World Cup Bookies and Sportsbooks Betting Offers and Promotions

The FIFA World Cup of 2022 will deliver several interesting betting opportunities to football fans. If you’re looking to bet on the World Cup finals, there is sure to be a wide range of exclusive promotional offers from leading bookies, bookmakers, and sportsbooks.

With football betting – as with any other form of sports betting – you’ll want to be edging the odds as far as possible in your favour. You’ll need to have the necessary knowledge and information about the teams, matches, and big-name players such as Lionel Messi, Christian Ronaldo, Karim Benzema, Harry Kane, and Kylian Mbappe.

Still, even when you know the footballers and their national teams inside out, you can also tip the balance further your way by taking advantage of any World Cup bookies offers, promotions, or enhanced bonuses.

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Today’s betting offers for the World Cup

It’s a little early to be sure of a full list of what’s going to be on offer from the bookies at this stage leading up to the tournament.

We can be sure though that there will be plenty to write about as we get closer to the opening games, and some daily introductory offers will present great value.

Virtually every bookie is already running various promotions such as free bet offers, many of which will be maintained till after the Euro finals and even further.

This section, though, is reserved for announcements of new offers as they appear in the news, that is, those that have been specially created for the World Cup finals:

Bookmaker and sportsbook betting offers and promotions for the FIFA football World Cup of 2022 in Qatar


All bookmakers run introductory promotions and special offers to encourage new registrations and keep existing customers happy. It’s one of the ways they keep their profit margins up aside from gratefully accepting the money from any losing bets placed by account holders.

During major football finals like the FIFA World Cup, betting sites like Bet365, BetMGM, Fanduel and others will be falling over themselves to present valuable betting account offers such as risk-free bets and enhanced odds single win or parlays to prospective punters. They may even increase the value of regular bonuses in some instances.

This deluge of promotional betting offers will give us great opportunities throughout the tournament. This page will look at what types of offers or joining promotions the bookies will be offering during the FIFA World Cup finals in Qatar. 

These offers will be helpful for all forms of betting on the competition matches, especially for the highly popular handicap bets. Betting on the World Cup with Asian odds can lead to many lucrative opportunities for placing a winning wager. Combining offers with Asian odds betting could get you some excellent profits.

What types of betting offers are available for the World Cup finals?

It’s an absolute certainty that the period leading up to the first game of the tournament, and throughout the competition itself, will see several betting offers from the leading operators.

For any World Cup match, there will be literally hundreds of different bets to choose from. Each or any of these could be the focus of a one-day special offer, and almost certainly, every different bookie will run several of them. 

Many offers are standard and run all year round. Those standard offers won’t change on a daily basis.

A good example is Bet365’s bet £10 and get £50 in free bets welcome bonus promotion. 365 is one of the leading global bookmakers offering odds on the World Cup tournament, rounds, and matches. The bet365 review here on explores their betting products and services in detail.

Many other free bet offers are almost certainly going to be open right the way through the contest and up to the final match.

But when a sporting event of this size is upon us, those standard offers get supplemented by bigger and better ones daily. There are already some bookies that have announced their promotions for the tournament, but plenty more will follow throughout the contest, including:

  • Enhanced bonuses.
  • Big money slots tournaments.
  • Cash prize competitions.
  • Prize draws for holidays or cash.

These are great for some fun and a chance to win a big prize. But outside of these types of promotions, there is plenty of interest in the actual betting. Let’s explore what punters can expect in a little more detail when wagering on the World Cup of 2022:


Deposit Bonus Offers

So the first type of offer we’re interested in is the deposit bonus offer. Most sportsbooks offer these regularly; they’ll be pretty standard offers almost always open to new depositors. During the tournament, several deposit bonus offers with enhanced terms and bonus values will be provided.

They’ll either match the value of your first deposit with an equal amount of cash or a percentage/multiple of it (up to a specified amount).


