What are sports betting brokers and why should you use one? – Brokerage services explained

Betting brokers provide a valuable service for savvy sports bettors seeking to maximize returns in global wagering markets. These intermediaries leverage connections and expertise to enable clients access to the optimal odds and widest array of betting options across legal regulated books worldwide.

By providing a single portal to scour real-time lines and places bets on your behalf with international operators, brokers save substantial effort. Their relationships with gaming providers allow access to VIP perks like boosted odds and rebates for high rollers.

Bookmaking brokers offer different types of opportunities for each punter, as we’ll see in the following study.

By RealMoneyGames – Steve Cross  :   Published 20th October 2023

Sports betting brokers guide

What’s the full list of bookie brokers?

Not all brokers offer the same reach, capabilities or integrity. The prudent sports betting trader will vet broker transparency, security protocols, market breadth, and fee structures before selecting one for brokerage services.

There are many trustworthy brokers to select from, with the most in-depth study found on the website dedicated to betting broker services know as Bookie.broker. But let’s see a list of some well-known operators here:


Betinasia is a large betting broker recognized among most professional players in the world. Betinasia’s main product is the Black platform, which compresses odds from many bookmakers. We also have You can also sign up for an account with single bookmakers, for example PS3838 (Pinnacle Sports).


It is the oldest bookmaking broker on the market, having been in operation since 1998. The Asianconnect platform is slightly outdated graphically, however, this does not change the fact that it is still one of the leading bookmaking brokers in the world. Asianconnect offer full safety of deposits and certainty of withdrawals backed by years of satisfaction of players around the world.

Premium Tradings

Premium Tradings is a broker with an average reputation among players. As of now, it is probably an expiring company. However, you can find negative reviews on the Internet. Negative reviews are a bit more frequent than those of most competitors. However, it is not unequivocally a bad site. Premium Tradings is not a big broker, it is a rather niche site and one should be vigilant, especially with larger deposits.


One of the largest and most recognisable bookmaking brokers in Europe and the world. It holds an Isle of Man licence. Sportmarket offers an advanced PRO platform. A great advantage of Sportmarket is the large number of payment options. It is also possible to open an account with one bookmaker as well as with all bookmakers. The choice is up to the player. Sportmarket, as one of the big brokers, is a solvent site with a high reputation among players.


Vodds is a solid brand on the market of bookmaking brokers. Admittedly, it is a bit in the shadow of the market giants, although they have been offering their services successfully all over the world for many years. It is one of the few brokers that offers temporary promotions and bonuses for players. The downside for a certain group of players will be the rather limited offer, which focuses mainly on soccer. The total number of sports is three, so if you are betting on niche sports, you may have trouble finding the bets you are interested in.


Eastbridge is actually a clone of Vodds. By registering here, you get access to the identical interface you know from Vodds. The offer and all other features are shared with the Vodds broker.


A pretty big bookmaking broker with an average reputation. BET-IBC has been operating successfully in the global markets for many years. However, you can find many reviews of players who complain about high fees and delayed payments. The broker arguably is solvent and does not steal from players, while the quality of its services leaves much room for improvement.


As the name suggests, this broker places the greatest emphasis on cooperation with bookmakers whose priority is soccer. This does not change the fact that other sports are also on offer. Bet-Football is a broker about which there is not much information on the Internet. However, in the environment of players it is recognized as a solvent and player-friendly broker.

Our recommendation for a top-rated broker

Choosing one top-rated broker is not easy. The top brokers hold high standards of player service and there are no key differences between the leading sites.

However, Asianconnect is perfectly positioned to be the leader of a ranking exercise. It is the oldest bookmaking broker on the market with the most experience out of the entire list.

However, we would be remiss not to mention Betinasia, an equally highly rated broker which is currently considered the most innovative brokerage company.

Best betting brokers for arbitrage or sure betting

Arbitrage or sure betting is a popular betting strategy that entails betting on all outcomes of an event to guarantee a profit, no matter the result. In this framework, certain betting brokers rise above the others due to their robust platforms, competitive odds, and beneficial features. Embracing these brokers can greatly enhance the feasibility and profitability of arbitrage betting.

