TV Game Shows Online for Real Money

Fans of popular game shows seen on TV can play as a contestant in the show and enjoy the fun in online versions of the games. Be one of the contestants in your own personal online game show for a chance to get your cash prizes as a winner. Take on the hosts by answering trivia questions or completing mental challenges in games like Who Wants to be a Millionaire, Deal or no Deal, and The Price is Right

Guide to tv games shows replicated online for real cash prizes

What are online game show games?

Game shows have been a staple in the entertainment industry since the first game shows on radio (Information Please) and TV (Spelling Bee). Both aired in 1938, but they were both surpassed in popularity by Dr. I.Q. in 1939.
In the 85 years since then, there have been countless pre-recorded or live game shows based on varying comedy, quiz show, trivia game questions, or other themes involving mental or physical challenges. These gave contestants chances to win prizes while a studio audience looked on and a much larger audience would watch the fun on TV.

These shows were and are (for those still running) compered by dozens of different celebrity hosts or comedians, with many becoming part of the cultural zeitgeist. And, not surprisingly, game show games have transitioned to the newest broadcasting platform available, the internet. And, of course, as with any internet-based form of entertainment, game show games online are distinguishable for everyone by their interactive nature between player and the test inherent in the competition.

You can even play many of your favorite game show games online for real money or cash alternatives like gift cards and get chances to win some useful prize money. And this experience of playing on a website or mobile application on any type of screen can generate suspense and excitement, too. An experience that’s on a par with playing in front of live studio audiences but without having to negotiate the process involving auditions.

So, this ability to play online makes it very easy for fans to find ways to play a virtual game show either alone or with friends. Indeed, it’s much easier playing online than needing an interview with a casting team and an audition in front of the producers to get to the point of participating in a live TV show event. Anyone playing online will have a significantly greater range of easy-to-access gaming options.

Of course, the classic game show games you’ll read about today differ greatly from the ones I mentioned in this introduction. From either watching those titles live on TV or seeing reruns of classic episodes, modern readers are more familiar with games with prizes that can change lives like Deal or No Deal and Who Wants to Be a Millionaire? than You Bet Your Life or Match Game.

You’re probably also more familiar with reality-TV shows where contestants vie to be the last survivor or surviving couple in the game. Originally an English show and now discontinued, Big Brother is a perfect example and in its hey-day attracted many applications from people wanting to take part. But there are several others where the characters in the game can end up being well-known celebrities and make more money from being someone famous than for actually winning the contest.

What game shows can you play online to win prize money?

Here’s a list of game show games that you can play online for money. They don’t all have real money versions available everywhere, as local laws and other details can restrict such things depending on where you live. Many of the ones who don’t still offer cash prizes or rewards systems to winners.

You can find more detailed information about each online game show game at the link in the listing below, but this will give you a quick-scan method to see if you spot your favorite. You’ll also find suggestions on where to play in each game write-up:

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