Why These Games Are Great For Real Money Gaming On Mobile

Mobile gaming has come a long way since the days of games like Snake and Tetris played on early Nokia phones. The mobile gaming industry is thriving and shows signs of continuously growing for many years to come. And any player can play mobile games to make money by winning in tournaments with cash prizes or other forms of cash video gaming , or earning it with in-game actions.

We’ll likely see the release over the coming years of many new and exciting games that look set to captivate players, all providing options for real-money gaming. But right now, those options are already widespread and give gamers plenty of choices.

In this article, we will talk about some of the game types and specific games that are worth having on your list of mobile real money games and why they’re ideal for the mobile gaming experience. 

By RealMoneyGames – Steve Cross

Lottery Games

Everyone knows the lottery and there are many individual draws held regularly around the world. They’re not the greatest way to try and win money, with the odds heavily against anyone winning one of the jackpots they’re famously known for. Winning small prizes is a real possibility, though.

Because of their simplicity, they’re highly suited to mobile gaming. There are no complicated game mechanisms, and getting to play is as simple as having an account with a lottery operator and choosing numbers for your selected lotto contest.

Lottery operators are well-known by players worldwide, but Indian residents, in particular, are often drawn to the game, especially where there’s an option to play casino games, too. For our visitors from India, there are few better places to play than to navigate to the Lottoland India casino games, where you reach the lotteries and learn more about their interesting bonus offers and other promotions. Players from many other countries are equally welcome at Lottoland.

Video game tournaments

 For those players adept at using their mobile devices to play games, there are several high-profile titles you’ll find at many of the sites where you can play in online video game tournaments with cash prizes. Some of these games have been adapted purely so they’re more playable on smaller screens. Some of the best include

Call of Duty: Mobile

Call of Duty: Mobile, a first-person shooter videogame developed by TiMi Studios, is available for Android and iOS. This game is a spinoff of Call of Duty and includes multiple game modes, including multiplayer, Battle Royale, and zombies.

Call of Duty Mobile is completely free to play and allows you to purchase cosmetic items and other bonuses in-game. Both players and critics have praised its high-quality graphics, fast-paced gameplay, and positive reviews.

Free Fire

Free Fire features fast-paced matches lasting 10 minutes and a variety of weapons and tactics that make each match unique. Free Fire also has a unique character system that allows players to choose from various characters with different abilities.

Free Fire is one of the most downloaded mobile games worldwide, with millions of players and an active user base. It’s free to download, and you can make in-app purchases for cosmetics and other bonuses.

Pokémon Go

In Pokémon Go, players travel to real-world locations to find and catch Pokémon, battle Gym leaders and join forces with other players at Raid Battles. The game also features a variety of in-game events and updates, including seasonal events and the addition of new Pokémon to catch.

Since its release in 2016, Pokémon Go has become a cultural phenomenon, with millions of players worldwide. It is free-to-play and offers in-app purchases for various items, including PokeCoins, which can be used to buy in-game items and bonuses.

Battle Royale games

One of the biggest trends in mobile gaming in recent years was the continued rise of battle royale games. Games like Call of Duty: Mobile and Garena Free Fire continued to dominate the charts and attract millions of players every day. These games offer fast-paced and intense action combined with the convenience of playing on a mobile device.

Sports games 

Betting on sports is hugely popular with gamblers and there are plenty of sportsbooks that run well-optimized mobile apps. But you can also play many games for real money that have a sports theme. These games are often the subject of Esports tournaments and include such titles as FIFA Mobile and NBA 2K Mobile, offering a realistic and immersive experience for fans of these sports. Players can build and manage their own teams, compete against others online, and even participate in real-life esports events and tournaments.

Puzzle games

The puzzle genre often sees some exciting new releases, with games like Monument Valley 2 and Death Squared recently released and pushing the boundaries of what’s possible to achieve on a mobile device. These games provide engaging and challenging gameplay, stunning graphics, and atmospheric audio.

Adventure games

Adventure games also make a strong showing in any list of highly-valued mobile games, with titles like Beyond Blue and The Room VR: A Dark Matter offering players a chance to explore mysterious and exotic environments. These games fall into the bracket of virtual world games where you can make money and combine exciting storytelling with engaging gameplay mechanics, making them some of the most well-received games of recent times.


Mobile gaming is heading rapidly towards a fascinating future. Recently, several games broke new ground in terms of technology. Games like Pokémon Go and Harry Potter: Wizards Unite continued to use augmented reality technology to bring the magic of the gameplay to life. These examples allow players to explore their real-world surroundings and discover hidden creatures and items, bringing a new level of immersion to players.

There’s no stopping the rise in popularity of mobile esports. Games like PUBG Mobile and Call of Duty: Mobile continue to offer players the chance to compete against each other at the highest level, with huge prizes and prestige on the line. These events drew huge audiences, both online and in-person, and demonstrate the potential for mobile gaming to be taken just as seriously as traditional esports.

Players have many different ways of playing games on a mobile device to make some extra cash. As software and game developers improve their capabilities with emerging technologies like Augmented and Virtual Reality, there are some great years ahead for mobile gaming.  with a wide variety of exciting and innovative games being released.

For those among us looking to win, make, or earn money playing games on mobile phones, there is something for everyone and it’s pretty straightforward to find one game, game genre, or game type that best suits your needs and preferences.


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