For instance, ‘Betfair’ and ‘Pinnacle’ stand out in the market for their offer of a myriad of betting opportunities as well as raw odds. Impressively, they are known for welcoming arbitrage bettors instead of banning them like several other bookmakers.

Asian-connect, a betting agent, provides access to multiple bookies which are usually hard to reach, increasing one’s opportunities for finding sure bets.

When it comes to arbitrage, sure betting, or any other types of zero risk betting options, it is critical to choose a broker based on their reliability, market breadth, and acceptance of this betting technique.

Leading brokers that deal with betting exchanges

Most betting brokers offer access to betting exchanges like Betfair, Betdaq or Orbit Exchange (a Betfair clone). If you’re considering using a broker for Exchange betting, it’s worth being guided by the speed of the platform and overall quality. Betinasia, a well-regarded broker, is shown in an especially positive light.

Best betting agents for Asian handicap betting

Asian handicap betting, a popular form of football betting, requires a knowledgeable approach to ensure maximum returns. It’s essential to have a reliable betting agent to navigate this unique betting landscape efficiently.

Sportmarket and Betinasia, for instance, stand out amongst other betting agents, offering excellent Asian handicap betting opportunities. Their commitment to ensuring diverse gaming options and high liquidity makes them an excellent choice for enthusiasts of this betting type.

With intricate features like offering close-to-market prices, these agents can significantly enhance your winning prospects. Users have praised sportmarket and Betinasia for their user-friendly interfaces, favourable betting odds, and their adept capacity at handling large bets. Interestingly, their prompt customer service also sets them apart from many other betting agents.

They’ve consistently proven themselves not only as avenues for placing bets but also as reliable resources helping their users understand the nuances of Asian handicap betting.

Are there any bet brokers to avoid?

The number of betting brokers is not as broad as the number of sportsbooks and bookmakers, so there’s not a extensive choice. 

While all betting brokers offer similar services, the level of quality and reliability can differ greatly. A key point to remember is that not all brokers are trustworthy or operate within the legal framework. Instances of fraudulent activity or lousy customer service can unfortunately be prevalent within the industry. Issues can range from blocked accounts and withheld winnings to more severe cases of full-scale fraud.

Research into a broker’s history, reputation, and customer feedback is essential to avoid falling into a trap. Locating and selecting registered and verified brokers should be a priority for any serious bettor.

It’s also advisable to go for brokers who provide fully transparent information about their fee structure, bet limits, and terms and conditions, as shelters of hidden costs and unreasonable clauses often show signs of untrustworthiness.

Avoiding unfamiliar brokers or those with marked negative reviews can be a crucial step in maintaining secure and successful betting practices.

Advantages of using a broker

What are the advantages of using a brokerage? Why can it be profitable for the gambler and who is this type of service aimed at? Let’s see the most important features of bookmaker brokers below.

Access to a wide range of sports betting markets

Access to multiple bookmakers equals access to multiple markets. Most obviously, football fans will find this most advantageous, with a truly huge range of football betting markets on offer. However, other sports are also well-represented and players betting on popular sports as well as lesser-known leagues will certainly be pleased with the breadth of the brokers’ options.

Get the highest possible odds and limits

Brokers only work with bookmakers that offer high odds and the opportunity to bet with high stakes. This is one of the main reasons why brokers are chosen by advanced-level punters. If you are interested in high odds betting with high limits, this may be the optimal solution for you.

Lots and fast payment options

A large list of payment options and fast payments is another advantage of brokers. However, even on this subject, the differences between individual sites can be large. Thus, it is advisable to check the exact payment information before opening an account and making your first deposit with your chosen betting broker.

Unlimited access for players from different countries

The problem of access to various interesting bookmaking options is a problem for many players around the world. Brokers are a solution for these types of bettors.

To succeed in betting, you need access to multiple top bookmakers. Those like Singbet and Pinnacle are not available in many countries. With brokers, you have access to them from more locations.

