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Discover how to win, make, or earn real money playing online games that pay cash prizes and rewards | Research 21 ways across five main cash gaming categories for any gamer to play games on a mobile app or gambling site 

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 What games pay real money?

Selection of casino gamesThere are various legit ways for players to play games for real money using online media, with at least 21 high-level game variants of real money games falling into different gaming categories where playing on the internet might give you a cash win and plenty of fun from the experience.

Whether you play your chosen game or bet on a mobile phone app, laptop, or through an online account on a website via a desktop computer, you can earn real money and win cash prizes.

Sometimes there’s a way to win jackpots with your play, but the most likely positive outcome of your gaming will be a gradual increase in earnings.

Any search for online games with real money prizes will reveal a substantial amount of information on gaming options you can play free or beat the odds for payouts by betting or wagering.  And you can play all these games with friends or alone on online gambling websites or mobile game apps downloaded from an app store.

These games that pay real money are easy to find and access with minimal research. You’ll be heading to the Apple App store for free game apps for Apple iOS smartphones and other devices, and downloading Android APK cash apps from Google Play or the Samsung Galaxy store. The online gambling websites are equally accessible very quickly, and you’ll find links to many of the highest-rated on the pages of realmoney.games.

To fully understand the options for winning some cash, we’ll need to break the gaming options down into types and subtypes:

The two primary forms of real money games

During our exploration of real money gaming throughout realmoney.games, we’ll learn how to identify the games and ways to play them that will improve or enhance your winning chances and which types of games require skill, luck, or varying combinations of both skill and luck to win the cash.

An excellent place to start will be our FAQ section on this page, but the reality is there’s much to learn about the ways to play games for money, and we’ll need the whole of the website to cover the detail at the necessary level.

Each of these game variants falls into two primary forms of real money games and cash prize gaming:

  • Games you can enjoy at the online gambling sites where you need to make a deposit to play, and you’ll be using money in an account as stake money.
  • Games you usually access via an app that is free to play, sometimes falling under the banner of casual gaming and often referred to as cash prize mobile apps.

Real money gambling games

Real money gambling games involve placing a bet or making a wager. You’ll often find these games on a casino site, collectively called online casino games. These games come with an in-built house advantage and include table games against a dealer such as blackjack, roulette, craps, or other options like slots, keno, and video poker.

Other gambling games are widely accessible, including poker, bingo, lotteries, and games that give instant wins like scratch-off or scratchcards.

Betway real money casino games are an excellent example, while poker players will be more interested in the WSOP poker apps.

In all of these games, developed by leading gaming industry software developers like Scientific Games, you’ll be placing a bet where luck usually determines if those bets result in a win or not. But it’s not only those prominent types of gambling games that have an associated risk of losing money, and there are other ways to play that still involve a stake or bet, but the outcome will – at least partially and sometimes wholly – be determined by a player’s skill level.

So, players in the gaming community with experience in video gaming can also earn some cash playing as part of a team in an eSports video game competition or one-on-one tournaments.

In these competitive sports events that are often played on well-known game titles, you’ll build tournament points on a leaderboard or overcome your opponent to win a pot.

Avid gamers that don’t want to compete in multiplayer tournaments can find their action in playing any one of hundreds of arcade games or card games like solitaire to achieve a high score with card hands and win money. 

Free real money games

Free games for real money are available in different forms, too. Some players put their efforts into earning cash rewards, various cashback offers, or gift cards by completing surveys or watching ads or videos with no wagers or bets.

These are the games you’ll usually find on cash prize apps. One game app that does this simply but very well is the Spin Royale slots games cash app, which works similarly to Gamee. These games began life as free-to-play video games for playing on consoles, with Vegas Dream being one of the forerunners.

Blockchain play-to-earn games – also known as Pay-to-Fast – work similarly. Still, although you can enjoy Freemium gaming for free and make some small amounts of cash, you will likely have to pay money to unlock special features, get an edge to progress well and make a reasonable profit.

It’s not only cash that you can win, either. Blockchain games give rise to the potential of winning NFTs, some of which may be highly valuable. Many examples of play-to-earn games with high ratings offer good opportunities for winning NFTs and profit from the increase in value of any non-fungible token you might acquire. You may ultimately build up a stash of Ethereum, Bitcoin, or other coins in a crypto wallet.


It’s worth noting that there is some crossover between these two primary forms of gaming – you can play many of the games you’ll find on free cash apps at true real money gambling sites and their associated apps. So, whether the games that take your interest are free-to-play or entail risking money, they’ll fall into one of the four high-level cash game categories.

Before we look at those categories, let’s start our deeper exploration of real money gaming with a list of the most popular mobile game apps that pay real cash. These apps are widely used by gamers worldwide since they’re an effective way of earning money at little or no cost.

