Why Finding Unlimited Free Bingo Games Is Your Best Chance Of An Online Bingo Win

By RealMoneyGames – Steve Cross

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There’s no doubting that bingo is one of the most popular online gambling games, much loved by players who are looking to just play the numbers for fun or to win cash prizes with their gaming. There’s equally significant interest in playing any type of free real money game since there’s no better way to try and win those cash prizes than by doing it with no cost involved.

As a bingo player, you’ll be forgiven for thinking it’s unlikely you can play the cards for a cash prize without any risk to your own funds. While you probably know there are online bingo rooms delivering play-for-fun games and you’ll also know you could go online and get printable cards that you could play offline to your heart’s content, it may surprise you to learn that many players are playing the numbers to enjoy cash wins without ever having deposited any money with their chosen bingo site.

There are several free bingo sites around the internet allowing players to make winning attempts without spending any of their own money. So, free bingo is highly sought after, and any sites offering unlimited free bingo games are especially revered since they’ll offer the never-ending chances you’d need to turn luck more in your favour.

On this page, we’ll explore the possibilities you might find for playing unlimited games of free bingo and whether you really can do this for real money prizes. What are free bingo sites? How do they work? Where can I find free online bingo? Will I really get endless chances? Read on to find out answers to these questions and more.

Before we begin our investigation, I should point out that we’ll be talking about bingo for UK players. The UK is the home of land-based bingo halls, but with the explosion of interest in online gaming, it’s a fact that many UK fans of the game now play online to get their chance of a jackpot win when the right ball is called. But even if you’re not from the UK and based in Australia, New Zealand, the US, India, or anywhere else in the world, the possibilities for free bingo games are still there for you and you should get some useful info from this article.


What Exactly Are Free Bingo Sites?


There are two types of free bingo sites. There are social sites or apps where players enjoy the game with play money. These free games are played for the social aspect and genuine enjoyment of the game, and this is where you’ll genuinely get the best prospects of playing unlimited free games. With this form of free bingo, you won’t be winning any cash.

The other type of free bingo site is the website that offers real money play but allows players to play bingo for free, often as part of a welcome bonus or maybe some other form of a promotional offer. For example, a site might give away £5 of free bingo to any new player that signs up with them.

At these sites, those playing for free can usually win money, if they’re lucky. These prizes aren’t as large as the ones online and offline real money players can win. As such, it really does mean you need to hit a very early lucky winning streak but an early win can still be enough to start building a bankroll.

A third way you can play free bingo will be to do it offline. You can buy stacks of printed bingo cards or even your own bingo card generator and print your own. All you need then is a set of numbered balls and you can play with friends or family for as long as you like. You may even decide to make small cash prizes available to winners, perhaps by all participants putting a stake in before each game.


Can You Win Money Playing Free Bingo?


We’ve just seen that it’s possible to win money when playing free bingo online, but let’s look into that a little bit deeper. Firstly, how much money could you win? Well, the games open to those playing for free don’t generally have huge prizes – typically, the main prize is just a few pounds. However, you could take this small sum and use it to play more bingo, hopefully winning a larger prize in the process.

If you manage to win some money while playing the free games, it’s unfortunately not quite as simple as just withdrawing it from your account and into your own bank or preferred payment wallet. Instead, you’ll have to meet the wagering requirements. All money you win from free games will have to be gambled a certain number of times. For example, if you win £10 and there are 50x wagering requirements, you’ll have to bet £10 x 50, which is £500. Once you’ve placed £500 of bets, you can withdraw the money you won.

As you might imagine, wagering requirements ensure that most people winning money from a bonus don’t ever manage to withdraw it. You might think this is unfair on the part of the bingo sites, but if they allowed every bit of money won from free games to be withdrawn, they’d soon be out of business, or they’d just stop offering free games in the first place.

So, most people won’t manage to win money from free games. However, there are some lucky players who manage to do so. The main word to note here is ‘lucky’. Bingo is a perfect example of a real money gambling game of chance and there’s no way you can influence the outcome by using any form of skill. So, to increase your chances, you need to be able to play many times in search of the wins. Your very best option would be to be able to play unlimited free bingo games for as long as it takes to hit a big win. Sadly, the option to play unlimited bingo games without risking your own cash in real money online bingo rooms just doesn’t exist. However, this chance of winning money is the real draw for players and means that it’s still well worth jumping online, finding somewhere to play, and trying to ride your luck.