One, easy-to-use account

Having a large number of accounts with bookmakers can be a nightmare when it comes to managing and transferring funds. Thanks to one brokerage account we can partially eliminate this problem. It’s also useful to only need to remember one login and password. 

Lower commissions on betting exchanges

Because brokers have a large customer base, they can negotiate lower commission rates with exchanges than a single person registering directly.

Admittedly, this is not a definite rule and depends on the individual broker, but you may encounter lower commissions at the broker than directly at the exchange.

The commission charge structure is also influenced by the fact that brokers usually use clones of exchanges which, as a rule, have lower commissions.

Ability to bet with bookmakers who have restricted / blocked your account

Although you have to go through the KYC verification procedure, you go through it with the broker as opposed to the bookmaker. This means that you are anonymous to the bookmaker and that if you had limits on your account, then you will not have those limits from your broker account.

How to use a betting broker

To effectively utilize a betting broker, it is essential to understand their key functionalities. Brokers serve as a bridge between the punter and various bookmakers, offering a wide array of betting markets and options to choose from. Through a betting broker, you gain access to multiple bookmakers, often not otherwise available to individuals. This expanded access increases the odds of spotting superior betting opportunities, hence, better utilizing your stake money.

Being a proficient user of a betting broker requires strategy and knowledge as it involves balancing decisions about the stakes, odds, and the timing of your bets. Using the broker’s platform involves comparing odds from different bookmakers and placing your bet with the most competitive odds.

It’s important to remember that betting brokers are a tool for professional betting, thus adequate understanding of betting markets, odds, and strategies is a prerequisite to make the most out of their services.

How to choose a betting agent

When choosing a betting agent you should use common sense. Consequently, you should choose proven and safe sites to avoid problems in the future.

It is also worth checking what payment methods are available and whether you will be able to make a deposit using the available methods before opening a broker account.

By reading reviews on authoritative sites and studying the opinions of experienced bettors, you can avoid many problems and concentrate solely on placing winning bets.

Can you get bonuses and other promotions from betting brokers?

Bonuses and promotions are indeed part of the package when engaging with betting brokers. These incentives are typically used to attract new clients and maintain the loyalty of existing ones. This can range from a welcome bonus, which is awarded after signing up and making the initial deposit, to free bets based on various conditions, such as the number of bets placed or amount wagered.

While some brokers might offer these promotions on a regular basis, the specifics of each bonus, the underlying terms and conditions, and their frequency vary widely among different brokers. It’s crucial to review and understand these details before utilizing such promotions. After all, an appealing bonus can significantly enhance your betting experience and potentially boost your profits, when used judiciously.

What are the best bonuses on offer from the brokers?

Asianconnect has been offering a long-standing bonus, varying depending on different sporting events from €400 to €500, 25% up to the first deposit.

Another of the brokers offering a starting bonus is Vodds. Vodds offers a 25% bonus to your first deposit up to a maximum of €100.

Another broker that offers a bonus is Sportmarket, with the bonus amount set at €100.

All bonuses have numerous wagering requirements and you should read the broker’s terms and conditions carefully before deciding to take advantage any offers.

What are the charges for using a broker service?

The cost of utilizing a broker service can vary significantly, depending on the specific broker and level of service that you opt for. Some brokers charge a flat fee for each transaction, which could range from a few cents to several dollars depending on the transaction size. Others may take a commission from successful trades, meaning the charge would be a percentage of your profits.

Alternative pricing models may also exist, with some brokers offering a subscription-based service. This entails paying a recurring fee, either monthly or annually, for unlimited access to their platform and services.

Remember to thoroughly examine the fee structure before committing to any particular broker, ensuring it aligns with your betting strategy and budget. Charges can also change due to market conditions, thus periodic review of these costs may also be beneficial.

Which bookies can you access via betting brokers?

Betting brokers offer a crucial connection for seasoned punters, providing expanded access to a pool of global bookmakers. Renowned bookmakers such as Pinnacle, Sbobet, Betfair, Matchbook, and Betdaq rank high on the accessibility list via betting brokers.

