What Are Chumba Casino Gold Coins?

As we learned in a detailed review of Chumba Casino, it’s one of the social gambling casinos that operate a sweepstakes model catering to players that want to play free games with optional chances to win cash.

Players enjoying Chumba’s games will play with one or the other of two types of virtual coins – Gold Coins and Sweeps Coins. Between them, they’re what gives a solution that offers a mix of purely fun gaming alongside that chance to play free games and win money.

On this page, we’ll explore how the Gold Coins work in Chumba’s social gaming model.

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What’s the difference between Gold Coins and Sweeps Coins at Chumba?

If you’re new to Chumba Casino, it’s essential to understand the difference between Gold Coins and Sweeps Cash. Free games and those you play to win money are both played with virtual coins at Chumba, with the free gaming staked with Gold Coins and the games where you can actually win real cash staked with Sweeps Coins.

  • If you want to play the games to win money, the Sweeps Coins (SC) will be your primary interest. You can use these coins to get entry to the sweepstakes.
  • Playing for fun without risking real cash as a stake means you’ll be working with the Gold Coin (GC) option. Win while you’re playing any games with Gold Coins, and whatever you win goes towards increasing your bankroll of play-money coins. 

Gold Coins cannot be exchanged for real money or used to purchase Sweeps Coins. But purchasing them can result in you getting additional Sweeps coins. 

Free social casino games are offered in Gold Coins (play money), but they are also offered in Sweeps Coins (SC). Meaning you can play slots, table games, and other casino games with tokens that do hold value. Should you win or decide you don’t want to play anymore, you can redeem your Sweeps Coins with a cash prize calculated at an exchange rate that’s 1SC = $1USD.  So if you win 10SC playing your favorite social slot, you can redeem those coins for a $10 profit.

How do you get Gold Coins?

You can get free Gold Coins in various ways, including taking advantage of daily login bonuses, mail-in offers and social media competitions.

You can also buy them to increase your balance. Packages come in a range of prices from $1 to $300. Each package has an associated value of bonus Sweeps Coins. These packages can be purchased using various credit cards, debit cards, and other banking methods like Paypal, Skrill, or Direct Bank Transfer.

They’re also available as part of promotional packages such as the Chumba Welcome Bonus Pack or the Chumba Jackpot Pack. Each pack contains a certain amount of coins plus bonus items such as free spins on selected slots. Creating an account as a starter gives you access to two million in Gold Coins for free. 

In addition to buying coins directly or getting them as bonus awards, players can earn them by playing games. For every game you play, you’ll receive one gold coin for each game won and two for every level completed. You’ll also get bonus coins when you refer friends who then make purchases from the Chumba store or participate in tournaments or contests.  

What games can you play at Chumba with Gold Coins?

Aside from video slots, Chumba Casino offers several other casino table games, including blackjack and roulette. This range of games isn’t quite as in-depth as the game libraries you’ll find at most real-money online casinos, but the games Chumba has are still well-designed and come with a variety of different features that’ll help keep any player entertained. 

Chumba Casino also offers a couple of progressive jackpot slots where the jackpots can grow to pretty big values. Playing on these progressives is a good idea if you want a shot at winning a big prize. You may even encounter the odd video slots tournament where you compete against other players for a predetermined prize.

How do you use Gold Coins

Once you’ve signed up and created an active account holding some coins, you’ll most likely be eager to put them to some use. You can use Gold Coins to play any of the games, and getting started is easy:

  1. Decide which game you want to play. Navigate to that game from within the Chumba lobby.
  2. Find the ‘Buy-In’ button and click it. This will bring up an options menu where you can select whether you want to use Gold Coins or Sweeps Coins for your buy-in.
  3. Select ‘Gold Coins’, then choose how many coins you’d like to purchase from the dropdown menu. The minimum amount of coins required for a buy-in varies depending on the game you’re playing.
  4. When you’re ready, simply click ‘Purchase’. You’ll see your balance update in real time as your coins are taken from your account and placed onto the table or machine you’re playing on.
  5. Now you’re all set to play your chosen game. Make your bets wisely and enjoy. 

Other FAQ

Hopefully, you’ll have a pretty clear idea of how the Gold Coins work at Chumba Casino by this point. But there are a few other questions that’ll help supplement our knowledge:


What else can you do with Gold Coins other than play free games?

You can also use your Gold Coins to enter special giveaways that Chumba Casino runs regularly. These giveaways allow players to win real-money prizes and other virtual rewards.   

Is there a limit to the number of Gold Coins a player can buy?

There is a limit to how many coins you can purchase at any one time. This limit ensures that players don’t spend more than they can afford and keep control of their gaming budget.

Can you play with Gold Coins on mobile phones?

This is not such an important question as it used to be, since most websites now either have dedicated apps you can download that work perfectly on mobiles, or the desktop software automatically resizes and presents itself in the right way on a mobile screen. Chumba Casino is no exception and an app is available that works adequately, while the browser will automatically optimize and resize. 

The app is compatible with both iOS and Android devices, making it easy for anyone to play the games with either Gold or Sweeps coins. 

What do you do if you have Gold Coins problems or queries?

If you have additional queries about Gold coins that are not easily answered, or you have any problems using or purchasing them, then going straight to the customer support services team will be the best option. The team of experienced support professionals is available 24/7 through email or live chat. 

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