Why this GGPoker Bet On Flop Feature Spells Double Interest for Online Poker Players

By RealMoneyGames – Steve Cross

GGPoker Bet On Flop

Online poker rooms are constantly vying for new players and often introduce new features. In particular, GGPoker is building a name within the gambling industry for being a leader in these innovations. Following on from the likeable GGPoker Bad Beat Jackpot that has made some big headlines among online poker players, GG has now made their Bet On Flop feature live.

Bet On Flop players gets the chance to win 167x their stake without actually winning the hand. Even when you lose, this method of winning is similar to how bad beat jackpot players can win a share of the pot without actually winning a hand.


What is Bet On Flop?


Quite simply, Bet On Flop at GGPoker is a side betting feature that’s available to players in Texas Hold ’em cash games. GG designed the feature to recreate the in-game betting where players will often wager among themselves during live games and place bets on which cards will turn up at different stages.


When did Bet On Flop launch?


GGPoker introduced the Bet on Flop feature to selected global markets on January 28, 2022. The feature is available on all standard cash games of Texas Holdem, although that excludes fast-fold variants like GG Rush & Cash. 


How does Bet on Flop work? – Winning flops & payout odds


All players in a Holdem contest can place side bets on a variety of post-flop options. So the wagers will be bets that :

  • The whole hand of flop and hole cards has more red cards than black — payout 0.75-1
  • The whole hand has more black cards than red — payout 0.75-1
  • The flop contains a pair — payout 3.4-1
  • The flop is a three-card straight — payout 15.5-1
  • Three cards of the same value are contained in the flop — payout 24.1-1
  • The flop is a three-card straight flush or three of a kind — payout 167-1


How does the betting work?


You’ll be placing no bets against other players. They’re all against the house and have fixed odds and payout values. Bet sizes range from 1 big blind to 100 big blinds, and once placed, they come from the wagering player’s account balance rather than the on-table stack of chips.

You must make all bets before the flop is shown, and the bets remain in play into the next hand if the wagered hand does not progress past the hole card stage.


Chances of winning at Bet on Flop


The house holds an edge just as it does in all forms of casino card games. Within the bet range, this edge varies from just over 7% for the 0.75-1 bet to around 25% for the pair bet, with the others sitting in between. 


What other poker rooms offer similar side bets?


You could consider that many poker rooms have been offering bets on the side by making casino games available to players via in-site online casinos. But from the perspective of allowing bets on actual poker hands, Pokerstars is one of the more prominent operators to be aware of. Pokerstars started up their side bets in early 2020, where players can bet on both the flop and the hole cards before the turns.


Final Thoughts

There is plenty is going on in a game of real money online poker that needs your focus and concentration, so adding in something else to think about might be a risky proposition for some players. For many stronger players, though, it’s great to have an additional form of betting that may liven up a session at the tables.

Given that the Pokerstars side bets options have been running for over a year with no sign of being discontinued, you’d have to think that players at GGPoker are likely to welcome the betting feature with open arms.

We’ll have to see how players actually receive this new Bet on Flop feature, how many take advantage of it, and whether GGPoker will continue with a global rollout that has some longevity.


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