Online Casino Promotions – Promos That Will Increase The Fun & Maybe Your Winning Chances Too

Playing online casino games has a lot of plus points, the two most important being you’ll get plenty of fun (if you play carefully) and you might even win some cash at the same time.

There’s a very basic fact to consider though, which is that a casino’s job is to make money. The casinos are very good at this, and unfortunately it’s often your money.

That’s why you need to consider a number of different aspects in your gaming. The aim is to increase the entertainment value as far as possible, while also ending up with more money in your account than when you started.

So how’s this best achieved?

Well for a start you need to consider which types of casino games to focus on, plus get an understanding of which ones give you the best statistical chances of winning and that you’ll enjoy playing as well.

Once you know what games to target the next step is to work out where to play. This is where online casino promotions come to the fore. These are special offers presented to new and existing account holders which give extra value, and fortunately they’re offered widely to both new and existing players.

You can get them wherever you are in the world, whether the casino gambling you’re looking for is in the Far East, US, Australia, or delivered by one of the best European Casinos which cater solely for players throughout Europe.

On this page we’ll explore the different types of promos, how and where to find them, how best to take advantage of them, what some of the drawbacks are, and give some good examples of online casinos to keep an eye on for the most valuable promotional offers plus the codes that might unlock them.

Before we start, there’s one major operator who it’s always worth keeping an eye on for their offers to Customers, and that’s us.888Casino. They are a real money online casino that’s been around for a long time – a great sign that they’re a trustworthy, safe, and secure place to play. Promotions offered are always worth a second look, particularly their long running $20 free no deposit offer.

888 Casino Promotions Screenshot

What Are Casino Promotions?

Playing games in casinos has always had the potential to offer high levels of entertainment, with a number of benefits attached.

Sometimes the benefits on their own are not enough to attract a new player. So, to explain simply, promotions are a collection of valuable extras the online casinos make available to either new players and/or existing account holders with the intention of gaining new players of their games or making sure that existing Customers are happy and keep coming back to play.

In such a lucrative industry, it’s not surprising that competition between operators on both these counts is fierce. There are literally hundreds of different casinos to choose from, so it’s in the interest of each operator to put significant effort into promoting their own services, and in such a way that they’re better than everyone else or at least strongly competitive.

Of course the casinos can partially position themselves as better with high quality software, a wide range of deposit or withdrawal options, and an extensive games library. But you can get good quality options in all of these at various casino sites, so there has to be something more.

Promotions and other special offers are that ‘something more’, and the good news for us players is that virtually all online casinos use promotions and special offers to keep us coming back. If you know where to look for these casino promotions then you have a good start to making the most out the cash you are prepared to deposit.

One thing to bear in mind is that promotions may vary from region to region, depending on which country in the world you call home. Fortunately, many pages you visit on the online casino operator’s websites will automatically route you to the correct offers for your country.

What Types Of Promotions Are There?

Promotional offers from the online casinos can include anything from special cash bonuses to real world  prizes like vacations and cars, free spins on slots machines, and tournament entry tickets. Many internet casinos also give away random free cash amounts to regular players.

Another type of promotion to be aware are the highly popular VIP schemes, and alongside others such as happy hour giveaways all of these combine to form a list of promotion types which any discerning player will want to know about.

Let’s take a look at some of the most popular types of casino promotions in a little more detail….



Betting bonuses are well known in the gambling industry, and for many players they have become the most important consideration in making a choice of where to play.

Clearly they’re carefully designed to entice new depositors and reward existing players. The great news with bonuses is they’re not normally fleeting promotions, but tend to be offered on a much longer term basis.

You’ll often see the same bonus offered for many weeks or possibly even months, but eventually the amounts may change.

Different types of bonuses are covered extensively on the betting bonuses page of, but as an introduction they’ll normally include such offers as:

  • Welcome or first deposit bonus (where you get extra cash on top of a deposit that you make)
  • Reload bonuses – for existing account holders making their second or third deposit
  • No deposit bonuses – free cash for playing games where you don’t even have to make a deposit.

It’s very much worth noting when looking at bonus offers from any casino, you need to be aware of the terms and conditions that are attached. These can vary from casino to casino, but the main condition is often that of wagering and play-through requirements. This means you’ll need to play through the value of the bonus a specified amount of times before you could make any withdrawal.


Free Spins

The term ‘free spins’ of course applies to slot machines, widely recognized as the most popular type of game you’ll find in online or land-based casinos.

Instead of cash or coins in an account, with free spins you’re getting no cost tries at spinning the reels on a slot. This might be as a promotion that’s designed to show players a new slots title in the games library, or may be a permanent offer on a specific well know title.

Virtually all online casinos offer slots games and some run free spins promos, but it’s more likely you’ll see regular free spins promotions at the dedicated slots sites.

There are easy steps to follow to be credited with your free spins, just make sure you follow the instructions carefully when you’re accessing the casino software or making your new player registration.


