Use Skill & Knowledge For The Best Chances Of Success…

Winning money by playing games or betting where your skill or knowledge can have an impact on the outcome is clearly one of the most likely ways to end up with a long term profit.

You probably won’t be winning money for life, but you will get premium winning chances from playing skilled games where cash prizes are on offer. In particular there are some hefty cash amounts for some winners in fantasy sports contests, and poker too gives some possibilities to win big money.

It’s not all about big money, either.

There are opportunities to win slowly and carefully at all the other skill based ways to win money showing in our list below.

Of course, knowledge and ability aren’t always the only contributing factors to the chances of winning money using skill and you’ll be welcoming any hefty doses of luck you can get, but if you’re good you can get an edge over the competition……………..

Poker cards and chips

Play Poker

Playing poker is definitely one of the most popular ways to try and win some extra cash. There’s plenty of advice on on how to approach the game……..

If you’re a poker beginner you’ll need to understand what poker bonuses are and where to play for free. Don’t forget the value of poker promotions when deciding where to play.

For practice, head on over to any of the internet’s biggest poker rooms, Pokerstars or 888Poker com are good places to start. For US players, is a US facing poker room which is fast becoming one of the top sites.

Understanding poker strategy – both basic strategy and advanced – is an essential first step that any aspiring poker player needs to take.

Video Game Controller

Play Video Games

Fancy yourself as a champion video gamer? This might just be the option for you. Gaming is one of the most popular pastimes the world over, and opportunities to win cash by playing video games are exploding. If you’re good, there are some big opportunities.

Almost any games you can play online for cash prizes are driven by video technology. That includes all of the gambling games you’ll find in an online casino like slots and electronic card games, and puzzle games like Bejeweled. But of course right here we’re talking about video games that are console based – where you’ll be able to enter contests  against other gamer’s and use your gaming skills to win out.

Skillgames Thumbnail

Play Skill Games

Skillgames are closely related to video gaming above, but there are special sites dedicated to playing skillgames for money which are definitely worth a look. If you’re good at games like pool or billiards and think you can win the money on offer, then the skillgame opportunity could suit you well. There are hundreds of different games to play.

The popular TV game show Deal or No Deal is a good example. There are many other games based on game shows.

Play Fantasy Games

These types of games often involve sport, and they’re perfect for passionate sports fans who like to get involved with their teams or anyone looking to make some cash using their sporting knowledge.

Fantasy sports betting has taken the world by storm in recent years. No need for season long fantasy leagues, the action can be done and dusted within days. Huge cash prizes complete the picture.

Fantasy games come in other forms too, with perhaps the most interesting being the virtual world games which have become hugely popular with players.

SportsBetting thumbnail

Bet On Sports Games

Slightly different to the winning opportunities with video gaming and poker, betting on sports has some very strong plus points. The informed and knowledgeable sports bettor can get ahead of the bookies in various types of sports. The secrets to success are strong focus, understanding the betting markets, and generally using knowledge, skill, and timing to build up your edge. Using mobile phones to place bets is a useful way of keeping up to date with how events might progress.

Two great areas to focus on if you’re betting on sports are in Asian handicap betting and arbitrage betting. Asian handicap betting offers simple ways to bet where you’re only considering the lose or win result, no draw. Interest in how to bet without losing is not surprisingly growing steadily, an interest that entails developing an understanding of arbitrage bets.

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