Free bet offers 

The second most popular type is the free-bet offer, where you’ll deposit cash and earn a free bet credit or multiple credits to be placed on another event. .

For free bets, you’ll typically need to make a qualifying deposit clearly marked in the terms and conditions. And there are usually other restrictions, such as only being able to use the free bet on wagers where the odds are higher than a specified threshold. Different qualification rules may apply, and once you’ve met all those specified qualifying rules, you can use your free bets.

If you understand the rules, a free-bet offer can help you determine the size of the wager you need to make using your own money and, in some cases, help limit potential losses.


Free bets on specific match outcomes

For any World Cup match, there will be literally hundreds of different bets to choose from. Each or any of these could be the focus of a one-day special offer, and almost certainly, every different bookie will run several of them. They’ll range from offers such as money back if your team lose to a penalty to free bets if the match ends in a draw and pretty much every other scenario you can think of. 

Enhanced Odds

Often not lasting for long, enhanced odds offers are usually made available for specific matches on the actual date they’re to be played.

For example, the available odds for a team to win might be evens, but one bookie will offer 2 to 1 on the day of the match. They might truly believe those are the true odds, but often this will be a loss leader to encourage extra sign up’s from new punters.

You won’t be making a ton of money from these enhanced odds bets, as often there will be a limit on how much you can bet – a limit set so that the bookie in question won’t lose too much money if it doesn’t go their way.

Another way they’ll limit losses is by making any winnings awarded as a free bet rather than cold cash.

All in all, enhanced odds offers are worth a look, but always read the small print around what’s entailed.


Enhanced odds accumulators or accas

Expect to see plenty of action around accumulators. Acca’s are notoriously difficult to land, the bookies can afford to offer some pretty enticing odds for bets containing multiple selections.


No lose bets or cashbacks

It’s every punter’s dream to be able to place bets with zero risk in such a way that the bet can’t lose whatever happens. Arbitrage and value or sure betting are ways to do this.

Individual no-lose bets on World Cup matches differ from the deeper zero-risk strategies you might employ on a broader basis.

In a match, the offer is that you’ll receive the cash back on a losing bet you’ve made with your own betting funds. Of course, qualifying rules will be spelt out in the offer terms and conditions. For example, you may need to deposit or bet a certain amount to become eligible.

Cashback offers might run on whether both teams fail to score, if a red card is shown in the game, or if one side fails to score. Or they could be applicable on a straight win or lose wager.


Other betting-related promotions

Other promotions will include World Cup offers around types of specific bets, such as percentage bonuses on accumulators, both teams to score bets, correct scores, outright group or tournament winners, and many more.

Offers involving insurance on accumulators are growing in number. These offer cash back if one leg of an accumulator fails, with all the other selections winning. Typically they’ll only apply if your bet contains at least five selections. During the early stages of the World Cup finals, there may be plenty of opportunities to line up accumulator bets with a good chance of paying out.

One innovative new development in correct score betting is where you predict a score, and if it ends up the other way around, you may get a cash refund on the bet.

Another to watch out for is the free bet on in-play markets, where you might get a free equivalent bet on the in-play market if you place a qualifying bet before the match starts.

Why do bookies run World Cup betting offers?

We’ve already seen that there’s going to be some deep competition for our money over the course of the tournament. Each of the major bookmakers and sportsbooks has its own promotions running in order to help them take their piece of the pie.

But they’ll want more. So they’ll be working day and night through the World Cup to bring new betting offers to the table daily. These will vary in type and sometimes have slightly different reasons for their existence:


Loss Leaders

Some daily offers will be expected to make a loss for the bookie. They’ll be designed to hook punters with great odds on what look to be strong favourites. We know that the bookies always win in the end, and they know that too. They can sometimes afford to take a risk on a specific result, with the knowledge that by going out on a limb, they get publicity and potentially more registered punters who’ll go on to lose in other ways.

Of course, the fact the bookies always win in the long run does not necessarily mean that you or I always lose. These loss leaders can be worth watching out for and can sometimes offer great value bets. Remember, though, that hot favourites do go down regularly.

