Is Playing At Chumba Casino Classified As Gambling?


When we reviewed Chumba Casino, it was very clear that this online games operator fell into the bracket of social casinos that operate running a sweepstakes model. That sweeps model is one that allows players to enjoy gambling-style online games for free and without the risk of losing cash in a similar way you might when playing real money online casino games. However, at the same time, it lets players opt to buy virtual coins that enhance their options for winning real money. 

So, if you’re not actually staking real cash as bets on games, but you might have purchased virtual coins, does that mean you’re effectively gambling?

There are different viewpoints you could take as answers to this question. On this page, we’ll explore those viewpoints and hopefully reach a logical conclusion for anyone that wants to fully understand whether they’re gambling or not when playing Chumba’s games.

By RealMoneyGames – Steve Cross

Are you playing with real money at Chumba Casino?

We know that gambling is defined as ‘risking or wagering something of value on the outcome of an event in the pursuit of a reward’.  So, this means that for anything to be considered gambling, you have to be risking something of value.

And it’s relevant to note that every activity involving an element of risk does not necessarily classify as gambling. For instance, investing in stocks can involve significant risk and the potential for financial gain, but it is not considered gambling due to the fact that there are underlying factors that can be analyzed before making a decision. Similarly, playing Chumba Casino games may have some similarities to traditional forms of gambling, but they are also different in certain ways.

The main thing to consider here is that Chumba Casino games are played for virtual currency instead of real money. Indeed, this is the fact that makes them legal in many U.S. states. It means that although you’re participating in a game of chance, you won’t be risking any actual money with the actual wagers you place. You can purchase virtual coins with real money, or obtain them for free, but these coins cannot be redeemed for cash or prizes. This makes Chumba Casino gaming different from traditional online gambling sites and casinos where players use their own money to bet on a game.


How does the Chumba sweepstakes model work?

Unlike traditional casino games, chumba casino games do not require players to deposit real money in order to play. Instead, players use virtual currency which can be purchased directly from the site itself using payment services such as PayPal or Apple Pay. In addition, chumba casino games often feature bonuses or promotions which can give players extra chances at winning virtual rewards or prizes.

If it is gambling, is it legal?

It’s important to note that while some states prohibit online gambling, others have legalized certain forms of online gaming such as sweepstakes and fantasy gaming. To avoid falling foul of the law, it’s crucial to check your local laws before engaging in any form of online gaming.

Chumba actually has a licence to operate. It’s held with the Malta Gaming Authority by the parent company VGW Holdings. That’s kind of irrelevant for players in the USA, however. It’s the sweepstakes model makes it legal to play for both Canadian and US residents barring those in Washington State, Idaho, and Quebec.

Conclusion – Is playing Chumba Casino games considered gambling? 

It’s likely there will be several viewpoints for each of us in answer to this question.

Given the potential rewards and risk associated with Chumba Casino’s games, it’s natural to question whether or not they should be classed as gambling. After all, we can achieve financial gain and it can cost money to do so.

In the context of buying Sweeps Coins to participate in the games and have the chance to win real money prizes, playing Chumba Casino’s games would certainly fall into the category of gambling. However, unlike with traditional forms of gambling, these purchases are not classified as bets and do not require any significant capital investment. Plus, you can get free Sweeps Coins as bonuses and sometimes win them in free-to-enter contests, too. 

Therefore, while playing Chumba Casino’s games does involve some level of risk and could lead to a financial gain, it does not necessarily constitute ‘gambling’ as broadly understood by most people. You could argue that with the low cost of entry, you’re buying entertainment with the chance of winning money.

To sum up, it’s clear why Chumba Casino is popular. Players have access to a wide range of exciting games in a secure environment, with customer support available 24/7 to help out whenever needed. The RNG system also guarantees fairness in all games and the SSL encryption technology adds an extra layer of protection for all deposits and withdrawals. When taking these considerations into account, it’s easy to see why many players classify playing at Chumba Casino as entertainment rather than gambling.

When it starts heading into potentially dangerous gambling territory is when you either become addicted to the thrill of the gaming or you begin purchasing of coins beyond your means and or with sums of money that have negative impacts on other areas of life. Keep an eye open for those factors and the question of whether playing Chumba games is gambling shouldn’t really be one you need to worry about but just to treat with caution.

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