15 best game apps that pay real money

Many phone apps work with play money based on some coin or coins, but some can be turned into cold, hard cash or gift cards instantly or after you’ve built up a solid positive account balance. There will be an app to play for every player, and millions of players have already won thousands of dollars, pounds, or Euros over time.

Are these the best games that pay real money?

I wouldn’t say they’re necessarily the best overall since there are many other ways to earn some side income playing games. Indeed, my view is that the games you can play in live casinos online on websites or real money gambling apps give the best combination of fun, entertainment, and prospects of winning. But for mobile phone players, these fun-based apps are hugely popular, indicating that many players looking to get paid to play games rate them highly. And that certainly puts them on the list of the best game apps to win cash prizes.

You certainly won’t be winning vast sums of money and the best way to think of these types of apps is as a bit of fun with some potential for winning extra cash. They are normally safe to play, though, with each of the major app stores having safeguards in place to protect users from scams or rogue game operators. Indeed, Google Play in particular has a pretty robust published policy around real-money gambling apps, ads related to real-money gambling, loyalty programs with gamified outcomes, and daily fantasy sports apps.

If you enjoy gaming on your smartphone or tablet, the following list contains some of the best game apps we’ve found based on their entertainment value, availability across operating systems, and game genre. These are all legit games that pay real money, although some you can play just for fun if you want. Note, there are no Daily Fantasy Sports apps in our list since these are covered on a dedicated fantasy games page here on realmoney.games.

Our list of the best cash prize game apps includes:

  1. Blackout Bingo
  2. Lucky Block
  3. Swagbucks
  4. Axie Infinity
  5. Long Game
  6. Gamehag
  7. Wealth Words
  8. Givling
  9. Klondike Solitaire
  10. 8-Ball Pool
  11. 21 Blitz
  12. Lucky Day
  13. Spin Royale
  14. Gamee
  15. WSOP Real Money Poker

Blackout Bingo 

Blackout Bingo Logo     Blackout Bingo offers a straightforward collection of online bingo games where winners are rewarded with cash prizes. This app is widely regarded as a top pick for many gaming fans.

Players will find the main plus point of this game to be its speed, with each bingo round lasting only two minutes. The gameplay is the same as any classic bingo game, with extra points awarded for marking off your number quickly or getting double bingo. Blackout is a bingo game that you can play and win points, and then redeem any Blackout Bingo points you’ve won for Paypal cash or to pay for merchandise like t-shirts.

Android users can download Blackout Bingo at the Play Store. The game is also downloadable from Apple for use on iOS devices. If you prefer an alternative, then the online gaming platform at Skillz also lists Blackout Bingo in its game library

It’s worth mentioning an alternative bingo solution here that’s known as Bingo Cash and is a direct competitor to Blackout Bingo. Indeed, you play bingo games at Bingo Cash similarly to Blackout, with the app matching you with opponents of a similar skill level. Player reports suggest that it’s easier to build up some valuable winnings for free, but if it’s multi=player tournaments you’re looking for then Blackout offers better options.

Lucky Block

Lucky Block Crypto Game Logo   Lucky Block is a new giveaway crypto game promising to make over $2 million in cash up for grabs to players. The money sits in a prize pool with a weekly giveaway to one winner until there’s nothing left in the prize pool. Joining to play is completely free and money sits in your account as Lucky Block crypto tokens which can fluctuate in exchange value.

Connect your crypto wallet to the game platform, and you’ll receive an automatic free entry into the subsequent weekly draw.  You can buy more entries to increase your prospects of winning.


Swagbucks Logo    At Swagbucks, gamers will not only be earning extra cash by playing games but by watching adverts, completing surveys, and more. This activity makes them a type of paid game. The enormous games library includes bingo, card games, dice games, slots, puzzles, and adventure quests.

You can level up as you navigate the game titles on the platform and watch the prize payouts increase in size as you improve your performance.

Prizes can be redeemed as cash or in the form of gift cards with gift cards in particular subject to just a single dollar minimum cashout.

The best way to get involved is to visit the Swagbucks online website

Axie Infinity

Axie Infinity Logo    Axie Infinity is another game that’s seen an astronomical rise in interest in tandem with the growth of cryptocurrencies. It’s well known for providing some players worldwide with a way to supplement their household income. Playing can present some risks since you effectively need to spend money to have a chance of winning. It’s not gambling, as such, but falls more into the area of skill-gaming, and the best way to consider it is as a form of investment with gaming thrown in.

Axie Infinity works on the Ethereum blockchain, meaning you’ll need ETH coins to play and earn cash in ETH, which you could later exchange for fiat cash. You could classify Axie as one of the new breeds of Play-to-Earn games, and it essentially merges standard gameplay with the world of finance to ultimately give players a positive return for solid in-game performance.