You’ll have seen from other pages that I’m particularly keen on betting Asian handicaps. These offer one of the easiest ways to win on soccer betting. Watch out for any potential wagers on world cup Asian handicaps that tie in with a special daily promotion, they could just be the ones that supplemented your betting banks the most come the final.


The Bookies Call

Being a bookie is all about balancing books and money. Betting on most events will be to odds set by the bookies in such a way as to land them a profit, whichever way the result goes. Sometimes though, they’ll make a call – a stand if you like – and be prepared to take bets because they think they’re pricing the odds right where their competitors are not. In these circumstances, they may choose to run a daily promotion around that event.

Why look for betting offers anyway? Why not just place the bet?

The answer to this question is nearly always going to be ‘why wouldn’t you take advantage of any special promotions from the bookies for your World Cup bets?’ In many cases, it’s a no-brainer to take advantage of enhanced odds or cashback offers if a match is likely to go the way you’ve predicted.

An example might be that all losing bets will be refunded on a match if your chosen team loses on a penalty or penalties. You wouldn’t be placing your bet on this basis, of course, but it certainly gives an extra chance of getting something back if it all goes wrong.

In fact, the only promotion you may need to be wary of is the bonus offers. That’s because there are often terms and conditions attached. Most likely that you need to play through (ie bet) a certain multiple of the bonus amount before you can make any withdrawal.

Of course, if you lose this makes no difference. You got free money, and you lost it.

But it could make a difference if you’re only a casual bettor, make your first bet a winning one (or win using the bonus), and then try to withdraw. You’ll find you need to keep betting until you’ve worked through the bonus wagering requirement.

And remember that the more you bet, the more likely you are to lose it.

All that said, betting bonus offers are nearly always worth taking as a new depositor. And certainly where you’re able to get a combination of promotions for your money.

How do you find the different promotions on offer?

This one is easy and not easy, depending on how you look at it. It’s easy because there are dozens of websites already online that have either been specifically built to explain World Cup promotions and offers or have had recent pages added that cover the subject.

Quality varies wildly of course, but there are some great sites available.

I don’t think you need to look elsewhere, though.

This very page starts to explain the different types of betting offers to watch out for when the World Cup tournament gets underway, but there is a dedicated page which will take you to a list of all bookies, bookmakers, and sportsbooks.

Sportsbooks and bookies with World Cup 2022 betting Offers

I could spend a month writing about the different bookies, bookmakers, and sportsbooks who will be offering enhanced World Cup 2022 bets and bonuses throughout the tournament in Qatar, but for the purposes of this section, we need to know who they are and where to find them.

If you’re in the UK, you have a good choice between visiting a High Street betting shop or using one of the online operators.

You’ll be spoilt for choice – both are widely available and easily accessible. Betting online is an option that’s widely used by UK and European-based punters. Because of the tight regulation of gambling in the UK (and in some other European countries), there are dozens of bookies offering fully trustworthy betting services.

For punters in the US, it’s not so cut and dried. There are legal implications for gambling online for some US residents. You may need to get to Vegas to be certain of making a bet, but there are a trio of US sportsbooks that do accept US registrations and wagers. They’ll definitely be offering World Cup final odds.

This brings us to Asia and Australia. Many of the bookies I’d recommend for either of these regions cover both, though there are some which focus more on one or the other.

Here’s a reasonably comprehensive list broken down into regions. I say reasonably comprehensive because it’s only lack of space that stops me listing many more. The reality is though that you really only need a fairly small list to work from, unless you’re a professional punter who is making heavy bets. In that case, you’ll need to be shopping around multiple bookmakers to get best odds.


bet365 logo is one of the worlds leading bookies offering every type of bet you’d want, live in-play betting, and a range of bonuses and promotions. They are simply the #1 choice for sports betting online.