How to Find the Best Free UK Bingo Sites


Now you’ve read all about free bingo sites – and we know that unlimited gaming isn’t possible where real cash is involved –  you’re probably keen to at least get some chances of winning and might be wondering how you can find the best of them. Well, there are a few ways to find the best free bingo sites, but the simplest thing to do is head to a website that reviews them and then search there for sites offering free games to new players.

The most useful of these types of review sites and those that publish comparisons of online bingo operators in a list, such as the Bingo Sites website. These will make it very easy to find the best bonuses and usually offer lots more information on the site in question, such as the games on offer and the payment options that can be used. For UK players, they’ll also tell you whether a site is properly regulated by the Gambling Commission, helping you to ensure you only ever play at legal and safe bingo sites. Many review sites do also provide similar information that’s helpful for players in the rest of the world, too.


Are There Many Free Online Real Money Bingo Sites?


You’ll find that loads of cash prize bingo sites offer free games to players. They do this because they’re in competition with so many other sites, and they know that offering the chance to play for free is a great way to attract your custom. They also know that the majority of people won’t win anything and that many will then deposit their own money, meaning that offering a free incentive benefits the bingo site financially.

There’s something very important to remember here, and it’s this: there is nothing stopping you from signing up with multiple online bingo sites. Just find one offering free bingo to new players, sign up, and then play your allocated amount of games. If you don’t win, then sign up with another site and play for free. You can continue doing this until you run out of online bingo sites offering free games, which might take you an extremely long time! It’s probably fair to say this won’t be giving you unlimited, never-ending attempts, but it is some form of a solution.


Which sites will let me play unlimited free bingo games?


It’s going to be the social gaming sites – alongside a number of free-play apps – that truly get you opportunities to play endlessly, although – as we noted earlier – you won’t be winning real cash for free when you complete a line or cover all the numbers on a card first. These apps offer various themed games and tournaments and can be found either on Google Play or the Apple Store.

  • Absolute Bingo – rated one of the best free bingo games on Android. 
  • Abradoodle Bingo enjoy an online bingo adventure that lets you play bingo offline, anywhere, and anytime. 
  • Bingo Blitzmeet new friends, explore the world and collect amazing items while playing the games.
  • Bingo Treasurean exciting bingo game that combines bingo games and treasure hunting. 
  • Bingo Holiday – a collection of classic and special online bingo games on iOS! 60+ bingo rooms.
  • Lucky Bingoalmost 30 new bingo rooms including multiple bingos gameplay in one bingo card and more.  




We’ve seen that there are two main ways of playing free bingo – one for fun and with play money, the other for real money prizes. Using the real money option does give opportunities to win cash and it’s well worth any bingo fan exploring those possibilities. Unfortunately, they’re never going to be unlimited in every sense of the word, since the bingo rooms won’t give away free cash on a never-ending basis. They’d go bust!

So, you can play plenty of bingo for free, but the only sure way to get to play unlimited free bingo is to play for fun. You can do that by buying a printable bingo card generator and making your own bingo sheets of cards for playing at home with friends and family, or you can find an online site or app that lets you play socially with no cost involved. That said, there are so many real money sites offering free playing cash deals that you could at least get to play a fairly large number of games before you really had to actually risk your own money as a stake in the games.

So, I guess the final question is “Should you play free bingo?”

The answer is clearly a yes. After all, what have you got to lose? At worst, you’ll get to enjoy some bingo for a while with no possibility of losing any money, and at best, you’ll find yourself winning some cash without ever having to risk any of your own money in the process.

Some people don’t play for free at real money sites, as they think that the amount of money they could win doesn’t make it worth it. However, there’s a good argument that this is the wrong way to think. Sure, you might only win £2 while playing for free, but think what that £2 could turn into. You might use it to enter a real money bingo game with a prize worth thousands and end up scooping the top prize.

So, it’s almost a no-brainer that – if you love playing bingo – you can head on over to a review site today and search out a website offering free games to new players. You might then find yourself at the start of a bingo story that might – with a lot of luck thrown in – become an extremely lucrative time playing this popular game.


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