Long Game

Long Game Logo     LongGame offers an interesting way to save while enjoying gaming. It’s one of the free ways to play. This cash rewards type app promises to “reward you for every day saving with chances to play games and win real cash prizes through your bank account.”  It’s a way to save money and earn it at the same time, with key features including Custom Saving Jars. Read more about the Long Game rewards at Google Play.

Go here to play free Long Game.


Gamehag Logo     Gamehag is a rewards platform where gamers can earn prizes and gift cards for playing various high-ranked video games. You’ll be able to play on a desktop PC or your Android or IOS smartphone.

It’s a great way to play free online games and get financial returns. The essential item to know is the Soul Gems. These are the currency you’ll be accumulating that, ultimately, you’ll cash in for the payouts. Gamehag explains the concept of Soul Gems in depth on their shop webpage.

Wealth Words

Wealth Words logo     One of the better-known game apps and having a global reach, Wealth Words attracts a significant number of good reviews at online review sites like Trustpilot.

Get the app or go to the website and sign up with Wealth Words, and you’ll be making real money playing games including crossword and other puzzles, poetry and story games.  You’ll find an extensive library of over 500 options.

Givling App

Givling logo     Givling is a bit of an anomaly in our list because it’s centred on one specific group – students. If you’re a student, it might give you the chance to pay off your student loan.

On the Givling app, you’ll be participating in a free or paid general knowledge trivia contest that could have up to 300,000 players and a trivia contest that could have up to 300,000 players that also has a crowdfunding element. Anyone playing can win a weekly cash prize by correctly answering a series of true or false questions.  The three top players win a share of the jackpot.

Players can play free twice daily, with each game lasting a few minutes. You can see that there’s a pretty low chance of landing a share of the jackpot. Still, app users who participate in the free game at least ten times every 30 days are included in random draws with up to$10k awarded to winners in crowdfunding for repaying a student loan.

Givling covers pretty much everything you need to know about how the platform and prize structure works on their FAQ page.

Klondike Software Solitaire

Solitaire is highly regarded as a mentally stimulating game and is most often played free and without chances to win cash. But there are real money versions of solitaire, too. This card game classic comes in several different forms that you can play on Android or an iOS device. Aside from blackjack and some other widely played casino card games, solitaire perhaps comes in more variants than you would expect, with the Klondike software varieties performing exceptionally well.

This choice of cash prize solitaire makes it hard to pick out any one in particular. If you fancy a game with the chance of winning a cash prize from your effort, check out this page at Joywallet, or you can also play real money solitaire at Skillz.com.

8-Ball Pool

8-Ball Pool logo     If playing pool against friends at the pool hall is out of reach right now, there’s a way you can still play without leaving home. 8-Ball Pool is the app that delivers the solution, allowing you to play against other players and friends in 1-on-1 challenge matches or multiplayer tournaments.

Win the games, and you’ll be levelling up and winning Pool Coins for your successes. The games have many extra features, such as customising cues and table cloths. 8-Ball Pool is free and accessible on iPhone, iPad, iTouch, & Android devices.

21 Blitz

We covered a solitaire game a couple of minutes ago, and now we have a blackjack game. But not just any old blackjack game; this one has elements of solitaire included in the gameplay. 21 Blitz is wildly popular and can be found on many sites and apps online.

This card game is a fast-paced combination of Blackjack and Solitaire, where you’re pitched against competing players for a chance to win cash. Like many games, you can play for free and improve your skills to a point when you’re ready to fund a playing account and challenge an opponent with a stake on the line. The game itself is simple. You have to make 21s or stacks of 5 cards to score points. Bonuses are awarded for doing well in the rounds.

You can get the full rundown on exactly how the game works by downloading the 21 Blitz app from the Apple Store, or Android users can visit the Play Store.

The app is also available on the Skillz mobile gaming platform. 

Lucky Day

Lucky Day logo     Last, we come to one of the leading sweepstake apps – Lucky Day. This app follows a familiar format where players play free games that include daily scratch-offs and raffles, with any winnings building up as virtual coins or tokens in your account to eventually be cashed out via a Paypal transfer of a gift card.

Given this app has had something like 10 million installs, you won’t be surprised to find there have already been plenty of winners. Indeed, the internet is awash with Luck Day reviews which seem to confirm it’s legit, and you can end up with extra cash. Some players won’t like the constant stream of ads, but the makers need to earn their money somehow!

It’s worth noting that it’s not just gaming on offer; there are additional ways to build up your token bank by completing surveys, accepting special offers, watching videos, and inviting friends that become subsequent members.