188bet logo     188bet – One of the most reputable bookmakers serving the Asian region. Well known for offering some of the best Asian handicap odds. What makes 188bet particularly appealing for Asian players is that it allows accounts to be held in a wide arrange of currencies, including Indonesian Rupiah (IDR) and Malaysian Ringgit (MYR). In addition, 188 bet allows deposits to be easily facilitated through players’ local bank accounts.


Betfair logo    Betfair – The biggest and best betting exchange that also runs a respected sportsbook offering every type of odds and markets.

Alternatives include:

  • SBObet
  • 1xBet
  • 22Bet
  • Dafabet
  • W88
  • 888Sport

You’ll each of these bookmakers licensed appropriately. As long as it’s legal for you to deposit cash in a gambling account and place bets, you will be safe to sign up. Equally, they supply bettors with high-quality products, valuable promotions, worthwhile bonuses and other betting offers.

The good news is these Asian bookmakers are not just open to punters from Singapore, India, Indonesia, Hong Kong, Malaysia, and even China and Vietnam. If you’re a resident living in Europe, North America, or Australia, some of these operators will also allow you to open an account. Indeed, that’s also the case for gamblers in African countries like Cameroon, Nigeria, Kenya, Uganda, and Zambia.

You can confirm your eligibility to hold an account by checking with the bookie’s Customer Support team or by checking the terms and conditions pages on their site or app.

As we’ll see, many of them do also serve UK and European Customers alongside

As we’ll see, many of them do also serve UK and European Customers alongside those in African countries like Cameroon, Nigeria, Kenya, Uganda, and Zambia.

Which are the best bookies for World Cup 2022 betting offers?

As with pretty much anything, being the best depends on a combination of factors. And what’s best for one person may not be the best for the circumstances of someone else. That’s as true of betting as it is for anything else. And it’s definitely true of betting on the World Cup tournament or its matches.

The true answer is there really isn’t ‘a best bookie’, and certainly not a ‘best one to place a bet on the World Cup finals’ with.

There are dozens that are good and trustworthy, and they’ll all be offering promotions and bonuses in an attempt to outmanoeuvre their competitors with special bet deals leading up to that day when the tournament winner is determined.

That said, there are a number of factors that can propel a bookie into a valid list of best bookies.

Before we name some names, let’s think about some of those elements that will determine who deserves to be on that list and, more importantly, who is the best for you:

  • Does the bookie concerned actually accept account holders and bets from punters in your region?
  • Do they have any valuable offers or promotions specifically for the World Cup?
  • Are their odds competitive?
  • Are they offering odds on a wide enough range of markets?
  • Do they make it easy to deposit betting cash and straightforward to withdraw winnings?
  • Is the site or app designed to offer easy access and navigation? In other words, is it user-friendly?

Meeting all those requirements won’t necessarily mean you have found a great betting site, but they will go a long way to giving you high confidence.

You could also consider – for future betting and not just for the World Cup finals – the full range of sports the bookmaker covers, whether they’ll take deposits and allow withdrawals in your own currency, and their overall reputation. Although as far as the last named is concerned, that’s not anything you really need to worry about with any of the operators listed on this page.

So taking all this into consideration here is the best of a wide range of global bookies, bookmakers, and sportsbooks for placing your tournament final bets, broken down into regions.


Recommended best bookies for Asia – 188bet & Bet365

188bet in particular are well known in the Asian markets, and they’ll accept UK and other European bettors too. They offer the full range of betting options and some valuable betting offers, with particular emphasis on offering Asian handicap odds from a reduced margin position (meaning you get better odds).

Bet365 I’ve covered in depth elsewhere throughout this site. They actually sit comfortably in the best section for Europe and Australia too, thanks to their generous sign-up bonus allied to their extensive coverage of everything related to sports betting and a range of individual markets.

Pinnacle Sports are another to give heavy consideration to.

If any of these three don’t meet your needs though, the alternatives are all sitting at a very close second best.


