Beginner’s guide to start playing online slots

Slots are among the most widely played casino games in the world. While the standard layout of slot machines found in land-based casinos typically have three of four wheels, the rise of online slots has opened up a world of possibilities.

Offering multiple rows and combinations, graphics, themes, and additional bonuses, online slots have taken the game’s format to a whole new level.

A simple game that basically consists of players hitting the ‘spin’ button and waiting for combinations to form, there are a few important things for beginners to consider before hitting online slots.


Play the free version first

Almost all online slot games have the option to play with free credits, allowing players to test out the game before playing with their own money. Even players who have lots of experience of slot games will spend a bit of time playing the free version of a game they are unfamiliar with.

For beginners to betting slots, this is even more important. Play the free version for a few hundred spins or until you land on various bonus offers and jackpots, so you can see how the game progresses for when you play with your own money.

Progressive jackpots

The majority of online slots now offer progressive jackpots but make sure the game you want to play has one. Progressive jackpots are when the game’s jackpot continues to increase in size until any player wins it.

These differ from traditional jackpots that have clear limits, the size of which will depend on the cost of each spin. For example, games that cost $0.10 per spin will have smaller jackpots than games of $0.50 per spin. With progressive jackpots, beginners potentially have the chance to play for bigger jackpots as it continues to increase.

However, it is worth noting that games with progressive jackpots usually offer a lower payout percentage compared to fixed jackpots. That is because the game needs to be constantly fed money to allow for bigger jackpots to form.


Free bonuses and spins

When choosing to play slot games, select an online casino that offers generous free bonuses and free spins. If you are signing up for an online casino, you will be offered sign-up bonuses and free credits which can be used on the slot games. Additionally, many online casinos will offer frequent other loyalty bonuses and credits which can be converted into slot credits and spins. The more spins you are able to make on a game, the more chance you have of winning big and even hitting the jackpot.

It’s not just the online casino that you need to consider when looking for bonuses and spins. Each game differs when it comes to the amount of extra spins and other bonuses that you might expect to receive while playing.

Seek out games that offer mid-game credits and spins so you can keep playing for longer to increase your chances of a big win

Slot game strategies

A quick Google search for “slot game strategies” or “how to win at the slots” will produce pages of results with casino ‘experts’ claiming they can help you win big at slot games.

Of all the casino games that experts claim to have a winning formula for, slots are absolutely one of the games where no such strategy exists. The game is completely random and system-generated so matter how you try to approach a slots game, there is no way of trying to tilt the odds in your favor.

Even in slots tournaments there are only a handful of strategies to use that will improve your chances, and those are more centered around how you act rather than you being able to influence the results of spins.

Games like poker, and even to a lesser extent blackjack, give players some control and the ability to adjust their stake during the game, but that is not possible with slots.

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Some ‘experts’ will tell you to look out for certain symbols in certain patterns in the belief that these may appear at more regular intervals with certain games. That is simply not true as the random number generator is unaffected by such variables.

Like most casino games, the odds are tilted against the player – they have to be otherwise all casinos would go out of business! However, the slots can be lots of fun and there is always a chance that at any given time, you could strike lucky. But always remember to treat the slots as a game and to gamble responsibly!

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