Visit the Lucky Day professional-looking website for complete details or download the Luck Day app from the Apple Store.

Spin Royale: Win Real Money in Slot Games

Spin Royale is one of the leading sweepstakes rewards apps that offers Android and iOS players the chance of winning cash with slots spins for free in competitions every single day. There’s nothing to pay to complete the download of the Spin Royale app from the Google Play store or the Apple store. Just press the spin button, match three of the displayed symbols, and take your opportunity to win cash or tokens.

This popular cash app is owned and operated by Viker Ltd, a UK based games development company. Viker have built Spin Royale so you can cash out using a range of banking options including PayPal, Visa, gift cards, and in-game currencies.  The app makes money by displaying video ads to players.

You won’t be earning lots of money and some of the ads can be misleading, but it’s a simple enough way of maybe earning a small amount in dollars without very much effort.


Gamee is another highly-rated app offering ways to play games based on luck, compete in tournaments, or even just log in consistently over a period of days to collect tickets and win one of Gamee’s real money prizes. The Gamee site states there is up to $10,000 available in instant prizes to win every week and all you have to do is spin the Fortune Wheel, play the Lucky Games, or take part in the Daily Gamee Lotto. 

Get the Gamee app here at Google Play or download from the Apple Store.

WSOP Real Money Poker

Online poker players are spoilt for choice in their gaming and there are many poker sites like Pokerstars or 888Poker that offer cash games and tournaments. One of the most prestigious, though, is the WSOP poker site where players can also download apps and play. WSOP stands for World Series of Poker and is responsible for some major global tournaments.

You can read much more about the WSOP organisation here and download the app for Android or iPhone on this page.

Exploring the four main cash gaming categories

Before we move on to our list of 21 real money games, let’s take a deeper look at the four gaming categories they all fall into.

  • Real money skill games where a player must use skills, ability, experience, and interpret information within the game to win a payout.
  • Games of chance or pure gambling games where luck determines whether you’re rewarded with a win in a table-game hand, get a winning line or lines on the video slot reels or choose the correct numbers in a lottery.
  • Real money tournaments that you can enter to win money for playing head-to-head competitions against a single opponent or other players in multiplayer events, particularly in video game tournaments for money.
  • Free cash prize games are often played on mobile apps with no risk of losing money but still allow you to play for various forms of cash rewards, or there are Freemium games that offer an alternative form of free gaming where you may have to make purchases to improve your winning prospects. Play-to-earn games are also often playable for free and you’ll either win cryptocurrency coins or acquire NFTs (non-fungible tokens) through the completion of an action, an in-game task. Again, these p2e games will often need you to make some level of financial investment to increase your chances.

It’s obvious that in some cases, a form of gaming will fall into more than one category. For example, online casino games are well known as gambling games of chance, but you can also play at online casino sites for free.

Another example will be online slot games, played on video slot machines, but there are also slots tournaments where you can compete against other players.

As we will see, the categories of skill games for money and playing in cash tournaments offer the best winning chances, but all types of games to play against real people for cash present possibilities to win and get some form of payment.

Besides playing all of these games,  there are other ways to make or earn extra money from gaming:

  • You can bet on games to win real money. This form of betting is where bettors visit an online sportsbook or one of many bookmakers to wager or place a bet on sports such as football matches, horse racing, or eSports. You put a stake with the sportsbooks on markets to predict the outcome of sporting events or specific in-game aspects. Tennis matches are another excellent example of a popular sport for betting, and it’s easy to find a bookmaker that offers odds on the games. We reviewed Bet365, one of the leading gambling sites providing high-quality sports betting in its award-winning sportsbook.
  • You can watch someone else playing to win. This process involves typically watching videos of game streamers. Video game streaming would be the most popular, but you can watch poker players play out hands in cash games or tournaments, or even slots and other games that players enjoy in the casino. Twitch is a popular place to go to watch streamers.
  • There are even ways to earn money by moving, known as move-to-earn games.  The first is Genopets, which has gameplay similar to the popular Pokemon hunting game.
  • You can get hired by a games developer as a tester. In a game-testing scenario, what happens is that a video game developer needs game testers to try out the gameplay, identify bugs, and give general feedback on the experience. This activity is known as a Playtest, and income for a game tester from opportunities like these can be worth pursuing if you have the right gaming skills. For example, my son was paid £50 in cash for testing games a few times that Sony was producing.

  • There will be plenty of openings in the future for skilled video game journalists to earn good money by making a name for themselves. The e-sports industry is booming and will see growth for many years.


As we can see, there’s plenty to know about our subject before we can lay claim to fully appreciating all of its elements. Let’s proceed now with a deeper examination of those four real money game categories.


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