The demand for these bookmakers is due to their reputation for having higher odds compared to mainstream bookmakers. These platforms also guarantee higher stakes, an attribute that attracts professional gamblers.

While accessing foreign bookmakers can come with hurdles due to location restrictions, a good betting broker can easily bypass these limitations. These brokers hold accounts with every bookie they have on their platform, which means, punters can place bets with bookmakers that would otherwise be inaccessible to them.

In essence, the physical location of a bettor no longer poses restrictions on the bookies they can access. The sky’s the limit when it comes to the bookies one can reach via betting brokers.

Here’s a list of popular bookies accessible through a brokerage service:

  • PS3838
  • 3ET
  • 18BET
  • PENTA8
  • Smarkets

What are the minimum deposits with brokers?

The minimum deposit with brokers can vary widely based on the broker in question. Some brokers are quite accommodating for the average punter and may offer minimum deposits as low as $10 or $20. This allows clients to start betting with a modest bankroll, which is perfect for beginners who are just getting their feet wet in the world of betting.

On the other hand, some premium brokers cater to high-rollers and professional bettors. These brokers may set their minimum deposit requirement significantly higher, often in the range of $500 to $1000. The rationale behind this policy is to ensure that they are dealing with serious clients who can afford to engage in high-stakes betting.

Are there any bet limits with brokers?

Betting brokers often impose bet limits primarily based on their risk management and the unique terms and conditions of specific betting exchanges they work with. These limits, which usually dictate the minimum and maximum bet a client can place, are a frequent part of the policies of most brokers. Some brokers might provide clients with a higher betting limit, depending on their betting history, integrity, and the liquidity of the bet market.

Interestingly, the determination of betting limits may also be influenced by the type of event or sport, and the country where the event originates.

More popular events, like Premier League football matches, often come with a higher bet limit due to their immense liquidity.

Less popular events might have lower bet limits. While these bet limits might seem restrictive, they exist to ensure a fair playing platform for all participants and mitigate risks for both the broker and bettor.

What payment options are available from betting agents?

Brokers offer a large number of payment methods. Below is a list of payment options you will find and can use to deposit and withdraw from your brokerage account. Virtually every broker offers completely free deposits and free withdrawals (limited number per month):


When is it best to use a betting broker?

Utilizing a betting broker can be an extremely beneficial move for punters who seek to maximize their profits from sport betting. Most importantly, a broker is best used when seeking higher betting limits, which are often imposed by traditional bookmakers. High-rolling punters that lay large sums on sporting events find substantial value in accessing hard-to-reach markets and more favourable odds provided by the top-tier brokers.

Equally, utilizing a betting broker is beneficial for those wanting to participate in arbitrage betting or sure betting – securing profits by exploiting variations in odds. This potent strategy requires laying wagers on all outcomes of an event across multiple sportsbooks, typically achievable only through a broker who provides access to a wide network of bookies. Consequently, experienced punters with sufficient funding will get the most advantages from using betting brokers.

More FAQ 

Are betting brokers just used for sports betting?

Yes, betting brokers offer only sports betting. These are sites that specialize 100% in professional betting and have no room for other forms of gambling.

Do I need to use a VPN if I want to use a broker?

No, you don’t have to. However, in certain locations (depending on the broker) the site may not work well or be blocked. In such cases, it’s worth considering using a VPN. Most brokers do not have any problem with the use of a VPN.

Do you have to pay taxes on winnings through a broker?

Whether you have to pay taxes or not depends on your location and local laws. A broker is not subject to any tax in his location, so he does not collect tax or care about your tax clearance.

Is betting with brokers still gambling?

Betting with a broker is no different than betting with a bookmaker. You are still making bets where you can win or lose. This means it’s still gambling, for sure.

Can I get better odds with brokers?

Bookmaker brokers work with bookmakers who have the highest odds in the world. The last thing you can fear with a broker is being restricted to betting at low odds.

Are betting brokers licensed and legal?

Yes, each of the popular brokers we’ve listed has the appropriate license to conduct their business. Thus, there is no doubt that brokers operate legally. 

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