Best bookies for Europe/UK – Bet365

The Bet365 brand is well known, and they’re one of the operators who cover multiple markets across pretty much every country in the world where betting is legal.

Their promotions are great value, and on top of the normal welcome bonus, you’ll also get an occasional free reload bonus (I’ve had a number of £5 or £10 free bonuses over the years).

But in the UK, Europe, and Asia they do have serious competition. They’ll not always have the best odds, that honour can often fall to some of the Asian operators who offer bets on markets with very tight margins at times. It’s worth remembering that some of these Asian betting firms will cater for European and Australian punters too.

And let’s not forget the other major European-based bookmakers too. Names like Ladbrokes, William Hill, Coral, and others are all worthy of sitting in any top bookies list.


Best Sportsbooks for US & Canadian Punters

As we said before, if you’re US based the choice you’ve got is more limited due to the US regulatory situation. Of those offshore sportsbooks that do accept bets from US citizens and will be offering World Cup final betting options, perhaps the one to focus on is – a dedicated US-facing sportsbook, casino, and poker operator that serves Customers in 47 of the US states (for New York, Washington, and Maryland you’ll need to look elsewhere).

Bovada has been building its business exponentially over recent years and currently offers a 50% up to $250 first deposit bonus. They operate under different guises in a number of different regions of the world.

In regulated US states, the big names to look out for are betMGM and Fanduel. Both will be giving their customers plenty to get excited about and a World Cup promo from either will be worth investigating.


Best bookmaker for the Aussies

I have to admit I personally have never placed bets directly with any of the Australia-focused operators. But we’re firmly in Bet365 territory here again for all the reasons already covered above.

Betfair also services Australian punters, but all of the Australia-based bookmakers are going to have their own attractions too.

Which types of bets are the best to place in conjunction with any bookies offers?

The best ways to bet with the offers you’ll see will very much depend on the way you want to bet. It depends heavily on where you think your knowledge and understanding of the teams and players give you the best chance of getting it right.

Personally, I’m keen on betting on Asian handicaps. These offer the opportunity to bet on either a win or a loss. There is no draw if you stick specifically to Asian odds, and this is achieved by handicapping the teams.

Aside from Asian odds betting, there are several other forms of bet that you’ll see regularly:


Outright 2022 FIFA World Cup winner

The most popular betting option for the World Cup 2022 is predicting the country most likely to be victorious in the very final game of the tournament. If you believe you know who is likely to be contesting that final match, you can even bet them each-way for a payout even if they lose that final game.


Highest goal scorer in the tournament

Several elite attackers have established themselves as early favourites to win the Golden Boot as the tournament’s leading scorer in 2022. Players like Harry Kane of England, Kylian Mbappe of France, and Lionel Messi of Argentina are among them. When placing a wager in this market, consider factors such as the current form of each club, their past performances, and other relevant statistics.


Reaching the final game

If you’re uncertain about who the outright winner will be, there are bets you can place on who will reach the final, the semi-final, the quarter-finals, or indeed even progress through the early rounds. Bettors who are searching for an underdog to support and who they believe can make it all the way to the championship-winning game or games will love these markets.


Best player in the competition

Neymar, Cristiano Ronaldo, Mbappé, and Messi are just a few of the outstanding players that might challenge for the Player of the Tournament title in the 2022 World Cup. Messi, Zinedine Zidane, and Brazil striker Ronaldo are just some of the players who have won the Golden Ball award in previous World Cup competitions.


Best younger player of the tournament

Players under the age of 22 are eligible for Young Player of the Tournament. Past winners include legends like Paul Pogba, Michael Owen of England, and Mbappe of France.


Win-draw-win or 1X2

The most common football betting option is the simple “win, draw, or win” market (home win, draw or away win). You may make this wager as a standalone wager or add it as one leg to an accumulator.