Free Play & Demo Games

Free-play practice games where you don’t win cold hard cash are easy to find, but some casinos offer free play where you can keep all winnings. An example of this might be where you get an hour’s free play on a specific slots machine.

These types of offers are rare, though clearly ones that are well worth watching out for.




Tournaments are often much sought after by regular players, especially slots tournaments. They’re a great way of getting lots of playing time for your money. For a small entry fee, you can maybe get hour’s worth of play.

Given the casinos are set up so that most likely you’re going to lose money over time, playing in online tournaments is one way of making your money last as long as possible. They’re best looked at as a source of entertainment rather than a guaranteed money winning opportunity.


Happy Hours

The Happy Hour casino promotion is normally applied as an addition to the regular no deposit or deposit bonus, for example you’ll get an extra 10% if you deposit between certain times of the day.


Free Casino Chips

Some casinos run a promo that gives free chips to casino players chosen at random. Aside from a nice win, this is a valuable way to get the pleasant that sees your bankroll increasing in front of your eyes. g. The top casinos regularly give away free money to their players.


Free Prizes

Big value prizes like holidays, cruises, and cars can sometimes be given away as promotions. Smaller prizes such as tournament entries, technology products, and games can also be won.

Sometimes these can be random giveaways, sometimes by entering a draw, but often they’ll be on offer for reaching a specific number of playing points.


VIP Programs

Most service orientated companies know that they can improve their relationship with Customers by treating them well. In the online casino industry, the way this is done is by creating and running VIP programs.

After registering an account, a player may have the option of joining that online casino’s VIP scheme, and then earning extras like building up points earned by playing casino games to get to a level where they can be redeemed for a number of different benefits.

How To Take Advantage of Promotions

Whichever casino you choose to register an account with will always have a clear explanation of how to actually take advantage of any of their promo offers. They are of course all different in how they’re activated, so really the process depends on which one you’re claiming.

If we take the example of bonuses, you’ll normally find that there is a special link on the welcome page that you click if you’re registering as a new player. This will make sure that the bonus is allocated to you, though sometimes this only appears in your account balance after a certain time period or after you’ve played with some of your deposited cash.

For a VIP program there will be instructions on how to sign up, and for other promos like giveaways you’d just need to carefully read the claiming small print.

If you’ve found a new casino to play at – perhaps by seeing a promotional offer here – then you’re going to need to register. Remember that many casinos will offer sign up bonuses, so don’t forget to take them up on any bonus offer at the same time. Most likely you can do both – take the bonus and  enter for the promotion. 

Which Offers Make the Best Promotions?

The answer to this really depends on you, and which offers meet your needs. If you’re like most of us, you’ll probably be looking to claim anything that’s on offer, and why not? What do you like best? If it’s playing tournaments, then look out for tournament type promotions. If slots is your game, watch out for slots related promotions.

Arguably you could say it’s the no deposit bonuses which are best simply for the fact that they’ll cost you nothing. But some deposit bonuses are of such high value that they’re near on impossible to ignore.

Once you have an account and you’ve already taken the welcome bonus or any free money, it’s likely that any reload bonuses offered will get most of your attention.

How To Find The Most Valuable Promotional Offers

The process of identifying promotions is an easy one. Given their value to players, and the importance the online casino’s attach to making them available, you’ll find that they’re advertised widely.

If you already know which online casino you’d prefer to play at, you can just search for that casino by name and they’ll be obviously placed high in any search results. An alternative method you could use would be to subscribe for their newsletter and you’ll get emailed with details of any new player offers.

If you’re unsure of which casino’s have offers and their current values, there are plenty of websites which provide lists where you can clearly see details of free spins that might be awarded or the size of any bonus offers, along with whether you need to make a deposit or not.

The screenshot just below is a perfect example of what you’ll see on a search engine like Google in the results for a ‘casino promotions’ search. In this case it’s a screenshot of an ad designed to bring in new players looking for free slots spins.


There’s no question that promotions offered by online casino’s can play a major part in whether anyone new would want to sign up. Finding them is straightforward, activating them is normally easy, and they’re highly likely to add to your overall experience in positive ways.

In casino gaming the odds are always against you, so aside from playing games which present the best statistical advantages of doing well, there are no specific ways to improve your chances other than by making the most any offers you’ve found.

This can be in increased gameplay time, or more chances to win with extra cash added on to your balance. It can even be by getting chances to win prizes other than in cold hard cash. Looking for the best casino promotions can be the most important step to take before registering to play.

Whatever you do, always remember to be cautious when gambling. There are risks which include the possibility of losing money and of becoming addicted. Make sure you read the responsible gambling page before depositing any cash and remember it if you ever get to the point where your gambling is becoming a problem.

For now though, as long as you have caution in mind, there are plenty of ways of enjoying casino gaming safely.

Go find those promotions!

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