In any list of games where you can win cash there are plenty worth considering.  Those games come in a variety of different forms, but the operators of many of them particularly recognize the allure of player against player contests. That means you’ll find widespread options for tournament-based competition.

On other pages we’ve talked about cash tournaments being one of the key ways to try to win money online. In fact there are some great reasons why they can easily be labeled as the best way.

But why?

There are a number of reasons, so here we’ll look at five of the best. To help illustrate them, we’ll also review some of the different cash prize game types that can be considered to deliver the best types of tournaments. 


5 Reasons Why Tournaments Are The Best For Real Money Gaming 


1. They’re easy to find. You can go to any of the pages on cash skill games or console video game contests to find fairly exhaustive lists of operators running tournament-based competitions.

2. They often have a low cost of entry. Tournament entry fees are referred to as buy-ins, and these can vary wildly in the amounts required. The higher the buy-in, the higher the end prizes are likely to be.

That said, occasionally you’ll find a tournament that carries a high value prize on offer for a low buy-in. Sometimes even free. 

3. You’ll often be able to do well if you have good skills in the chosen game. This is probably the most important point of our small but select list, and offers great chances for adept, well-practiced players to triumph over opponents. 

4. There are plenty of different types of games to choose from. The skill game genre includes multiple game types, ranging from online poker through to games like chess. Even outside of skill games there are options which depend more on luck. Slots tournaments are a good example.

5. They’re easy to learn and normally easy to play. Most games are basically easy to play – any websites you find them on will make a good job of explaining the game-play and tournament processes. Of course, if you’re a beginner it’ll take some time to get up to speed but the only way you’ll get to improve skill levels is through practice.

The Best 3 Types Of Tournament Games

OK we’ve seen why online tournaments earn their place as the best real money games, so let’s see which types of games could be considered to offer the best tournament experience. 

Note that the term ‘the best’ can mean different things to different people. Maybe for you it’s the best as in the easiest to play or win at. It could mean the best as in the participants are at the top tier, or the best as in it’s got the biggest (or at least a substantial) prize pool. And there’s no shame in just wanting good old-fashioned entertainment, so the best for fun might be the order of the day. 

All of those are important of course. They’re definitely considerations you’d need to make, as are a number of other tournament aspects. But let’s put those aside for now. They’re easily tackled on pages dedicated to individual game contests and we can be more precise there. Check out the list which covers the different types of cash prize tournaments. 

Let’s review three types of contest that have a well-rounded profile that covers as many of the good points of tournament play as possible. 


1. Poker Tournaments 

If the skill perspective of game tournaments is what gets you interested, there are few better choices than poker. It’s not called the king of real money games for nothing. 

Poker games can be tense, fun, and testing. In equal measures at times! When you get in to poker tournaments there is surely no greater thrill than battling through to the latter stages of a high prize event (and if you’re a new player, any event!). 

Ultimately winning one is likely to be one of your most memorable highlights of your time in the game. 

Online poker tourneys are very easy to find, with an incredible range of options available giving choices of where, how, when, and for what prizes to play. You can play pretty much on demand at any hour of night and day.


2. Slots Tournaments 

Leaving cash prize online slots contests out of any best tournaments list would be a big omission. They offer one of the best fun ways of getting involved in casino-game related tournament play. If casino games are your bag, they offer a great – and low cost – way of playing your favorite casino games. 

Although slots are a casino game and we all know those are designed to soak up your bankroll, playing in slots tournaments works in a different way to gambling in other types of games. That’s because you’re paying a set amount at the start (the buy-in) and that’s all you’re going to lose.   

They’re contests between two or more players where one player ends up taking the crown and the prize or prizes that go with it. The tournament winner clearly takes the highest value prize, with runners up normally getting in the money but collecting considerably lesser amounts.


3. Video Gaming Contests 

Of course the term ‘video games’ covers pretty much all of the types of cash games you’ll find online. The majority are based on video technology. But we’re specifically talking here about console gaming contests.

We really looking games here where skill can set you apart from other players. Contests involving console video gaming call for a mixture of abilities – manual dexterity, fast reflexes, and ability to concentrate to name but a few.

There are various places to play in console-based tournaments and it shouldn’t be hard to find one in your favorite game. Certainly there are contests based on all the top titles including shooting games, adventure games, games of strategy, role playing or second life style games, and of course sports games like FIFA, Madden, World Championships, Golf, and Formula One track action.They can be played on Xbox, Playstation, Nintendo, or PC. 

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