First goalscorer in a World Cup match

When betting on a tournament like the World Cup, a first goalscorer bet is a fantastic option because of the enormous payouts that are possible. You only have to correctly predict which player will score first in a given match. An example bet would be placing 7/1 odds on Raheem Sterling scoring first in an England match.


Both teams to score – BTTS

Punters that aren’t interested in placing a bet on a single team’s performance may want to consider the both teams to score market, particularly if in anticipation of a high-scoring encounter. Betting on whether or not both sides will score is one of the simplest markets since there are only two possible outcomes.


Correct score predictions

The right score is a tough bet to forecast, and you’ll need to get it exactly right. As a result, it often offers attractive odds. Predicting two or three correct scores in a double or treble can result in some high accumulative odds.


Non-football related offers and promotions

For a fun diversion from betting on World Cup matches, there are a number of promotions being run by online casinos. All with a World Cup theme, these are focused on slots tournaments, prize draws, extra bonuses and free slots spins.


How to claim any World Cup offers you’ve identified

Claiming an offer once you’ve identified a bookmaker with one you’re interested in is usually straightforward. In general, you’ll need to follow a series of steps:

  • Visit the site or app concerned.
  • Make sure you’ve read and understood any rules or qualification requirements around the offer.
  • Ensure you’re actually eligible to legally hold an account and place bets.
  • Complete the registration process by entering all required personal details.
  • If some form of promotional code or bonus code is required, make sure you enter it.

After that, claiming the offer will really depend on what the offer is. Bonuses are typically added automatically after your qualifying deposit has been completed successfully, while offers like free bets often need you to click on a box in the betting slip to confirm you want to use the free bet or place it from your account balance.

More info and useful resources

To follow the team and general tournament news, the official FIFA World Cup website is likely to be one that will give most value to World Cup followers. But there will be several other resources that’ll be useful before and during the tournament that will help with either betting selections or in finding betting offers:


Social networks

Aside from other websites and this page, it’s always worth keeping an eye on social networks. The whole tournament will receive extensive coverage across all of the popular social networks. For many followers of the competition, these networks will be the prime sources of updates on matches, scores, and tournament progress for the national teams.

Facebook and Twitter will see thousands of posts and tweets related to the World Cup and any betting promotions laid out by the bookmakers. Twitter will be especially useful during the games if you’re betting in-play. For slightly lesser value, you can also pick up strong info at both Instagram and Linkedin.



You’ll not need to look any further than Youtube for dozens of valuable videos about World Cup betting offers.


Newspapers and sports websites

If your knowledge of football and the teams concerned in the tournament is not as strong as you’d like, fortunately, there are one or two excellent websites that focus on World Cup match previews. Most authors of these betting preview-type articles put their own bet recommendations in the summary. Those recommended bets will sometimes take into account any promotions, or good betting offers they’re aware of.

Famous English newspaper The Guardian has a useful section on World Cup 2022 news and updates. This will be valuable for team news in the run-up to the first matches and during the rest of the early rounds.


Over the course of previous soccer World Cup tournaments, we’ve seen an exponential increase in punters betting on matches and outright markets during the competition. The 2022 FIFA contest in Qatar will be no different, and the levels of betting may easily surpass that seen in past events.

Punters across the world from Africa, Asia, Europe, the Americas, and the Oceanic region will all have their national teams performing on the World stage. There will be many betting opportunities and several ways for bettors to return profits from their bets.

One way to get an advantage in sports betting is by knowing the capability of the teams and players. Another is by coupling that level of football knowledge with special betting offers and promotions laid on throughout the World Cup tournament by leading bookmakers and sportsbooks.

Certainly, finding valuable promotions from the bookies won’t be too hard for any World Cup fan to achieve. Indeed, virtually every betting site or app will have a range of special promos for the World Cup matches ranging from welcome bonuses to enhanced match odds to cashback and other similar offers.

So, if you’re looking to bet on your national football team or even bet against them, you can definitely gain some extra advantages by using one or more of these special offers either to place your bets or to maximize returns if you’re successful with the wager. 

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