depending on the wager, the earnings can start to grow quickly. So rather than being a time-passing game that comes pre-installed on your computer, you can actually find sites that have Solitaire tournaments set up that allow you to wager on your game.

Where To Play Solitaire For Money

Playing Solitaire for money is a lot more fun on a great site.

Here are just a few sites that offer Solitaire money games as well as valuable sign-up bonuses. Besides these, with the world at your fingertips, you are sure to find a site that takes this work break game to a whole new level.


Solitaire Money Sites

•  Lucky Red
•  Bet Victor
•  Bet 365
•  888
•  World Winner

Types Of Games – Solitaire Variants For Money

With so many variations of Solitaire out there, here are a few of the most popular games to play.

•  Klondike
•  Pyramid
•  Tri-Peaks
•  Free Cell
•  Mahjong
•  Blackjack Solitaire
•  Spider

Now while Solitaire may be relatively simple, there are a few strategies that one can employ to increase the odds of completing your final stacks.

Useful Strategies & Tips – Improving Your Money Winning Possibilities

1) One of the most important strategies in solitaire is to free up a down card whenever possible. Also, if possible, free up the down card that has the most cards in that pile.

2) Always move your Aces and Twos immediately to start your foundations. There may be a rare time that a strategic reason not to do so may come along though. This is where the concentration comes in.

3) If you do not have a King, do not clear a spot for one. That extra pile may provide extra moves.

4) While these are basic strategy points, concentration and movement are key. If you find you have no moves left, try rearranging some of the cards in the piles. You never know, you just may find a move you missed and continue earning.

Now that you know a few solitaire winning tips, take that extra time you spend playing this classic game, and try to win some money at the same time.

If you need some help on getting started there are a handful of videos on the Youtube solitaire for money channel, any one of which may get you on the road to Solitaire stardom!

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